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Civil War


									        Civil War
        1861 2 011
        2011 marks the sesquicentennial of the American Civil War.
        Order new and backlist Civil War titles from the University of Georgia
        Press and receive a 30% discount through 2011.
        Enter the discount code CW2010 when using the online shopping
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        ISBN PREFIX: 978 0 8203

                                  An essential guide for touring Civil War sites in Georgia
                                  CROSSROADS OF CONFLICT
                                  A Guide to Civil War Sites in Georgia
                                  Barry L. Brown and Gordon R. Elwell
                                  Paper, $22.95 $16.07 | 3730-2

                                  “In the hot summer of 1864, the outcome of the Civil War was decided right
                                  here in Georgia. Crossroads of Conflict shows you where to find the war today,
                                  whether battlefields, historic sites, or museums. It’s the indispensable guide
                                  for the 150th anniversary of the war in Georgia.”
                                  —Gordon L. Jones, Senior Military Historian, Atlanta History Center

                                  A publication of the Georgia Civil War Commission
                                  Published in association with the Georgia Department of Economic
                                  Development and the Georgia Humanities Council

                                  A panoramic, chronological view of the war’s action
                                  ATLAS OF THE CIVIL WAR, MONTH BY MONTH
                                  Major Battles and Troop Movements
                                  Mark Swanson
                                  Hardcover, $39.95 $27.97 | 2658-0

                                  “More than fifty crisply rendered maps show the broad sweep of military
                                  campaigns and naval operations in chronological order. . . . There is much
                                  useful information here and the careful search will be rewarded.”
                                  —America’s Civil War

The University of Georgia Press        800-266-5842   
                  A pioneering history of                                                 See the famous Civil War
                  Reconstruction at the local level                                       battlefield as never before
                  BALLOTS AND FENCE RAILS                                                 CHICKAMAUGA
                  Reconstruction on the Lower Cape Fear                                   A Battlefield History in Images
                  William McKee Evans                                                     Roger C. Linton
                  Foreword by Charles Joyner                                              Hardcover, $39.95 $27.97 | 2598-9
                  Paper, $24.95 $17.47 | 2384-8

                  “Well-told and very captivating.”                             A groundbreaking study of how the
                  —Civil War Courier                                            Civil War challenged, changed, and
                                                                                confused gender roles
                  Memoirs of a Confederate Scout                                THE CIVIL WAR
                  and Sharpshooter                                              AS A CRISIS IN GENDER
                  Edited by Susan Williams Benson                               Augusta, Georgia, 1860–1890
                  New Introduction by Edward J. Cashin                          LeeAnn Whites
                  Paper, $19.95 $13.97 | 2943-7                                 Paper, $24.95 $17.47 | 2209-4

                  “Splendid . . . Important . . . Superb . . .                  A young chaplain—who would
                  Deserves a place on every Civil War                           later become a close friend to
                  bookshelf.”                                                   Mark Twain—vividly recounts his
                  —New York Times Book Review                                   ordeal by fire
                  BLUE EYED CHILD OF FORTUNE                                    THE CIVIL WAR LETTERS OF JOSEPH
                  The Civil War Letters of                                      HOPKINS TWICHELL
                  Colonel Robert Gould Shaw                                     A Chaplain’s Story
                  Edited by Russell Duncan                                      Edited by Peter Messent and Steve Courtney
                  Foreword by William S. McFeely                                Hardcover, $34.95 $24.47 | 2693-1
                  Paper, $24.95 $17.47 | 2174-5

                                                                                The revealing correspondence of a
                  “An imaginative, well-written                                 Confederate soldier
                  book.”—American Historical Review
                                                                                THE CIVIL WAR LETTERS OF
                  BUT THERE WAS NO PEACE                                        JOSHUA K. CALLAWAY
                  The Role of Violence                                          Joshua K. Callaway
                  in the Politics of Reconstruction                             Edited by Judith Lee Hallock
                  George C. Rable                                               Hardcover, $32.95 $23.07 | 1886-8
                  With a new preface
                  Paper, $22.95 $16.07 | 3011-2

                                                                                Actual accounts of the war’s impact
                  “A worthy addition to the remarkable                          on the lives of women and children,
                  collection of memoirs on the Civil War                        black and white, on both sides
                  by southern women.”                                           of the conflict
                  —Louisiana History
                                                                                CIVIL WAR STORIES
                  CÉLINE                                                        Catherine Clinton
                  Remembering Louisiana, 1850–1871                              Paper, $18.95 $13.27 | 2074-8
                  Céline Frémaux Garcia
                  Edited by Patrick Geary
                  Foreword by Bertram Wyatt-Brown
                  Paper, $24.95 $17.47 | 3187-4

               The University of Georgia Press                   800-266-5842

ISBN PREFIX: 978 0 8203
                  How the Civil War changed the ways                       “An excellent state-by-state political
                  Americans understood and used time                       history of the Confederacy.”
                                                                           —Journal of American Studies
                  CIVIL WAR TIME
                  Temporality and Identity in America,                     THE CONFEDERATE GOVERNORS
                  1861–1865                                                Edited by W. Buck Yearns
                  Cheryl A. Wells                                          Paper, $24.95 $17.47 | 3499-8
                  Hardcover, $44.95 $31.47 | 2657-3

                  “Gives one a different perspective                       “Nostalgic good fun . . . A fascinating
                  on the Civil War from the storm-and-                     ‘mini-document’ of the Confederacy.”
                  stress volumes on war and politics.”                     —Columbia State
                  —Journal of American History
                                                                           CONFEDERATE RECEIPT BOOK
                  CONFEDERATE ATHENS                                       A Compilation of Over One Hundred
                  Kenneth Coleman                                          Receipts, Adapted to the Times
                  Paper, $24.95 $17.47 | 3438-7                            Introduction by E. Merton Coulter
                                                                           Paper, $8.95 $6.27 | 0561-5

                                                                           A leading historian examines the
                  A study of the Confederate Congress                      white Southern Christian response
                  and its relation to the Jefferson Davis                  to slavery, military defeat, and
                  administration                                           emancipation
                  THE CONFEDERATE CONGRESS                                 A CONSUMING FIRE
                  Wildred Buck Yearns                                      The Fall of the Confederacy
                  Paper, $24.95 $17.47 | 3476-9                            in the Mind of the White Christian South
                                                                           Eugene D. Genovese
                                                                           Paper, $22.95 $16.07 | 3344-1

                  “Concise and comprehensive.”                             “A moving account of one family’s
                  —Journal of Southern History                             late war struggles and heartaches.”
                                                                           —Georgia Historical Quarterly
                  CONFEDERATE FINANCE
                  Richard Cecil Todd                                       THE DEATH OF A CONFEDERATE
                  Paper, $24.95 $17.47 | 3454-7                            Selections from the Letters of the Archibald
                                                                           Smith Family of Roswell, Georgia, 1864–1956
                                                                           Edited by Arthur N. Skinner and
                                                                           James L. Skinner
                                                                           Paper, $24.95 $17.47 | 3143-0

                  Recalls daily life in Georgia during                     A transplanted northerner records
                  the Civil War                                            her life in the South during peace
                                                                           and war
                  CONFEDERATE GEORGIA
                  T. Conn Bryan                                            THE DIARY OF DOLLY LUNT BURGE,
                  Paper, $24.95 $17.47 | 3499-8                            1848 1879
                                                                           Edited by Christine Jacobson Carter
                                                                           Paper, $24.95 $17.47 | 2859-1

               The University of Georgia Press              800-266-5842

ISBN PREFIX: 978 0 8203
                  Insight into the mindset of the                           Letters that reveal the experiences
                  Confederacy’s most unyielding                             of four Georgia soldiers who served
                  soldiers                                                  under Stonewall Jackson
                  DIEHARD REBELS                                            GEORGIA BOYS WITH
                  The Confederate Culture of Invincibility                  STONEWALL JACKSON
                  Jason Phillips                                            James Thomas Thompson
                  Paper, $24.95 $17.47 | 3433-2                             and the Walton Infantry
                                                                            Aurelia Austin
                                                                            Foreword by Bell Irvin Wiley
                                                                            Paper, $22.95 $16.07 | 3523-0
                  “Fresh insights into the sources,
                  nature, limits, and remarkable
                  diversity of southern Unionism.”
                  —American Historical Review                               Winner of the Founder’s Award of the
                                                                            Museum of the Confederacy
                  ENEMIES OF THE COUNTRY
                  New Perspectives on Unionists in                          THE GRANITE FARM LETTERS
                  the Civil War South                                       The Civil War Correspondence of
                  Edited by John C. Inscoe and                              Edgeworth and Sallie Bird
                  Robert C. Kenzer                                          Edited by John Rozier
                  Paper, $24.95 $17.47 | 2660-3                             Foreword by Theodore Rosengarten
                                                                            Hardcover, $44.95 $31.47 | 1042-8

                  “Presents a clear and depressingly                        War, peace, and unity in
                  grim picture of the problems con-                         an Alabama town
                  fronting the army medical services in
                  caring for the wounded.”                                  GUARDING GREENSBORO
                  —American Historical Review                               A Confederate Company
                                                                            in the Making of a Southern Community
                  FIELD MEDICAL SERVICES AT THE                             G. Ward Hubbs
                  BATTLE OF MANASSAS                                        Hardcover, $34.95 $24.47 | 2505-7
                  Horace H. Cunningham
                  Paper, $19.95 $13.97 | 3355-7

                  The first in-depth look at pro-Union                      “A heartfelt recounting of one
                  newspapers and the transformation                         regiment’s triumphs and traumas.”
                  of the post-Civil War South                               —Journal of American History
                  FOR FREE PRESS AND EQUAL RIGHTS                           HELL’S BROKE LOOSE IN GEORGIA
                  Republican Newspapers                                     Survival in a Civil War Regiment
                  in the Reconstruction South                               Scott Walker
                  Richard H. Abbott                                         Paper, $19.95 $13.97 | 2933-8
                  Edited by John W. Quist
                  Hardcover, $44.95 $31.47 | 2527-9

                  “Makes an interesting character as                        A rich personal account of a society
                  accessible as he is likely ever to be.”                   in the midst of chaotic change
                  —Journal of Southern History
                                                                            HERITAGE OF WOE
                  FREEDOM’S SHORE                                           The Civil War Diary of Grace Brown Elmore,
                  Tunis Campbell and the Georgia Freedmen                   1861–1868
                  Russell Duncan                                            Edited by Marli F. Weiner
                  Paper, $19.95 $13.97 | 0905-7                             Hardcover, $44.95 $31.47 | 1854-7

               The University of Georgia Press               800-266-5842

ISBN PREFIX: 978 0 8203
                  “Other” Southerners in time of war                      The most focused and detailed his-
                                                                          tory of southern conservatism to date
                  Ethnicity in the Civil War                              NEVER SURRENDER
                  Anne J. Bailey                                          Confederate Memory and Conservatism in
                  Foreword by Alan Downs                                  the South Carolina Upcountry
                  Hardcover, $26.95 $18.87 | 2757-0                       W. Scott Poole
                                                                          Paper, $24.95 $17.47 | 2508-8
                                                                          Unjacketed, $59.95 $41.97 | 2507-1

                  “Montgomery’s perceptive and                            The first anthology of Davis’s
                  well-written book helps to explain                      Civil War–era work
                  the South’s failure to achieve
                  independence.”                                          REBECCA HARDING DAVIS’S STORIES
                  —American Historical Review                             OF THE CIVIL WAR ERA
                                                                          Selected Writings from the Borderlands
                  JOHNNY COBB                                             Edited by Sharon M. Harris and
                  Confederate Aristocrat                                  Robin L. Cadwallader
                  Horace Montgomery                                       Paper, $24.95 $17.47 | 3435-6
                  Paper, $22.95 $16.07 | 3546-9                           Unjacketed, $69.95 $48.97 | 3231-4

                  “An excellent piece of American mili-                   The life story of a “daughter of pride,”
                  tary biography.”—Booklist                               from a privileged antebellum child-
                                                                          hood to Civil War deprivation
                  James Longstreet and His Place                          RECOLLECTIONS
                  in Southern History                                     OF A SOUTHERN DAUGHTER
                  William Garrett Piston                                  A Memoir by Cornelia Jones Pond
                  Paper, $24.95 $17.47 | 1229-3                           of Liberty County
                                                                          Edited by Lucinda H. MacKethan
                                                                          Hardcover, $28.95 $20.27 | 2044-1

                  “An important addition to the                           The award-winning chronicle of
                  source material for the history of the                  South Carolina’s Sea Islands during
                  Confederacy.”                                           the Civil War era
                  —Mississippi Valley Historical Review
                                                                          REHEARSAL FOR RECONSTRUCTION
                  LETTERS OF WARREN AKIN                                  The Port Royal Experiment
                  Confederate Congressman                                 Willie Lee Rose
                  Bell Irvin Wiley                                        Introduction by C. Vann Woodward
                  Paper, $22.95 $16.07 | 3555-1                           Paper, $24.95 $17.47 | 2061-8

                  The transformation of a fallen Rebel                    The only Civil War memoir by an
                  leader into a Lost Cause martyr                         African American woman
                  A LONG SHADOW                                           REMINISCENCES OF MY LIFE
                  Jefferson Davis and the Final Days                      IN CAMP
                  of the Confederacy                                      An African American Woman’s
                  Michael B. Ballard                                      Civil War Memoir
                  Paper, $22.95 $16.07 | 1941-4                           Susie King Taylor
                                                                          Introduction by Catherine Clinton
                                                                          Paper, $16.95 $11.87 | 2666-5

               The University of Georgia Press             800-266-5842

ISBN PREFIX: 978 0 8203
                  How exploitation, oppression, and                         “The most detailed state study
                  class conflict of poor southerners                        of the Freedmen’s Bureau to date.”
                  contributed to the Confederate loss                       —H-CivWar
                  of the Civil War
                                                                            UNDER THE GUARDIANSHIP
                  RICH MAN’S WAR                                            OF THE NATION
                  Class, Caste, and Confederate Defeat                      The Freedmen’s Bureau and the
                  in the Lower Chattahoochee Valley                         Reconstruction of Georgia, 1865–1870
                  David Williams                                            Paul A. Cimbala
                  Hardcover, $34.95 $24.47 | 2033-5                         Paper, $26.95 $18.87 | 2511-8

                  A man, his family, and his city,                          A remarkable gathering of diverse
                  brought vividly to life                                   personal writings from a single
                                                                            Confederate military unit
                  A Chronicle of the Atlanta Home Front                     VOICES FROM COMPANY D
                  Samuel Pearce Richards                                    Diaries by the Greensboro Guards, Fifth
                  Edited by Wendy Hamand Venet                              Alabama Infantry Regiment, Army of
                  Hardcover, $34.95 $24.47 | 2999-4                         Northern Virginia
                                                                            Edited by G. Ward Hubbs
                                                                            Hardcover, $39.95 $27.97 | 2514-9
                  A timely look at secession, separatism,
                  and the nationalist passions that have                    The true story behind the film Glory
                  inflamed such conflicts as the Civil War
                                                                            WHERE DEATH AND GLORY MEET
                  SECESSION AS AN INTERNATIONAL                             Colonel Robert Gould Shaw
                  PHENOMENON                                                and the 54th Massachusetts Infantry
                  From America’s Civil War to                               Russell Duncan
                  Contemporary Separatist Movements                         Paper, $19.95 $13.97 | 2136-3
                  Edited by Don H. Doyle
                  Paper, $24.95 $17.47 | 3712-8
                  Unjacketed, $69.95y | 3008-2                              “Should be required reading for any-
                                                                            one interested in the Confederate
                                                                            experiment.”—Dallas Times-Herald
                  “Yields a rare insight into the heart of
                  one Southern woman.”                                      WHY THE SOUTH LOST THE CIVIL WAR
                  —Civil War History                                        Richard E. Beringer, Herman Hattaway,
                                                                            Archer Jones, and William N. Still Jr.
                  SHADOWS ON MY HEART                                       Paper, $24.95 $17.47 | 1396-2
                  The Civil War Diary of Lucy Rebecca Buck
                  of Virginia                                               “From these private pages emerges
                  Edited by Elizabeth R. Baer                               a foreign observer who was deeply
                  Hardcover, $49.95 $34.97 | 1852-3                         moved by the tenacity both of the
                                                                            North and South.”
                  An acclaimed study of the reform-                         —Georgia Historical Quarterly
                  minded northerners who taught
                  freed slaves in the war-torn                              WILLIAM HOWARD RUSSELL’S
                  Reconstruction South                                      CIVIL WAR
                                                                            Private Diary and Letters, 1861–1862
                  SOLDIERS OF LIGHT AND LOVE                                Edited by Martin Crawford
                  Northern Teachers and Georgia Blacks,                     Paper, $24.95 $17.47 | 3200-0
                  Jacqueline Jones                                          “One finishes the book with a deeper
                  Paper, $24.95 $17.47 | 2383-1                             understanding of how thoroughly
                                                                            the armies of North and South were
                  The story of Athens, Georgia, during                      steeped in political ideology.”
                  the turbulent years of the Civil War                      —American Historical Review
                  THESE MEN SHE GAVE                                        WITH BALLOT AND BAYONET
                  Civil War Diary of Athens, Georgia                        The Political Socialization
                  John F. Stegeman                                          of American Civil War Soldiers
                  Paper, $22.95 $16.07 | 3458-5                             Joseph Allan Frank
                                                                            Hardcover, $44.95 $31.47 | 1975-9

               The University of Georgia Press               800-266-5842

ISBN PREFIX: 978 0 8203

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