Lotus Notes Lotus Notes Duration 7 by liuqingyan


									                               Lotus Notes
Duration: 7 hours

Cost: $ 150.00 - Manuals included.

This course has been developed for organisations eager to make new
employees productive with Lotus Notes as quick as possible.

In this session the student will learn how to use Lotus Notes effectively. We
will cover all aspects of mail messaging, also how to use the calendar
efficiently. We will also cover adding people and groups the personal address
book, handling the To Do list and many other features available using Lotus

Course Content:

   Understand basic Lotus Notes             Schedule, re-schedule and
    terminology                               respond to a meeting invitation
   Create and send a mail message           Change the lotus notes password
   Reply to and forward a mail              Enable/disable Out of Office
    message                                   feature
   Sort, print and delete mail              Delegate mail and calendar access
    messages                                 Create and send a phone message
   Add, view, launch and detach an          Create a mail rule
                                             Select letterhead
   Create, edit and delete a contact in
    the Personal Address book                Create personal stationery
   Create, edit and delete a group          Organise your Lotus Notes
    (mailing list) in the Personal            workspace and work with more
    Address book                              than one database
   Assign a category to a contact           Create a document of file link
   Create, edit and delete a calendar       Interpret unread marks
    entry (i.e. appointment, anniversary,    Use basic Lotus Notes word-
    reminder and event)

Contact Us :

Please contact us by email or phone to register your interest in this course.

email : training@infoxchange.net.au
Phone Amodha on: 9486 9355 ext.117

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