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					      Cafe Review

      Venue: Cupcake Heaven
      Date: 25 January 2011
      Reviewer: Jo Starling

As we walked through the door of Cupcake Heaven, we were immediately hit not
only by the smell of cupcakes, but also by the warm and friendly atmosphere, even
on a chilly Friday afternoon. Cupcake Heaven is Salisbury’s newest café, dedicated
specifically to cupcakes and situated in The Maltings. It opened on 4 th December
2010 and sells all kinds of cupcakes for every occasion.

The staff there were very cheerful, friendly and welcoming towards us. Furthermore,
they were extremely helpful, pointing out the flavour of each cake and answering
any questions that we had.

Cupcake Heaven had a very happy and relaxed atmosphere about it, noticeable to
any passer by. There were flower arrangements on each of the tables, and brightly
coloured bunting hung across one of the walls. The decorations were all cupcake
related, and the whole shop had a cheerful yet sophisticated colour theme. Spire FM
was playing in the background, and it was wonderful to look out of the window onto
the river and watch the swans.

The cupcakes sold in Cupcake Heaven tasted absolutely heavenly, plus they were all
homemade! There were also cookies, millionaire shortbreads and other treats, as
well as a wide selection of hot and cold drinks to choose from.

Whilst we were there, we found out that Cupcake Heaven also makes cupcakes to
order for a party or special event, and it is even possible to hold a cupcake party
inside the shop! The café caters for special dietary requirements, and is holding a
gluten-free Saturday, due to popular request.

I would definitely recommend this café for its brilliant cupcakes and friendly
atmosphere. So if you’re looking for a place to natter over a cupcake and coffee,
head down to Cupcake Heaven: heaven for us cupcake lovers everywhere!

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