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					                                       Nicholas E. Gomez
                                    CLEARANCE: Active Top Secret
            | |

To acquire a position with a well established company that will allow me to utilize my specialized skill set
and where knowledge growth is encouraged.

      WAN Acceleration Technology                        Cisco Routers, Switches and Firewalls
      Windows Server 2003                                VPN (Juniper, Cisco)
      Unix / Linux (Solaris 10, Redhat)                  Web Servers (IIS, Apache, Tomcat)
      TCP/IP                                             Web Dev. (HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, Adobe
      LDAP (Active Directory, OID)                        Creative Suite, Eclipse)
      Customer service                                   Oracle Middleware (Weblogic, SOA Applications)
      Service Oriented Architecture                      Security (Layer 7 Tech., Sourcefire IDS)
      Military voice and data communications             F5 Big IP LTM/GTM
      Amberpoint Governance and ESM                      ZXTM Traffic Manager
      SOAP 1.2 Architecture (web services with WSDLs)    RSA Products (Access Manager, BSAFE)

       A total of 70 College Credit Hours from the University at Albany and Liberty University. On track to
        graduate in 2011
       Security + Certified
       Air Force Systems Control Training (3C2X1 AFSC Code) Career Field
       Amberpoint governance application training
       Oracle Weblogic 9.2, 10.01, 10gR3 application server training
       F5 Big IP Global Traffic Management training
       BEA AquaLogic Service Bus 3: Design & Integrate Services for SOA training
       BEA AquaLogic Service Bus 3: System Administration training

Computer Science Corporation (CSC), Omaha, NE                            02/09 to present
Middle-Tier Application Engineer
       Implement and integrate contracted production applications utilizing Oracle’s Middleware, Database,
        OID and Weblogic Application Server as the primary tools.
       Manage and maintain critical patch levels for all middle-tier application systems
       Create ISO documentation for redundant, repeatable processes
       Manage integration and maintenance of web services in production environments utilizing a SOAP 1.2
       Provide solutions for Java based deployments to J2EE application servers
       Manage all DOD PKI (Government Certificate Authority) SSL certificates for all systems, from request to
       Extensive OS and Weblogic log analysis required to troubleshoot day-to-day operational issues
      Engineer the integration of new COTS products for baseline injection
      Responsible for developing training tools and use them to train newly hired personnel
      Advanced systems administration of Windows and Solaris 10 environments critical in order to perform
       everyday job functions
      Developed an administration portal for application admins to access documentation, tools, and an
       issue/problem repository
Computer Science Corporation (CSC), Columbus, OH                      02/08 to 02/09
Systems Network Engineer, Sr. Tier III
      Implemented the DISA NCES-SOAF equipment in two site locations from the ground floor
      Configured and maintained unclassified and classified DISA networks in two separate locations containing
       Solaris 10 T2000s, F5 Big IPs, Cisco 6509s containing FWSMs and switches, Sourcefire IDS, LogLogic log
       appliances, and Layer 7 Gateway and XML Accelerators along with other appliances
      Solaris 10 system administration requiring operational knowledge and OS management tasks(O&M)
      Integrated contracted applications into production baselines with Oracle Weblogic application server
       used as the primary tool.
      Integrated web services in a Service Oriented Architecture including services requiring Mediation,
       Transformation, Service Discovery, and Machine-to-Machine Messaging
      Utilized industry standards, such as, SOAP 1.2 and WSLDs to enable communication for web services
      Manage all DOD PKI (Government Certificate Authority) SSL certificates for all systems, from request to
      Trained new hires how to use our COTS applications, tools and contracted processes for on boarding new
      While I was hired for a Web Development position my other skills were quickly recognized and utilized in
       a diverse manner where I held many different roles for the company and project
      Responsible for managing and maintaining a secondary location for three months until a three-person
       team was hired to manage the location

Vermont Air National Guard, Burlington, VT                            05/06 to present
Senior Airman (E-4) Systems Control Technician
      Received vast technical training in all aspects of networks: LAN, MAN, WAN
      Manage and maintain Cisco and Nortel routers and switches
      Managing customer support for 1000 users
      Utilize Microsoft Server 2003, Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Remote Desktop, VPN
      Software support and installation
      Participated in a tour for Operation Enduring Freedom in Baghdad, Iraq

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