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									PRESS RELEASE                                                              May 2011


                                 Wellfeet Perfect Pedicure

    Wellbeing for stressed feet!
    Exciting aromas and premium ingredients pamper stressed the skin from the tip of the toes
    all the way to the heels. The new Wellfeet products give the feet new energy, freshness
    and their attractivity back.

    Aromatic Foot Butter with anti-callus effect
    The especially rich massage butter nourishes chapped skin and very dry feet.
    Simultaneously, glycolic acid reduces the new formation of calluses and supports the
    shedding of dead skin cells. Dry feet become soft and supple again thanks to shea butter
    and almond oil. The contained essential oils from grapefruit and almond oil give the
    cream a vitalizing aroma.

    Aromatic Repair Balm
    The popular balsam in a limited special size gives the skin long-lasting care thanks to the
    ingredient cocktail made of cupuacu butter, calendula and jojoba oil, vitamin E as well as
    lotus, hibiscus and sweet yam root extract. A pleasant orange scent gives the body and
    soul new vitality.

    Soft Repair Balm
    The fresh, fast absorbing foot care in a limited size is ideal for hot summer days. The feet
    are protected and nourished thanks to lotus and hibiscus extract. Nourishing jojoba oil
    makes the skin soft and supple. Additionally shea butter cares for the skin and stops it
    from dehydrating. Fruity mandarin and grapefruit oil give the cream the fresh, pleasant
    scent which revives the soul.

               The new collection will be available on the market as of Mid-May 2011.

For more information, please contact:
Sandrine Maier
International Public Relations
ARTDECO cosmetic GmbH
Gaußstr. 13, 85757 München-Karlsfeld
Tel.: 08131/390-255, Fax: 08131/390-357

From now on, please note that all pictures of the current launches will be provided on our
ftp-server. Please use the given link below and enter the username and password:
Link: http://artmarkd.artdeco.domainfactory-kunde.de/
Username: artmarkd
Password: semird

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