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									E618                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                             May 3, 2000
University of Judaism, King Solomon Edu-                within his restaurants by using the trees,                 H.R. 371 provides special relief and consid-
cation Foundation (tuition reduction), Healing          shrubs and flowers of Port Washington into              eration for those Hmong veterans who have
Hands Project (reconstructive surgery), Club            the decorum of these properties.                        sought to emigrate to the United States. It rec-
SODA (after school safe haven for middle and               Mr. Hassan has invested his time and also            ognizes the fact that many of the Hmong face
high school students), Shomrei Torah Syna-              has used his own money to restore many of               unique language problems that would normally
gogue, Blue Eagle Foundation (community                 the old buildings in downtown Port Wash-                disqualify them for U.S. citizenship. These
sports and education facility), St. Joseph Cen-         ington to play host to his three businesses. He         problems stem from the Natural Cultural Bar-
ter and General Colin Powell’s America’s                has consulted many times with the members               riers that exist between Asian and Western
Promise. In addition, David is very proud of            of the Residents For A More Beautiful Port              societies, as well as the distinct issue of an
his many years of imaginative pro-bono sup-             Washington to inquire about how they would              underdeveloped and underutilized Hmong writ-
port of and active participation with the Ste-          effectively make Port Washington a more en-             ten language.
phen S. Wise Temple and its Schools, the                joyable place to shop, eat and live. Ayhan                 H.R. 371 addresses this unique problem by
largest Reform Jewish Temple in the United              Hassan is indeed a man dedicated to improv-             waiving the English language requirement and
States. He created and now chairs the first             ing the quality of life for his community.              provides special consideration for the civics
Stephen S. Wise Temple Corporate Re-                       Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues in the              requirement associated with naturalization.
sources Division.                                       House of Representatives to join me today in            The bill was amended in subcommittee to ad-
   David is frequently heard commenting, ‘‘My           honoring Ayhan Hassan for his many years of             dress concerns over the potential for fraud by
greatest accomplishment is my daughter,                 active service to Port Washington and in wish-          clearly outlining steps that needed to be taken
Danielle Elizabeth, who at 13 has learned,              ing him many more to come.                              to determine a veteran’s eligibility, and limiting
embraced and implements every day the very                                                                      the total number of potential beneficiaries to
best of what concerned citizenship is all about.                                                                45,000.
                                                                PERSONAL EXPLANATION                               Mr. Speaker, I reiterate that this legislation
I know that as my parents set the example for
me, Danielle will lead her generation and                                                                       is long overdue. I visited Hmong Commanding
those who follow to make a significant dif-                         HON. MIKE McINTYRE                          General Vang-Pao at his field headquarters in
ference in our community, our country and the                            OF NORTH CAROLINA                      Central Laos in 1973. At that time, I was
world. As she always says, ‘One can count’ ’’.                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   deeply impressed at how these people were
   Mr. Speaker, distinguished colleagues,                           Wednesday, May 3, 2000                      willing to place their own lives and welfare on
please join me in paying tribute to Mr. M.                                                                      the line to not only fight for their freedom, but
                                                           Mr. MCINTYRE. Mr. Speaker, on Tuesday,               also to assist our American war effort and to
David Cohen as he continues his extraor-                May 2, 2000, I was in North Carolina partici-
dinary commitment to the community and our                                                                      save American lives. To paraphrase the au-
                                                        pating in my state’s primary election and was           thor of this legislation, their actions during the
country. He has earned and deserves our rec-            unavoidably absent for rollcall votes 131 and
ognition, praise and respect.                                                                                   Vietnam war demonstrates that the Hmong
                                                        132. Had I been present I would have voted              have already passed the most important test
                                                        ‘‘yes’’ on rollcall vote 131, and ‘‘yes’’ on rollcall   of all, risking their lives to defend freedom and
       PERSONAL EXPLANATION                             vote 132.                                               save American personnel.
                                                                                                                   Accordingly, for this, we owe them our grati-
            HON. JULIA CARSON                                     HMONG VETERANS’                               tude. This legislation corrects a long overdue
                                                              NATURALIZATION ACT OF 2000                        problem, and is a significant step on the road
                    OF INDIANA
                                                                                                                to repaying the debt we as a Nation owe the
                                                                             SPEECH OF                          Hmong veterans.
            Wednesday, May 3, 2000
                                                                 HON. BENJAMIN A. GILMAN
   Ms. CARSON. Mr. Speaker, I was unavoid-                                 OF NEW YORK                           TRIBUTE TO DR. DAVID RICHARD
ably absent yesterday, Tuesday, May 2, 2000,                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                              PRESTON
and as a result, missed rollcall votes 131 and
132. Had I been present, I would have voted                          Tuesday, May 2, 2000
‘‘yes’’ on roll call vote 131 and ‘‘yes’’ on rollcall      Mr. GILMAN. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in
                                                                                                                           HON. BRAD SHERMAN
                                                                                                                                  OF CALIFORNIA
vote 132.                                               strong support of H.R. 371, the Hmong Vet-
                                                                                                                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                        erans Naturalization Act of 2000. I urge my
                                                        colleagues to join in supporting this important                     Wednesday, May 3, 2000
   IN HONOR OF AYHAN HASSAN                             legislation.                                                Mr. SHERMAN. Mr. Speaker, today I pay
                                                           This legislation is long overdue. For too            tribute to Dr. David Richard Preston, an edu-
         HON. GARY L. ACKERMAN                          many years, the contributions made by our               cator and management consultant who found-
                   OF NEW YORK                          courageous Hmong allies during the Vietnam              ed the Department of Organizational Behavior
   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      war went largely unrecognized. As we com-               at Phillips Graduate Institute. In his capacity
                                                        memorate the 25th anniversary of the ignoble            as Executive Director of this master’s degree
           Wednesday, May 3, 2000                       end to the Vietnam war, it is befitting that this       program, Dr. Preston teaches and guides the
   Mr. ACKERMAN. Mr. Speaker, today I pay               bill has come to the House floor for consider-          research of professional students who are
tribute to Ayhan Hassan who will be honored             ation.                                                  learning how to make organizations more suc-
by the Residents For A More Beautiful Port                 The Hmong veterans were an invaluable,               cessful and humane.
Washington at its Annual Spring Gala on May             staunch ally to the U.S. war effort in Southeast            Albert Einstein once wrote, ‘‘Try not to be-
7th.                                                    Asia. Throughout the Vietnam conflict, Hmong            come a man of success, but rather a man of
   Ayhan Hassan truly exemplifies a person              guerrilla units, operating out of their native          value.’’ David Preston has spearheaded pro-
who has achieved the American dream. He                 Laos, collected vital intelligence, protected key       grams designed to promote personal, profes-
was born in the Turkish portion of Cyprus, and          American installations in remote mountain lo-           sional and organizational values for the past
became a citizen of the United States in 1982.          cations, and rescued downed American pilots.            fifteen years. His efforts began as a high
During that year, Mr. Hassan opened Shish               In a statement submitted to the Judiciary Sub-          school student, when he developed and imple-
Kabab, one of the most successful restaurants           committee on Immigration and Claims in the              mented events in which student leaders and
in Port Washington and on Long Island. In               105th Congress, a former CIA intelligence offi-         public officials engaged in dialogue about pol-
1995, Mr. Hassan’s Fish Kebab restaurant                cer estimated that Hmong operations out of              icy, to the benefit of disabled students. Dr.
debuted across the street and in 1995 he cre-           Laos tied down 50,000 North Vietnamese                  Preston has maintained his ties to public edu-
ated a third successful business in downtown            troops in that country.                                 cation, through training teachers at UCLA and
Port Washington, the Mediterranean Market-                 It is important to note that the Hmong vet-          by volunteering in such programs as Students
place.                                                  erans performed their invaluable guerrilla role         Run Los Angeles, in which he participated in
   In addition to being a prominent                     at great peril to themselves and to their fami-         the Los Angeles Marathon alongside students
restauranteur, Mr. Hassan has been a major              lies. Moreover, many of them suffered dearly            from Haddon Avenue Elementary School in
contributor to the beautification of downtown           at the hands of the Communist North Viet-               Pacoima, California.
Port Washington. Ayhan Hassan has incor-                namese and Laotian forces after the U.S. with-              Dr. Preston’s teaching expertise has been
porated the beauty of the natural environment           drawal from Southeast Asia in 1972.                     recognized locally and nationally. Over the

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May 3, 2000                         CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                       E619
past seven years, his courses at UCLA have           instrumental in the formation of the Congres-            schools and provide valuable information so
received praise from students and colleagues.        sional Fire Services Caucus and the Congres-             other schools may learn what has made these
He is sought after by professional associations      sional Fire Services Institutes.                         schools so effective.
and corporations for his expertise on topics            Paul Boecker is a worthy successor to this               Calhoun Elementary School is made up of
such as team building, time management,              legacy.                                                  students in kindergarten through fifth grade.
leadership and motivation. Dr. Preston’s first          It’s hard to know where to begin to list              Programs at Calhoun Elementary include a
book, Time for Success, has helped many of           Paul’s accomplishments. Perhaps it is simplest           computer lab which is incorporated into the
his students and clients achieve their goals.        to say that, when he retired on July 2, 1994,            science, social studies, reading, and math cur-
   Two years ago, Dr. Preston was asked to           he had made the Lisle-Woodridge Fire District            riculums. Calhoun Elementary has increased
create an academic program that would help           one of the finest in the world.                          parental involvement by over 100%. The Fam-
professionals deal with the human issues that           But that might not fully capture what he did.         ily Reading Night has tripled in size since its
create challenges in organizations.                  During his 23 years as fire chief, he took a             inception last year. Other activities involving
   Phillips Graduate Institute invited Dr. Pres-     volunteer fire department of part-time fire-             parents include parent and child computer
ton to write the curriculum, hire adjunct faculty,   fighters and two stations that responded to              night, sweatshirt decorating, and speakers on
recruit students and create business alliances       454 calls to one that now responds annually to           topics of interest to parents, all of which are
for what would eventually become the Depart-         more than 4,800 calls with 100 full-time fire-           planned by the Title I Parent Liaison. Calhoun
ment of Organizational Behavior. Today, the          fighters at five stations.                               students participate in a keyboard lab to learn
department serves approximately twenty stu-             In 1993, the district became the first fire pro-      music, history, notes and background. This
dents in each class. In addition to the basic        tection district and one of only 15 fire depart-         has enabled students to become more pro-
skills needed in the business environment,           ments in the nation to achieve the ISO Class             ficient in science and math. Calhoun students
each student takes courses such as Ethics,           1 rating.                                                have improved achievement scores by at least
Conflict    Resolution,    and     Organizational       Paul’s accomplishments aren’t limited to the          16 points.
Change. Students are taught adult learning           local level. For 14 years, he served as chair-              Title I has enabled the school to adopt ex-
styles, how satisfaction is linked to perform-       man of the Emergency Management Com-                     tensive programmatic and systematic changes
ance, and how organizational values can lead         mittee of the International Association of Fire          to help ensure the success of their students.
to success beyond mere profit.                       Chiefs. He is the author of the ‘‘Common                 New teaching strategies have incorporated
   Dr. Preston’s students are as ethnically and      Sense Disaster Management—Think Big!’’                   tasks which require higher order thinking skills
professionally diverse as the organizations          program that is presented at numerous state              used in critical problem solving. Teachers en-
they serve. In a recent class, a workgroup in-       fire schools.                                            gage students in challenging activities which
cluded an entrepreneur, a financial planner, a          His list of awards is so long as to make a            capture the students’ interests. Teachers have
human resources specialist, and the CEO of a         full accounting here impossible. However, any-           also focused attention on addressing the
hospital. The common thread that weaves stu-         one who has been named citizen of the year               needs of a student body with multiple
dents together is that they work with people         in so many different places has clearly had an           intelligences and diverse learning capabilities.
and have the desire to create and maintain           impact.                                                     The students, teachers, administrators, and
successful long-term working relationships. By          Beyond his own personal accomplishments,              parents at Calhoun Elementary School should
teaching management strategies that empha-           Paul was instrumental in encouraging his per-            be proud of their extraordinary achievement.
size values such as honesty, loyalty, and            sonnel—from firefighters to administrators to            Their determination and community-based so-
teamwork, Dr. Preston is giving these students       fire chaplains—to contribute to the growth of            lutions set an outstanding example for other
the tools that can change the face of busi-          the national fire service. From his staff came           schools to follow.
ness.                                                ideas, encouraged by Paul, that led to the
   Mr. Speaker, distinguished colleagues,            Federation of Fire Chaplains and the Illinois            COMMENDING   THE    CITY  OF
please join me in honoring Dr. David Richard         Fire Chiefs’ Secretary Association.                       MONTCLAIR   IN   THE    WAR
Preston for his service both as Executive Di-           Paul is a man devoted to his profession, his           AGAINST HEART DISEASE
rector at Phillips Graduate Institute, and for his   family, and his friends. He exemplifies the
continual efforts to foster action on behalf of      spirit and dedication of the men and women in                      HON. GARY G. MILLER
education in the business community. He is a         the fire service.                                                          OF CALIFORNIA
role model for educators and business leaders           I congratulate Paul Boecker for winning the              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
who want to improve performance within their         Mason Lankford Fire Service Leadership
organizations, and together improve coopera-         Award. It is an honor to represent him in Con-                      Wednesday, May 3, 2000
tion and corporate citizenship as a society.         gress and an honor to recognize his achieve-                Mr. GARY G. MILLER of California. Mr.
                                                     ments here today.                                        Speaker, I rise to celebrate the exciting work
                                                                                                              that is being done to combat heart disease in
IN   RECOGNITION  OF   MASON                                                                                  the City of Montclair, California.
  LANKFORD FIRE SERVICE LEAD-                                  COMMENDING CALHOUN                                Heart disease is the number one killer in
  ERSHIP AWARD RECIPIENT PAUL                                   ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                             this nation. To battle this deadly problem, the
  BOECKER                                                                                                     American Heart Association works with local
                                                                  HON. ED WHITFIELD                           cities to encourage education on the disease
            HON. JUDY BIGGERT                                            OF KENTUCKY                          and to promote healthy lifestyles. This year, I
                  OF ILLINOIS                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   am pleased to join the American Heart Asso-
   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                                                            ciation of the Inland Empire to recognize the
                                                                 Wednesday, May 3, 2000                       City of Montclair in the war against heart dis-
           Wednesday, May 3, 2000                       Mr. WHITFIELD. Mr. Speaker, I rise to com-            ease.
   Mrs. BIGGERT. Mr. Speaker, today I recog-         mend a school in my District—Calhoun Ele-                   You may be interested to know that the City
nize and congratulate a true leader in fire          mentary School, located in McLean County,                of Montclair successfully competed for a grant
safety and emergency preparedness with               Kentucky. The school was honored on May 2                from the California Department of Health Serv-
whom the people of the 13th District of Illinois     as a Distinguished Title I School by the U.S.            ices Nutrition Network to promote healthy eat-
have the distinct pleasure of living.                Department of Education and the National As-             ing and lifestyles choices. This grant expands
   Tonight, that leadership will be honored at       sociation of State Title I Directors (NASTID) at         the city’s Por La Vida program. This program
the National Fire and Emergency Services             an awards luncheon in conjunction with the               trains Latino women to be health educators
Dinner held by the Congressional Fire Serv-          annual meeting of the International Reading              (consejeras) with a six-week series of ongoing
ices Institute. There, Paul Boecker, Fire Chief      Association. Each Distinguished School is                cooking classes. In addition to healthy meal
Emeritus of the Lisle-Woodridge Fire District,       nominated by its state.                                  preparation, the classes include formal chef
will receive the Mason Lankford Fire Service            The Title I program provides critical help to         demonstrations and tours of a local farmer’s
Leadership Award.                                    schools with students from low-income fami-              market. To promote heart-healthy lifestyles
   As my colleagues are no doubt aware, this         lies. Title I funds are targeted at boosting poor        throughout Montclair, the city council is also
award was established in 1998 in honor of the        achievement and improving basic skills. The              supportive of a cooking contest and a health
late Mason Lankford, who was a strong advo-          purpose of the Distinguished Title I Schools             promotion workshop that will be open to the
cate of all first responders. Lankford was also      award is to honor the successes of these                 entire community this summer.

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