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									                           Chinese Medicine Expo

Date: October 8-10, 2011
Venue: Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center
       (nearby the old Canton Fair\oppose China Hotel)

General information
The theme of Chinese Medicine Expo is to establish brands, Merchants & purchase, join
channel and promote the cooperation of pharmaceutical factories, decoction pieces
factories, processing machinery factories, planting base and distributors. The exhibition
area is approximately 20,000 square meters. Chinese medicine dealers, Chinese
medicine chain stores, Chinese medicine agencies, hospital medicine purchasing,
decoction pieces factories, and other professional buyers from all over the country and
Southeast Asia will be invited to visit the exhibition.

Concurrent Events
1. The 1st National Chinese medicine Dealers Conference (1500 dealer participants)
2. Chinese medicine Development Summit Forum
3. China Southern Conference on Health Preservation
4.a journey in search of famous regional drug

Profile of exhibits
Chinese medicine products: Traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese raw herb, Chinese
Medicinal Materials, Chinese medicine decoction pieces, Traditional Chinese Medicine
Patent Prescription, Non-prescription Chinese Medicine, natural medicine, decoction
pieces, Traditional Chinese medical protection species
Healthcare products: Health tea, health wine, health drinks, health medicines, health
food, nutriment
TCM Healthcare and nursing products:Foot bath, foot therapy, dipping bath products;
Chinese beauty & skin care products and therapies, Chinese medicated oil & ointment,
Acupuncture equipment & accessories
Bases and markets: Planting bases of Chinese Medicinal Materials, Chinese Medicinal
Materials trade markets
Research & Development: Education & training, Product research & development;
Surveying /quality inspection / testing
Chamber of Commerce and Media: associations, chambers of commerce, media

Exhibition Schedule
Move-in Time: 9:30 – 17:00   October 6 -7, 2011
Show Time: 9:30 – 17:00 October 8 -10, 2011 (On-site sales on Saturday and Sunday)
Move-out time: 15:00 – 20:00 October 10, 2011
Rules & Regulations

Participation Fee & Regular facilities
Specification Standard Booth:(3 m*3 m)                vacant land :(Minimum rent area is 36 ㎡ )
Charge        Standard Booth:6000Yuan for each        600Yuan/㎡
              Three-side panels, carpet, a table (information desk), two chairs, two spotlights, one
              power socket (220V/5A), company name fascia board in English and Chinese
              Include using area and space during the exhibition period and exclude the standard
vacant land
              booth configuration

Application Procedures
1. All the enterprises within the scope of the exhibition business can apply for
participation. Please all the applying enterprises fill out the application form carefully and
fax or mail it to the exhibition organizing committee after the official sealing;
2. The allocation principle of booths: who first apply or who first pay who first arrange.
Note: The double-side-open standard booths pay extra 10% of fees;
3. Please remit 30% of payments to the designated account of the exhibition organizing
committee in advance within one week after signing the contract of exhibition, or the booth
is not retained, the balance payment should be paid before August 1, 2011;
4. After exhibitors remit the part of payment in advance, please fax the bank remittance
receipt to the exhibition organizing committee;
5. The organizing committee will send the Exhibitor Manual to the exhibitors one month
before the fair held.
6. The organizing committee has the right to adjust the position of individual booths
where necessary for the overall layout.
7. Except irresistible factors, such as the exhibition can’t be held as scheduled, the
Organizing Committee will pay a full refund of participation fee to the participating
8. Water, electric power and compressed air unit for equipment presentation should
apply one month before the fair held.

For more details, please contact:

Exhibition Center of Shenzhen Asia-Pacific Media Inc.
Chen Ji:136 0302 7706
Tel: +86-755-3690 8659 / 3690 8699 Fax: +86-755-3690 8830
Address: 27F, Block 1, News Building, No.1002 Shennan Middle Road, Shenzhen 518027
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