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									The Actors are :

         DIDIK HARI (113090009) acting as KHALID

         RADITYA SYAHROZI (113090010) acting as LECTURER and NARRATOR

         FITHRATUL SAUWA (113090034) acting as RADIT

         HABBI ANANTO (113090012) acting as FINZA and NARRATOR

         ALDINDHA OKTA (113090017) acting as DINDA and PRACTICUM ASSISTANT

Our Theme is :

         “TODAY IS A BAD DAY”

Here is the story :

         Sukabirus, at seven o’clock in the boardring house. There are some people doing their task, that
is Calculus.

Let’s see their activity..

Adit: Hey, how about our task? We haven’t done it yet.

Finza: Yeah, unfortunately we must collect this tomorrow. I am afraid we won’t get them until finish.

Kholid: Take it easy, I almost finish them.

Dinda: Be quiet lid, it’s your fault! If you didn’t invite us to play futsal, we would finish them easily.

Kholid: haha…sorry.. I am fully responsible for this. Surely, I do it right now.

Adit: alright, you ought to, wake up me soon, I’m very sleepy right now.

Kholid: ok dit..

Finza: Nah, I have finished most of the part

Dinda: May I take look??

Kholid: and so do I, Let’s combine them, and finish them.

Dinda & Finza: Okey..

Kholid: huft.. finally we did it..
Dinda: Alright Lid, we leave now. Don’t forget to wake him up.

Kholid: ok, no problem… be careful friends..

Finza: Assalamualaikum..

Kholid: Walaikumsalam Wr. Wb. Dit.. Dit.. wake up! Do your task first,

Adit: wait a minute..

Kholid: Up to you then, if you don’t get them, don’t blame me, Okey!?

        (pause) Because adit didn’t wake up, so Kholid went overslept too. Tomorrow, the class start at
07:00 Am in A307. Meanwhile, both of them don’t wake upuntil now. So, they attend class late, but
otherwise Finza and Dinda come to the class earlier than everyone.. let’s see what happen with them
right now??(play)

Kholid & Adit: Assalamualaikum.. (come to class hurried)

Lecture: Come here!! Where have you been?? Look at the clock, what time is it??

Adit: at eight o’clock, we are so sorry sir, because our class is located at A307 sir..

Lecture: You are very reckless! What a silly reason..

Kholid: sorry sir,we come here only to collect my task..

Lecture: What?? You come here only to collect our task?? Where are them..

Kholid: here it’s sir..

Dinda: Just take their task sir, They are so pity

Lecture: Keep silence Dinda, this is your task?? (rip their task). Don’t ever come to my class..get out!!

Adit: But sir..

Lecture: shut up.. I say, GET OUT!!!

Kholid: Thanks you sir.. Assalamualaikum..

Lecture & Students: Walaikumsalam Wr. Wb.
         (pause) Both of them leave the class. They feel so sad, meanwhile Finza and Dinda continue
their lesson in the class, we will watch the continuation of their horrible fortune, alright guys, Let’s
play… Now They sit in front of wall magazine..(so sad..)

Kholid: This is your fault dit..

Adit: why me? This is yours, you didn’t wake me up that morning..

Kholid: yah, I have wake you up manytimes, you sleep like a dead man…

Adit: haha, alright then… it’s too late, we have been expelled

Kholid: so, what will we do now??

Adit: time to go home, what else??

Kholid: wait,, today is practicum day isn’t it!!

Adit: are you sure? I don’t think so..

Kholid: it’s today dit, you just too much sleeping

Adit: okay okay, it’s still 9 o’clock, our practicum time is at one p.m there are still 3 more hours to sleep..

Kholid: you always think about sleep, what if we didn’t get up at the time..?

Adit: we will insyaAllah,, come on!! I feel very sleeply right now

Kholid: what about we take ESAP right now, to increase our mark in English

Adit: aah, we can do ESAP later, November, December may be. We can forget it for now..

Kholid: oh dit, I’m afraid you will postpone it again

Adit: take it easy lid, Miss Ima is so kind as a lecture, we sure get ‘A’ insyaAllah

Kholid: Amiin ya Rabb..

Adit: come on, let’s go home

         (pause) They go to in the ATM for take their motorcycle (play)

Kholid: where is our motorcycle??
Adit: over there..

Kholid: it’s just like a werd thing happens on our motorcycle

Adit: Astaghfirullah… the tyre is flat

Kholid: it’s your mistake dit, you put down the motorcycle at ATM, it must be flatted by a fat security

Adit: haha, forget it lid, today must be our bad day lid..

Kholid: so, what will do now?

Adit: oya, over there , there is a workshop, you have money don’t you!

Kholid: no, I don’t..

Adit: and so do I! it means we must push their motorcycle. Huh…

         (pause) because they have no money afterall, so they push their motorcycle to their boarding
house. In the boarding house they sleep so tightly. But At one o’clock they keep sleeping as well, and
suddenly…. (play)

Kholid: dit, wake up! It’s one o’clock.. come on!

Adit: what…

Kholid: go… go… we are going to late

       (pause) they go to F building to start the practicum in the practicum room. In the practicum
room (play).

Kholid: sorry sir, we are late

Assistant: ok, no problem come in. Now put your practicum card & practicum modul on your table

Adit: nah, there it is… but where is my card?

Kholid: this my card, but where is my modul?

Assistant: student who doesn’t bring the card and the modul please leave this room now and take your
Kholid: it’s like we get a bad fortunate again dit. Sorry sir, we leaved it in our home…

Adit: huufftt….

Assistant: ok, please bring your card and your modul first. We will continue our practicum!

         (pause) when they go home, practicum have been starting by the assistant and 6 minutes later

Kholid: assalamualaikum….

Assistant: waalaikum salam.. come in, where is your modul and practicum card?

Kholid & adit: here it’s sir…

Assistant: ok, please continue your task

         (pause) suddenly electricity triggers… (play)

All (except assistant): astaghfirullah!!!!

Iza: what must we do sir?

Assistant: now collect all of your task

All: but, we haven’t finished them sir

Assistant: oh, I don’t care whether you finished or not. Collect all of your work now!!

Kholid: but, we attend this class a minute ago…

Assistant: it’s your fault. Collect them now!!

Adit: oh my God, It’s surely our bad day lid…

        And then, they go home with sad feeling. They are really sorry about many bad incident they
have. Surely they got a bad day… but don’t judge the bad things a missfortunate, but make the bad
things as motivation for us to do better and better everydays to achieve a success.

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