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									Maximize your revenue from search results with Google AdSense.

AT A GLANCE • Put the most profitable ads in top positions • Match more ads to more results pages • Never show ads that don’t perform “Google provides us with highquality, relevant advertisements that deliver excellent clickthrough rates.” Steve Berkowitz
President, Ask Jeeves Web Properties, Ask Jeeves, Inc.

Profit from a strong advertiser base. Google AdSense™ helps websites generate more revenue by serving relevant ads alongside their search results. Here’s how: By combining Google’s powerful search technologies with thousands of keyword advertisers, publishers not only create an additional revenue stream, but also make their site more valuable to users. This is why some of the largest websites in the world, such as AOL, Ask Jeeves, Amazon, NEC, T-Online, and Disney, choose Google AdSense to monetize their search results. Maximize your revenue per page. Google technologies dynamically get the most revenue out of each search page. AdRank™, for example, calculates the revenue yield of an ad before ranking it on a results page. This means the most profitable ads appear at the top, where they will make you the most money on your limited search advertising inventory. AdRank instantly moves the highest-revenue ads into the positions where they are most likely to generate the most money for you. Prevent ads that don’t perform. Before your site displays an ad, it has been performance-tested on Ads that don’t maintain a clickthrough rate of 0.5 percent or better are discontinued. Only Google uses performance testing to ensure that you only receive the highest-quality ads. And AdRank technology prevents ads that don’t perform from “squatting” in prime positions, while boosting clickthrough rates with AdSense to 5 to 20 times higher than banner ads. Get more revenue-generating ads on more pages. Being a search provider does give Google an advantage in delivering more relevant ads with search results. Research has found that the top 100 searches, such as “flowers,” actually represent less than 1 percent of all searches.1 So our smart matching technology analyzes all search queries – including those with two or more words – to intelligently deliver more relevant and high-paying ads on more results pages. We even provide matching ads for misspelled queries.2 And, since 82 percent of searches contain two or more terms,3 Google’s smart matching technology generates more revenue opportunities for you. Put Nobel Prize-winning theories to work. Google’s unique auction model uses Nobel Prize-winning economic theory 4 to eliminate the winner’s curse – that feeling that you’ve paid too much. While the auction model lets advertisers bid on keywords, the AdWords™ Discounter makes sure that they only pay what they need in order to stay ahead of their nearest competitor. This long-term approach has helped Google attract thousands of advertisers since the system launched in 2002.

ABOUT GOOGLE SITE SERVICES Google’s site services enable online businesses to benefit from the world’s most advanced search and monetization technologies. Google WebSearch provides sites with access to billions of web pages and the ability to deliver highly relevant search services. Google AdSense enables websites and online publishers to monetize their sites by serving ads precisely targeted to specific web content and search pages. Google’s large base of advertisers also benefit from AdSense, gaining exposure on sites across the Google Network, including many of the largest websites in the world, such as AOL, Ask Jeeves, Lycos, and EarthLink. For more information, go to

Deliver a better user experience. AdSense delivers ads when people are looking for information and answers. Ads that don’t disrupt or annoy users; rather, they invite people to take action. AdSense not only generates revenue, it also provides a valuable service to your users who are searching for products and services. And you can take advantage of these ads to drive more traffic to your site, too.

America Online uses Google AdSense for search.

Google internal data. Feature available to partners also using Google WebSearch. 3 Google internal data. 4 To learn more about the Nobel Prize-winning economics work of William Vickrey, search for “Vickrey Auction” with Google-powered search.
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