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					                                     The Story of the Lotus

The sacred lotus flower is one of the most beautiful flowers to behold and most fragrant of
all blooms.

It has been an extreme important spiritual symbol in Eastern religions for millennium.

Of all the myriad buds and blooms, the lotus flower is the most revered and esteemed in the
East, representing eternity, purity and divinity and is widely used as a symbol of strength,
perseverance, resilience, prosperity and beauty. This flower grows in the murkiest and dirtiest
waters, producing beautiful and fragrant flowers with showy blooms 8-12 inches in diameter.
A pond of mature lotus is a stunning sight. Quite unlike water lilies, the lotus rises above the
water on stems from 1 to 8 feet tall.

Spiritually the lotus represents the individual’s progress from darkness to light, from the
lowest to the highest state of consciousness. One of the most common metaphysical
analogies compares the lotus’ rise to faultless beauty from the miry environment to the
evolution of man’s consciousness—from instinctive impulses to spiritual liberation.

The lotus responds to the presence or absence of light and warmth, submerging itself by
night and rising from the water at dawn.

How does this translate into life? The lotus is symbolic of the human existence and how we
are constantly faced with trials, tribulations and trouble. It suggests that we continue to press
forward and surpass those things that may hinder us and turn those experiences into food for
thought and growth.

Like the lotus, no matter our surroundings or circumstances, we too can realize our own
staying power, our own radiance and our ability to “rise above” all such trials and tribulations;
that no task is too great, no fear is too heavy and no challenge is too hard if we look inward
and upward to our Source for all the answers and sustenance we could ever imagine or desire.

Today, the invitation is to be the “lotus”, to look up in the midst of any circumstance and to
come out on top shining and unscathed.

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