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          How To Find The Right Google Adsense Keywords So That Your Earnings Skyrocket
                                                            By Christopher Kyalo

   How To Find The Right Google Adsense Keywords So That Your Earnings Skyrocket

 The right Google Adsense keywords will make all the difference to your earnings. It has
been proved again and again that attracting high-paying Adsense ads is much more
effective in increasing your income from Adsense that trying to increase traffic to your
site. In other words traffic is important but the right Adsense keywords are even more
important in increasing your earnings.

 Online marketers are well aware of this fact and many of them have taken advantage
by trying to sell all sorts of lists claiming to list keywords that will attract the highest
paying Google Adsense ads. The rather unfortunate result of this, is that it has led many
site owners to shift their focus to keywords that are not related to the subject covered by
their blogs or websites.

 This is a big mistake because the truth is that virtually every subject will have relevant
keywords that are capable of attracting higher-paying Adsense ads. So the focus should
be on generating high quality relevant content for which you can later seek the best
keywords to insert without changing the meaning or impact of the articles. Always
remember that good content is what will keep your visitors at your site long enough for
them to notice your Adsense ads and to click on them. It will also cause them to come
back frequently and to keep on clicking on new Adsense ads that appear on your fresh
content as you regularly update your blog or site.

 Like in any other business you will make the most profit from repeat visitors because
every new visitor to your site will cost you a lot of time effort and money while repeat
visitors will cost you virtually nothing. The larger your number of regular repeat visitors,
the better.

 It is important to ensure that every article in your website or blog carrying Google
Adsense ads contains the best possible keywords to attract the highest paying Google
Adsense ads. So it is an extremely profitable exercise to go through all your old content
and insert the best Adsense keywords.

 One thing that most site owners forget is that the ads situation is extremely fluid and
constantly changing. New ads come in all the time while old ads are pulled out and
replaced by others. At times they are not replaced at all since the advertiser may

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already have succeeded in his marketing objectives, he may then have opted to change
his strategy and use other marketing methods.

 This is the reason why it is impossible to guarantee that a certain keyword will always
attract ads that pay a certain exact amount. All you can do is generally target a keyword
that tends to attract higher-paying Google Adsense ads. It is yet another reason why
you should always focus on high quality, relevant content first and then the right
keywords should be a secondary but nonetheless equally important objective.

The writer of this article ghostwrites articles for sites and blogs that attract higher-paying
Google Adsense Ads. He charges only $15 for a 300-400 word article. This fee includes
researching keywords that will attract higher-paying Google Adsense ads. Contact him
now at ckyalo at

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