Cell Cycle by wuyunyi


									                           The Cell Cycle & Cancer
 Visit each of the following sites (and any others that you find that are helpful)

           a) Cells Alive! @ http://www.cellsalive.com/cell_cycle.htm

           b) Arizona Cell Cycle Tutorial (first page only) @

           c) Rediscovering Biology @
              Do the first 5 pages only: Introduction, What is Cancer?, Genetics of
              Cancer, Cell Cycle, and What causes Cancer?

           d) Cancer Quest @ http://www.cancerquest.org/index.cfm?page=51
              Inside “Cell Division” (On Left) do Intro to Cell Division, The Cell Cycle,
              Normal Cell Division, Cancer Cell Division

 Create a notesheet on the cell cycle that may be used as a study sheet.
          a) Choose whatever program you would like to use: Word, Journal,
              Powerpoint, etc.
          b) Review the 4 sites given above.
          c) Integrate the information on these sites to make 1 set of notes that tie all of
              the ideas together without repeating information.

 Include visuals that will help increase your understanding of the concept of cell cycle.
       Annotate, label, or describe as necessary. Visuals must be cited An example of a

                                      Source: http://www.xenbase.org/cell/cycle/somatic/somatic.html

                                      Or it can be done like this


 Text MUST be paraphrased. It is suggested that you cite your source if you need to go
  back and review something. Do not copy text word for word from the sources. It will
  not help you.
 Put your name at the top of the paper.

 Also, save a copy of your notes to your user file (or flash drive or both). Save as
  Name.CellCycle (for example: Smith.CellCycle).
 Drag and Drop a copy into the Drop box when complete.

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