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					Michael Leggett
MIS 2501
Exam 2
                                                Lotus Quickr

         As a company we never really tried to implement computers into our daily business routine. We
have been running a basic system using mostly paper forms and printed out documents. As technology
has progressed so have the utilities that can be used to run a business more efficiently. We currently
employ 30 people solely for going through the immense amount of paperwork that our company
produces. These 30 employees have a collective salary of 1.35 million dollars every year. After
researching a similar firm that had a very similar paper problem, I discovered a utility called Lotus
Quickr, produced by IBM, that has the potential to not only reduce the amount of forms we process but
it can also increase our employees productivity by 20%!

         Lotus Quickr is a social team based collaborative software that is used to share virtual content
easily and effectively, all while remaining extremely organized. Lotus connection technology brings the
benefits of social media, wikis, blogs and real time messaging up to speed for use in the corporate
environment. Kind of like if Facebook and Wikipedia decided to start a business together and pumping
iron. Lotus enables teams to collaborate on group projects and documents from virtually anywhere in
the world at any given time. It also utilizes virtual documents which will not only cut down on the
tremendous amount of document clutter we have been experiencing but it will also reduce the amount
of document duplications and content inefficiencies that can found using a paper system. Lotus also
allows all projects and documents to be effortlessly shared throughout the company, through the use of
special content libraries, which keep documents organized and easily accessible. This organizational
aspect is a much needed improvement for our company.

         At this present time we currently have 30 employees spending all of their time processing paper
work ranging from purchase orders, to accounts payable, and various invoice processing. By
implementing Lotus Quickr we can increase their productivity by 20%. But why stop there? Instead of
just upgrading those 30 employees the company should upgrade all 850 employees, so the 20% increase
of productivity can be obtainable by the entire workforce. To implement this software it would cost us a
total of $110,500 to cover hardware operations over the next 3 years plus an additional $6,400 to
license the software. We also would need to hire a new system administrator to install, configure, and
run Quickr which would cost us an additional $375,000 over the next three years. All of this would cost
a total of $491,900 over a three year period. But I have found a better solution. A company called
Phase 2 offers excellent hosting options as an alternative to purchasing the hardware, licensing
software, and hiring a system administrator. Phase 2 charges 14.49 per user, per month, which would
come to total cost of $443,394 for all 850 employees over the next three years. That is a total saving of
$48,506 by allowing Phase 2 to host Lotus Quickr. So in conclusion Lotus Quickr will allow us to reduce
or clutter from forms and increase our production by 20%, and Phase 2 Lotus Quickr hosting services will
be able to save us even more revenue.
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