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					ARMA International, Wellington Chapter Newsletter                                                    February 2002

                           For the Record                                                      February 2002

         ALISON LOZOWSKY'S                                   “I haven't been able to show him anything yet
                                                             until I feel able to, but will do it soon and I know
             THANKS TO                                       that it will mean such a lot to him when he is
            KIWI FRIENDS                                     older. Thank you so much. And to all of the
                                                             people who thought to contribute, please pass
The partner of John Lozowsky, the one-                       this on to them by way of thanks.
time Wellington archives and IT
specialist killed in the September 11                        ”Things are not really any easier as John has still
terror attacks on New York’s World                           not been found and here in the U.S. we are
Trade Center, has written her thanks to                      constantly reminded of that day, so that there is
New Zealand friends who sent her                             very little escape from it. I don't imagine that
photographs and memories of him.                             there is anyway to get over it but we have to
                                                             somehow learn to live with the trauma of it and
Alison Sturgeon Lozowsky was writing to Hutt                 have a life that is fulfilled, if only with the love
City Council archivist Ruth Robinson who                     of Max. It is very difficult to see a future right
helped organise a collection after John‟s feared             now but I hope that it will come in time. Until
death was announced by his New York                          then we are going to „fake it, „till we make it‟!!
employers, Marsh & McLennan, an international
business consultancy group. The company had                                             continued next page ….
some 1900 people in the WTC, of which 313
were reported missing, most from floors 93 to
100 of the north tower where the first hijacked               IN THIS ISSUE…
terrorist aircraft struck.
                                                              * Alison Lozowsky's thanks
The Kiwi friends also sent a gold-flecked
greenstone pendant, a hei matua (fish hook), for
                                                              * Chapter funding update
Alison and John‟s five-year-old son, Max. Ruth
Robinson told FTR: “The symbolism of the
design represents new life, peace and hope and                * Change management
safe journey over water, among other things.”
The hei matua was presented in a paua and flax                * WWW turns 10
                                                              * Barry Associates web for sale
In her moving letter, Alison wrote: “I received
your package the other day and can't tell you                 * US service wives yearn for smellee-mail
how much it touched my heart. In fact, it made
me cry for an hour but that is a good thing. The              * Whats in a name?
photos were especially moving as those were
taken not long after we had arrived in N.Z. and I
                                                              * IM study options at the Open
remember those as such good times. We both
looked so young and it just makes me sad. But I                 Polytechnic of NZ
am delighted that you thought about doing that
as we don't have copies of them and they are                  * For the diary ......
special items for Max's memory box.
                                                              * Your committee members

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                … continued from previous page                   CHAPTER FUNDING
“I intend to write a letter about the kinds of
things we have done to remember John and send
it to his friends and colleagues in NZ. I haven't        ARMA Wellington Chapter has recently
reached that point yet but it is in my head! Until       received two substantial amounts of
then, thank you all again for the support and the        money.
kind thoughts.
                                                         Firstly, Kerri Siatiras was contacted by NZAIM
”Lots of love, Alison and Max.”                          regarding the donation of that organisation‟s
                                                         funds to the ARMA International Wellington
John Lozowsky, who had joint New Zealand and             Chapter. The Committee of course readily
U.S. citizenship, was the information technology         agreed!
manager at the Ministry of Health in Wellington
from January 1996 to April 1999. Previously, he          NZAIM (run by Liz Wilson, Geraldine Murphy
had worked at National Archives of New                   and Barry Howard) had decided to wind up the
Zealand and was assistant director of                    association and pass on their funds to an
information management at the Treasury. He               organisation with complementary goals that
had worked in New York as an IT consultant for           would use the funds wisely. Therefore the
two years.                                               ARMA Committee is pleased to accept c. $1,400
After his presumed death was revealed,                   from NZAIM and would like to publicly
colleagues paid tribute to his professional ability      acknowledge this wonderful contribution to our
and good fellowship. In The Dominion                     funds. NZAIM wish ARMA Wellington to use
newspaper, Treasury Secretary Alan Bollard               the money for the good of the records and
said that Mr Lozowsky had been instrumental in           information community (not for ARMA
getting Treasury's website up and running in             administration or the President‟s fund), which I
mid-1995, making the department one of the               believe we can achieve readily.
first Government agency to have a website. "We
are very saddened by this news and would like            Secondly, there has been resolution to the
to send our condolences to John's family," Dr            outstanding division of funds from the 1995
Bollard said.                                            Pacific RIM Conference. We have received a
On the NZ Records listserver, WestpacTrust               cheque from the Auckland Chapter of ARMA
Bank archivist Pauline Porteous remembered:              International of c.$10,000 as our half of the
“Like many others, I worked with John at                 monies raised during that conference. Thank you
National Archives. We worked together in the             to Vera Giles and her Committee for their efforts
Records Management Consultancy branch and                to resolve this outstanding issue.
he was such wonderful company, lots of fun,
helpful and generous with his time. He was               So, the Wellington Chapter of ARMA has
such a popular person he will be sadly missed by         recently had a great boost to the coffers. This
many.”                                                   now puts ARMA Wellington in a wonderful
Commemorative services and gatherings were               position to be able to do something exciting with
held in Wellington by a number of John‟s                 the money for our members. In the New Year
workmates, including a presentation at the               the Committee would be really pleased to hear
October meeting of the Wellington chapter of             suggestions from members about how to best
ARMA by John‟s former Treasury information               utilise these funds.
service colleague, Fiona Staples. The
collection of memorabilia for John‟s family was           If you wish to submit an article for the next
also organised by Parliamentary recordkeeper                     issue, please forward a copy to:
Katy Greco and Archive New Zealand staffer                            Linda Campbell: email
Peter Holm.                                           

                                                Page 2
              CHANGE                                      The Business Case As A Change Management
     - IS IT STILLRELEVANT?                               Historically the business case has been seen
                                                          primarily as a means of obtaining funding
Not much has been heard about change                      support by providing information to the
management lately. Has it come and gone like so           economic buyers that enables them to judge the
many other management fads?                               merit of a given business undertaking/project
                                                          and to establish its priority in relation to other
I suspect that the lack of recent publicity in            projects.
change management has a lot to do with the
market‟s difficulty in understanding what                 The business case is also a powerful change
change management is and how it relates to                management tool for economic buyers,
information management practices.                         expanding our definition to include all managers
                                                          who control operating budgets eg line managers.
Our definition of change management is -                  These are the people who will invest their
change that is planned and purposeful.                    peoples time and resources if they believe there
                                                          will be a significant return on their investment
It‟s a fairly broad definition that describes a           and contribute to the operating bottom line.
concept rather than a solution. And it‟s a concept
that‟s not easy to package up and sell as you             Line managers directly influence the uptake of
would a commodity. This may account for the               new systems by their people as they direct them
difficulties that vendors have in including it as         in their day-to-day work.
part of their solutions. The unknown quantity of
change activities, difficulties in defining success       Line managers can also kill off systems faster
and measuring results makes change                        than any other agent known to mankind, if they
management a risky venture for system vendors.            perceive no value or added burden in the new
                                                          systems. The “what‟s in it for me” factor is
Nevertheless it‟s still an essential element for          usually financial and needs to be well expressed.
successful implementation where user uptake is            This is where the business case can be used to
the measure of success. And without uptake of             increase the visibility of information
systems, there is no return on investment for the         management practices in each operational area
customer, no matter how rich and sexy the                 by illuminating the costs associated with current
system functionality is.                                  information management practices and the
                                                          impact of these practices on the bottom line.
We need to examine and understand what it is
that makes users change from their current                The Need For A Credible Business Case
systems and embrace new ones. And what                    Most business cases for information
change initiatives should be employed to assist           management systems are flawed for a number of
in this process?                                          reasons.

Change management initiatives come in a                   Firstly the business case always assumes 100%
variety of flavours and are directly linked to the        system take-up by users.
“what‟s in it for me” factor. There is no “one
size fits all” solution in change management -            Secondly, it is not easy to estimate the services
each user or manager has their own reasons for            and implementation support costs that contribute
embracing or rejecting change. Nevertheless               to user uptake (the change management costs).
there are many areas of commonality and we                The industry is now recognising that these costs
will examine some of these over the next few              may run as high as 50% of the total system
issues.                                                   costs.

                                                 Page 3
However, once the budget has been presented to           1997 vs. 5%       by    year-end   2000   (0.8%
the economic buyers and you‟ve picked them               probability)"
back up off the floor, services costs are generally
the first to be pruned – severely! What‟s usually        This is useful information and the Gartner Group
left is a system, but not the means to implement         findings have found their way into many a
it.                                                      business case since then. But there is no data
                                                         more powerful nor harder to discredit than that
As a direct consequence the business case is laid        which relates directly to the business problems
to waste, because, the return on investment is           at hand.
dependent on the uptake by users.
                                                         Recent surveys on document management
Note - There‟s nothing sadder than an under              practices within our own clients for business
resourced, under utilised document management            case purposes reveal that in some organisations
system languishing on a server somewhere                 “knowledge workers” are spending up to 40% of
neglected by users.                                      their time in document management activities.
                                                         When these metrics are validated through case
You can avoid this by addressing the benefits            studies and direct observation of work practices,
half of the business case.                               the basis for a powerful business case is formed.
                                                         A business case that credible and hard for the
Many will recall the 1997 Gartner Group report           economic buyer to refute.
called 101 Ways to Waste Time on Document
Management in which they stated that:                    A business case that supports the services costs
                                                         associated with change management and
"Knowledge workers spends 20% of their time              implementation because they can be directly
or 8 hours per week performing document                  related to user productivity.
management activities in non automated
environments…..Knowledge workers not using               Next issue - Change management as a process
integrated document management (IDM)                     not a project.
systems will spend more time on document
management activities: 20% in 1997 vs. 30% by            Conni Christensen
year-end 2000 (0.8% probability). Knowledge              Principal Consultant
workers using IDM systems will spend less time           Synercon Management Consulting
on document management activities: 20% in                Sydney

                                     The World Wide Web turns 10
 Happy birthday to the World Wide Web. Enter particle physicist Paul Kunz, who happened to be visiting the
 European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) from the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) in
 California. Upon seeing a demo of the web designer Tim Berners-Lee's application, Kunz realized it would
 enable him to build a friendly interface to a database at SLAC. After returning home, he installed Berners-
 Lee's web server software at SLAC, and created a web page that would allow physicists all over the world to
 query a database of high-energy physics papers via the Internet.
 Ten years ago, on January 8, Kunz created the first website in the United States. But more importantly,
 it was the first useful application of the Web. At a conference in France in January 1992, Berners-Lee
 did a demonstration for 200 physicists from around the world, who were stunned when they saw how
 easy it was to access the SLAC database 6000 miles away.
 From that point on, the number of web users and websites began to grow exponentially.
 For more information, see the CERN “Overview of the World Wide Web” at

 From Geoff Smith, Chair, NSW IT Committee, Records Management Association of Australia

                                                Page 4
        BARRY ASSOCIATES                                              US SERVICE
        WEBSITE FOR SALE                                             WIVES YEARN
Internationally renowned Washington, D.C.,                          SMELLEE-MAIL
information management consultant Richard
E. “Rick” Barry is retiring at the end of 2002           The convenience of e-mail allows U.S.
and has put his large website up for sale. He            Marines sent overseas and their spouses left
announces the decision in a news release
                                                         waiting at home to communicate almost
published on the site at in                    routinely.
The big, jovial man, a former U.S. Navy aviator          But sometimes, that's not enough, reports
and technologist and World Bank executive,               Wired News.
comments on-line: “In the meantime, I am
cutting back on my consulting work, workshops            E-mail can't replace the feel of a handwritten
and speaking engagements, doing mainly work              letter, the taste of Christmas goodies or the
for long-standing clients and other assignments          scent of a card, say spouses at the Marine
that are too interesting to pass by.”                    Corps base, Camp Lejeune in North
One of his last public appearances will be at the        Carolina.
Records Management Association of Australia
annual conference, Evolution – a new era, in
Adelaide in September where he will give a               "You can't spray perfume on an e-mail," said
keynote speech and conduct a workshop.                   Jeanette Frick, 38, whose husband Col.
The Barry Associates website has been on line            Andrew Frick is commander of the 2,200
for six years and has received more than 280,000         Marines of the 26th Marine Expeditionary
page hits since the beginning of the millennium.         Unit now part of America‟s anti-terror
Universities in Australia, Canada, China, Cuba,          campaign in Afghanistan.
Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, the U.K., the U.S.
and the West Indies use the site as a regular            Now, there‟s an opportunity for some
teaching resource, as do numerous consultants.           enterprising geek: e-smell.
Rick says: “I am open to the sale of the site to a
university, consortium of universities, or other
institutions or private sector organizations with a      Rail, the United Nations, the Smithsonian
professional interest in keeping the content             Institution (Washington), the British Public
available on-line. Inquiries are welcomed. “             Record Office, the Red Cross (Geneva), the
Rick has consulted, given conference papers and          World Bank, the National Archives of Australia,
workshops in North America, Europe,                      Archives New Zealand, the U.S. National
Australasia, Latin America and Africa. In 1999,          Archives and Records Administration's
he ran electronic recordkeeping workshops in             Electronic Records Work Group, the U.S.
Auckland and Wellington. Many of these                   Justice Department, the Ghana Bar Association,
papers and projects are displayed on the website.        the governments of Uganda and Zimbabwe, the
His list of management consultancy clients reads         International Council on Archives, the U.S.
like a world gazetteer of information sources.           Patent and Trade Office, the Organisation of
They have included Accenture (formerly                   European Community Development (OECD),
Andersen Consulting), Cohasset Associates                and universities in Pittsburgh, Indiana, London
(Chicago), the International Records                     and Jamaica.
Management Trust (London), Pymatuning
Group (Virginia), Tower Software, Queensland                                         continued next page

                                                Page 5
After this his second retirement -- he left the        I guess, we just want to hang out and do more
World Bank in 1992 -- he plans enjoying his            theatre and trips to the antique country, etc.”
new home in Arlington, Virginia, with his wife,        Rick Barry‟s email address:
Linda Cox. He says: “Mainly, I guess, I plan           For more information about the RMAA
spending a lot less time in my office and a lot        Adelaide conference contact the convention
more doing things together: the famous annual          secretariat, Festival City Conventions, at
Philadelphia Flower Show, perhaps Ireland     or conference
and/or UK (Rick’s ancestral homelands). I am           convener Brigitte Stephen at
seriously considering writing a book but mainly,

                                     HALF A GIF.
                                DON'T GET IN A TIFF.
                             HERE'S THE JPEGXPLANATION

What’s in a name? Is TIFF tough? Is GIF                restrictive when it comes to colours” but JPEG
pronounced with a hard or soft “G”? Is                 allowed high picture quality because it could
JPEG for putting a mark in the sands? Is               handle millions of colours, “more than you
BMP a petroleum spirit or a British                    would need!”
                                                       Matt gave two URLs for further inquiry:
Oh, no, fair recordkeeper! None of those! If           Webopedia,
you had followed the NZ Records listserve              Dictionary and search engine for computer and
debate after WestpacTrust archivist Pauline            Internet technology. Whatiscom?
Porteous’ New Year request for explanation,  ,,sid9,
you would know. But, just in case you were still       ml. Definitions for thousands of the most current
on holiday, FTR brings you the gist.                   IT-related words.
Archives N.Z.‟s handsome, young Records
Manager, Matt O’Mara, responded with the               Waitakere City Council‟s laconic archivist
fullest detail. Well, he should know, shouldn‟t        Bruce Symondson added a couple more good
he! Microsoft‟s Windows format .BMP                    URLs “seeing as we are on this what do words
(bitmap) is uncompressed and uses a lot of             mean thing, and given that records and archives
space, he said. TIFF (tagged image file format),       people just love to discuss what words mean”:
owned by Adobe, is the same size whether it is         Imperial College London‟s Foldoc dictionary of
uncompressed or compressed but JPEG,                   computing at
established by a standards group, the Joint-  and
Photographic Electronic Group, reduces the file        the Arizona State Library‟s thesaurus at
to about one fifteenth of its original size. 
                                                       And Matt‟s Archives N.Z. colleague, Evelyn
He added: “TIFF images are usually stored as           Wareham, recommended the U.S. Research
archival-quality. TIFF is the most widely              Library Group's online newsletter Diginews as
supported file formats for storing bit-mapped          “a great source of information” for digitisation
images on personal computers. Other popular            initiatives in archival environments with a
formats are BMP and PCX. TIFF graphics can             wealth of useful information about current views
be any resolution, black and white, grey-scaled,       and evolving practice in digital preservation, as
or colour.”                                            well as links to further resources.

He added that the GIF format was “far more             It is at

                                              Page 6
                                                      The programme is divided into three levels of
INFORMATION MANAGEMENT                                study: level 5, level 6 and level 7. Each level
     STUDY OPTIONS AT                                 must be completed in order. There are two
 THE OPEN POLYTECHNIC OF                              compulsory courses: Principles of Records
                                                      Management, and Electronic Documents and
       NEW ZEALAND                                    Records Management (which will be available
                                                      from Semester 2, 2002 and will be delivered
This outlines the talk given at the ARMA              online). There is a choice of electives to make
lunchtime meeting on 13 November 2001.                up the remainder of courses. This is outlined in
                                                      more detail below.
The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand already
provides opportunities for study in the
                                                      Programme content:
disciplines of Information and Library Studies.       Two core courses:
There is a growing range of new courses being         Level 5 Principles of Records Management
developed, and these are moving into the areas        Level 6 Electronic Documents and Records
of Records Management, Archives, Information          Management
Management and Knowledge Management. In
addition to the Diplomas in Information and           Electives
Library Studies and the major within the              Level 5 - choose 1 from: Managing Archives,
Bachelor of Applied Science and Bachelor of
                                                      Information Access, Introduction to Law,
Arts degrees, there is a now a new Diploma
                                                      Business Management, Business
being offered in Records and Information              Communication, Professional and Technical
Management.                                           Writing.
Diploma in Records and Information                    Level 6 – choose 1 from: Understanding
Management                                            Information Management, Information
                                                      Technology, Law of Business Organisation,
This new Diploma starts in 2002, and is
                                                      Organisational Behaviour, Organisational
designed to provide a programme of study for          Communication.
records and information managers and others
interested in this field. The Diploma was
                                                      Level 7 – choose 2 from: Project Management,
established because the market research               Managing Change, Communication
demonstrated an acute need for a well-rounded         Management, Knowledge Management,
programme of study in this area. It will be NZ        Individual Studies.
based, with NZ examples, and takes into account
the growing awareness of the importance of            Although most of these studies are available for
information management today. It is also unique       enrolment now, a few are still under
in that there is no equivalent programme to this      development.
in New Zealand.
                                                      The rationale behind this programme of courses
The main features of the Diploma in Records
                                                      is that everyone should cover the fundamentals
and Information Management are that it is a
                                                      of records management, which is covered by the
Level 6 Diploma (equivalent to second year            two core courses in the Diploma. The choice of
university level), is made up of 6 courses            electives is dictated by feedback on needs, and
(totalling around 1200 hours of study overall),       can cover any of the following interest areas:
and is NZQA accredited. The Diploma is
associated with the Bachelor of Applied Science
                                                         Business practice – Law, Management,
degree. Access to the Internet is essential for           Communication, etc
students undertaking this course of study.
                                                                                   continued next page

                                             Page 7
                  continued from previous page          Sarah Welland
                                                        Lecturer, Information and Library Studies
   Information technologies – Information              The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand
    systems, Information Technology                     Private Bag 31914
   Specific records-keeping areas – Archives           Lower Hutt
    Management, Knowledge Management                    Phone 0508 650 200 extn 5753
                                                        Or 913 5753 direct
Further details of the Diploma in Records and           Email
Information Management and all of the courses
within it (including dates when they will be            Alison Fields
available) are available in the Information and         Lecturer, Information and Library Studies
Library Studies 2002 brochure. If you would             The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand
like a copy, phone 0508 650 200 and ask for one         Private Bag 31914
to be sent out to you. If you require further           Lower Hutt
information or have any questions about the             Phone 0508 650 200 extn 5456
courses, you can also contact the course leaders        Or 913 5456 direct
directly.                                               Email

                                        Happy New Year from

                                     YOUR COMMITTEE

    Trish O‟Kane, President                 
    (& Intermim Membership Secretary
    Michael Steemson, Vice President &      
    Programme Secretary
    Alison Midwinter, Secretary                       Alison.Midwinter@archives.govt.
    Christine Edney, Treasurer              
    Helen Hancox, Fund Raiser               
    Deirdre Wogan, Librarian                
    Kerri Siatiras, Immedidate Past President
    Lorraine Manaia, Member                 
    Desiree Barnes, Member                  
    Rebecca Fordyce, Co-opted member        
    Matt O‟Mara, Co-opted member            
    Chapter Web Site                        
    Chapter Newsletter                      

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Date                 FOR THE DIARY
Tuesday, February    What: ARMA lunchtime meeting.
26, 2002.            “U.S. electronic transactions legislation and its effects on commerce”.
(Note different      Where: L14 Conference Room, N.Z. Treasury, No 1 The Terrace, Wellington, NZ.
Tuesday)             12.15pm to 1.30pm.
                     Speaker: President of ARMA International, Terry Coan, Vice President, Customer
                     Solutions, Accutrac Software Inc., of Los Angeles and New York.
                     Further information: the Programme Organiser
Tuesday, March 19,   What: ARMA Summer Seminar.
2002.                     YOUR ARMA COMMITTEE:
                     The DIRKS Seminar. Event jointly-sponsored by ARMA Wellington and Archives
(Note different      New Zealand.
date).               Where: Training room, Archives New Zealand, 10 Mulgrave Street, Wellington,
                     NZ. 10.30am to 4.30pm (approx). Seminar fee: $50. Buffet lunch included.
                     Speaker: Keynote speaker Rodney Teakle, Assistant Director, Recordkeeping
                     Implementation, National Archives of Australia, Canberra, and supporting papers
                     from N.Z. recordkeeping experts.
                     Further information: the Programme Organiser and Alison Midwinter, Archives
                     New Zealand.
Tuesday, April 9,    What: ARMA lunchtime meeting.
2002.                “Challenges of Māori Recordkeeping”
                     Where: L14 Conference Room, N.Z. Treasury, No 1 The Terrace, Wellington, NZ.
                     12.15pm to 1.30pm.
                     Speaker: Aroha Mead, Cultural Heritage Manager, Te Puni Kokiri (Ministry of
                     Māori Development).
                     Further information: the Programme Organiser
Tuesday, May 14,     What: ARMA lunchtime meeting:
2002.                Review of the Canberra Electronic Document and Records Management for
                     Government two-day conference.
                     Where: L14 Conference Room, N.Z. Treasury, No 1 The Terrace, Wellington, NZ.
                     12.15pm to 1.30pm
                     Speaker: Desiree Barnes, Records Manager, New Zealand Treasury
                     Further information: the Programme Organiser
Tuesday, June 11,    What: ARMA lunchtime meeting:
2002.                New Zealand Treasury Retention Schedule, the process, application and review of
                     outcomes of this new programme.
                     Where: L14 Conference Room, N.Z. Treasury, No 1 The Terrace, Wellington NZ.
                     12.15pm to 1.30pm
                     Speakers: Alison Midwinter, archivist, Archives New Zealand, and Desiree
                     Barnes, Records Manager, New Zealand Treasury.
                     Further information: the Programme Organiser
Tuesday, July 9,     What: ARMA Annual General Meeting
2002.                Programme to be announced,
                     Where: L14 Conference Room, N.Z. Treasury, No 1 The Terrace, Wellington, NZ.
                     11am to 4pm (approx). Buffet lunch included
                     Speaker: To be announced.
                     Further information: the Programme Organiser

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