Gael Stream_ Gaelic_ and Digitization by liuqingyan


									Gael Stream, Gaelic, and
   Rita Campbell, Special Projects Librarian
   Sheldon MacDonald, Special Projects Assistant
   Susan Cameron, Celtic Collection Librarian

                                      Angus L. Macdonald Library
                                      St. Francis Xavier University
Gael Stream

    1977-82: Field Recordings & cataloguing
         StFX Celtic Department (Sr. Margaret MacDonell and John Shaw)
          Field recordings done of some of the last native Gaelic speakers in
          Nova Scotia
         Collection accessed on reel-to-reel, indexed on catalogue cards
    1982-2005:Cards typed into database; reel-to-reel converted to
    2005:LAC grant
         Kathleen MacKenzie, StFX Archives & Jamie MacDonald, StFX
          Celtic Studies professor received LAC grant to digitize the 350 reel-
          to-reel tapes of the CBGFC & create website; partnered with NS
          Highland Village
    2006: Gael Stream launched
    2007: StFX Library digitizing other Gaelic material; regional
     group formed to cooperate on digital initiatives
Gael Stream / Sruth nan Gaidheal
 The objective of the project is to present   Subject areas
    a comprehensive, animated, and
    interactive discussion and                 Cape Breton Gaelic Folklore
    interpretation of Nova Scotian              Collection
    Scottish Gaelic culture and life from
    the 18th to the 20th centuries.”           Education
                                               Everyday Life
 “The website will record the life and
    culture of early Highland Scots in         The Gaelic Language
    Nova Scotia. It will also relate the
    immigration story, the struggles the       Gaelic Folklore in Nova
    people faced, how they supported            Scotia
    themselves, how they adapted to
    their new environment, how their           Immigration
    communities grew, while at the same
    time how the Highland Scottish             Industry
    culture was sustained and                  Music and Culture
                                               Politics
                                               Religion
Gael Stream - Technical

  Greenstone Digital Library Software
  Qualified Dublin Core metadata
  Archival files in WAV
  Presentation files in MP3
  Documents in whatever format we
   received them (not ideal)
Gael Stream / Sruth nan Gaidheal
The Digitization Lab
 Set up to digitize       Required
  English print           Space
  Gaelic print
  Audio                  Bindery
                           Repurposed
 Future                    Equipment (cutter,
  Video                    grinder)
  Microfilm/microfiche    Secure
                           Internet access
                           space
Required                  Pictures
 Space

 Repurposed
 Equipment (cutter,
 Secure
 Internet access
 space
Our lab

  Flat bed scanner (types)
  BookDrive DIY
  Abbyyfine Reader 8.0 OCR software
   (site license)
  2 workstations, for OCR and scanning
Our lab

  Mac computer
  PC workstation
  Reel-to-reel players (6-8 to get one
   operational and right tape speed)
  Cassette player
  Mixer?
  Amplifiers
Staffing: Digitization Unit

  Rita Campbell, Special Projects
   Librarian, Oversees project
  Sheldon MacDonald, Special Projects
   Assistant, Lab Manager, copyright, etc.
  Brad Dewar, Digitization Programmer,
   technical support, audio
  Students, 3-5 at any time

  Identifying material
  Copyright and permissions
  Scanning
  Optical Character Recognition
  Storage
  Versions of files – tiff, jpeg, pdf, xml
  Presentation – Greenstone, ContentDM
 Rita Campbell
 Sheldon MacDonald

Choice of tour
 Tour of Celtic Collection
 Tour of Digitization Lab

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