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									US MASTERS Synchronized Swimming

        The US Masters SS Championship was held at Roseville California, October 14-17, 2004.
Twenty-seven Clubs attended including two Canadian clubs, Fraser Valley and Vancouver
Masters. We were fortunate to have good weather until Sunday when the wind and rain
        Thank you to Sue Ahlf and her committee who made it a memorable event and to all the
judges, scorers and workers who made the meet possible.
        Two hundred twenty-eight athletes competed. Free routines totaled 47 solos, 59 duets, 25
trios and 32 teams. 124 competed in figure competition, 55 C figures and 69 in combined A & B
figures. 104 competed in the tech solo event.
        The high point trophy went to the Unsyncables, MAC Synchro second and Dayton Third.
        Carolyn Madden, Dayton Synchronettes received the May McEwan Memorial Trophy
Congratulations to Carolyn and to all who participated in the championships. We will look for
you in Florida
        Congratulations to Nancy Weiman!! She will be honored and inducted into ISHOF in the
Masters Synchronized Swimming category in January.
        July, ‘05 World Masters Games, Edmonton Canada. Six Clubs competed in the World
Games in Edmonton, Canada. Dayton Synchronettes, DC Synchromasters, Indy Synchro,
Rampo Aquamasters, Seattle Cascades, and Seattle Kaleidoscopes. Irene Hawes was selected as
the International Judge to attend for the US Masters. We look forward to receiving their results
and hearing their report at convention.
        The 2005 Masters will be held in Clermont, Fl, October 20-23. Convention 2004 the
Masters Synchro Program was aligned with FINA. A technical routine is required for each free
routine entered. All technical routines are 1-½ minutes. The rules in the USSS 2004-2005
handbook are correct for the Florida meet.

Nan Zack
Masters Chair

Agenda Masters Meeting     USAS Convention, 9/05

Approval of Convention Minutes 2004
Masters Restricted Fund

Athletes Report Scotti Nichols, Amber Kemmerling
2004 U.S. Masters Championship Report
World Masters’ 9/05 Edmonton Canada Report

May McEwan Award Report
As Hoc Committee: International Judges Reimbursement
Ad Hoc Committee: High Point Trophy

2005 Legislation
New Business

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