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					               St. John’s United Church of Christ, Fullerton
                    575 Grape Street, Whitehall, PA 18052
                          Church office: 610-264-8421

                                          March 2010

       John 3:16     “For God so loved that world, that God gave a son to die for us.”
                Dear Church Family,
                 Last night was Ash Wednesday. We had a good crowd at worship as we brought in
                 together the Lenten liturgical season. Lent should never be taken lightly. We
                 humans know all about that – we have to prepare you know – hence, Mardi Gras
                 and Shrove (or Fat) Tuesday.
In order to prepare ourselves for Lent, some of us think we need to get out all of our old bad habits,
by doing them one last time. Some of us party – as in the Mardi Gras crowd. Some of us eat
things, lots of things, the things we plan not eat during the 40 days of Lent. As I questioned myself
about how I would sacrifice during this Lenten season, I again decided to work on eating better and
exercising. Always a good goal! But, for me, a goal that proves illusive.
Shove Tuesday, several members stopped in at the church offices with fassnacht donuts. I think we
ended up with 6 dozen. Then the question of lunch came up – always an interesting question at
church. “What shall we eat today? Let’s make it good. I’m dieting – starting tomorrow – and so I
think we will need to include dessert!”
And so the 2010 Lenten journey began and now continues to move ahead. It is the day after Lent
and so far so good. I haven’t given in to chocolates or the entire list of carbohydrates that seem to
forever be calling my name. I have taken Louie (our shih tsu) for a long walk, two days in a row! I
have also spent some time talking with God about how weak I am to be making the same bad
choices day after day, year after year.
The season of Lent is a time to look within ourselves and see exactly who we really are as a human
being. If you are looking at yourself and seeing someone who is blameless in all things, then you
are not looking close enough. Each of us has places in our lives where we are weak. Most of us
spend too much time on things that are of little consequence in the long run. In my humble opinion,
these are the areas that need some fine tuning with us. These really tough areas can only be
overcome with the help of God.
And so the 2010 Lenten journey continues. I am going to try hard to reach my goals during Lent and
beyond. I am focusing on the fact that God so loved us weak human beings that God sent a son to
be with us. Jesus, who was human and more, died for us and because of him we have a good
crack at eternal life.
What is your Lenten Journey going to take on – or give up? Whatever you choose to do; keep your
eyes on our Savior!
See you in Church,
                                      PEOPLE PAGE

                                                 HOSPITAL ADMISSION
Aubrey Jane Beckwith was born on                  POLICIES
February 2nd at Lehigh Valley Hospital,
Cedar Crest. She was 6 lbs. 8oz. and 20       When being admitted to an
inches long. She is the first child of Brad   area hospital please inform
and Alyssa Beckwith.                          them your church code is 473.
                                              Please have a member of your family also
Congratulations to this family!               call and let us know you have been

Spencer Jack Riedy was baptized on                          DEATHS
February 14th. Spencer is the second son of   June Snyder died on January 8th. She was
parents Dan and Kristen Riedy and little      the mother of Craig, Tim and Scott Snyder
brother of Nicholas.                          and Judy Lucci.
Brothers ~ Phoenyx and Braylon                Roy Comfort died on January 13th. Roy
Getchius were baptized on February 21st.      was the husband of Gladys and father of
Phoenix is 2 ½ years old and Braylon was      Diane Edelman.
born on January 25, 2010. The boys’
parents are Amber and Ryan.                   Gary Cortright died on January 31st. Gary
                                              was the husband of Michelle Bergeris-
                                              Cortright and the father of Drew and Seth.
                                              Doran Hamann died on February 3rd.
4-10 ~ Joshua Miller & Veronica Zalamea       Doran was the husband of Betty and father
5-8 ~ Casey Schmoyer & Justin Brosious        of Doran and Carl.
5-22 ~ Ashley Hanzl & Ricky Venanzi
6-4 ~ Sara Moreira & Dave Przytulski          Joan Gillespie died on February 5th. Joan
6-12 ~ Carolyn Buck & Doug Lenik              was a retired organist at St. John’s. Her
                                              daughters are Sharon Dietz and Lynn Butz.

                                              Kevin Haines died on February 14th. Kevin
                                              was the fiancé of member Susan Mitchell,
  VISIT OUR CHURCH’S WEBSITE                  son of Corrine and Don. He was the father                of Stephanie and Jason.

                                              Page 2
      CONGRATULATIONS                                            MARCH
Karla Young - In spite of being out in 2009 for               ANNIVERSARIES
10 weeks due to rupturing her Achilles tendon,
Karla Young was pleasantly surprised to find         March 3 –
herself the "2009 MVP (Most Valuable                 Marilyn & Daniel Yankovich, Sr. – 59 years
Employee) with her employer Aesculap, Inc, a
member of the B/Braun group of companies,            March 5-
during January's Communications Meeting. She         Karen & Timothy Christman – 33 years
was presented with an award and a 6 day all
expense paid trip for two to the all inclusive       March 6 –
resort Excellence Riviera in Cancun Mexico in        Noreen & Bruce Miller – 28 years
April.       Wonderful, Wonderful Karla!!!           Judith & Matthew Sommer
                                                     March 7 –
George     Williams     received   a  large,
                                                     Louise & Harry Houser – 46 years
contemporary trophy and company recognition
recently. George is an Account Executive for         March 9 –
Conway-Freight. He was voted to receive the          Janet & Gary Black – 36 years
company’s Quarterly Leadership Award.     A          DonnaLee & Dewey Yeatts
party was held in George’s honor.
           Congratulations George!                   March 11 – Jennifer & Arden Snyder
                                                     March 14 –
     OUR MEMBERS WHO                                 Bettyjane & Joseph Bonshak – 47 years
      ARE CELEBRATING                                March 20 – Ellen & George Updegrove
     AN 80th (+) BIRTHDAY                            March 24 –
                                                     Susan & Dale Brinker – 31 years
March 3                 Blodwyn Wetherhold 82
March 9                 Robert Coombe           80   March 25 –
                                                     Mary Ann & William Ambrose – 44 years
March 22                Sylvia Hafer            83
                                                     March 26 –
March 23                Lena Miller             93
                                                     Patricia & Lars Gerber – 51 years
                        Ethel Weiland           82
March 24        Catherine Knappenberger        92    March 28 – Susan & Richard Kaiser
March 31                Richard Scheirer        80   March 31 –
                                                     Jean & Robert Coombe – 59 years
April 3                 Margaret Guzzie         92   Linda & Scott Powell – 31 years
                        Donald Mullins          81
April 4                 Gladys Doyle            91
April 6                 Mary Woods              84
April 7                 William Meckes          81
April 9                 Fern Kuhns              82
April 15                Esther Schwenk          97
April 22                Betty Merkle            84
April 30                Charles Muth            86

If you know of someone who is celebrating an         Page 3
80th (+) birthday and is not listed, please notify
the church office.
                                                 St. John’s UCC, Fullerton
                                                 Thanks to your sponsorship, we were able
                                                 to serve more than 75 families. Over 175
                                                 children’s faces lit up when they saw their
Rev. Becky and St. John’s UCC family,            Christmas gifts come in; a priceless moment
Thank you so much for your prayers and           for which we say thanks.
visits at the hard time in my life. I was
thankful for every prayer uttered on my          On behalf of all the families and staff we
behalf. Thank you for the prayer shawl. I        want to thank you for thinking of us this
sure used it a lot. It is always good to know    holiday season.
that people care for you when you have a             Sincerely,
need.                                                Jennifer Hernandez-Reyes
              Yours Truly,                           Caseworker and Marsha Eichelberger,
              Rachel Hillegass                       Director ~ Sixth Street Shelter

 *~~~* ~~~* ~~~* ~~~* ~~~*                        *~~~* ~~~* ~~~* ~~~* ~~~*
Dear Becky, Thank you for the visits you         St. John’s UCC, Fullerton,
made to Roy. His service was a special way       I would like to thank Rev. John Dech for
to send him home to God. Thanks for your         coming to give me Communion.
caring and kindness to me. You are very
special to me.                                                Eva E. Kuhns
             Gladys Comfort                       *~~~* ~~~* ~~~* ~~~* ~~~*
 *~~~* ~~~* ~~~* ~~~* ~~~*                       Thank you to Paul F. and Susan A.
                                                 Geissinger who purchased a 4-drawer file
Pastor Becky, It was wonderful to have you       cabinet for the church.
as part of Mom’s life (Joan Gillespie). Your
visits were well appreciated over the years.
We especially appreciated how you made            *~~~* ~~~* ~~~* ~~~* ~~~*
her Celebration of Life service so very
special. It was good to be back at St. John’s
surrounded by so many of our family and
friends. Mom would have loved being an               MILLER
organist with you as her pastor! On behalf
of the entire family,                               KEYSTONE
               Love,                              BLOOD CENTER
               Sharon Dietz
                                                 Thank you to the following people who gave
 *~~~* ~~~* ~~~* ~~~* ~~~*                       blood during the month of December: Paul
                                                 Long, Luther Smith, Barbara Williams and
SPECIAL THANKS to the Weaver family for          January: Lori Silfies, Brian Fisher, Lars
burning last year palms for us to use for Ash    Gerber, Sandra Glass, Ronald Glass,
Wednesday of this year. It is a very messy       L. Ritz, Mark Moll.
job but they did it willingly! Thanks so much.
             Pastor Becky

 *~~~* ~~~* ~~~* ~~~* ~~~*                       Page 4
  ASSOCIATE PASTOR:                                                 MEMORIALS
 REV. GEORGE ECKSTEIN                                   Thank you to the
                                                        following people
At the February Consistory meeting the                  who gave a
Rev. George Eckstein was elected as our new             donation to the
Associate Pastor. Pastor George is currently            Memorial Fund in
the half time pastor at St. Mark’s UCC,                 memory of David
Allentown. He has a special interest in visitation      Bartholomew:
and feels God is calling him to our church.             Marie Fatzinger, James and Barbara Kirka.
The process to find an associate included
                                                        Thank you to the following people who gave a
advertising the position and accepting profiles
                                                        donation to the Endowment Fund in memory of
(resumes).      The Personnel Committee then
                                                        Roy Comfort – Thomas and Emilie Moyer,
sifted through the profiles and scheduled
                                                        Doris Chuss, Ralston and Larue Angelstein,
interviews.        The committee unanimously
                                                        James and Mary Lou Tretter, George Hartzell,
agreed. The next step was for Pastor Becky to
                                                        Gail and John Hanzl, Paul E. Geissinger, Jr.,
spend some time with the candidate to see if he
                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Ted Lorchak, Mr. and Mrs. Barry
would fit into our staffing mix and if their ministry
                                                        Everett, Dorothy Baer, Ruth and Mike Dreher,
styles were compatible.       Pastor George was
                                                        Frederic and Susan Koch, Rose Shambo,
then invited to meet with Consistory.
                                                        Richard and Alethia Smith, Gloria Beltz, Shirley
The Rev. George Eckstein loves how much we              Abel, Becky and Bob Beckwith, Renee and Ed
laugh at St. John’s! He speaks of how everyone          Spielman, John and Amanda Bolton, Mr. and
seems to get along so well and how we work at           Mrs. Robert Weaver, Mr. and Mrs. Craig
doing the Lord’s work together. He is very              Merkel., Mr. and Mrs. Larry Albright, Mr. and
anxious to begin his ministry at St. John’s. He         Mrs. Franklin Nolt, Bonnie Cocivera, Mr. and
will be joining us on March 16th. You are invited       Mrs. Warren Weiland, Aaron and Marietta Fox,
to come meet him during worship on March 21st.          Archie Sterk, Dolores Kotsch, Linda and
The next newsletter will include more                   Thomas Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Chester
information about our new associate – from him!         Cressman, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Victor Smith, Linda
                                                        Moller, Thomas Edelmnan, Loren and Geraldine
                                                        Keim, Joseph Pavlacka, Beverly and James
                                                        Rarig, Geraldine Deily, Thomas and Evelyn
     BRENT NAILOR                                       Broad, Carl and Arline Yoder, Charlie and Linda
                                                        Apple, Mary Jane Ott, Phillip and Juliann
      DEPLOYED /                                        Paladino, Sara Siegfried, Eugene Gallagher,
                                                        Barb Thomas and Kelsey Gallagher.
                                                        Thank you to the following people who gave a
                      Brent Nailor was deployed         donation to the Memorial Fund in memory of
                      to Haiti recently.  Some          June Snyder: Charlotte Mellon, Anna Batori,
                      pictures were released by         Thomas and Emilie Moyer, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest
                      our government showing a          Angstadt, Ray and Doris Rauenzahn, Ronald
                      soldier     handing   food        and Rita Pulcini, Randy and Catherine
                      packets out to children.          Bachman, Jean and Robert Coombe, Paul E.
                      Guess who the soldier is?         Geissinger, Jr., Marie Mizgerd , Becky and Bob
                      That is our Brent!                Beckwith, Whitehall Women’s Club, Mr. and
                                                        Mrs. Franklin Nolt, Dona Trumbauer, Carolyn
Heather Miller has completed her time in the US
                                                        and Gerald Schwenk, Sr. and David and
Marines. Heather reached the rank of Staff
                                                        Charlene Biles.
Sergeant during her eight year tenure. She is
now taking some well-deserved vacation before
acquiring more education.
Heather and Brent – you make us proud!                  Page 5

      EASTER EGG HUNT                                   PALM SUNDAY DONKEY
                              The Annual Easter                WALK
                              Egg Hunt will be on
                              Saturday,     March     The Sunday School program will be
                              27, 2010. Please        collecting the following items for Gress
                              see      your child's   Mountain Ranch for our Palm Sunday
                              Sunday       School     Donkey Walk on March 28. The Gress
                              teacher     for     a   Mountain Ranch is a large and small animal
                                       registration   sanctuary, offering "forever" homes for
form. Cartons with empty plastic eggs will be         unwanted animals. These animals are
in the Parlor beginning February 28. Please           trained to work with troubled youth and
take a carton and fill it with treats and goodies     depressed adults.
for our Egg Hunt.
                                                      Please see your child's Sunday School
                                                      teacher or Heidi Metzger with donations or
YOUTH GROUP MEETINGS                                  questions. Items needed are: apples,
                                                      carrots, large & small, dry and canned cat
     FOR MARCH:                                       food, cat litter, Quaker oats, bananas,
March 10 - Border Blessings - Meet at                 Romaine lettuce, parsley, Pepto Bismol,
Borders Bookstore at 6:00 PM to relax and             applesauce, Gatorade for the pigs, all kinds
talk about life.                                      of crackers for the goats, apple and
                                                      cranberry juice, cheerios and shredded
March 14 - Youth Group Meeting in Room 305            wheat cereal. The Gress Mountain Ranch
12:00 - 2:00 PM - Please bring a snack to             will be providing the donkey for our Donkey
share!                                                Walk on Palm Sunday.
March 17- Border Blessings
                                                      The Palm Sunday
March 28 - Palm Sunday! - Service Project             Donkey Walk will
                                                      be March 28th at
                                                      9:30AM during the
   WORKING WITH YOUTH                                 Sunday       School
                                                      hour. Families are
There are three essential qualifications for          warmly welcomed
adults to be trained for working with youth.          to    come      and
   1. They love the Lord.                             celebrate Jesus’ triumphal entry into
   2. They love the church.                           Jerusalem as we listen to scripture and
   3. They love to be with youth.                     witness to our neighborhood.
Anything else can be taught and learned.

From Passing on Faith: a Radical New Model
for Youth and Family Ministry by Merton
Stommen, PhD and Richard Hardel, DMin
*If that sounds like YOU see Heidi for ways           Page 6
you can build relationships with the awesome
and inspiring youth of St. John's!
                UPCOMING EVENTS & NEWS

        LENT SCHEDULE                                NEED THE PASTOR?
                                                       WANT A VISIT?
     “WORSHIP/BIBLE STUDY”                      There are HIPAA laws
                                                about privacy. We only
                         This year during the   find out if you are
                         Lenten season we       hospitalized if a family
                         will be trying to      member calls or if you
                         figure    out    the   give your church name
                         Psalms. How much       upon entering the hospital – even then we
do you know about them? Why was David           don’t always get accurate information.
given so much credit for having written         Pastor Becky would like to visit our
them? What happens if we update the             members when there is a need. But, you
language – do they still have meaning for us    need to let her know.

We hope you will join us on Wednesday
nights during Lent as we journey through the
Psalms. The Lenten services are at 7:00PM         NEW MEMBERS GROUP
on February 24th, March 3rd, March 10th,
March 17th and March 24th. See the flyer in
                                                A request was made that we put together
this newsletter with information on the
                                                another new member’s group. We are doing
Worship/Bible studies and Holy Week.
                                                so gladly!

                                                On March 7th during the Sunday School time
                                                (9:30) in the Pastor’s Office the group will
   NEW ACOLYTE ROBES                            meet. On March 14th during the 10:45 a.m.
                                                service the group will join with our family at
                   A member, who wishes         St. John’s.
                   to remain anonymous,
                   recently received an         If you know of anyone interested in joining
                   inheritance. She was         the church, please let Pastor Becky or the
                   surprised by the windfall    office know as soon as possible.
                   and wanted to honor the
                   giver by choosing to do
                   some things with the
money that might make the giver proud.
So…       When our member saw how
wonderful the choir looked in their new
robes, an offer was made to buy the
acolytes six matching robes. The request
went through the Worship and Music
Committee and was approved by the
Consistory. On February 7th the robes made
                                                Page 7
their debut!
            PENNY PARTY                                         FRIENDLY’S NIGHT
             CANCELLED                                           Come on out on Tuesday, March
Our Penny Party which was originally                             23rd between 5:00 – 8:00PM. St.
scheduled for Saturday, March 6th has been                       John’s receives 10% of all of
cancelled. It will be scheduled at a later date.                 Friendly’s receipts during this
                                                                 time.    Meet your friends and
                                                                 relatives there; we need to take
     GIRL SCOUT SUNDAY                                 over Friendly’s that evening.     See you
                  Sunday, March 7th we will
                  have Girl Scout Sunday.
                  St. John’s joyfully hosts 3
                  troops which includes a
                  Daisy troop, and two                           BASKET BINGO
                  Brownie troops.      All the
                                                       Our next Basket Bingo will be held on
                  troops will be present at
                                                       Friday, April 16th at 7:00PM. Tickets are
the service. Their leaders are Evelyn Broad
                                                       $15.00 in advance or $20.00 at the door.
– Daisy Troop leader, Michelle Schuler and
                                                       You can purchase your tickets in the church
Debby Mausteller – Brownie Troop leaders.
                                                       office or call Evelyn Broad at 610-264-2000.
Please warmly welcome the girls, the
leaders, and the families who will be
worshipping with us on the 7th!
                                                           WE NEED USHERS,
                                                             GREETERS, &
        FREE FILLING???                                   SCRIPTURE READERS
                                                       Our service to God takes so many different
Yep – that’s right – F . . . R . . . E . . . E . . .   shapes and forms. Helping to lead worship
Call the church office (610-264-8421) to pick          is an important way to serve. If you would
up your 2 lb. container of delicious filling!!!        like to be a scripture reader please call Ruth
                                                       Christman. She will gladly schedule you for
                                                       the service time of your choice.
                                                       Would you help with ushering? Sharon
        YARD SALE/FLEA                                 Foellner has been gathering names to help
           MARKET                                      usher at both services. Please let her know
                                                       of your interest.
Our next St. John’s
                                                       Would you like to be a greeter at the door on
UCC yard sale will be
                                                       Sunday morning? Then call Suzie Fahringer
held on March 20th
                                                       if you would like to help at the 8:15AM
from 8:00AM – Noon.
                                                       service and Ruth Christman if you would like
If you have any items
                                                       to help at the 10:45AM service.
that you would like to donate, you can start
bringing them to the church and put them in
the back stage area in Fox Hall. If you have
any questions, please talk to Evelyn Broad
(610-264-2000).                                        Page 8
                                                 We look forward to another exciting year
                                                 here at St. John’s. There are so many
I am honored to have the privilege of serving    activities already planned for 2010. Special
as consistory president for 2010 and look        activities during Lent and Advent. A concert
                    forward to another           in July by the Barnstormers – a male choir of
                    busy and exciting year       about 75 voices. The second “mission fair”
                    in   this    “happening      this fall. There are too many activities to list
                    place”.         At    the    today but be sure to read the Sunday
                    consistory retreat in        bulletins and newsletters for upcoming
                    January we looked at         events.
                    establishing goals for
                    2010.                        We will continue to encourage our
                                                 committees and other groups as they do the
We will continue to maintain our 2009 goals      work within our church – new members are
- increasing and maintaining attendance at       always welcome to join. We thank Pastor
our church services.      Attending church       Becky for providing spiritual leadership and
services is an important way to refresh us       for her tireless support of this congregation.
spiritually and to maintain relationships        We also want to thank our entire staff for
within our church family.                        their hard work. Most of all we thank you,
                                                 our congregation, for your participation and
We will continue to strive to maintain a         support.
balanced budget and look to see
stewardship as a goal for 2010. We want to                Connie Viglione, Consistory President
encourage good stewardship in our
congregation – sharing of our time, talents,
and financial resources to help our church
thrive. By encouraging electronic giving we
can get over those financial bumps when
attendance is low due to weather conditions.

A new goal will be to encourage more family                              CHECK OUT
involvement in our Sunday School programs
and in church activities. Growth in our                                 THIS WEBSITE
Christian Education programs is certainly
something to celebrate and support.
The physical needs of our church will be on
the agenda as restoration work will continue     Nixle is a community information service that
and work by the airport will be happening        allows you to receive trusted, up-to-date
this year. The security system for our           neighborhood information for where you live,
church is near completion. We will also be       work, visit or where your family and friends
looking for ways to complete the work in the     are located throughout the country. The
foyer areas to match the hallways, replacing     service is free.
carpeting, and fixing the breakfast club area.
Hopefully, you will hear more about this
work during 2010.
                                                 Page 9
             MUSIC NOTES                                        MISSION MOMENT
                            Palm Sunday is a
                                                      We can’t thank you enough for your response to
                            mixed emotion day.
                                                      the appeal for Haiti Relief after the devastating
                            We start off with
                                                      earthquake in January. Our congregation has
                            shouts of joy, “Blessed
                                                      given over $1,200.00
                            is the king who comes
                                                      for this effort. On the
                            in the name of the
                                                      back of the bulletin on
                            Lord!” Palm Sunday is
                                                      February 14 reports of
                            also called Passion
                                                      how these funds are
                            Sunday. We know
                                                      being      used     was
                            shouts of “Crucify,
                                                      highlighted – hopefully,
crucify him!” will be heard during Holy Week.
                                                      you read this “Mission
We will have a triumphant procession with palms
on Palm Sunday. We will sing the ancient hymn
                                                      We are now actively
“All Glory, Laud and Honor”. This hymn was
                                                      involved in helping the Whitehall Food Pantry as
written approximately A.D. 820 by Bishop
                                                      part of the coalition of churches. Each of the six
Theodolph of Orleans, France, while he was
                                                      churches will be helping to man the pantry on a
imprisoned at the monastery of Angers. He was
                                                      rotating basis and each church will help with
a well known poet, pastor, and beloved bishop
                                                      providing the needed items for the Food Pantry.
of Orleans. When Emperor Charlemagne died in
                                                      If you wish to help as a volunteer, perhaps only
814, Bishop Theodolph was put in prison by
                                                      once or twice contact Kathy Kaintz or Julie Beck.
Charlemagne’s son and successor, for allegedly
                                                      They are working with Mary Jane Ott and Jean
plotting against him. A well-known legend has
                                                      Troy who have been attending the coalition
long been associated with this hymn. It is
believed by many that a short time before the
bishop’s death in 821, Charlemagne’s son, Louis
                                                      March is the time for the first special UCC
I, was visiting in the area where the bishop was
                                                      offering – One Great Hour of Sharing. The
imprisoned. The bishop is said to have been
                                                      donations for the Haiti disaster went directly to
singing and worshiping by himself. When the
                                                      Haiti and therefore will not be available when
emperor heard this particular text being sung, he
                                                      other disasters happen – tornadoes, hurricanes,
was so moved by the incident that he
                                                      floods, etc. The theme this year is “Feed My
immediately ordered the bishop’s release. The
                                                      Sheep” inspired by John 21:15-17 when Jesus
text pays tribute to Jesus as he passes the great
                                                      asks Peter, “Do you love me?” If you are
crowd on His way to Jerusalem. It speaks of
                                                      familiar with this scripture, you may know that
highest praise to our Lord and Savior.
                                                      after Peter confesses to loving Jesus, Jesus tells
                                                      him, “Feed my sheep.” We too are called to
We close our Palm Sunday service with the
                                                      care for all who are in need, just as God cares
hymn “Journey to Gethsemane”. It was written
                                                      for each of us. When you make an offering to
by James Montgomery and takes us on a
                                                      One Great Hour of Sharing, you actively
journey from Jesus praying in the garden of
                                                      participate in tending God’s flock throughout the
Gethsemane to his being lifted on the cross at
                                                      world. These monies bring shelter, food, water,
                                                      and medical supplies to disaster survivors as
                                                      well as providing education so they can better
May the joy and sorrow of Palm Sunday prepare
                                                      provide for themselves.        We ask that you
you for Holy Week knowing we will experience
                                                      prayerfully consider giving to this special UCC
the ultimate joy of Jesus’ resurrection on Easter
                                                      offering during March. Thank you.
                                                      Your Mission committee,
                                                      Linda Apple Julie Beck  Evelyn Broad
                                                      Kim Devers Kathy Kaintz Susan Rarich
                                                      Connie Viglione

                                                      Page 10
    WHITEHALL FOOD                                     WOMEN’S RETREAT
   PANTRY NEEDS YOUR                             With the success of the
         HELP!                                   first retreat, this second
                                                 retreat is filling up fast. A
Our Mission Committee, along with your           $35.00 deposit is needed
support, has continually supported the           to reserve your spot. Call
Whitehall Food Pantry located at St.             Susan,         our      Office
Stephen’s Church.                                Administrator to make
                                                 your deposit.
The Whitehall Food Pantry is in need of our
help. We are asking our Church family to         Place: Kline Center, Mensch Mill, Alburtis,
lend a hand. Several organizations and           PA
other churches have been working on a
project with the Food Pantry to keep the         Dates:
pantry up and running. We hope to become         May 14th, 15th, 16th
more active by collecting more items and         Time: Friday evening – noon Sunday
                    volunteering time to the
                    pantry.      This will       Led by: Pastor Becky
                    involve our Church
                    volunteering        and      Retreats are for getting away and
                    spending time on a           renewing/starting relationships with each
                    rotating schedule. At        other and with God. We will have all 12
                    this time we know it will    rooms with 3 comfortable beds in each
                    be every 6 weeks that        room, a fireplace, plenty of space, lots of
                    our Church will be           wooded paths and more. We always fill the
                    needed on a Monday           place with laughter and the Holy Spirit
                    evening from 5-8 p.m.        supplies the rest. Don’t worry if you don’t
We will be given an actual schedule              know anyone – you will by the end of our
confirming the dates the St. John’s will be      time together!
scheduled to help.                               If you missed the first one – you won’t want
                                                 to miss this one!
Our first date will be Monday, February 22,
2010. So if you are looking for some way to
help, and your time is limited, this will be a
wonderful way to get involved!                   LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE
If you would like to become a part of our                MOVING
team, Whitehall Food Pantry Pals, please
email Julie Beck @ or         When we send materials from the church to
call at 610-261-0554. You may also help by                         your home and you
simply donating food items. We hope to                             have moved there is a
have a weekly drive of certain food items,                         $.59 fee due to the
which will be announced at a later time.                           post office when it is
                                                                   returned to us. Please
Thanks so much!                                                    help us save money
Mission Committee/                                                 and more importantly
Whitehall Food Pantry Pals                                         let us know where you
                                      Page 11
  HEALTHCARE MINISTRY                                  Check your feet daily. Visit your doctor twice a
St. John’s Congregation!  This month the               year. Visit your eye doctor once a year.
Healthcare Committee is going to focus on
diabetes.                                              Visit your dentist twice a year. Maintain a
                                                       healthy weight. Check your blood pressure
It is estimated that more than 23 million people       regularly.
are living with diabetes with 24% of cases going
undiagnosed. If you find yourself more hungry          Let us know if you have any questions or ideas
and thirsty than usual, losing weight for no           so that we can better serve your needs. You can
apparent reason, or frequently having to urinate,      contact Sharon Antrim or Ginny Brokenshire
these could be warning signs of diabetes. You          with your concerns.     Have a fun time in the
should see your doctor for a fasting glucose           snow---spring is on the way!
blood test to check your body’s blood sugar                <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

Diabetes occurs when your body cannot
regulate blood sugar. The pancreas is a small
organ in your body that secretes digestive
enzymes into your digestive tract and also
secretes the hormones insulin and glucagon into
your bloodstream to help regulate blood sugar
levels according to your body’s needs.

There are two main types of diabetes. With
Type I diabetes (juvenile diabetes), the body’s
immune system destroys insulin-producing cells
in the pancreas. This type cannot be prevented
and you need to take insulin everyday. Type II
diabetes occurs when your body cannot regulate                        I WOKE UP
blood sugar. Family history and age increase
your risk of getting Type II diabetes. 90 to 95%               Poem written by Eleanor Wuchter
of people with diabetes have Type II.
                                                       I woke up this morning with a smile on my face,
Diabetes makes you more prone to nerve                 I woke up this morning by God’s good grace.
damage, skin infections, eye problems, heart
disease, high blood pressure, stroke, kidney           I woke up this morning and heard the birds sing.
failure, gum disease and loss of teeth. So , it is     And, wished in a way that it was spring.
important not to take this disease lightly. You        Looked out of the window, saw a blanket of
must keep your blood sugar under control to            white, it snowed again, much to children’s
                avoid such health problems.            delight.
                If you do have diabetes, make          Well, I woke up this morning with work to be
                sure you are under a doctors’          done and perhaps there’ll be time for a little fun.
                regular care.    Quit smoking.
                Use aspirin therapy to prevent         Some say it’s not good for all work and no play –
                heart problems.    Get regular         so, I’ll put off till tomorrow what I don’t do today.
                exercise. Follow a meal plan to        And maybe tomorrow with God’s good grace I’ll
                control the diabetes.     Take         be able to say – “I woke up this morning to
medications as prescribed. Check your blood            another great day!”.
glucose levels.

                                                 Page 12

     2009 CELEBRATION!
                                                    GIANT FOOD STORE –
                                                     CASH FOR CAUSES
Were you there? If so, I bet you still have a
smile upon your face! We had a great time.      $27,000 worth of gift cards were purchased
                                                during 2009. We receive a 5% discount
The meeting was mixed with reports and fun      which added up to a $1,350 profit for the
skits.    President Connie Viglione led us      calendar year.      Unfortunately, only 23
through a good meeting. We sent financial       different people took advantage of this
reports to audit. We learned (a skit) exactly   fundraiser (and not all of them are church
what does go on at Stewardship & Finance        members, either). Out of those 23, only 11
meetings!                                       people purchased gift cards on a regular
                                                basis. Imagine the money we would raise if
The Christian Education group mimed how         we could persuade more of our church
hard it is to get unstuck from sin. The Youth   family to support this great cause. It costs
Group let us know all about various forms of    nothing more than the price of the gift card
God’s love. And the staff? Well, they ended     itself.
the day with a song rewritten by Gail Hanzl
followed by the staff singing “Every Bunny          BIBLE BRAIN TEASER
Loves Some Bunny….” Mardi Gras beads
were tossed about as we all remember that                       I once made a remark about
Lent was to begin in three days.                                the hidden books of the
                                                                Bible. It was a lulu, kept
You really need to get this meeting on your                     people looking so hard for
family’s agenda. So much fun and yet so                         facts, and for others it was a
much work goes on at St. John’s – all in the                    revelation. Some were in a
name of our Savior!                                             jam, especially since the
                                                                names of the books are not
Thank you Evangelism Committee for                              capitalized, but the truth
organizing the covered dish meal and the                        finally struck home to a
consistory for set up/clean up.                                 numbers of readers.         To
                                                others, it was a real job. We want it to be a
                                                most fascinating few moments for you. Yes,
                                                there will be some really easy ones to spot.
 NEWSLETTER DEADLINE                            Others may require judges to help them. I
                                                will quickly admit it usually takes a minister
             The articles for the April         to find one of the 16, and there will be loud
             newsletter are due on March        lamentations when it is found. A little lady
             14th. The newsletter will be       says she brews a cup of tea so she can
             collated on March 23rd.            concentrate better. See how well you can
                                                compete. Relax now, for there really are the
                                                names of 16 books of the Bible in these
                                                sentences. To see if you found the 16
                                     Page 13    books of the Bible listed here go to page 14
                                                for the answers.
    MEDICAL EQUIPMENT                                     THE SAFEST PLACE
                                                    How to stay safe in the world today
Our medical equipment inventory is being used
extensively by our congregation! During the            1. Avoid riding in automobiles because they
past year (2009), a total of one hundred and              are responsible for 20% of all fatal
fifteen (115) units of equipment were used. We
have an average of 10 to 15 pieces of                  2. Do not stay home because 17% of all
equipment on loan monthly. This makes this                accidents occur in the home.
ministry extremely gratifying! Please continue to
                                                       3. Avoid walking on streets or sidewalks
take advantage of this if the need arises.
                                                          because 14% of all accidents occur to
   WOODEN CRUTCHES                                    4. But, you will be pleased to learn that only
   ALUMINUM ADJUSTABLE CRUTCHES                          .001% of all deaths occur in worship
   “FORE-ARM” ALUMINUM CRUTCHES                          services in church and these are usually
   ALUMINUM FOLDING WALKERS WITH                         related to previous physical disorders.
     WHEELS                                            Therefore, logic tells us that the safest place
   ALUMINUM FOLDING WALKERS NO                        for you to be at any given
     WHEELS                                            point in time is at church!
     WHEELS AND SEAT                                   And Bible study is safe too.
   ALUMINUM FOLDING WALKER WITH                       The percentage of deaths
     WHEELS AND TRAY                                   during Bible study is even
   ALUMINUM NON-FOLDING WALKERS                       less.
                                                       So attend church, and read your Bible… It
                                                       could save your life!
     INSERT FOR TOILET BOWL)                                       ANSWERS
   WHEEL CHAIRS (FOLDING FOR                       I once made a remark about the hidden books
     TRANSPORT), WITH FOOT RESTS,                   of the Bible.      It was a lulu kept people
   (1 LIGHTWEIGHT) NO FOOT RESTS                   looking so hard for facts, and for others it was
   ( 2 FOLDING WHEELCHAIRS WITH                    a revelation. Some were in a jam especially
     LEG AND FOOT RESTS)                            since the names of the books are not
   TUB RAIL (TO ASSIST IN AND OUT OF               capitalized, but the truth finally struck home to a
     TUB)                                           numbers of readers. To others, it was a real
   1 LAP TRAY                                      job. We want it to be a most fascinating few
   1 34”X36” WATERPROOF, REUSABLE                  moments for you. Yes, there will be some really
     BED PAD                                        easy ones to spot. Others may require judges
                                                    to help them. I will quickly admit it usually takes
To secure any available item for your use,          a minister to find one of the16, and there will be
please call Bob Coombe @ (610)-264-9316 or
                                                    loud lamentations when it is found. A little lady
our Office Administrator, Susan.
                                                    says she brews a cup of tea so she can
                                                    concentrate better. See how well you can
                                         Page 14    compete. Relax now, for there really are the
                                                    names of 16 books of the Bible in these
      MARCH WORSHIP                            WORSHIP PARTICIPANTS
                March 7th
          Third Sunday In Lent                                 March 7th
          8:15AM and 10:45AM                  8:15AM
                                              Elders: Mary Jane Ott, Robert Scheirer
Scripture: **Psalm 63:1-8     **Luke 13:1-9   Ushers: Head Usher – John Viglione,
Hymns:                                        Connie Viglione, Tim Silfies, Ron Glass,
    Lord Jesus, Who Through Forty Days        Jean Troy, Bob Coombe, Don Brensinger
       Ah, What Shame I Have To Bear          Greeters: Nancy and Walter Ebling
       On A Hill Far Away
                                              Scripture Reader: Ron Glass
                                              Acolyte: Emilie Dumbach
               March 14
         Fourth Sunday In Lent                10:45AM
          8:15AM and 10:45AM                  Elders: Doris Smith, Sally Gibson
                                              Ushers: Head Usher - Kathy Kaintz,
Scripture: **Joshua 5:9-12    **Psalm 32      George Williams, Kim Devers, Curtis
                                              Christman, Lora Nailor, Melanie Fehlinger,
Hymns: For The Fruit Of All Creation
                                              Paul Geissinger, Jr.
       All My Hope On God Is Founded
       What Wondrous Love Is This             Greeter: Mary Ann Weaver
                                              Scripture Reader: Evelyn Broad

                March 21st                    Acolyte: Dakota Begel
          Fifth Sunday In Lent
          8:15AM and 10:45AM
                                                              March 14th
Scripture: **Psalm 126      **John 12:1-8     8:15AM
                                              Ushers: Head Usher – Karla Young,
Hymns: Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed          Zach Young, Karen Moyer, Cindy Reck
       Said Judas To Mary
       Beneath The Cross of Jesus             Greeters: Charlie & Linda Apple
                                              Scripture Reader: Connie Viglione
                                              Acolyte: Robert Clark
               March 28th
              Palm Sunday                         <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>
          8:15AM and 10:45AM
Scripture: **Psalm 31:9-16                    Ushers: Head Usher – Doris Smith,
           **Luke 19:28-40                    Sally Gibson, Bonnie Cocivera,
Hymns: All Glory, Laud and Honor              JoAnn Sutter
       Ride On! Ride On In Majesty            Greeter: Sally Gibson
       Journey to Gethsemane
                                              Scripture Reader: Nancy Bowman
                                              Acolyte: Georgia Weaver

                                              Page 15
                March 21st
Ushers: Head Usher – Robert Coombe,
Jean Coombe, Beth Erney, David Erney                   DATES TO REMEMBER
Greeters: Mary Jane Ott & Susan Rarich
Scripture Reader: Kathy Kaintz                                March 7th
                                                         Holy Communion
Acolyte: Aaron Young                                     Girl Scout Sunday
                                                   9:30AM - Class for new members
     <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>
                                                              March 14th
10:45AM                                                 New members joining
Ushers: Head Usher – DonnaLee Yeatts,                    at 10:45AM service
Dewey Yeatts, Staci Kuhns, Cathy Kuhns                 Easter Flower orders due
Greeter: Marian Kline                                         March 20th
Scripture Reader: Sue Weldner                            Yard Sale – Fox Hall
                                                           8:00AM – Noon
Acolyte: Alexis Macher
                                                              March 23rd
                                                           Friendly’s Night
                                                           5:00 – 8:00PM
                March 28th
8:15AM                                                       March 27th
Ushers: Head Usher – Kerry Dorney,                         Easter Egg Hunt
Robin Dorney, Donna Held, Keith Held                   March 28th – Palm Sunday
Greeters: Jean & Robert Coombe                          9:30AM – Donkey Walk
Scripture Reader: Tom Moyer
Acolyte: Kyle Brokenshire

     <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

Ushers: Head Usher – Sally Gibson,
Doris Smith, Bonnie Cocivera, JoAnn Sutter
Greeters: Bill and Betty Moll
Scripture Reader: Candy Miller
Acolyte: Sarah Schaffer

                                             Page 16
         St. John’s United Church of Christ,
            575 Grape Street, Whitehall, PA 18052
      Church Office 610-264-8421    Fax No. 610-264-4300

Rev. Dr. Becky J. Beckwith’s email
       Gail Hanzl’s email
     Susan Kuder’s email
      Heidi Metzger’s email
        George Williams’ email

                   Church Office Hours
           Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

                      Worship Services
                    8:15AM and 10:45AM
                   Sunday School – 9:30AM

                  ST. JOHN’S UCC, FULLERTON STAFF
                 Senior Pastor: Rev. Dr. Becky J. Beckwith
                    Pastor Emeritus: Rev. Aaron W. Fox
                     Director of Music: Mrs. Gail Hanzl
                          Pianist: Mrs. Emilie Moyer
                   Office Administrator: Mrs. Susan Kuder
       Director of Christian Education and Youth: Ms. Heidi Metzger
           Sexton/Custodian: Mr. Bill Kern and Mr. Scott Weaver

                          CHURCH OFFICERS
                     President: Mrs. Connie Viglione
                   Vice President: Mrs. Mary Jane Ott
                     Treasurer: Mr. George Williams
          Financial Secretaries: Mr. & Mrs. Tom & Emilie Moyer

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