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					                                   RIDEGCLIFF MIDDLE SCHOOL
                         35 Beech Tree Run, Beechville, NS,B3T 2E5          Ph: (902) 876-4381 Fax: (902) 876-4385
                                email:                           web:

    September 19, 2006

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Another year has begun, and there are many new faces among the staff here at Ridgecliff. The Resource Department is completely
    new, and therefore, this letter is meant to be an introduction to the world of Resource, and to me, Mrs. Woods-Hayward your
    child’s resource teacher.

    My main purpose is to provide learning support to all students. This means that for the most part, I will be in your child’s
    classrooms providing in-class support. I am there to help the students on my caseloads, as well as all other students who may need
    some extra attention. There may be times; however that I will be pulling your child out of class to work on specific skills, but this
    time will be very limited. If this happens it is your child’s responsibility to catch up on missed work. If, for some reason, you feel a
    student could benefit from additional help, we ask that you encourage the student to seek this additional assistance at lunch or
    during early morning homework club.

    Within this model, I will be working very closely with your son/daughter’s classroom teachers. My observations and comments
    regarding your child’s progress will be on the regular report cards.

    Below I have listed the type of service your child has the possibility of receiving and how frequently. If your child requires
    adaptations in order to meet the outcomes, I encourage your input on what adaptations would best benefit your child. I have
    enclosed a checklist of adaptations, and would appreciate it if you would indicate support strategies that would best suit you child,
    then sign the bottom portion and return to your child’s homeroom teacher.

    ______       Adaptations                                    ______ IPP (Individual Program Plan

    ______√______          In Class Support                     _____2________ Classes per cycle ___60____min

    ______√_______         Pullout Support                      ______1_______ Classes per cycle ___30____min

    In addition to receiving additional resource support your son/daughter may quality for adaptations to his/her program. If this is
    the case we encourage parents input on what adaptations would best benefit your child in order to meet the. Below is a checklist of
    the available adaptations.

    I encourage parents’ feedback, suggestions and want you to feel free to approach me about any questions or concerns. I can be
    reached at the school 876-4381 ext. 108 or via email


    Kimberley Woods-Hayward (Gr 8 & 9’s)
    (Resource Department)

Principal: Ms. J. Reynolds
Vice Principal: Mr. J. Turnbull
Guidance Counselor: Janice Graham-Migel
                                                                                      Ridgecliff Middle School
                                                                                         Academic Year 2006-2007

                                                   Student Name:                                                                       Date of Birth:

        Environmental Strategies:
                                                                          Presentation Strategies & Student Activities:
       Differentiating seating (near teacher, away form particular
        students etc)                                                    Use of visual supplements (charts, graphic organizers,               Motivational Strategies:
       Personal cueing                                                   outlines)                                                            On going feedback (positive and negative)
       Seated near a buddy                                              Written supplements (key words or points highlighted or              Communicating successes to parents and
       Varying lighting conditions (near or away from window,            summarized, access to photocopied notes, teacher’s copy of
        lighting)                                                         notes, word processor, or peer note taker (using NCR paper)
                                                                                                                                               Display or communicate clear expectations
       Using study carrels to focus attention                           Teacher provided modeling and demonstration.
                                                                                                                                               Tangible and intangible reinforces (i.e. choosing a
       Creating an organized storage space for students                 Changing task demands for the learner (quantity of
                                                                                                                                                  preferred activity, special duty or classroom responsibility)
                                                                          work reduced, reducing the level or rearrange problems on
        who need help organizing their materials                                                                                                 Students monitoring self progress charts to track
                                                                       Reduced grade level of reading material                                   attainment of an outcome
                                                                       Use of tactile (i.e. manipulatives)
        Organizational Strategies:                                     Oral reading avoided                                                      Additional Programming Support:
                                                                       Provide vocabulary lists
 Monitoring student agenda                                                                                                                      Resource support in:
                                                                       Breaking down activities or steps into smaller
 Color-coding notebooks                                                parts (assignment, class activity, instructions)
 Individual copy of text                                                                                                                                Completion of projects and assignments
                                                                       Providing more response time
 Personal time line, outlines, to do lists for                                                                                                          Direct teaching of test-taking skills
  assignments, projects tests and outstanding work                                                                                                       Pre-teaching upcoming units/outcomes
 Time extensions for assignments, projects                                                                                                              Organization of binders and notes
 Chunking assignments into smaller units                                                                                                                Writing tests/exams/quizzes
                                                                          Assessment & Evaluation Strategies:
 Checklist for composition skills (grammar, punctuation                                                                                                 Learning Math concepts
    and writing process, etc.)                                                                                                                           Reading fluency and comprehension
                                                                         Practice tests given                                                           Editing of written work
                                                                         Adapting tests (reducing quantity, Adjusting test format                       Vocabulary and spelling skills
                                                                          (oral, tape recorded, open book, multiply choice, true/false etc)
        Material Strategies:                                              in lieu of essay), providing: examples, word banks,
                                                                                                                                                  Speech/language support
                                                                        highlighted directions, expanded, rewritten or oral
        Use of customized resources                                    directions.
        Audio sources (e.g. tapes, listening centers, taped texts)    Varying the written requirement (i.e. outline, graphic
        Visual sources (overhead projector, computer, video              organizer, sentence, having a scribe)
                                                                         Test taken in alternate setting (quiet, one-on- one or at               Parent Signature:________________________
        Memory devices (Charts, organizers, tactile kinesthetic          home)
                                                                         Tests chunked into different time allotments                            Teacher:_______________________________
        Other technology (computer software, word processing,           Varying the time (extended time, morning vs. afternoon)                 Date:__________________________________
                                                                         Diagrams/illustrations are accepted in lieu of
                                                                          written explanations

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