Muscle Relaxants Practice Questions What class of drugs is

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					Muscle Relaxants Practice Questions:

   1. What class of drugs is typically used to treat spasticity related to CNS
   2. Which drug is contraindicated in patients with renal disease?
   3. What is the most common adverse effect of Dantrolene?
   4. With abrupt withdrawal of oral Baclofen, there is a high risk of what side
   5. With withdrawal of intrathecal administration of Baclofen, what side effects
      may result?
   6. What is the general MOA for spasmolytics?
   7. ________ are used to treat spasticity in CNS disorders and can be used long
      term, while ________ are used to treat musculoskeletal injuries and are usually
      used short term.
   8. Why might Benzos not be a drugs of choice for long term treatment of pain?

What drug am I?

      1. I am primarily used as an anti-epileptic, but can be used as a muscle
         relaxant as well. I have no drug interactions and work especially well in
         patients with chronic lower back pain. What drug am I?
      2. I am a drug used to treat spasticity in MS, stroke, and cerebral palsy, but I
         am also used to treat malignant hyperthermia.
      3. I am an alpha2 adrenergic agonist that is sometimes used in the
         treatment of musculoskeletal injury, but I am not a potent blood pressure
         lowering agent (though hypotension can be a side effect).
      4. I am an alpha2 adrenergic agonist that is sometimes used to treat
         musculoskeletal injuries; I am often used to treat hypertension and opiate
         withdrawal. What drug am I?
      5. I am a centrally acting agent that is sometimes used to treat
         musculoskeletal injury in combination with RICE and NSAIDS. My MOA is
         closely related to tricyclic antidepressants, and I am able to relieve local
         muscle spasms without interfering with contraction. What drug am I?
      6. I am a spasmolytics drug with action as a GABA-B receptor agonist. I am
         also used in trigeminal neuralgia and intractable hiccoughs. What drug
         am I?
      7. I inhibit SR Ca2+ sequestration and interfere with excitation-contraction
         coupling. I have the greatest effects on fast twitch fibers. What drug am I?
      8. I am a drug that works by blocking pre-synaptic ACh release – I am
         sometimes used to reduce muscle tone and spasms. What drug am I?
      9. We are a class of drugs that treat muscle pain purely by our sedative
         effects. What class are we?
10. I am a drug that is commonly used in chronic lower back pain. Because of
    my MOA, I may interact with MAOIs. Though drowsiness is a side effect, I
    cause much less drowsiness than some alternatives, and thus Dr. Z said
    that I am frequently prescribed (and that you all should remember me).
    What drug am I?
      General questions:

      1. Spasmolytics.
      2. Tizanidine.
      3. Weakness.
      4. Seizures.
      5. High fever, altered mental status, exaggerated rebound spasticity, and
         muscle rigidity.
      6. Mimic GABA or increase GABA.
      7. Spasmolytics; muscle relaxants.
      8. They are highly addictive.

What drug am I?

   1. Gaba-pentin.
   2. Dantrolene.
   3. Tizanidine.
   4. Clonidine.
   5. Cyclobenzapine.
   6. Baclofen.
   7. Dantrolene.
   8. Botulinum toxin.
   9. Benzos.
   10. Cyclobenzapine (because of how closely its MOA is with tricyclics, MAOIs
       have major interactions here).

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