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					                                                                              Mountain Empire
 Red Fox Flier
                                                                No. 50
                                                           April/May 2003
 MECC’s student publication

April 21st
   On April 21st,
MECC will be the
first college in
to provide Online
   See Step-by-Step Instructions on Pages 12 and 13 of this issue.

      Clarks to Speak at Graduation
   Big Stone Gap natives W "H"         various universities, including the
and Callie Anne Clark will be          Nalco Foundation Scholarship with
MECC's commencement speakers           the MECC Foundation. Recently,
on May 9th. Mr. Clark retired in       the Clarks made a commitment to
1994 as Chairman and CEO of            MECC to create the W "H" & Callie
Nalco Chemical Company. Mrs.           Anne Clark Master Teacher Award.
Clark, a former high school teacher    When the fund is fully endowed the
and piano teacher, is currently Vice   proceeds will be used to recognize
President of W "H" Clark Associ-       excellence in teaching by an MECC
ates.                                  faculty member.
   The Clarks are long-term sup-           The Clarks reside in Burr Ridge,
porters of higher education. They      Illinois and have a cattle ranch in
have established scholarships at       Montana.                               Community
 Appreciating Diversity • Seeking Unity                                        College
         MECC’s Explorations
        Arts Competition Winners
                    Sponsor: Rita Quillen, MECC English Instructor
Poetry (Judged by Michael McFee)                       Drawing (Judged by Ray Stratton)
First place -         Barbara Dockery                  1st place -           Nancy Ball
Second place -        Joan Boyd Short                  2nd place -           Patrick Johnson
Third place -         Jennifer Mullins                 3rd place -           Adam Barnette
Honorable Mention 1 - Billie Jean Scott                Honorable Mention -   Elizabeth Thomas
Honorable Mention 2 - Ben Templeton                                          Priscilla Skidmore

Short Story (Judged by Lisa Koger)                     Photography (Judged by Morris Burchette)
lst place -            Jennifer Mullins                1st place -           Neka Wilson
2nd place -            Joan Boyd Short                 2nd place -           Chris Starnes
3rd place -            Tina Fowler                     3rd place -           Neka Wilson
Honorable Mention -    Barbara Dockery                 Honorable Mention -   Chris Starnes
                       Donna Kolb                                            Neka Wilson

Essays (judged by Michael Chitwood)
1st place -            Joan Boyd Short
2nd place -            Jennifer Mullins
3rd place -            Barbara Dockery
Honorable Mention -    Tina Fowler

        Student Government Association Officers
     The Student Government Elections for the 2003 – 2004 school year for the offices of President,
Vice-President and Corresponding Secretary will be filled this semester. The other open offices will be
elected during the fall semester. All MECC students with a minimum GPA of 2.0 are eligible to seek
office. Contact Carolyn Wilson in the Student
Services Office, 1st floor, Godwin Hall, to pick up      The Red Fox Flier is a regular MECC student
a petition and job duties description. Have your          publication. Contributions to this publication
completed petition returned to Student Services by                 should be delivered to R207.
3:00 pm on April 11, 2003. Campaigning may               Student Writers for          Advisor/Editor
begin on Monday April 14 and continue thru the           April/May Issue              Dr. Sharon Fisher
elections on April 22 and 23. The polls will be open     Amanda Clark                 Photographer
in the Learning Place 2nd floor, Godwin Hall, from       Kenneth Davenport            Neka Wilson
8:30 am on April 22 until 6:30 pm on April 23.                                        Design/Layout
Please be reminded that candidates and campaign                                       Lana Kennedy
managers must remain fifty feet away from the
polling booths. The results of the election will be     If you would like to write for the Red Fox Flier,
posted on Thursday April 24, 2003.                     email or

                          Campus Calendar
                                         April and May
            To be prepared for MECC’s semester events, mark your calendars today!

• April 1            John Fox, Jr. Festival, 10:00 am, Fugate Auditorium (Dalton-Cantrell Hall)
• April 3            ProArt presents Mary Kathleen Ernst, Pianist in American Women Composers:
                     Their Lives and Contributions at 12:15 p.m. in the Goodloe Center
• April 6            Daylight Savings Time begins
• April 8            GAINing Excellence Seminar, Teamwork: Skills for Life and Work, Part II, at 12:15
                     in G220. Presenter is Connie Rhoten
•   April 8-10       Spring Fling, 12:15-1:15
•   April 11         Last day to make-up incomplete grades for Fall
•   April 13         Palm Sunday
•   April 17         Passover
•   April 18         Good Friday
•   April 20         Easter
•   April 21-May 2   Early Enrollment for Summer and Fall Semesters
•   April 22         Earth Day
•   April 30         GAIN Luncheon
•   May 1            ProArt presents Lynnh Ruehlman, Storyteller in Spy! Tales of Richmond’s
                     Antebellum at 12:15 p.m. in the Goodloe Center
•   May 2            Last Day of Classes
•   May 2            Awards Ceremony, 6:00 pm, Goodloe Center
•   May 5-8          Final Exams
•   May 5            Cinco de Mayo
•   May 9            Graduation, 6:00 pm
•   May 11           Mother’s Day
•   May 17           Armed Forces Day
•   May 26           College Closed - Memorial Day

               GAIN Exam Week Survival Skills
Information packets on test-taking, test anxiety, stress management and more
         will be located on the 2nd floor of Godwin prior to exams.

    Awards Ceremony                                      Graduation!!!!
         May 2
        6:00 pm
                                                            May 9
     Goodloe Center                                        6:00 pm
L —-       ive &
           earn                By Amanda Clark
                                                               carefully. Admittedly, I am a worrier, so I often
                                                               find myself concerned about unnecessary things. I
                                                               mentioned this to a former instructor, and I will
                                                               never forget her reply. She said, “Ask yourself if
                                                               what you’re worrying about will affect you in five
                                                               or ten years. If the answer is ‘no,’ put the issue out
                                                               of your mind.”
                                                                    She was right. Sometimes, in highly stressful
                                                               moments, we blow an issue out of proportion. Say,
                                                               for example, you failed a test. Ten years from now,
                                                               how many employers are actually going to say,
       “What I’ve Learned in                                   “Sorry, we can’t hire you. You failed your test on
                                                               the uses of sodium bicarbonate?”
             College”                                               Three, it is entirely possible to cram a tank-
                                                               sized car into a tight parking space. In my years at
     This will be the last installment of my column.           MECC, I have gotten my car into (and out of) some
As I prepare for graduation, memories dance                    pretty crowded spots. I am sure my fellow
through my mind, forever etching them onto its                 classmates have done the same with their vehicles.
canvas. I recall so many things: places I have been,           This leads me to wonder: Along with Orientation,
friends I have made, and of course, lessons I have             should Parking 101 be added as a required course?
learned. These life lessons come from numerous                      Four, in a pinch, junk food doesn’t make a bad
sources, from product testing to overpasses to                 lunch. Have you ever come to class with neither
textbooks to loved ones. While my list of lessons              the cash nor the time to go to a restaurant for lunch?
could probably fill volumes, I have narrowed it                If so, you may have headed for the snack machines
down to four of my epiphanies.                                 in the hall. Some of the food choices are
    One, follow your heart. Like many students, I              surprisingly filling.
began my college experience in a completely                         Okay, so maybe I still can’t tell you the first
different curriculum than my current field of study.           twenty digits of pi or how many men fought in the
I chose the first career path out of practicality rather       Civil War; but as a whole, my college experience
than passion. Over time, I realized my former                  has been incredibly enriching and (if you will
career path wasn’t what I truly wanted. I had to               pardon the pun) educational. Now, as I look back
follow my heart and my dreams. This applies not                on my years here, I feel saddened to leave, yet I
only to academics but to other aspects of life as              also feel ready to face what lies ahead for me. I
well. I believe that, deep down, we all know the               know I’ll still make mistakes, but that’s okay.
right thing to do.                                             Sometimes, I’ve realized, you just have to live and
    Two, choose your battles—and worries—                      learn.

              Lynn Ruehlmann, Storyteller in
                Thursday, May 1, 12:15 pm
                     Goodloe Center
    Ruehlmann wrote Spy! after a great deal of research, much of it coming
from the diary Elizabeth Van Lew kept during the war. The story reveals
the details of the life of a remarkable southern woman from Richmond,
Virginia who became an abolitionist after witnessing the consequences of a
baby being sold out of the arms of its slave mother.
 As k a or
                         ?                                   Jessica Genco, Program Counselor for the Student Support GAIN
                                                         program, writes this column to address issues related to current mental
                                                         health, your questions and answers regarding mental health, and dis-
                                                         cussion of ways mental health impacts your academic success. The

                                                         “Ask the Counselor” forum allows students to submit questions, with
                                                         the questions and answers posted sans the identifying information.

                                                             Genco is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Virginia and a
                                                         Nationally Certified Counselor. If you would like to submit a ques-
                             tion, please email her at Questions remain con-
                                                         fidential. They may be used for a question and answer format, but
By Jessica Genco           GAIN Program Counselor        with names omitted, of course.

                                                                 It depends on the person and the situation (social
  Why am I stressing over good                                   interaction model)
   things? I should be happy!                                         Another way to view transitions is by defining the
                                                                 type of event, its context, and available supports. What
                                                                 is stressful for one person, may not be stressful for
       Graduation and Transfer —                                 another. It all depends on: how you see the transition,
       Coping With Life Transitions                              how it occurs, personal coping strategies, and supports
     As the end of the semester approaches, students             in the environment. Change in life is inevitable and
are faced with the choices and challenges of “What’s             each person responds to change differently. Some
next?” For some, graduation will mean entering the               people are able to navigate change smoothly while
work force with a new skill. For others it will mean             others have a more difficult experience (which often
transferring to a four-year college or university to             affects one’s future responses to change).
complete a bachelor’s degree. Both require a period of           What can you do?
adjustment and reorientation. Even if graduation is                   Be honest with yourself. Is the idea of transferring
not on the immediate horizon, plans and goals are being          to a new school looming as a dread or an opportunity?
set for the coming summer and fall semesters. While a            If college has been a positive and enjoyable experience,
life marker, such as graduation, symbolizes completion           does the idea of going to work leave you a little
and success, it is also an ending and closure that may           apprehensive? Both responses are normal. Defining
cause feelings of grief and sadness. Sometimes students          how you perceive is one step closer to effective coping.
feel relieved and excited about reaching graduation but          Know what helps you cope
at the same time a sense of loss and anxiety. It is normal            Support systems (family, friends, and others that
to feel upset over events that are seemingly positive.           cheer you on)
Life transitions of any kind (death, divorce, marriage,               Determination to reach your goals
relocation, entering/leaving work force, etc.) inevitably             Knowing that being “new” on the job or in school
involve change and loss. Sometimes it is simply the              is only temporary.
loss of what is familiar and comfortable. For these                   Personal resilience (personal qualities such as
reasons, transitions create stress. Although it may be           persistence, determination, optimism, etc.)
eustress (good stress), it is still stress that causes           Reflect on past experiences that involved change/
feelings of anxiety and doubt. What is important is              transition.
being able to define the life transition stressor and use             How are you now? What did you do to make the
effective coping strategies to alleviate the stress.             transition less stressful? Use strategies that have worked
     There are several ways of viewing life events and           in the past.
one’s view depends primarily on personal preference.                  Chances are that any anxiety and loss felt from
Life is a highway                                                graduating and/or transferring is short-lived. It is
     One way to look at life transitions is the metaphor.        important to understand the source of the feelings in
The idea of a journey is a common theme. Are you at a            order to cope effectively.
crossroads in life? Is your map/atlas current? Do you                 For more information visit www.mental-health-
need more information? How will you navigate? If you   
are graduating, you might be exiting from one road                   Twenty years from now you will be more
and changing direction or if you are transferring you            disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by
may just be merging onto a larger route.                         the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail
     The metaphor of a book can also be used. Think of           away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in
closing one chapter and beginning another.                       your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. - Mark Twain
        Phi Theta Kappa Inducts 39 New
                                          By Amanda Clark

    On March 6, the Alpha Delta Psi chapter of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society held its spring induction
ceremony. In addition to the traditional portion of the ceremony, participants also enjoyed an oration by
biology professor, Dr. James Strength. Strength’s speech dealt with the society’s Honors Study Topic,
“Dimensions and Directions of Health: Choices in the Maze”. The other special guest at the ceremony
was Carolyn Wilson, secretary of Student Services, who received an Honorary Membership certificate.
    Thirty-nine new inductees were welcomed to the chapter this semester. They include the following:
Donna Kay Bright, Tara Elizabeth Burgan, Thomas Franklin Bush, Melissa Marie Cantor,
America Loraine Collins, Jammie Faye Coomer, Tara Chandler Curtis, Everette Shawn Dean,
John Phillip Dean, Carl Dean Fields, Jessica Diane Gentry, Jarrad Edward Giles, Clifford Allen
Griffin, Richard Allen Hamilton, Stephen Ho, Isaac Gobel Johnson, Jeremiah Johnson, Lori
Anne Kiser, Harriet L. Long, Linda Maggard Mayberry, Amanda Nicole Meade, William Kenneth
Medley, Kathleen Messick, Mark Steven Miller, Elaine Jean Murphy, Charles Aaron Noe, Angela
Rakes Patton, Ansel Lee Payne, Joshua Lee Powers, Heather Lynn Prater, Jessica Nicole Ray,
Margaret Jane Rhoton, Gloria Inas Stanley, Penny Lynn Stanley, Barbara LeeAnn Stipe, Sherry
Lynn Strouth, Gary Charles Summers, Tonya Michelle Wells, and Travis Von Willis.
    Congratulations to the new inductees! To be eligible for Phi Theta Kappa, students must have a
cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher, have completed twelve semester hours, and be enrolled in a degree

Pictured left to right: (front row) Richard Hamilton, Penny Stanley, Heather Prater, Jammie Coomer,
Harriett Long, Tara Curtis, Travis Willis; (middle row) Tonya Wells, Donna Bright, Linda Mayberry,
America Collins, Barbara Stipe, Jessica Gentry, Carl Fields; (back row) Angela Patton, Ansel Payne,
Stephen Ho, Tara Burgan, Sherry Strouth, William Medley, Elaine Murphy, and Aaron Noe.
    Windows were made to look through
     and Museum Exhibits to look at!
            By Kenneth Davenport                           to explore one of the                      treasures of our
                                                           community.          We
    There are doorways where the windows are too           didn’t realize it was
high for people in wheelchairs to see if anyone is         inaccessible until we
coming through. This causes a “wheeler,” like my           started going through
wife Barbara, to take the chance of being knocked          the exhibits and she
down every time she goes through these doors, as           was not able to go up
in the doors in Holton Hall. I staged a                    to the second or third
demonstration with the help of Matt Phillips and           floors. She was not
Ben Duncan. The pictures illustrate this danger.           able to go down in
    A problem also exists in churches and historical       the basement either. I
buildings being exempt from ADA laws. I recently           physically carried
took Barbara to the Southwest Virginia Museum              her and her chair up
                                                           one flight of stairs to the second floor to look at
                                                           some of the exhibits. We had a great time, but she
                                                           was too scared to go up another flight to the third
                                                           floor or down to the basement when we got back
                                                           to the first floor. We did enjoy what we were able
                                                           to see, although we would have liked it more if
                                                           she could have seen it all. There are a lot of places
                                                           we go that we are not able to enjoy everything
                                                           offered to the fullest because of these exemptions.
                                                                If you have any questions or comments, contact
                                                           ADA at 800-514-0301 (voice) 800-514-0383
                                                           (TDD) or go to

         Career Fair                                       ing a Career Fair, we will provide an opportunity
        Wednesday, April 30                                to promote the talents and abilities of our students
        10:00 am - 3:00 pm                                 to prospective employers. Likewise, potential
                                                           employers will have an opportunity to market their
         Goodloe Center                                    respective companies.
                                                               As a service to our participants and the col-
    MECC has always stressed the importance of             lege, this event is sponsored by the Education for
providing our students with opportunities to excel         Independence Program. This program serves
in the workplace. We continue to provide well-             single parents and displaced homemakers who
trained employees by offering a variety of occu-           want to improve their skills through vocational
pational-technical education programs. By host-            education or job training.

      Over the last months, troops have been called to duty from all over the U.S. We would
  like to salute the following troops from MECC as well as all the brave men and women in the
  Armed Services. We all anxiously await their safe return.

    STUDENTS:                                            Zane Robbins
                                                       Steven Middleton
    Grant Bledsoe
                                             Prior MECC Talent Search Participants
   Christina Cook
      Jamie Cox                                         Roger Spencer II
     Mark Deahl                              Son of Roger Spencer (Business Office)

  Shannon Dutton
                                                        David Brent Lee
   Sidney Flanary                                   Brother of a MECC Student
   Thomas Frantz
  Clyde Hester, Jr.
     Leslie Ingle                               CARDS, LETTERS, PHONE
  Patrick Loggans                                If you would like to send greetings or news
                                             from home to our troops, we have received the
  Jonathan Massey                            following addresses. You can also send your cards,
                                             letters, phone cards, etc. to MECC and we will
  Kevin McConnell                            forward them to the troops. Send them to the at-
                                             tention of Lisa Woliver.
Christopher McDonald
                                             PFC ADKINS JAMES G
  Phillip Pridemore                          BLT 2/3 DET A
                                             FOX BATTERY 76113
   Jason Shepherd                            FPO AE 09502-6113

    Michael Short                            PFC RIAN L. CRABTREE
                                             189 ENGINEER CO.
    Arthur Smith                             C/O 2174 MUIC
                                             BUILDING #1540
                                             FORT EUSTIS, VA 23604
   Demus Stanley
                                             CPL DAVID BRENT LEE
    Brett Trinkle                            H & S CO 1ST TANK BN MT
                                             UTC 39837
   Olivia Wingate                            FPO AP 96246-9837
SPC SHANNON L. DUTTON                 Roger Spencer II
C/O 2174 MUIC


1031ST ENG. CO.
FT. LEE, VA 23801

DIV 0T01
FPO AE 09574-1664

                             David Brent Lee

                                                             Rian Crabtree

Jonathan Massey, Sgt. Gary Calhoun, Virginia Army National
                 Guard, and Leslie Ingle                     Shannon Dutton
          Phi Theta Kappa to Sponsor
“Project Graduation: Feed a Body, Feed a Mind”
               By Amanda Clark                         new service project will be announced at the
                    International Convention.
                                                           “The potential collection numbers are
     Alpha Delta Psi urges students, their families,   important, but more important is the fact that our
and other guests to bring one non-perishable food      members are helping others . . . they have a
item and one children’s book to the graduation         responsibility to serve,” said Rod Risley, Phi Theta
ceremony on May 9. Boxes will be set up in the         Kappa’s Executive Director, in a recent society
Auditorium prior to the ceremony and then moved        publication. “We are making a difference, and no
to the ceremony area. With the help of the             contribution is too small.” Risley is indeed correct.
community, Phi Theta Kappa can help fight hunger       One can of food and one book have the potential
and illiteracy, one can of food and one book at a      to affect recipients in a powerful way.
time.                                                      Alpha Delta Psi, MECC’s Phi Theta Kappa
     PTK members across the nation are banding         chapter, pledged its devotion to the cause last year,
together to implement what has become one of the       as did members from 39 other states. Thanks to
society’s fastest growing programs.                    the outpouring of support from the college and the
     Known as “Project Graduation: Feed a Body,        community, Alpha Delta Psi managed to collect
Feed a Mind,” this initiative is designed to combat    85 cans of food and 99 books for the project. In
the problems of hunger and illiteracy. The project     turn, the members then donated the books to age-
was the brainchild of a Phi Theta Kappa chapter at     appropriate reading programs and the food to Big
Burlington County College in New Jersey, but after     Stone Gap Food Bank. The chapter members feel
word spread to other campuses and states, “Project     confident that the food and book drives will be even
Graduation” officially became Phi Theta Kappa’s        more successful this year.
international service project in April 2002. The           For more information on Project Graduation,
initiative will continue until April 2004, when a      log onto

 Diplomats Sponsor “Tools For School” Project
    Boxes have been placed on every floor in each of the buildings (except Holton) and will be clearly
marked "Tools for School." Cash donations to purchase supplies will also be accepted. These dona-
tions can be left with Carolyn Wilson in Student Services, room 140 in Godwin Hall.
    Parents of children in elementary school are expected to furnish a long list of supplies for each
child every school year. Some parents are just not able to buy these supplies. For this reason, the
MECC Student Diplomats are sponsoring a "Tools for School" drive to collect the following items for
elementary school children in our service area:
    Construction paper              glue/glue sticks             hand sanitizer            paper
    Clorox wipes                    safety scissors              pencils                   markers
    crayons                         gum erasers                  tissues
    The drive will continue through Friday, April 11. For more information, see any of the Diplomats:
Kimberly Greer: Steve Ho; Candice Jennings; Diane Maness; Joyce Skidmore; Chris Starnes; Tess
Teasley; and Amanda Woliver. You can also see Bonny Copenhaver (Foundation Office), Carolyn
Helms (Student Services), or Reg St. Clair (Arts & Sciences).
 President Lunches with Students
President Suarez has lunch with student representatives from all MECC clubs.

           Guide to Online Enrollment at MECC
                     Begins April 21st
                       (Meet with your advisor before enrolling for classes.)

Who can enroll online?
•   Returning students who have attended the college within the last three years, who are in good
    academic standing, and who have no debts to the college or other “holds.”
•   New students and returning students who have not attended in the last three years must go to the
    Admission Office for approval to enroll on line.

What information do I need?
•   Your EMPLID and password/PIN
•   A completed Enrollment Request form (available online, or on campus)
•   To pay online, your MasterCard or Visa number

Where do I get my ID and password/PIN for online access to SIS?
•   Click “MECC Online” on the MECC web page ( to go to the new Student
    Information System (SIS) homepage. It has links to login to SIS to obtain your EMPLID and
    password/PIN and to view tutorials for helpful information. When asked to enter your old SIS #,
    use your social security number.
•   Your EMPLID is the unique number by which the college identifies you. If you do not have it, go
    to the HELP section.
•   The initial password/PIN is your birth date in the format“MM/DD/YY” (e.g., 05/01/82).

How do I enroll in a class?
    1. Write the class number and other information for your classes on an Enrollment Request form.

    2. Go to Click Login.

    3. Enter your EMPLID and password/PIN. The initial password/PIN is your birth date in the
format “MM/DD/YY”, for example, 05/01/82. Click Login. The Welcome Page will display a menu
on the left and your personal information on the right.

    4. Click For Students, Enrollment in the drop-down menu, and
then the second Enrollment listing. On the next screen click on ADD
CLASSES TO THIS SCHEDULE to enroll in a class for the first time.

    5. Enter the class number of the first lecture class from your enrollment worksheet
in the Class Nbr Box. To search the Class Schedule for an open class by course,
meeting dates, campus, instructor, or session, use the Advanced Search option next
to the Class Nbr, or Class Search under the drop-down menu.

   6. Click the Insert Class button to add a Class Nbr Box for the next class on your worksheet.
Repeat until you have added all lecture classes. Lab sections for science classes will be added in the
next step. Click Continue.
    7. Review this screen carefully. If you do not
need to add a lab section for a science lecture, click
Update Attributes to proceed. Otherwise, use the
Enrollment - Select Class Attributes boxes to enroll
in a lab section that is required for a science class,
such as CHM 111, COLLEGE CHEMISTRY I and
CHM 111 LAB FOR CHM 111. Enter the Class Nbr of the lab you have chosen, or click the arrow
next to the Related Class 1 text box. In the next screen, click Search for a list of open labs. When you
have selected one, click on it. It will be entered in the Related Class 1 box. Related Class 2 is not
required. Click Update Attributes.

   8. When your schedule is complete, click Submit Request. If there are no conflicts or omissions,
each class will display a Class Added Successfully message.

        If a conflict is identified, the message Class Not Added - Check Request Log for Details appears
    on the affected class. Click VIEW TRANSACTION LOG to identify the problem.

      9. Click VIEW UPDATED SCHEDULE to view your completed schedule.

   10. When your schedule is complete, click Your Class Schedule or Class Schedule Grid in the
drop-down menu. Check your schedule for accuracy and print a copy for your records. YOU MUST

      11. To pay online, click Financial Services in the drop-down menu.

How do I review my class schedule?
• Click For Students, Enrollment in the drop-down menu, and then Your Class Schedule or Class
Schedule Grid.

How do I change my class schedule?
• To change your schedule during the drop/add period after you have enrolled, click on the second
Enrollment listing in the drop-down menu. On the next screen click on
ADD CLASSES TO THIS SCHEDULE at the bottom of the page, SWAP (drop one course and add
another), or DROP to make changes. If you are changing a science lab, use the SWAP option keeping
the same lecture section and changing the lab. If you drop a class after the drop/add period, you will be
assigned a grade W. If you drop a class after the last day to drop without penalty you will be assigned
a grade of F.

Where can I get enrollment assistance? (adding, dropping, swapping classes, etc.)
• Call Enrollment Services/Registrar: 276-523-7470.

Where can I get technical assistance? (unable to Login, etc.)
•     Call or email Computing and Information Technology        276-523-2400 ext. 226 or 206
         ( or )

                    Fall Semester President’s List
   The following students have been named to the MECC President’s List for the fall 2003 semester.
APPALACHIA: Larry Huff, Joseph Kilbourne, Alice Reynolds, and Darrell Rowland. BIG STONE
GAP: Vernon Boggs, William Carroll, Amanda Clark, Tara Cross, Kenneth Davenport, Stephanie
Davidson, Michelle Dean, Jerry Durham, Janice Helbert, Sarah Henderson, Chris Holcomb, Miranda
Kilgore, Angela Ledesma, Woodrow Lovell, Kimberly Marcum, Lisa Polly, Katy Ringley, Arthur Smith,
Tricia Smyth, and Jeremy Vanover. BLACKWATER: Daniel Osborne. CASTLEWOOD: Tonya
Phillips, Donna Isaacs, and Barbara Phillips. CLINCHCO: Heather Prater and Bradley Stanley.
CLINCHPORT: Travis Darnell, Cynthia Hunter, and William Lane. CLINTWOOD: Heather Colley,
Jody Cussins, Jessica Gentry, Daniel Large, and Mona Mullins. COEBURN: Donna Bright, Sheila
Dotson, Martin Funk, William Hamm, Aaron Lawson, Donald Layman, Brandi Lee, Wanda Lundy,
Brandon Rose, and Randy Salyers. DRYDEN: Anthony Honeycutt and Tabitha Swain. DUFFIELD:
Gwen Carroll and Jonathan Early. EWING: Mary Hensley. FORT BLACKMORE: Margaret Rhoton.
GATE CITY: Milton Clark, Roger Clark, Teddy Faxon, Tammy Grills, Margaret Kinkead, Charles
Noe, Holly Sanders, Ladonna Smith, Heather Stanley, and Brian Williams. JONESVILLE: Shirley
Barnes, Tara Burgan, Mary Fortner,Vickie Gwinn, Wesley Hays, Harriett Long, Peggy Robbins, and
Andra Terry. NICKELSVILLE: Wanda Culbertson, Maxie Finch, Ashley Godsey, Rebecca Godsey,
Joshua Powers, and Marlene Stapleton. NORA: John Rasnick. NORTON: Jason Fultz, Carol Kilgore,
Marsha Mefford, Matthew Stanley, Jessica Teasley, Kathy Vanover, and Travis Willis. PENNINGTON
GAP: Elfriede Britton, Dana Middleton, Sherri Mitchell, Carroll Owens, Brandi Pettey, and Chris
Russell. POUND: Kimberly Mullins and Lisa Roberts. ST CHARLES: Harry Campbell, Amy Kennedy,
and Shannon Saylor. ST PAUL: Richard Hamilton, Frances Meade, and Tamara Ring. WEBER CITY:
Sarah Ervin. WISE: Carl Fields, Rebecca Hamilton, Jeremiah Johnson, and Conchetta Peters.
BRISTOL: Matthew Bright. KINGSPORT: Kimberly Berry. LEBANON: Priscilla McCoy.
LYNCH:Daniel Monhollen. RANCH CUCAMONG, CA: Yee Fai Ho.

                       Fall Semester Honors List
   The following students have been named to the MECC Honors List for the fall 2003 semester.
ANDOVER: Jason Needham and Jessica Thomas. APPALACHIA: Billy Garrison. BIG STONE
GAP: Melva Anderkin, Laquetta Barnett, Ella Bishop, Michael Bouwens, Shawn Dean, Randy Fleenor,
Patricia Fletcher, Karl Gibson, Tanya Gibson, Jarrad Giles, Megan Gilley, Tracy Holcomb, Jennifer
Main, Jessica Ray, and Nikki Swiney. BLACKWATER: Heather Johnson. CASTLEWOOD: Mark
Chaffin. CLINCHPORT: Johnathon Green. CLINTWOOD: Chris Browning, Garrett Hull, Valerie
Kelley, John Linkous, Cindy Lyall, Jebra Mullins, Nakisha Robinson, Annie Stanley, and Tamala Sykes.
COEBURN: Patricia Bryant, Meledy Carty, Leslie Collins, Sherry Collins, Edward Marshall, Heather
Mullins, Jennifer Phillips, and Jessica Yates. DRYDEN: William Medley. DUFFIELD: Donna Blair,
Gabriel Calton, Christopher Dorton, George Gorsky, and Kristin Stanley. DUNGANNON: Cheryl
Dotson and Donna Sluss. EAST STONE GAP: Pamela Johnson and Mark Miller. EWING: William
Stanley. GATE CITY: Laura Dougherty, Sharon Hale, Terrell Reed, Melissa Seaver, Yancy Shuler,
Benjamin Templeton, Adam Tipton, and Melinda Wilmoth. JONESVILLE: Jeffrey Bull, Harrison
Cridlin, Peggy Flanary, Joshua Franklin, Kimberly Greer, Douglas James, Norma Miles, Cheryl Poe,
Tina Robinette, and Teresa Speak. KEOKEE: Brandi Estep and Mary Severtsen. KINGSPORT:
Joshua Clark and Jason Dougherty. NICKELSVILLE: Ella Burke, Pamela Burke, Monique Carrico,
Brandi Nash, and Sherry Strouth. NORA: Clinton Leftwich. NORTON: Stephanie Kennedy, Jason
McConnell, Lisa Rose, Autumn Swanson, and Zella Williams. PENNINGTON GAP: Jammie Coomer,
Lynda Garrett, Jarid Napier, Jo Scott, Nancy Stapleton, Elizabeth Thomas, and Terry Wright. POUND:
Tonja Hollon and Amanda Short. ROSE HILL: America Collins. ST. CHARLES: Kevin Alsup,
Rebecca Coomer, and Constance Short. ST. PAUL: Donna Mullins. WEBER CITY: Krystal Duncan.
WISE: Donnie Culbertson, Johnny Hylton III, Rebekah Linkous, Lora Meade, Jeremy Mullins, Kristy
Mutter, and Vladimir Palabrica.
          View MECC Honor Lists Online at:
   CAMPUS Blood Drive
          Sponsored by MECC Student Clubs

                          Tuesday, April 22, 2003
                           9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
                                 Screenings will be in R121.

         The Kingsport/Norton Blood Bank will be set up
              in the parking lot behind Robb Hall.

           Dr. Suarez has pledged $100
            to the MECC student club
           that donates the most blood.
Blood Donor Requirements:
     Be at least 18 years of age.
     Must have eaten breakfast.
     Must weigh at least 110 pounds.

You may NOT donate blood if you have had any of the following:
     A positive HIV test.
     History of hepatitis, cancer, or heart disease.
     Cold or flu in the past week.
     Antibiotics in the past week.
     Pregnancy ending in the last six weeks.
     Any tattoos or body piercings within the past 12 mos.

      For more information or to register to donate, see
Roger Thompson in R106, or email at
         MECC Spring Fling 2003
            April 9 & 10 - 11:00-2:00 pm

   The MECC Student Government Association (SGA) has lined up lots of fun, food,
and more fun for this year’s Spring Fling.
   A tentative list of Spring Fling Activities are (subject to change):

       WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9                                   THURSDAY, APRIL 10
     ★Free Spring Fling T-Shirts★                              ★Dunkin Booth★
           ★Live Music★                                     ★Pie Throwing Contest★
      ★MECC “Fear Factor”★                                  ★Karaoke • Live Music★
 Teams of two will compete for $100 (1st place),             ★Food, Food, Food★
     $50 (2nd place), and $25 (3rd place).              Hamburgers, Hotdogs, and the fixings.
      ★Collection for the Troops★                         ★Collection for the Troops★

    MECC’s “Operation Support Our Troops”
    The SGA is collecting items to send to our troops overseas. Donation boxes, which are wrapped
in American flag paper, are located in Robb, DC, Godwin, and PT. Items will be collected during
Spring Fling Week. Below is a list of items troops have requested. Remember, all items must be in the
original containers or boxes.

        Tissue Paper                       Dental Floss                       Phone Cards
      Books, Magazines                      Clothespins                      Hot Chocolate
      Crossword Books                       Baby Wipes                          Peanuts
       Writing Tablets                        Q-Tips                            Pretzels
         Toothpaste                         Band-Aids                          Pop Tarts
        Toothbrushes                          Icy Hot                        Fruit in Cans
         Sunscreen                           Ben Gay                         Granola Bars
            Soap                             Chapstick                       Fruit Roll-ups
         Deodorant                         Cough Drops                       Cheeze Whiz
    Hometown Newspapers                   Pocket Kleenex                      Hard Candy
            Pens                         Laundry Tablets                    Beannie Weanies
           Pencils                      Disposable Cameras

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