Grant-in-Aid of Research Final Report Cover Sheet and Instructions

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					          Grant-in-Aid of Research: Final Report Cover Sheet and Instructions
                                                   Highlands Biological Station
                                            265 N. Sixth Street, Highlands, North Carolina 28741

Tel: 828-526-2602                Fax: 828-526-2797                    website:               email:

Name                                                                              Date

Email                                                                             Phone

Institution                                                                       Department

Mailing Address                                                                   City                            State        Zip

Amount of Grant                                                                   Reporting Period                        to
                                                                                                         (date)                      (date)

Title of Project


    1. Complete the information requested on this cover sheet

    2. On additional pages, provide the following information:

              a.   Non-technical Abstract: a brief (200 word) general abstract that will be comprehensible to a lay person. Portions of
                   this abstract may be used in our newsletter and other publications.

              b.   Specific objectives of the work

              c.   Methods followed, including experimental design, where applicable

              d.   Utilization of time during reporting period

              e.   Localities used for work: Be as specific as possible, giving elevations and extent of study areas, with a general
                   description of each area. Plot the areas on a map, if possible.

              f.   Brief description of significant results to date

              g.   Extent of collections (if applicable). Include species list for each locality.

              h.   Depository of collections (if applicable)

              i.   Plans for completing research at home institution