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					                         Official Publication of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia

   VOL. 71 - No. 22                              DECEMBER 19, 2010                        ENGLISH VERSION

Dearly Beloved in Christ!                                                                  Judea, “because thus was
                                                                                           said by the prophet” (Mt
         Today – on the                                                                    2:5).
Sunday of the Holy Fathers
– the Gospel told us about                                                                          Dearly Beloved in
the genealogy of Jesus                                                                     Christ, I bring your
Christ from Abraham to the                                                                 attention to this because
birth of our Savior.                                                                       as we think over the events
Listening to this detailed list                                                            of our daily lives, we tend
of generations, it may be                                                                  to think that they occur by
understand that the coming                                                                 chance. We often think that
of Christ to the people was                                                                everything could be
prepared in advance, that                                                                  different. Sometimes it
his appearance on the                                                                      seems that everything
earth was planned by our                                                                   around is unchecked, that
Heavenly            Father.                                                                the Lord God forgot about
Moreover, not only the                                                                     the world. However, our
birth, but also the entire                                                                 faith is based on God’s
life of Jesus Christ has                                                                   Revelation, which gives us
been foreseen by the                                                                       an opposite response:
prophets. An example of                                                                    everything that happens in
this we find again in the                                                                  our personal and public
holy Gospel: when the                                                                      life, except sin, corresponds
three wise men from the                                                                    to God’s plan. Proof of
East stayed with Herod in         This photo is taken of the iconostas that was donated    this we find in the life of
order to find out where           from Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic            Jesus Christ, from the
the new King was born,            Church, Plymouth, PA, that is on display at the          promise of the Messiah to
he called the scribes, who        Treasury of Faith Museum, Philadelphia, PA.              our first parents in the
without a doubt say that          For more information on the Museum please call           paradise until His glorious
the Messiah is to come to         215-627-3389 or e-mail
the world in Bethlehem in                                                                  (Continued on next page)
                      CHRISTMAS GREETING OF
                                             (continued from previous page)

resurrection. Thus arises the    opportunity to witness for            Dearly Beloved in       but it’s still very difficult and
next question: why does          Christ and seek truth, Christ! At the end of this             we must help them. Let us
the Lord God allow               justice, and good.            message I would like to         commend to the merciful
circumstances that are                                         convey to you one request       Lord the inhabitants of this
unpleasant for us or even                 It would seem that which is somewhat related         land on which His only
cause us great suffering?        these thoughts have to               the     Christmas        begotten Son was born
Jesus Christ in the Gospel       nothing to do with the celebrations as it concerns            and the Christians – His
from Luke answers this           joyful Christmas time, when the land on which Jesus           faithful followers. Let this
when he speaks about the         people gather at a our Savior was born.                       be our Christmas gift to
further history and the          common table, exchange Today in the Holy Land,                them.
development of various           gifts, sing carols, and visit particularly in Bethlehem,
tragic events that have to       each other. In a fact, the Christians, who already                   Sincerest wishes to
happen in the future. His        essence of the great feast constitute a minority, are         you, blessed and joyful
words are: “This will give       of Christmas is not in these in a very difficult situation.   Christmas!
you an opportunity to            external and fleeting These people need our
witness” (Luke 21:13). If        moments, the essence of support. The faithful of the                 Let the Blessing of
there were no hunger,            this feast is that the only Church in Ukraine still           the Lord be upon you!
there would be no one to         begotten Son of God remember well what
feed; if there were no thirst,   came among us to oppression                           and              Christ is born!
there would be no one’s          implement fully the plan of persecution are because
thirst to quench; if there       the Heavenly Father for our they suffered from them                    +LUBOMYR
were no strangers, there         salvation. That is why my several decades ago. At
would be no one to               biggest wish for all of us is the same time they                     I authorize to the
receive; if there were no        that this truth that God is understand                 the    pastors to read this
patients or prisoners, there     with us occupied the main significance of prayer              message on the Sunday
would be no one to visit.        place in our Christmas support, for they asked for            of the Holy Fathers: on
If there were no Christmas,      celebrations, so that we such support from their              December 19 in the
there would not be Good          keep it in our hearts and brothers and sisters who            communities that celebrate
Friday and Easter. Thus          minds throughout the year at that time lived abroad.          Christmas      by     the
everything that happens          and that it makes our lives Of course, the fate of            Gregorian calendar and
around us, even the most         meaningful, provides Christians in the Holy Land              on January 2 in the
tragic, is God’s plan for        salvation at every moment is different from that which        communities that celebrate
us which gives us the            of our earthly existence. we had in the past years,           by the Julian calendar.

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 December 19, 2010                                           2
   St. Nicholas visited the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of the
            Immaculate Conception, Philadelphia, PA
                                 Rev. Archpriest Daniel Troyan offered the Homily at the 11:00 Liturgy on
                                 December 5, 2010. He spoke to the children about God’s love for us. He
                                 said God will always be there for us and God gives us people like St.
                                 Nicholas to remind us that it is good to be kind to one another. The most
                                 important gift we get at Christmas and the most important gift we give at
                                 Christmas is the gift of ourselves. When you give your mommy and daddy
                                 a hug and a kiss and say I love you, that is worth more than any gold,
                Rev. Troyan      silver, diamonds or money.

                                At the end of the Liturgy, the
faithful sang the hymn to St. Nicholas, “O õòî, õòî Ìèêîëàÿ
ëþáèòü!”, and St. Nicholas came into the Cathedral, spoke to the
children and handed out chocolate coins.

After the Liturgy, the children went to the Ortynsky Spirituality
Center where St. Nicholas gave all the children a present. The
children performed a concert for St. Nicholas playing various
instruments and everyone sang a few Christmas Carols.

Thank you to the Missionary Sisters of the Mother of God for
helping organize the event.
      Watch a video from St. Nicholas’ visit on
   our blog at

      Rev. Ivan Demkiv gives                                                  St. Nicholas gives
      candy to the children.                                               presents to the children.

December 19, 2010                                     3
              The Sisters of the Order of Saint Basil the Great
                      Celebrate 100 Years in America
        Many friends,
relatives, representatives
from              various
organizations, and special
invited guests joined the
hierarchy, clergy and
sisters for the grand
opening of the “centennial
year” celebrating the
arrival in America of the
Sisters of the Order of St.
Basil the Great. The kick-
off event began with a
Divine       Liturgy    of
thanksgiving celebrated in
Holy Trinity Chapel and a
reception        at   the
Motherhouse of the Sisters
of the Order of St. Basil
the Great on November
21, 2010.

         Metropolitan           Archbishop Stefan Soroka, Bishop Basil Losten, clergy and Provincial Council.
Archbishop Stefan Soroka       delivered a humorous yet
                                                      Sister’s dining room for a     Jeremiah—who
presided at the Divine         most touching homily insocial. The Provincial         surrendered themselves to
Liturgy of thanksgiving.       tribute to the foremothers
                                                      Superior Sister Dorothy        the call of God and left
The Most Rev. Bishop Basil     of the province and to all
                                                      Ann Busowski, OSBM             their homeland to brave
Losten, Bishop Emeritus,       the sisters who eventually
                                                      welcomed them with the         the broad expanse of the
the Sisters’ chaplain, the     followed them as a     words “All of you and all      ocean; who opened
Very Rev. Archpriest Daniel    praying, healing, life-giving
                                                      of those whose lives we        themselves to the vastness
Troyan, and numerous           presence. In the midst of
                                                      have touched and have          of a new language and
clergy        from      the    his        contemporarybeen touched by are part       immersed themselves into
Philadelphia and Jersey        references to camels and
                                                      of this celebration. I         a strange culture.”
area concelebrated. Sister     GPS systems he spoke ofwelcome each and every
Germaine Senita, directed      the Sisters who came from
                                                      one of you who have                   Sister Miriam Claire
the Sisters’ Choir and Saint   Ukraine to America a   come today to be with us       Kowal, the General
Basil Academy Madrigal         century ago, who walkedand to begin this year long    Superior, who had traveled
singers as they sang the       a difficult path without
                                                      celebration. You are here      from Rome to participate
responses, their voices        modern conveniences butbecause you are important      in the celebratory event,
blending with those of         who nonetheless had a  to us and to our history.”     lauded the history and
many of the congregants        deep trust in God and the
                                                      She further expressed          longevity of the Province
who filled Holy Trinity        direction in which God was
                                                      gratitude to the province      as well as the work and
Chapel.                        leading them.          foundresses, “those brave      value of the Sisters who
                                                      women—Mother Helena            continue to build on the
       Very         Rev.         After the Divine Langewych,             Sisters
Archpriest Ivan Kaszczak Liturgy all processed to the Paphnutia, Euphemia and        (Continued on next page)

December 19, 2010                                              4
             The Sisters of the Order of Saint Basil the Great
                     Celebrate 100 Years in America
                                         (continued from previous page)     
solid foundation created      wishing the Sisters “many who have been                where the Sisters first
by their predecessors.        blessed and happy years”. touched by the Sisters       settled. A Divine Liturgy
After a blessing by the                                     and have likewise        will be celebrated on
Sisters’ chaplain, the Very            This gathering was a touched the sisters.     November 6, 2011 at
Rev. Archpriest Daniel        fitting beginning of a year- Many events are being     Immaculate Conception
Troyan, the Archbishop        long celebration that planned for this year of         Ukrainian      Catholic
Metropolitan Stefan           promises to bring together celebration which will      Cathedral followed by a
Soroka offered a toast        the various men and women end on Franklin Street       banquet at Savoy’s in
                                                                                     Pennsauken, NJ.

    Bohdanna Yaroshevych           Archbishop Stefan Soroka blessing the         Rev. Dr. Ivan Kaszczak
    provided Bandura music         new Gospel Book held by Sister                delivers the homily during
    for the reception.             Dorothy Ann Busowski. Bishop Basil            the Divine Liturgy.
                                   Losten, Msgr. Peter Waslo and Very
                                   Rev. Archpriest Daniel Troyan assist.

       Saint Basil Academy Madrigal singers.               Sisters lift their voices in praise and thanksgiving.
December 19, 2010                                     5
   The Ukrainian Catholic National Shrine of the Holy Family
   Your Church In Our Nation’s Capital – Come Worship With Us
                   4250 Harewood Road NE
                    Washington, DC 20017
            Christmas-Theophany Schedule 2010-2011
         Christ is Born!           Xrystos Ra]dawt;s\!
 Christmas Eve Friday December 24
 4:00 p.m. Confessions
 4:30 p.m. Vespers with the Divine Liturgy of St. Basil (Eng.)
 9:00 p.m. Great Compline (Ukr. and Eng.) and Confessions
 10:00 p.m. Christmas Divine Liturgy (Ukr. and Eng.)

 Christmas Day Saturday December 25
 10:30 a.m. Christmas Divine Liturgy (Ukr. and Eng.)
                                                                      Dear Parishioners and Friends of our Holy Family Shrine:
 Sunday After Christmas December 26                                          It is with great joy that we, your priests, greet you this
 9:00 a.m. Sunday Divine Liturgy (Eng.)                               Christmas 2010. It hardly seems possible that another year is about to
 11:30 a.m. Sunday Divine Liturgy (Ukr.)                              come to a close and that a New Year is about to dawn upon us. Yet,
                                                                      2010 has been a year full of blessings for our parish. We have
 New Year’s Day Saturday January 1                                    continued to grow with a vibrant and palpable spirit that renews and
 Circumcision and St. Basil                                           refreshes our faith community.
 10:30 a.m. Divine Liturgy (Ukr. and Eng.)                                   We, your Spiritual Fathers, invite you to come home to your
                                                                      parish and shrine to share in the Glory and Joy of Christmas as we
 Sunday Before Theophany January 2                                    celebrate the Birth of the Savior of the World – Jesus Christ!
 9:00 a.m. Sunday Divine Liturgy (Eng.)
 11:30 a.m. Sunday Divine Liturgy (Ukr.)                                                                                                  :
                                                                                                   ,       ,           ,
 Theophany Eve Wednesday January 5                                                        2010 .                                 ,
 7:00 p.m. Vespers with Divine Liturgy of St. Basil                                                ,                                                  .
 and the Great Sanctification of Water (Ukr. and Eng.)                2010                                                           .                ,
 Theophany Thursday January 6                                                              .
 10:30 a.m. Divine Liturgy and                                                  ,                      ,                                      -
 the Great Sanctification of Water (Ukr. and Eng.)
                                                                                               –                   !
 Sunday After Theophany January 9
 10:30 a.m. Divine Liturgy (Ukr. and Eng.)                                   God Bless You All!                                                   !
 Prosfora – Parish Christmas Dinner to follow                                  Fr. Robert Hitchens                     Fr. Wasyl Kharuk

                                                                        THE HEAVENLY GIFT

                                                            Taste and see the Heavenly Gift, O soul,
                                                     Who came to earth to help you reach your eternal goal.
Annual Festival of                                         With thanksgiving receive Christ every day,
Christmas Carols will                                   Let Him open wide His arms in a paternal way.
be held on Sunday,                                        There rest on His bosom this Christmas morn
January 9, 2011 at 3                                  And feel the greatness of His love in a world so torn.
p.m. at the Cathedral                                        There listen to the beating of His heart
of the Immaculate                                     And from Christ learn meekness and humility of heart.
Conception           in                                         Words fail to express the Divinity
Philadelphia. Choirs                                 Because you are wrapped, child, in the Divine Mystery.
from different parishes
will     participate.                                                 Sr. M. Bernadette, OSBM
Everyone is welcome.

December 19, 2010                                                 6
                                   March 26, 2011
                    Registration 9:00am Program 9:30am - 4:00pm

                                                                                 Share your
                                                                                  ideas and

      Expand Your

                                                                                 Meet women
                                                                               from around the

                     R e g i s t e r N ow f o r a n E n r i c h i n g
                               a n d I n s p i r a t i o n a l D ay
           Contact y our pasto r for Registratio n in formatio n and Regi stration F orms
                  Or contac t Sister D orothy Ann, OSB M at (215 ) 663 -915 3
                                  or dabus owski @s tb a sils .com
     C o st :
     P re- even t regi stration : $25. 00            D ay o f E vent re gistratio n: $30. 00
                        P a rki ng an d Lu n ch in clud ed a t regi s t rat ion .

December 19, 2010                                7
   Annual Christmas Candlelight Pageant,
        St. Nicholas Social Held in
              Frackville Parish
                             BY JOHN E. USALIS
                        Republican-Herald Staff Writer
                        Published: December 6, 2010
FRACKVILLE, PA - The           passages and Christmas           He then requested
seventh annual candlelight     songs. As each person            that the audience
Christmas pageant at St.       entered, they were given         become part of the
Michael Ukrainian Catholic     a program with the               program by singing
Church had it all - Baby       readings and lyrics of the       the carols along
Jesus, Mary, Joseph,           many carols, along with a        with the children.
Magi, angels and               candle, which would be lit
                                                                The       program
shepherds, along with a        toward the end of the                                     John E. Usalis/staff photo
                                                                began with the
visit from St. Nicholas.       program.
                                                                singing of “O
The pageant has become     “We greet you with the               Come All Ye Faithful” by “Eternal God” (“Boh
a traditional Christmas    words of what this season            everyone as the cast Predvichny”) in English and
event in the community,    is about: ‘Christ is born!           processed up the center Ukrainian, followed by “Let
with children from the     Christ is among us!’ For             aisle.                                There Be Peace on Earth”
parish portraying the      the seventh year, the                                                      to end the program.
                                                                As the cast assembled
earthly and heavenly       young people of St.
                                                                near the iconstasis (icon Everyone went outside to
persons who were part of   Michael’s will present this
                                                                wall), Mary, portrayed by watch the lighting of the
the first Christmas with the               Christmas
                                                                Anya Spotts, was visited 60 ft. parish Christmas
birth of Jesus Christ in   candlelight pageant.
                                                                by the Archangel Gabriel, tree. Afterward, the
Bethlehem. A brass         They’ve worked many
                                                                portrayed by Abbie audience moved into the
ensemble         provided  weeks preparing their
                                                                Peleschak, as the narrator parish hall for a large
Christmas tunes and a      roles. They love to sing,
                                                                read the gospel story.                meal of many different
chorus of children led by  and they love their outfits.
organist Debbie Kosick     In the back, they take off                                                 foods, which was followed
                                                                Joseph, portrayed by
also sang to the audience. their shoes, but it’s one way                                              by a visit from St. Nicholas,
                                                                Stephen Mazur, joined
                           to save soles,” said Fields,                                               Archbishop of Myra, who
                                                                Mary for the trip to
The pageant told the story with the audience                                                          spoke to the children and
                                                                Bethlehem. After the birth
of the Nativity from the chuckling at the pun.                                                        gave gifts and celebrates
                                                                of Jesus, angels visited the
announcement to Mary by                                                                               his feast day today,
                                                                shepherds to tell the good
the Archangel Gabriel that Fields introduced the                                                      December 6.
                                                                news, and they visited the
she would bring the pageant’s new narrator,
                                                                Holy Family. Later, the Photo: Anya Spotts
Messiah, who would be Elizabeth Peleschak, who
                                                                Magi, or three kings or and Stephen Mazur
named Jesus, into the took over for Cheryl
                                                                wise men, portrated by kneel at the manger
world, to the visit by the Bobiak, who decided to
                                                                Matthew Kenenitz, Alex with Baby Jesus as
Magi bringing their gold, pass the baton after being
                                                                Mazur and Joey Smith, Sarah Halupa holds the
frankincense and myrrh as narrator since the
                                                                brought their gifts of gold, star during the
gifts to the newborn king. beginning.
                                                                frankincense and myrrh.                 Christmas pageant held
The Very Rev. Archpriest       “Liz was in the pageant                                              Sunday, December 5
                                                           After the singing of “Joy
John M. Fields, pastor,        for many years and has                                               at St. Michael Ukrainian
                                                           to the World,” everyone
welcomed the crowd of          really grown up into being                                           Catholic Church in
                                                           stood up and lighted their
over 200 to the pageant        the narrator,” said Fields.                                          Frackville.
                                                           candles, singing the carol
composed of Scripture
December 19, 2010                                           8
                  Christmas Bazaar at Melrose Park, PA
 A two-day Christmas bazaar was held at Annunciation of the BVM Ukrainian Catholic Church in Melrose
 Park on Dec. 4-5, offering Ukrainian foods, crafts and other holiday items for sale. The accompanying
 photos include a group shot of four women - two mother-and-daughter sets who worked at the bazaar,
 among several dozen other volunteers who helped make the event a great success.

 Photos: Russell Cooke

December 19, 2010                                9
     Scenes from the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of the
         Immaculate Conception Christmas Bazaar in
           Philadelphia, PA on November 21, 2010
                                                  Photos: Tanya Bilyj

December 19, 2010            10
             Some of the Volunteers from the
            Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of the
          Immaculate Conception Christmas Bazaar

                    Photos submitted by Daria Zaharchuk

December 19, 2010                         11
                    Men’s Spiritual Retreat
held at St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church in Passaic, NJ
On Saturday, November          they are truly His
13, 2010 as part of the        Commandments: one
continuing Centennial          should teach that moral
celebrations, a Spiritual      things are of value and
Retreat for men was held       important, and not those
at St. Nicholas Ukrainian      that are material.
Catholic Church in
Passaic, NJ. The theme         The role a man plays in
of the retreat was “Men’s      his liturgical life is also very
Role In Today’s Church         important. His role in the
– The New Disciples.” The      church is to change others
Spiritual Director for the     ... for the good; and by
retreat was Rev. Mitred        believing in oneself one will
Protobresbyter Roman           succeed, remembering         to grow and move              the Kingdom of God one
Mirchuk, pastor of St.         that being part of the       forward. We should think:     might ask? Our Lord and
John       the   Baptist       Liturgical Service is like   I only care about what        Savior told us: “Neither
Ukrainian Catholic             taking part in the life of   God speaks ... not what       shall they say, Lo here
Church in Whippany, NJ.        Jesus Christ. One should     people say. We can            or, lo there! for, behold,
                               come to church to pray to    change! ... we must only      the kingdom of God is
As Fr. Roman spoke it          God and thank Him for        have the desire to change     within you.” (Luke 17: 21)
was truly obvious, that he     everything, but one should   and undergo this change.
had captivated his             also remember as Fr.         Only then will we             Following the very
audience with their fullest    Roman says, “I come to       understand that God           informative and spiritually
attention; everyone was        church because you are       blesses that which is given   uplifting retreat, all
eager to listen to his         my brothers and sisters.”    to Him. Remembering the       gathered to reflect upon
words of direction on                                       following: God gives to us    the topics of the day,
how to live a life that is     For us to help others travel – we give to God – God        while enjoying a
truly worthy and pleasing      on the road to goodness, will give back to us.             deliciously prepared
in the eyes of our             we must first travel on it                                 luncheon. Afterwards,
Creator.                       ourselves. Before we can As men of faith we have           there was an opportunity
                               change others, we must important duties to fulfill         to    approach         the
In an overview, it was         change ourselves, we need towards God, His church,         Sacrament of Confession
impressed upon, that           to go through a spiritual and towards our fellow           and attend the evening
man’s role was to help         awakening and renewal. man. We must realize that:          Divine Liturgy, which
sanctify the domestic          The Holy Spirit must come The Church = The People.         concluded the spiritual
church – “The family that      to us so that we may But before we can fulfill             retreat.
prays together, stays          change. Only then we will our duties and lead by
together.” Setting a           be able to truly live our example, we must                      Mychail
precedent for the whole        faith and not be fearful of remember the words of             Newmerzyckyj
family: preserving spiritual   what others think of us. To Christ, “But seek ye first
traditions and leading by      become new disciples we the kingdom of God, and
example. Remembering           must first stop being his righteousness; and all
that               God’s       embarrassed ... only then these things shall be
Commandments are not           will we be able to plant added unto you.”
merely advice, but that        seeds that will enable us (Matthew 6:33). Where is

December 19, 2010                                             12
      Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate
            will visit the Cathedral on
                 January 16, 2011
  The Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate are coming to Immaculate                                      2007
  Conception Cathedral (830 N. Franklin St, Philadelphia, PA) on Sunday,
  January 16, 2011... attending all the Divine Liturgies and hoping to              (former) Chancery staff
  meet with the parishioners and former students of the Cathedral
  School. The Sisters Servants spent more than 70 years in the Cathedral
  School, Cathedral, Cathedral Office and Chancery offering their

  As the sisters celebrate 75 years of ministry in the United States, they
  come back to Immaculate Conception Cathedral to say “Thank You".
  Thank you for being a part of our history, thank you for being a part
  of our life in Philadelphia. Come and meet the sisters you have come              1990
  to know and join them for coffee and cake plus many more surprises!
                                                                                  (former) Cathedral School
                                                                                       May Procession

                                 Events at the Cathedral

        Warrington welcomes
        convert to the faith.
Rev. Wasyl Bunik welcomed into the Catholic church,
Nancy Claflin, a former member of the Episcopal Church,
through the sacraments of Confession, Confirmation
and Holy Eucharist, at the Divine Liturgy Saturday,
December 11, 2010 at St. Anne’s Church in Warrington.
Nancy had been instructed in the faith by Rev Archpriest
                                                                 Photo (l to r): Tekla Andruchiw (Nancy's
Daniel Troyan for months prior to her reception into the
                                                                 sponsor), Rev. Wasyl Bunik (Pastor of St.
                                                                 Anne Ukrainian Catholic Church), Nancy
                                                                 Claflin, and Rev. Archpriest Daniel Troyan.

December 19, 2010                                    13
                                                             A Brief Reflection on the Priesthood From a
                                                                             Rookie Cleric

                                                            In reflection, I have come to respect and love what
                                                            our priests do even more, for a priest is truly a heroic
                                                            man. He is a man of faith, who fearlessly preaches
                                                            the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ, in
                                                            everything he does in life. His whole life is a
                                                            reflection of Christ’s word, from celebrating the
                                                            Eucharistic Liturgy, to forgiving a sinner, to comforting
                                                            a family who has lost a loved one, and so forth. He
                                                            does this in a world that is often hostile to God and to
                                                            His Word, bravely bringing Christ to all people, even
                                                            to those who genuinely want to hurt and destroy him.
                                                            At times, a priest will suffer from great sorrows and
                                                            disappointments, but he gladly bears the burden up
                                                            on his shoulders just as Jesus carried His Cross.
                                                            And in return, God fills the priest with a tremendous
                                                            joy and love that no one can take away. And it is this
                                                            joy and love that he willingly shares with all people so
                                                            that they may know God’s love in their daily lives.
                                                            Without priests, our churches would simply be old,
                                                            broken relics of a bygone era. Without priests, we
                                                            would not have someone to counsel us, comfort us,
                                                            and instruct us in sound Christian spiritual ways.
                                                            And thus, priests are priceless gifts to us from God.

                                                                                                Rev. Paul J. Makar

                                                             Come and Get to Know Your Clergy And
  Perhaps you feel that God may be calling                        Religious Men and Women!
       you to service in His Church?

    If you would like to discuss God’s call to a
  vocation in your life, do not hesitate to contact:

                Rev. Paul J. Makar
               Director of Vocations
  Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia
            827 North Franklin Street
          Philadelphia, PA 19123-2097

             Phone: 1-215-627-0143
              Fax: 1-215-627-0377

                                                                    Very Rev. Archpriest Daniel Troyan

                                                                    Director of Evangelization and
                                                              Chaplain to the Sisters of St. Basil the Great,
                                                                           Fox Chase Manor, PA

December 19, 2010                                      14
  December PCC Article

                                 How a bill really becomes a law
                                                         by A. B. Hill

“I’m just a bill and I’m         Leader in the House of           These “rank and file”
sitting here on Capitol Hill.”   Representatives and the          legislators can put a
If you are of a certain          President Pro Tempore            lot of pressure on
generation, you probably         and Majority Leader in the       their leadership and
learned about the                State Senate.                    the committee chairs
legislative process from this                                     to move or not move
memorable cartoon jingle.        These leaders select the         a bill. This is where
How a bill becomes a law         legislators who will chair       the rest of us can
is one of the basic lessons      the standing committees.         exercise          our
everyone learns in youth.        They also determine which        influence.
                                 committee will be assigned
Pennsylvania’s state             a particular bill. The           Legislators pay close
government works much            committee chair determines       attention to the attitudes        members when it is time
the same way our cartoon         if the bill will get a hearing   and opinions of the voters        to act. Members of the
friend describes it. A bill      or be considered for a           in their district. We can ask     Network are tipped off
follows a deliberate             vote. The leaders and            them to vote yes or no on         when speaking out will
procedure of committees,         committee chairs have            legislation that matters to       have the most impact.
caucus discussions, floor        significant influence over       us; but it is equally
debate, passage in both          which bills “move” or            important to speak out            Lend your voice to the
chambers of the General          don’t.                           long before a vote is             Pennsylvania Catholic
Assembly, and finally a                                           scheduled. All of our state       Advocacy Network. Get
signature from the Constituents who live in the                   representatives and               involved. Make a
governor.                   leaders’ districts have               senators can influence their      difference. Sign up at
                            influence. After all, the             leaders to place the bill in Our
Every year, more than legislative leaders must be                 a favorable committee,            cartoon bill hopes and
5,000 bills are introduced; elected to the office of              move it to a vote and             prays that he will be a law
but only a fraction are State Representative or                   debate it on the floor. We        someday. Let’s help him
seriously considered. Even State Senator first. But as            must encourage them to            be more than just a bill.
fewer come up for a vote legislative leaders, they                do it.
and become law. Simply have a duty to keep their
following legislative caucus members happy.                       In the new legislative
protocol is not enough. A                                         session, many bills will be       Hill is Communications
bill must successfully There are four caucuses                    introduced that could             Director      of     the
navigate the political in the Pennsylvania                        affect Catholic education,        Pennsylvania Catholic
process to become a law. General Assembly - House                 religious liberty, life and the   Conference – the public
                            Republicans, House                    dignity of the human              affairs      arm      of
Last month’s election was Democrats,         Senate               person, marriage, family,         Pennsylvania’s Catholic
important to the future of Republicans and Senate                 social justice, healthcare        bishops and the Catholic
the Commonwealth; but Democrats. The caucus                       and       beyond.          The    dioceses of Pennsylvania.
the second most important members are all the other               Pennsylvania Catholic
election took place a week legislators who are                    Advocacy Network keeps
later: the selection of the members of those political            tabs on these legislative
Speaker and Majority parties.                                     initiatives and alerts its

   December 19, 2010                                              15
             A Necessary and Solemn Commemoration
        77th Anniversary of the Genocidal Famine in Ukraine
                                          Written by Melanie Lawrence.

In August and October of 1932 and
January of 1933, Joseph Stalin, ruler of
the Soviet Union, ordered increased
mandatory quotas of foodstuffs to be
shipped out of Ukraine and to other states
of the Soviet Union. This was done until
there was no food remaining in Ukraine,
known as the breadbasket of Europe.
Though the number has been estimated to
be anywhere from 2.6 million to 10 million,
most scholars agree that approximately 7
million people died as a direct result of this
forced famine.

This Ukrainian tragedy was recognized by the Joint Statement of the 58th Plenary Session of the United Nations
General Assembly. Sixty-three countries supported this document. In 1985, a United States Commission on
the Ukraine Famine was established. They interviewed survivors and published several volumes of eyewitness
testimony. The 1932-1933 famine was found, by this Commission, to be an act of genocide. In April, 1988,
Commission director and historian James E. Mace presented their findings to Congress.

In Ukraine, November 26 is the day set aside each year as The Day of Victims of Famine. On Sunday,
November 28, 2010, parishioners of the Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin
Mary were in communion with their brethren throughout the world as they prayed for those who perished in
the famine. Father Ivan Turyk, pastor, spoke to those in attendance of the need to remember the millions that
died. It was a stirring and touching eulogy.

A memorial wreath of predominantly yellow flowers with black ribbons
was carried into church by Khrystyna Hrebeshenko and Taras Horbatyuk
and placed before the iconostas. Seven children each carried one votive
candle; each candle represented one million deaths. Father Ivan led the
congregation in a memorial service called “Panahyda” which ends with
the words “veechnaya pamyat” meaning, eternal memory.

Immediately afterward, instead of the coffee and rolls that usually
accompany the fellowship parishioners enjoy between liturgies in the
church hall, everyone was offered only bread and water. It was a
symbolic and meaningful gesture that united the congregation with those
who have passed.

Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Assumption, established in 1908, has
been part of the Perth Amboy community for 102 years. A church,
rectory, school, and convent occupy a block between Alta Vista Place
and Jacques Street. For more information, please call 732-826-0767.

  December 19, 2010                                     16
         Holodomor Victims Commemoration Day marked in
                         Washington D.C.
The Day of Memory of the Holodomor Victims in Ukraine of 1932-1933 was commemorated on November
27, 2010 in Washington D.C.

Commemorative event took place at the Embassy of Ukraine to the United States with the participation of
Ambassador of Ukraine Olexander Motsyk and Spouse, representatives of Ukrainian clergy, Ukrainian
American Community as well as Embassy’s staff.

At the beginning of the event a solemn requiem service was performed by the clergy of Ukrainian Churches
in Washington D.C.

Ambassador of Ukraine Olexander Motsyk informed the audience about Holodomor commemorative events,
which were held on November 27th in Kyiv with the participation of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.
Ambassador also mentioned the Statement by the Head of State to the people on the Day of Memory of
Ukraine’s Holodomor Victims, as well as the Address by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Kostyantyn
Gryshchenko to the Ukrainian Diaspora on the 77th anniversary of Ukraine’s Holodomor of 1932-1933.

“Ukraine will do its utmost to reveal the entire truth about the Holodomor, so that each and every innocent
victim of this crime was counted and commemorated respectfully
according to the Christian tradition”, emphasized Ambassador of

Participants of commemorative event-requiem lit candles of
remembrance at the Embassy and honored the memory of
Holodomor Victims by observing a minute of silence.

Embassy of Ukraine*

   Rev. Wasyl Kharuk, Rev. Taras Lonchyna,                           Ambassador Olexander Motsyk
            Rev. Robert Hitchens

  December 19, 2010                                    17
         UCCA Commemorates 77th Anniversary of Ukraine’s
                    Genocide of 1932-1933
On November 20th, the         anniversary year, …to            Genocide and that he            read a statement from
UCCA held their annual        keep the flame of                would do everything to          Ukraine’s Foreign Minister,
commemoration            of   remembrance alive. It is         help erect this significant     K.         Hryshchenko.
Ukraine’s Genocide at St.     our duty as citizens of this     monument. Additionally, he      Subsequently, H.E.Yuriy
Patrick’s Cathedral in New    great democracy, as              reminded the gathered           Sergeyev, Ukraine’s
York City. This year’s        members of this generation       that NY State textbooks still   Permanent Representative
commemoration took on         and those to come, to            do not mention Ukraine’s        to the UN thanked his
special significance as the   spread the truth to the          genocide and that we must       colleagues at the UN for
International Prayer and      world      about        the      work towards changing           their solidarity and help in
Remembrance Candle,           Holodomor, so that such          this so that future             spreading the truth about
which began its journey in    heinous crimes are never         generations learn about         the Holodomor, stating,
Ukraine and will travel       repeated.”                       the Holodomor.                  “the world community
throughout 33 countries,                                                                       needs to realize that it is
was present at the            The next to speak was       Ukraine’s former Minister            impossible to prevent
commemoration. To the         William Pope, Sr. Advisor   of Defense, Anatoliy                 crimes against humanity in
melodious voices of the       to the U.S. representatives Hrytsenko, offered a                 the future, if those that
Dumka Choir of New            to the UN, who provided     personal reflection to the           were committed in the
York, the service began       remarks on behalf of the    commemoration as he                  past are not denounced.”
with a procession of          U.S. government. He         spoke of his father’s
Ukrainian children and        stated “the Holodomor       immediate family whose His Eminence Archbishop
Holodomor survivors           was a man-made tragedy      members bore witness to Antony of the Ukrainian
carrying wheat stalks and     in which millions starved   the Genocide and Orthodox Church of the
candles. The procession       to death… This was a        succumbed to starvation in USA concluded the service
traveled up the central       calculated attempt to       1932-1933. Ukraine’s by thanking St. Patrick’s
aisle of the Cathedral, and   break the will of the peoplediplomats also addressed Cathedral and challenged
ended at the altar where      of Ukraine and to end their those gathered. H.E. those assembled to
the Remembrance candle        desire        for      self-Oleksandr        Motsyk, question how in today’s
was placed in a position                                  Ukraine’s Ambassador to world anyone could deny
                              determination. But it failed,
of honor before the           because the people of       the U.S. stated: “We are that the Holodomor was
assembled. His Grace,         Ukraine never gave up       gathered in this sacred an act of Genocide.
Bishop Chomnysky of the       hope that their homeland    place to pray together for
Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy    would be free.”             the innocent souls of those        Article:
of Stamford, provided the                                 who perished during the       UCCA Bulletin,
requiem’s        opening      New York’s Senior Senator horrible famine in Ukraine      December 2010
remarks, eloquently           Charles Schumer then in 1932-1933.” He then      
underscoring the reasons      delivered his words of
for the gathering.            support, expressing his
                              gratitude to former
Following the requiem         President Bush, for signing
service, UCCA President,      into law the allotment of a
Tamara Olexy, opened          plot of federal land in
the program with brief        Washington, DC for a
remarks highlighting the      monument to the victims
extent of the loss to the     of Ukraine’s Genocide. He
Ukrainian nation and, in      stressed that it was very
closing stated, “Let us vow   important to spread the
here today during this 77th   truth about the Ukrainian
 December 19, 2010                                            18
                Sunday before Christmas –
                  Sunday of Holy Fathers
This is the genealogyof Jesus the Messiah the son of David, the son of
Abraham: Abraham was the father of Isaac, Isaac the father of Jacob,
Jacob the father of Judah and his brothers, Judah the father of Perez and
Zerah, whose mother was Tamar, Perez the father of Hezron, Hezron the
father of Ram, Ram the father of Amminadab, Amminadab the father of
Nahshon, Nahshon the father of Salmon, Salmon the father of Boaz,
whose mother was Rahab, Boaz the father of Obed, whose mother was
Ruth, Obed the father of Jesse, and Jesse the father of King David. David
was the father of Solomon, whose mother had been Uriah’s wife, Solomon
the father of Rehoboam, Rehoboam the father of Abijah, Abijah the father
of Asa, Asa the father of Jehoshaphat, Jehoshaphat the father of Jehoram,
Jehoram the father of Uzziah, Uzziah the father of Jotham, Jotham the
father of Ahaz, Ahaz the father of Hezekiah, Hezekiah the father of
Manasseh, Manasseh the father of Amon, Amon the father of Josiah, and Josiah the father of Jeconiah and
his brothers at the time of the exile to Babylon. After the exile to Babylon: Jeconiah was the father of Shealtiel,
Shealtiel the father of Zerubbabel, Zerubbabel the father of Abihud, Abihud the father of Eliakim,Eliakim the
father of Azor, Azor the father of Zadok, Zadok the father of Akim, Akim the father of Elihud, Elihud the father
of Eleazar, Eleazar the father of Matthan, Matthan the father of Jacob, and Jacob the father of Joseph, the
husband of Mary, and Mary was the mother of Jesus who is called the Messiah. Thus there were fourteen
generations in all from Abraham to David, fourteen from David to the exile to Babylon, and fourteen from the
exile to the Messiah. This is how the birth of Jesus the Messiah came about: His mother Mary was pledged
to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be pregnant through the Holy Spirit.
Because Joseph her husband was faithful to the law, and yet did not want to expose her to public disgrace,
he had in mind to divorce her quietly. But after he had considered this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him
in a dream and said, “Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what
is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit. She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus,
because he will save his people from their sins.” All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through
the prophet: “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel” (which means
“God with us”). When Joseph woke up, he did what the angel of the Lord had commanded him and took
Mary home as his wife. But he did not consummate their marriage until she gave birth to a son. And he gave
him the name Jesus. (Ìt. 1, 1-25)

In a few days the world           years. All the mysteries of     cave; the throne of           in contemplating the
will pause to remember the        man and nature as child’s       Cherubim, a virgin; and the   Christmas mystery. Faith,
birth of its Savior. The          play when compared with         manager an honorable          and only faith, prompted
world will take time to           God’s great mystery of the      place in which lies Christ    the Magi to fall down in
reflect for just a little while   Incarnation. The unknown        God,                   the    worship before the Christ-
on Christmas mystery, to          writer of the Canon of our      Incomprehensible!             child. A similar faith will
grasp the love of a God-          Christmas          Matins                                     help us penetrate the
become-man and to learn           beautifully expresses in the    Most certainly Christmas is   brilliance of the Christmas
to become like Him.               ninth Ode sentiments of         the feast of faith. With      mystery, see divinity
Indeed Christmas is the           deep wonder:        “I will     faith burning in our souls,   clothed in humanity. Faith
world mystery that has            contemplate a divine and        we approach the crib of       will unfold this paradox of
seized the minds of millions      marvelous        mystery:       Christ. Only faith can
for almost two thousand           heaven has become a             guide and accompany us (Continued on next page)
 December 19, 2010                                               19
          Sunday before Christmas – Sunday of Holy Fathers
                                             (continued from previous page)
Christmas. Saint John         appear in majesty when to life in Christ, so that we        a way of life – our way of
Chrysostom explained it       time will be no more.          might be in Him new          life.
this way: “The Son of God,                                   creatures and new images.
who is the God of all         With faith and hope we Therefore, through this              Pope Saint Leo the Great
things, is born a man in      now draw nearer to the new participation in the life        exhorted his people to
body. He who holds the        Christmas mystery which of Christ, now let us put           seize the grace of
heavens in His hand           will happen in just a few off the old man with his          Christmas to better their
permits Himself to be         days. If we approach this works and renounce the            lives. This is what he had
placed in a crib. He          mystery with unquestioning works of the lustful flesh.      to say “Dearly beloved, lift
whom the world cannot         faith, we will return with its Recognize, O Christian,      up your hearts to the
contain is confined in a      peace. The condition of your dignity! Now that              shining grace of the
manager. He whose voice       peace was contained in you are a partaker of the            everlasting light, and
in the hour of His passion    the angels’ hymn: “Glory divine nature, do not              adoring the precious
caused the whole earth to     to God in the highest and return to the old misery by       mysteries of man’s
tremble is heard in the       on earth peace to men of an evil way of life. Be            redemption, give earnest
voice of a wailing infant .   good will” – so that only mindful of whose head             thought to what has been
The Magi, beholding a         to men of good will God and body you are a                  done for you. Love the
child, profess that this is   grant peace.                   member! Now that you         purity of chastity because
the lord of glory, the lord                                  have turned from the         Christ is the Son of virginity.
of majesty, whom Isaiah       When we gaze into the power of darkness                     Refrain from carnal desires
has shown was child and       crib and know who He is remember that you have              which war against the
God and king eternal:         who cries as a baby yet been born with Christ into          soul… In malice to like
“For a child is born to us,   rules as Kyrios (Lord of the the light and kingdom of       children because the Lord
and a son is given to us,     universe), we realize more God.                             of glory has subjected
and the government is         deeply the need of moral                                    Himself to the childhood
upon his shoulder: and his    reform, especially in Christmas will be ever a              of moral man. Follow in
name shall be called          today’s amoral world. In mystery because it was, is         the way of humility, which
wonderful, counselor, God     this Christ, “set for the rise and always shall be the      the Son of God designed
the mighty, the father of     and the fall of many, “ we unfolding of God’s love,         to show His disciples.
the world to come, to         discover who we are. In the story of God’s loving           Clothe yourselves with the
prince of peace.”             His Life, we find our life; man, and, out of love for       strength of patience in
                              for this reason Christmas man, becoming man for             which you shall have the
Christmas is also the feast   will continue to be man’s sake. It is God’s                 power to posses your souls
of hope. It is more than      celebrated until the end of eternal love song, God’s        because He who is the
an historical event, even     time.                          always recurring love        Redeemer of all men is also
though it be the greatest                                    story. It is a story ever-   the strength of all men.
event of history. It looks     Pope Saint Leo the Great ancient, ever-new; no one         Mind the things that are
to the future as well as to   urged his people to give will ever fully comprehend         above, not the things on
the past. It began in         thanks on the holiest of that love.                         earth.          Walk        in
paradise and will end only    nights: “Thanks to God                                      steadfastness along the
in heaven. The Christ who     the Father through His Son, The lessons Christ teaches      way of truth and life. Do
came as the child of          in the Holy Spirit, who has by His birth are types and      not let the things of earth
Bethlehem is the same         had mercy on us because symbols for us to follow.           ensnare you for whom the
mighty savior promised at     He has loved us so much. Christmas is to be lived.          things of heaven are
Eden’s gates and the same     Even when we were dead More than a day or a                 prepared.”
eternal judge who will        by sin, he has restored us month or a year; Christ is

 December 19, 2010                                       20

To Our Reverend Clergy, Reverend Religious, Seminarians, and to the Faithful,

Christ is Born!

       Christmas begins with the joyful proclamation of good news. An angel of heaven announces to the
shepherds that the Savior has been born. It is good news which cannot be contained. It is announced and
celebrated in heaven and on earth by glorious choirs and lowly shepherds. We joyfully proclaim in our
beautiful traditional way that “God is among us!” It is constantly repeated many times during the evening
Compline Service. It is as if we cannot say it enough!

        The angel announced to the shepherds the birth of Jesus and led them to the manger. The angel also
directed the three kings or astrologers to search for the newborn Jesus. Both the simple shepherds and the
well studied astrologers heeded the proclamation of Jesus’ birth in the world. They re-arranged their lives
to search for Jesus. They made personal sacrifice to greet Jesus into the world. Their hearts were open to
the hand of God amidst them.

        The ruler at the time, Herod, was also blessed to hear of the newborn King, Jesus. His heart and mind
were not open to God’s presence. He regarded Jesus’ authority as a threat to his own authority. Pride does
that to any person. The self takes on greater importance and significance than God Himself. The person ends
up losing the privilege of coming to know God. The angel of the Lord directed the astrologers to take a
different route home to avoid revealing to Herod the place of the Child Jesus.

        God continually intervenes through people in His love and concern for the welfare of all peoples. Yet,
there are those who choose to allow pride and selfishness to overtake their hearts. They diminish the light of
Jesus in the world. Reflect on how you yourself reveal the light of Jesus Christ in your life. Can you say of
yourself that you are a hopeful person? Do you reflect God’s love in your words and actions with others?
Or, do you allow selfishness and pride to dominate your choices in life? Do you radiate God’s love or do
you diminish it?

        Choosing to love God and to share the light of Jesus Christ will bring you to a closer journey with Jesus
in your earthly life and in eternity. Allow yourself to be the bright light of Jesus’ love and care in the word
around you and with the people you were given to love and to nurture in Jesus’ name. You will come to share
in the blessedness of our Blessed Mother who will intercede for your needs with Her Son, Jesus. You will then
truly celebrate Christmas!

        God grant you a most blessed Christmas celebration, filled with much joy shared with others. Know
of our love for you and of our remembrance of you in our prayers. May you be blessed with good health,
happiness, and much contentment in all of your endeavors in the coming year!

                                   Christ is Born! Let us glorify Him!
    +Stefan Soroka             +Richard Seminack              +Paul Chomnycky,                +John Bura
Metropolitan-Archbishop      Eparch of St. Nicholas in              OSBM               Apostolic Administrator
    of Philadelphia                 Chicago                   Eparch of Stamford      of St. Josaphat in Parma

                                              Christmas, 2010
 December 19, 2010                                       21
The Servant of God, Metropolitan          which will shine as an example not
Andrey Sheptytskyi is a figure, for       only for our nation but also for other
which we must thank God, because,                                                  of the Greek Catholic Church. He
                                          ones, is coming to its end. Let
as Cardinal Tisseran once said                                                     worked relentlessly to reconcile
                                          everyone pray that the day of his
addressing Ukrainians, he is an                                                    different ethnic groups and left a
                                          glorification on the Earth should
adornment of our Church and our                                                    rich heritage of works on social
                                          come as soon as possible,” wrote
nation. Metropolitan Sheptytskyi was                                               problems and spirituality. He
                                          the head of UGCC.
a teacher of our nation,” said                                                     developed new methods of ministry.
Patriarch Lubomyr in a greeting                                                    He founded the Redemptorist Order
                                          In addition, in his letter, he
address to the participants of a                                                   of the Ukrainian Rite and monasteries
                                          encouraged all the people, both
celebratory        academy        in                                               of the Studite Order in Ukraine and
                                          spiritual and secular ones to study
Khmelnytskyi. On 5 December,                                                       other religious associations. He
                                          the life of Metropolitan Andrey as
2010, in the Khmelnytskyi                                                          became a founder of a hospital,
                                          an example of a spiritual and
Philharmonics, a celebratory event                                                 National museum, Theological
                                          national leader, a true Christian and
dedicated to Metropolitan Andrey                                                   Academy, supported various
                                          devoted citizen.
Sheptyskyi was held. So reported                                                   religious, cultural and educational
the Information Department of the                                                  institutions.
                                          Information of RISU:
Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.          Metropolitan              Andrey
                                                                                   Metropolitan Andrey was a sponsor
                                          Sheptytskyi (1901-1944). For
“In the first half of the last century,                                            of artists, students, including many
                                          44 years, the metropolitan led the
when our nation had to pass through                                                Orthodox Christians and a pioneer
                                          Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church
such times as invasion of our land                                                 of ecumenism.
                                          and the Ukrainian Galician society
by the Austrian and Russian regimes,      at the time of two World Wars and
the short period of struggle for                                                   He mastered Hebrew so that he
                                          survived seven regimes: the Austrian,
independence, invasion of the                                                      was able to communicate with the
                                          Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Soviet,
Western Ukraine by the Polish state                                                Jews. During his pastoral visits of
                                          Nazi and another Soviet one.
and then by the Nazi and Bolshevic-                                                towns, the Jewish communities met
Soviet dictatorships, Metropolitan                                                 him with Torah. Under the Nazi
                                          He was born on 22 July, 1865 in
Andrey Sheptytskyi proved to be a                                                  regime, he hid hundreds of Jewish
                                          the village of Prylbychi in Lviv Region.
true father of the people and                                                      children in his chambers. At that
                                          He was of an ancient noble
defended his people wherever and                                                   time, the metropolitan wrote a
                                          Ukrainian family, which in the 19th
whenever he could. And during the                                                  pastoral letter “Thou shall not kill,”
                                          c. was polonized and converted to
genocide of the Jewish people, on                                                  which was a bold protest against
                                          Roman Catholicism. Despite a strong
his initiative and with his direct                                                 the Nazi atrocities.
                                          opposition of his father, he decided
participation, approximately four         to return to his roots and become a
hundred Jewish children were                                                       Metropolitan Andrey died on 1
                                          monk of the Basilian Order in order
saved,” stressed the head of the                                                   November, 1944. He is buried in a
                                          to serve the Greek Catholic Church,
Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.                                                   crypt of St. Yur’s Cathedral in Lviv.
                                          which at that time was popularly
                                          called “Peasant” one.
According to Patriarch Lubomyr,                                          
Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyi is At the age of 36, Andrey Sheptytskyi,
a holy man. “The process of his who was gifted with extraordinary
beatification for all his heroic virtues, spiritual charisma, became the head

 December 19, 2010                                          22
                                       MALANKA 2011
                            Sponsored by St. Mary’s Ukrainian
                           Catholic Church, Carteret, New Jersey

                                           January 22, 2011

                                   Tickets $60.00 per person includes:

 Roast Sirloin of Beef OR               Malanka will be held at: St.       For Tickets a call: Pete
  Stuffed Capon Dinner,                Demetrius Banquet Center, 691     Prociuk 609-655-4468 or
 Cocktail Hour with Hors                Roosevelt Ave, Carteret, NJ      Kathy Birgl 732-541-6163
  D’oeuvres, Open Bar,
  Hats & Horns, Midnight                Just Blocks from NJ Turnpike      Seating is limited. Tickets
    Champagne Toast                                Exit 12                  must be purchased by
                                                                          January 15, 2011. NO
 Music By: Fata Morgana                    Cocktail Hour 6:00pm           tickets will be sold at the
                                           Dinner Served 7:00pm                      door.
                                            Dancing at 8:00pm

                        St. Nicholas visits the children of
                            St. George’s in Pittsburgh
Even though it was a snowy
Sunday         morning       on
December 5th, it did not stop
St. Nicholas from visiting the
children at St. George’s in
Pittsburgh, PA. At the
conclusion of the Divine
Liturgy, St. Nicholas entered
the Church as we all sung
together that beautiful hymn
“Îé, õòî, õòî Ìèêîëàÿ
ëþáèòü” - “Those who love
Nicholas the saintly”. Following
this, the celebration continued
in our Church hall where the
children received gifts and
chocolate coins from St.

December 19, 2010                                       23
                                Christmas Traditions of Ukraine
CHRISTMAS, WHICH                have survived a thousand     by the family with “Slavite    Day, December 19th, has
TAKES ITS NAME from             years and now form a part    Yoho!” (Let Us Glorify Him!)   generally been replaced by
Christ’s Mass, was first        of today s Christmas         In some families the Old       the Christmas date.
celebrated on various dates     celebrations.                Slavic form Khristos
from about 200 A.D. but                                      razhdayetsya is used.          MALANKA                    OR
                                SVIATA VECHERA OR                                           SHCHEDRY VECHIR on
was finally set on December
                                “HOLY SUPPER” is the         AT THE END OF THE              January 13th according to
25 by Bishop Liberus of
                                central tradition of the     SVIATA VECHERA the             the Julian calendar is
Rome in 354 A.D. The
                                beautiful Christmas Eve      family often sings             celebrated as Ukrainian
December date, which
                                celebrations in Ukrainian    Kolyadky, Ukrainian            New Year’s Eve in many
almost coincides with the
                                homes. The dinner table      Christmas Carols. In many      cities. On this, the last night
winter solstice, became a
                                sometimes has a few wisps    communities the old            of the year, New Year’s
popular festival of West
                                of hay on the embroidered    Ukrainian tradition of         carols called Shchedrivky
Europe during the Middle
                                table cloth as a reminder    carolling is carried on by     are sung. One of the most
Ages. But as late as the
                                of the manger in             groups of young people         famous of these is the
nineteenth         century,
                                Bethlehem.          Many     and      members        of     popular”Shchedryk” by
Christmas celebration was
                                Canadian and American        organizations         and      Leontovich which is known
suppressed in Scotland and
                                families wear their          churches calling at homes      in English as “The Carol of
New England because of
                                Ukrainian embroidered        and collecting donations.      the Bells.”
some religious differences.
                                shirts on this occasion.
All Christian nations have                                   The favorite Ukrainian carol   While Christmas is a
                            When the children see the        is Boh predvichny (God         religious event, Malanka is
traditions which have
                            first Star in the eastern        Eternal) which has a very      a secular, merry-making
become a part of the
                            evening sky, which               beautiful melody and Iyrics.   celebration. In some
Christmas season. For
                            symbolizes the trek of the       Some Ukrainian carols are      communities Ukrainian
example, England has
                            Three Wise Men, the Sviata       unusual because they           professional            and
contributed the decorations
                            Vechera may begin. In            mention Ukraine while          businessmens’ clubs or youth
of holly and mistletoe,
                            farming communities the          others are ancient pagan       organizations sponsor a
carolling and gift giving.The
                            head of the household            songs of a thousand years      dress up Malanka Banquet
Christmas tree is a medieval
                            now brings in a sheaf of         ago which have been            and Ball.
German tradition and the
                            wheat called the didukh          converted into Christian
immortal carol “Silent Night”                                                               The traditional Christmas
                            which represents the             carols.
also comes from Germany.                                                                    customs of Ukraine add
                            importance of the ancient
The United States first made                                 CHRISTMAS IS A                 color and significance to the
                            and rich wheat crops of
Santa Claus popular in New                                   JOYOUS DAY which               winter festival of Christmas,
                            Ukraine, the staff of life
York, popularized the                                        opens for Ukrainian            and Ukrainian Christmas on
                            through the centuries.
Christmas card about 1846                                    families with attendance at    January 7th is usually a
                            Didukh means literally
and made the major                                           Church.          Ukrainian     peaceful and quiet event.
                            “grandfather spirit” so it
contribution               to                                Churches offer services        This celebration reminds us
                            symbolizes the family’s
commercializing Christmas.                                   starting before midnight on    of the baby in a Bethlehem
                            ancestors. In city homes a
When Ukraine under King few stalks of golden wheat           Christmas Eve and on           manger whose 1,975th
Volodymyr (St. Vladimir) in a vase are often used            Christmas         morning.     birthday we celebrate. But
accepted Christianity from to decorate the table.            Christmas supper, without      whether Christmas is
Byzantium in 988 A.D.                                        Lenten restrictions, does not  celebrated on December
                            A prayer is said and the         have as many traditions        25th or on January 7th the
many pagan traditions
                            father says the traditional      connected with it as Sviata    message is the same:
were in existence which
                            Christmas greeting,              Vechera. The old tradition “Peace on Earth! Good
were adapted by the
                            “Khristos rodyvsya!” (Christ     in Ukraine of giving gifts will towards men!"
Church to the new religion.
                            is born!) which is answered      to children on St. Nicholas
Some of those traditions
  December 19, 2010                                         24
                                                                        Visit our blog to
                                                                         read materials
                                                                         relating to the
                                                                         for the Middle
                                                                           East of the
                                                                        Synod of Bishops
                                                                        that was held at
                                                                         the Vatican on
                                                                        October 10 - 24,

                                                                       Cardinal Lubomyr
                                                                       Husar and Bishop
                                                                       Bohdan Dzyurakh,
                                                                       C.SS.R. were two
                                                                        of the Members
                                                                         for this Special

                  Computer Training at the Chancery
  On December 15, 2010, Kimberly Hawthorne Savage from VKG Associates, Inc. led a computer
  training class at the Chancery. Archbishop Stefan Soroka along with representatives from
  various offices of the Chancery participated in the class.

      Archbishop Stefan                   Kimberly Hawthorne Savage instructs the class.

December 19, 2010                              25
               On the occasion of the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord, on His
               Grace Stefan’s Feastday and the start of the New Year the staff
               of ‘’The Way’’ wishes Metropolitan Stefan Soroka God’s blessing,
               good health, and fruitful work in the Vineyard of Christ for the
               greater Glory of God, Church, and the people of God.

December 31, 2010: Zabava – New Year’s Eve                  January 14, 2011: Malanka (Dance), St. Vladimir
2010. Assumption Parish in Perth Amboy , NJ.                Parish Center, 428 N. Seventh Ave, Scranton, PA.
Tickets are now available for the 2010 New Year’s           For information call Paul at 570-563-2275
Eve Dance to be held in the school auditorium on
Friday, December 31, 2010. The fabulous buffet              January 16, 2011: Sisters Servants of Mary
dinner will be served at 8:00 p.m. and available all        Immaculate will visit the Cathedral, Philadelphia,
evening. Music will be provided by the band                 PA.
“HALYCHANY”. Champagne toast is included but
you can also ‘Bring Your Own Bottle.” Advanced              January 22, 2011: Malanka (Dance), St. Mary's
Ticket Sales - $70.00 per person. After December            Ukainian Catholic Church, Carteret, NJ. For
- 25, $80.00. Almost 400 people attended Zabava             information call Pete 609-655-4468.
last year. No refunds - No tickets at the door. For
Tickets Contact the Church 732-826-0767.                    March 26, 2011: Archeparchial Women’s Day.
                                                            For information call Sr. Dorothy Ann, OSBM 215-
January 9, 2011: Festival of Christmas Carols,              663-9153 or e-mail
3pm, at the Cathedral of the Immaculate
Conception in Philadelphia.

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December 19, 2010                                      26

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