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                            THE HERO’S JOURNEY
The hero's journey is a pattern that can be found in myths, stories, and legends from a
   range of cultures and time periods. From ancient Greece to modern Hollywood and
anywhere beyond or in between, the hero's journey is an important archetype (or basic
              original pattern) from which many stories have been derived.

                 1. Ordinary World - The hero's normal world before the story begins
Odysseus was the ruler of Ithaca. He had a
wife (Penelope) and a son (Telemachus).

      2. Call to Adventure - The hero is presented with a problem, challenge or adventure
King Menelaus of Sparta had his wife (Helen)
stolen from him by Troy. Odysseus had sworn
to protect their marriage. The Trojan War
breaks out.

  3. Refusal of the Call - The hero refuses the challenge or journey, usually because he's scared
Odysseus doesn’t want to go to war. He
pretends to be insane. The Greeks prove
Odysseus is faking it and Odysseus leads his
Ithacan soldiers to war.
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  4. Meeting with the Mentor - The hero meets a mentor to gain advice or training for the adventure
Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, is the main
mentor of Odysseus. She gives Odysseus
intelligence in tricking the Cyclops, finds his
son Telemachus, disguises him from Penelope,
assures Odysseus the suitors will die, and
guards Odysseus as he kills them.

Odysseus also aided by Hermes versus the
Witch Circe. Circe herself becomes a mentor
(and lover) when she warns Odysseus of the
Sirens, the Scylla, and the Charybdis. And the
dead prophet, Teiresias, tells Odysseus his
  5. Crossing the First Threshold - The hero crosses leaves the ordinary world and goes into the special
               world. The threshold is the jumping off point - the gateway to the unknown
Odysseus travels to the Land of the Dead,
where he summons spirits of the dead
through sacrifice. Teiresias tells him of the
journey he must take back to Ithaca, and how
he will die.
6. Tests, Allies, Enemies - The hero faces tests, meets allies, confronts enemies & learn the rules
                                          of this new world.
Tests                                               Tests
     The Trojan War                                     Luke is rescued by Obi Wan from the
     Battle with the Cicones                               Sandpeople
     The Island of the Lotus Eaters                     Luke escapes the Stormtroopers
     Polyphemus the Cyclops                             Luke vs. the Garbage Monster
     The Island of Aeolia (bag of wind)                 Luke vs. the Garbage Smasher
     Laestrygonians (cannibals)                         Luke Destroying the Death Star
     The Defeat of the Witch Circe                 Allies
     The Resisting of the Sirens                        Han Solo
     Passing the Scylla & Charybdis                     Princess Leia
     Killing of Helios’s Sacred Cattle                  Obi Wan Kenobi
     Escaping the Nymph Calypso                         The Droids (R2-D2 & C-3PO)
Allies                                                   Chewbacca
     The Phaecians                                 Enemies
     Telemachus                                         Stormtroopers
     Eumaeus & Philoeteus: the herdsmen                 Darth Vader
     Eurcleia: Penelope’s Maid                          Grand Moff Tarkin & Officers
Enemies                                                  Other Imperials
     The Suitors                                        Sandpeople
     The Traitorous Maids                               Bar Patrons/Aliens
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       7. Approach - The hero has hit setbacks during tests & may need to try a new idea
The suitors are swarming his palace. Athena      Luke and his allies infiltrate the Death Star
advises Odysseus to disguise himself as a        dressed as stormtroopers in order to avoid
beggar in order to avoid detection.              detection.

                     8. Ordeal - The biggest life or death crisis up to this point
Odysseus infiltrates his palace in disguise and      Luke had to escape the Death Star with
passes his wife’s test – he strings his own bow Princess Leia, avoiding the stormtroopers and
and shoots the arrow through 12 axe handles. other enemies in the process.

     9. Reward - The hero has survived death, overcomes his fear and now earns the reward
He has won his own wife back – he has                They rescue Princess Leia and escape the
“rescued” Penelope from the grasp of the             Death Star, at a cost of Obi Wan Kenobi’s
suitors.                                             death.
  10. The Road Back - The hero must return to the Ordinary World. Fighting from The Ordeal is
                                             not finished.
Odysseus reveals himself as the returned king Luke and his allies travel to the secret Rebel
of Ithaca.                                           Base on Yavin IV; reunites with the Rebel
                                                     Alliance to plot against the Death Star.
11. Resurrection Hero - another test where the hero faces death – he has to use everything he's
With help from his son, the two herders, and         Luke and the other Rebel pilots attack the
Athena, Odysseus kills all the suitors and           Death Star, and are victorious. Obi Wan guides
hangs the unfaithful maids.                          Luke through the space battle with the Force.
12. Return with Elixir - The hero returns from the journey with the “elixir” (his new power/skill),
                         and uses it to help everyone in the Ordinary World
Odysseus, after reuniting with Penelope, has         Luke is considered a hero, and has gained
restored order to Ithaca and continues life in       knowledge of the Force, which he will use to
his rightful place as king. Everything is back to help the Rebel Alliance.

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