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                                                October 22 & 23

Looking for
Quality Leads?
The CFA’s Franchise Show is Canada’s largest franchise-only
exhibition, bringing together the most brand-name franchises at
all investment levels, for all potential franchisees.
Toronto Congress Centre, Hall J, North Building
650 Dixon Road (off highway 401)                             Exclusive
                                                           to Canadian
Toronto, Ontario                                            Franchise
October 22 & 23, 2011                                      Association
                                       PLATINUM SPONSOR

The National Voice of Franchising in Canada
We are proud to be imitated, but don’t be fooled.
Many business shows showcase low-investment business opportunities, which can dilute your offering.
CFA’s two-day show invites you to exhibit among the most recognizable franchise names in Canada.
Exhibiting in The Franchise Show is exclusive to CFA members.
If you are looking to expand your franchise, The Franchise Show is a must!
Contact the Canadian Franchise Association for membership and show information.
   Canadian Franchise Association 1-800-665-4232 / Lou Gervasi Ext. 243, Email:

        More Exposure,                                           Who Attends
        More Leads, More Sales                                   The Show?
        Why exhibit at The Franchise Show?                       The Franchise Show reaches potential
        • Meet thousands of potential franchisees                franchisees who are ready to invest as well as
          face-to-face                                           new investors.
        • Generate franchise sales
        • Meet qualified investors                               Past show attendees said:
        • Build on CFA’s massive media buy, which                • 40% ready to invest $10,000 to $100,000
          includes top radio and television stations, and          and 35% were ready to invest $100,000 –
          extensive print advertising in the most-read             $500,000
          newspapers and magazines                               • 60% confirmed they are ready to invest
        • Build your brand awareness                               in 1-2 years
        • Increase exposure for your business                    • 70% of visitors are between the ages of
        • Exhibit with other industry leaders                      25-50 years old
        • Raise your profile in the industry                     • 40% of attendees said they had not
        • Network with other industry members                      previously attended a Franchise Show
        • Solidify relationships with your customers

        Build brand awareness and increase exposure for your business through publicity.
             BusinessCast Podcast, CBC News, CBC Fortune Hunters, Commercial Investor, Fairchild
             Television, Food Service & Hospitality, KISS 92 FM, Life & Fashion Magazine, Metroland,
             NOW Magazine, OMNI Television, Ontario Festivals Visited, Profit Magazine, Q107,
             Scarborough News, Sing Tao Daily, WAVE 94.7, YTN International

       FREE: Attendee Lead List
       An Exclusive Benefit Now Available to The Franchise Show Exhibitor
       Receive a permission-based lead list of attendees at The Franchise Show. Attendees are asked to
       provide us with their contact information. They are given the opportunity to opt-out of receiving
       information from exhibitors so the list you will receive is highly qualified. You can now receive this
       permission-based list within 10 days after the show by completing the “List Usage Agreement”
       found in the Exhibitor’s Manual available at

                                                                                   Exhibitor Testimonials
 “This show exceeded my expectations, both in terms of number of leads and quality of the people I talked with.
  CFA staff were professional and responsive to any needs I had. I've already booked my next show with the CFA!”
  ~ Gary Prenevost, Frannet of Southern Ontario

 “Excellent show- provided fantastic exposure and generated quality leads.”
  ~ Pino Di Ioia, Beavertails Canada
                                                                                                                   page 2
The Franchise Show has the largest number of
Canada’s franchise brands under one roof.
Demand for exhibit space
is extremely high and
                                    SEMINAR                                    EXHIBITOR LOUNGE                             SEMINAR
space fills up quickly.             SERIES A                                   & MEETING ROOM                               SERIES B

Reserve Your Exhibit                710 709 708
                                                                      ASK A
                                                                  FRANCHISE       A      B         705 704 703               702 701
Space Today.                        EXIT                  AISLE 700                                                                             EXIT

                                    220                221 320               321 420               421 520               521 620                621
Exhibit Space                       218                219 318               319 418               419 518               519 618                619
Exhibit space is reserved for CFA
member Franchise Systems, as well
as CFA member Franchise Support     216                217 316               317 416               417 516               517 616                617
Services companies.
                                    214                215 314               315 414               415 514               515 614                615
                                           AISLE 200

                                                                 AISLE 300

                                                                                       AISLE 400

                                                                                                             AISLE 500

                                                                                                                                    AISLE 600
Booth Package                       212                213 312               313 412               413 512               513 612                613

• Attractive draped booth           210                211 310               311 410               411 510               511 610                611
• FREE Carpeted aisles              208                209 308               309 408               409 508               509 608                609
• FREE Comprehensive Exhibitor
  Manual                            EXIT                                                                                                        EXIT
• FREE Exhibitor’s Lounge,
                                    206                207 306               307 406               407 506               507 606                607
  including complimentary
  refreshments and lunch            204                205 304               305 404               405 504               505 604                605
• FREE Quiet seating area for
  one-on-one meetings
• FREE Listing in the Show Guide    202                203 302               303 402               403 502               503 602                603
• FREE Exhibitor Badges
                                    200                201 300               301 400               401 500               501 600                601
• FREE 24 Hour Security
• FREE parking                                            AISLE 100
• FREE guest passes;                                                                                                                             PUBLIC
                                    108 107 106 105 104 103                                                  102 101 100           099           CAFE
• FREE – Lead List of the show
  attendees                                                                           SHOW
                                                                                  ENTRANCE / EXIT
*Floorplan subject to change

                                                                                                                                                          page 3
 Increase your visibility at
 The Franchise Show
                                                                      If you are targeting FRANCHISORS, look for this symbol:
                                                      If you are targeting PROSPECTIVE FRANCHISEES, look for this symbol:

    The Franchise Show

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          AISLE SPONSOR
                                                                                                                                        $899 (1 available)

                                                                                                                                                                       $799 (4 available)

                                                                                                                                                                                                     $599 (3 available)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          $599 (7 available)
                                                                                                                $10,000 (SOLD)
    TORONTO, ON • October 22 & 23, 2011


    Please Note: Sponsorship is reserved for Franchise Systems who are Franchise Show exhibitors.
    Sponsorship is open to all Franchise Support Services members.

    Logo on overall show signage                                                                           •                       •                              •                             •                                   •
    Logo on show guide sponsor page                                                                        •                       •                              •                             •                                   •
    Logo on event web pages                                                                                •                       •                              •                             •                                   •
    Logo in marketing materials                                                                            •                       •                              •                             •                                   •
    Your promotional flyers inserted into attendee bags (flyers to be supplied by sponsor)                 •                       •
    Logo on 3'x3' sign at exhibitor check-in counter at show entrance                                      •                       •
    Logo recognition as official sponsor of onsite exhibitors’ newsletter                                  •                                                      •
    Your company bags given to all attendees (bags to be supplied by sponsor                               •
    Opportunity to speak at two seminars during the show                                                   •
    Recognition in print, radio and television advertising                                                 •
    Two premium 10’x10’ booth spaces                                                                       •
    Logo on show guide cover                                                                               •
    Show guide listing enhancement                                                                         •
    Right of First Refusal on Platinum Sponsorship for next
    Franchise Show in Toronto (same month)                                                                 •
    Full-page colour inside-front-cover show guide ad                                                                              •
    One colour business card-sized ads in e-newsletter to franchise contacts                                                                                      •
    Logo on 3'x3' sign on ticket counter at entrance                                                                                                                                            •
    One-hour timeslot in Ask the Experts booth                                                                                                                    •                             •
    Logo on 4’x3’ hanging aisle sign                                                                       •                                                                                                                        •

                                                                     For further details and sponsorship availability visit or
                                                                           Contact: Canadian Franchise Association at 1-800-665-4232
                                                                                                Lou Gervasi - Ext. 243 /
                                                                                              Suzy Sanford - Ext. 225 /

                                                                                                    Exhibitor Testimonial
“I attend several shows every year to promote our franchise - as I have found this our most effective way of reaching qualified prospects.
   Participation in Franchise Shows gives us the opportunity to present our concept professionally and meet with prospective franchisees
       face to face - which is so important. The CFA Franchise Shows consistently draw high quality attendees, have great traffic and offer
            meaningful seminars. I would highly recommend the CFA Shows to anyone wanting to launch or further promote their brand.”
                                                                                                                                                             ~ Garry Tynan, President, Curb-Ease


 Advertising                                                                       Material Specifications
 Show Guide Advertising Packages:
                                                                                   • Logo must be provided in TIF or EPS format, 300 dpi, CMYK
 Ad Package 1 ................................................$799 (1 available)   • Print ad Specifications:
 Outside Back Cover Full Page Ad                                                     Full page ad: 5.5” x 8.5” plus 1/4 inch bleed (width x height)
 Ad Package 2 ................................................$699 (1 available)     1/4 page ad: 4.865” x 1.815”
 Inside back Cover Full Page Ad                                                      Ads must be Quark 7, Press Ready PDF or TIF.
Ad Package 3 ................................................$499 (unlimited)        Ad locations cannot be reserved due to size restrictions.
Full Page Ad                                                                       • Web ad Specifications:
Ad Package 4 ................................................$399 (unlimited)        Tradeshow Update ad: 570 x 90 pixels (width x height),
Promotional flyer insert in attendee bags (2,500 flyers to be                        Ads must be GIF, PNG or JPG
supplied by advertiser).                                                           • Promotional flyers: 8.5” x 11”
Ad Package 5 ................................................$350 (4 available)    • E-mail your logo and ad to
Supplier Members Business Resources Section 1/4 pg
horizontal ad (reserved for CFA FSS members).
                                                                                   Franchise Show Exhibitors Co-op
 Ad Package 6 ................................................$249 (unlimited)     Advertising Program .................................FREE
 Do you have more than one brand? Add an additional brand
 listing and colour logo.                                                          To take part in this program, simply mention The Franchise Show
 Ad Package 7 ................................................$199 (unlimited)     dates and location in any of your pre-show advertising (print,
 Colour Logo enhancement to appear with your listing description.                  web, radio, etc). Send us a copy of your ad along with your
NEW! Digital Advertising ..............................$599 (unlimited)            colour logo in a JPEG file. We’ll feature your logo and add your
Highlight your brand and direct traffic to your booth through                      web link to it on The Franchise Show Exhibitors Page. To
scrolling advertisement on large digital monitors at the show                      enhance your print advertising, the National Post, the Toronto
entrance.                                                                          Star and the Toronto Sun run weekly Franchise Sections:
NEW! Bag Insert Add-on ..............................$199 (unlimited)              National Post
Add a promotional flyer insert in attendee bags to any of the
                                                                                   Contact Fernando Fletcher at (416) 386-2876 or
above packages (2,500 flyers to be supplied by advertiser).
Deadline for Show Guide Advertising is SEPTEMBER 12, 2011.                         Toronto Star
                                                                                   Contact Will Velez at (416) 869-4105 or

                                                                        For further details and advertising availability visit or
                                                                             Contact: Canadian Franchise Association at 1-800-665-4232
                                                                                                  Lou Gervasi - Ext. 243 /
                                                                                                Suzy Sanford - Ext. 225 /

                                                                                                         Exhibitor Testimonials
“Great show and a high volume of attendees both days, I thought it was                 “The CFA produced a well executed event. Their team of
 executed very well.”                                                                   support staff were very helpful during the time leading up to
 ~ Peter Druxerman, Druxy's                                                             the show and the weekend of. There was a great turn out of
                                                                                        qualified prospective franchise owners, most of whom seemed
“We were very pleased with the volume of traffic and quality of attendees.”             well-educated in their area of interest. We look forward to
 ~ David Watson, Premier Homecare Services                                              exhibiting at the next show.”
                                                                                        ~ Oliva Montagna, Quiznos

Exhibitor Contract (Page 1 of 2)
Toronto, Ontario • October 22 & 23, 2011
Toronto Congress Centre, Hall J, North Building

1 Exhibitor Information
(Please print clearly or type)      K CFA Member         K Proposed CFA Member
Exhibitor Name:
Brands to be represented:
Contact:                                                    Title:
City:                                                       Prov./State:                Postal/Zip:
Phone:                                                      Fax:                        E-mail:
Contact Name (to receive exhibitor manual):                                             E-mail:

2 Exhibit Space
                                                                            For a full description on Sponsorship or Advertising packages please refer
 Please indicate your booth(s) location preference:                         to the Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities listed on pages 4 & 5.
                                                                            For availability contact Canadian Franchise Association at 1-800-665-4232.
1ST CHOICE:                                                                  - Lou Gervasi - Ext. 243 /
2ND CHOICE:                                                                  - Suzy Sanford - Ext. 225 /
to the exhibitor on September 12, 2008.
Identify competitors who you do not wish to be located near:               5 Sponsorship Opportunities
1.                                    4.                                   Please select your package(s):
2.                                    5.
                                                                           K Platinum Package (SOLD)                                      $10,000
3.                                    6.
                                                                           K Gold Package (1 available)                                   $899
3 Booth Rates                                                              K Silver Package (4 available)                                 $799
                                                                           K Bronze Package (3 available)                                 $599
        SizE                         CFA MEMbER
                                                                           K Aisle Sponsor (7 available)                                  $599
      10’ x 10’                            $2690
      10’ x 20’                            $3506                           Sponsorship Subtotal                                       =$
      10’ x 30’                            $4322
Quad (20’ x 20’) booth space available on request.                         6 Advertising Opportunities
Booth rates include: booth space, company listing in show guide, 8         Please select your package(s):
foot back draping, 24-hour security and exhibitor’s lounge. Please
                                                                           K Ad Package 1 (1 available)
refer to your exhibitor manual for extra furnishing rentals, electrical      Outside back cover full page ad                                   $799
services, shipping, etc., as these items are not included in the rates.
                                                                           K Ad Package 2 (1 available)
Please indicate your booth size:                                             Inside back cover full page ad                                    $699
Booth size: (10 x _____)                           =$                      K Ad Package 3 (unlimited)
                                                                             Full page ad                                                      $499
Booth Rate Subtotal                                =$
                                                                           K Ad Package 4 (unlimited)
                                                                             Promo flyer in attendee bags                                      $399

4 Optional Booth Packages                                                  K Ad Package 5 (4 available)
                                                                             Supplier Members Business Resources Section 1/4 page
     (Includes: grey carpet, 2 grey fabric chairs and 6 foot                 horizontal ad (reserved for CFA FSS members)                      $350
      skirted table)                                                       K Ad Package 6 (unlimited)
     Please select your optional booth package:                              Add supplement brand listing + Colour logo enhancement            $249
     K 10’ x 10’ Booth Package....................Only $255                K Ad Package 7 (unlimited)
     K 10’ x 20’ Booth Package....................Only $349                  Colour logo enhancement                                           $199
     K 10’ x 30’ Booth Package....................Only $443                K NEW! Digital Advertising (unlimited)
                                                                             Scrolling digital advertisement                                   $599
     Check below if your booth display includes:
                                                                           K NEW! Bag Insert Add-on (unlimited)
     K Food sampling     K Vehicle/trailer K Live animals                    Add a promo flyer in attendee bags to any of the above packages   $199

Optional Booth Package Subtotal = $                                        Advertising Subtotal                                      =$

  The 2nd page of this form must be completed & signed
  to make this contract valid – please see next page                                                                                Contract page 1 of 2
Exhibitor Contract (Page 2 of 2)
Toronto, Ontario • October 22 & 23, 2011
Toronto Congress Centre, Hall J, North Building

7 Show Guide Listing Description
Please provide 25 words or less describing the nature of your business, including your contact name and phone number.
Or e-mail this information to Show guide listings are due on or before September 12, 2011.
Company Name:
Description (please print):

Contact Name:
Phone Number:

If you have participated in our previous shows and would like to use an existing company listing, please select one of the following:
K February 2011 Toronto K January 2011 Montreal K October 2011 Toronto K October 2010 Vancouver

8 New! Franchise Show Exhibitors Co-op Advertising Program (optional)
______________________________________ will participate in the Franchise Show Exhibitors Co-op Offering. We agree to include the
following information: “The Franchise Show, Toronto Congress Centre, Dixon Road (near 401), October 22 & 23, 2011” in our pre-show
advertising. In exchange, our company logo and link will be featured on The Franchise Show Exhibitors Page.
K Attached is a copy of our advertising. K A tear sheet copy of our advertising will be forwarded under separate cover.

9 Terms & Conditions                 Please note new CFA tradeshow payment schedule:
1) Deposit – 10% of total amount (non refundable) with signed contract Conditions: All exhibitors must be in good financial standing with the
due upon booking. If deposit and contract are not received within 5 Canadian Franchise Association (CFA). CFA has the right to exclude
business days, reserved space will be released. 2) Second Payment: 40% companies with outstanding account balances. All tradeshow bookings
of the total amount, due August 26, 2011. (For bookings after August made within 10 business days of the event must be paid for by certified
26, 2011, 50% is due upon booking.) 3) Final Payment 50% balance, cheque or credit card. Floorplan subject to change. The CFA reserves the
due September 23, 2011 (For bookings after September 23, 2011 full right to cancel The Franchise Show. In the event of cancellation, liability
payment is due upon booking). NOTE: Applicable taxes will be charged will be limited to return in full of all monies paid to CFA. E&OE
at time of invoicing. Transfers are not permitted. Cancellations before ❑ Occassionally, other carefully screened organizations may ask CFA if
August 26, 2011, all payments minus a $500 administration fee will they may send an offer to some of our exhibitors. Check here if you do
be refunded. After August 26, 2011, all payments are non-refundable. not want your information provided.
If applicable: The franchise system(s) identified on this contract consent and agree to be bound by all agreements made with CFA by
__________________________________________________ (“Agent”) regarding this event.
K In making this booking, I agree to comply with the exhibit guidelines per the exhibit manual. I acknowledge and have read the
   Terms and Conditions listed above and agree to comply with these regulations. Initials _______

Name:                                                                         Title:
Signature:                                                                    Date:

10 Payment Total                                               11 Payment Method
            Booth Rate Subtotal:        $                     K Deposit cheque attached
    Optional Booth Pkg Subtotal:                              K Please process our deposit on the following credit card:
          Sponsorship Subtotal:                                 K AMEX K VISA K MC
           Advertising Subtotal:
                           Total:                             Card #:                                                         Expiry:
             13% hst (R122972920):                            Cardholder Name:
                 Total with HST:       $
          Less deposit w/ booking:      –                     K Please debit my credit card for balance(s) owing as indicated above.
             balance Remaining:        $

                                                                                                                           For office use only
                       PLEASE COMPLETE PAGES 1 AND 2 OF THIS CONTRACT AND SEND TO:                                         Accepted by CFA
                       Jill Todd • (416) 695-2896 / 800-665-4232 Ext. 223 Fax: (416) 695-1950 Email:          Initial:
                       CANADIAN FRANCHISE ASSOCIATION                                                                      Date:
                       5399 Eglinton Avenue West, Suite 116, Toronto, ON M9C 5K6 •                                  Contract page 2 of 2

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