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        Volume 8                              PROTECTING OUR FUTURE                              APRIL 2006

It will not be long before the flowers and            They definitely go the extra mile for the
trees begin to bloom with spring blossoms.            sisterhood/brotherhood of the Auxiliary of the
Our world is full of color and life as we look        UTU.
forward to the rejuvenation and refreshing
days ahead.                                           In the midst of preparing for the Board
                                                      Meetings and the Annual Audit, updating our
As with any group or organization it is               officers’ list , and making preparations for
necessary for Grand Lodge to take steps to            the Convention, we made good use of our
keep moving forward. The Board of Directors           “action tree” and achieved a “victory” by
and Board of Trustees did just that when they         upsetting the railroad carriers’ plans that
met in Cleveland, Ohio in February.                   would have ended the craft of conductors.
                                                      This was a very important issue and needed
        Auxiliary Board of Directors                  our immediate attention. Why? If this plan
Carol Menges                                          had been successful the Railroad Retirement
     International President                          System would have been in jeopardy and that
Joan Montgomery                                       would have affected each and every one of
     International Secretary/Treasurer.               us! I am so proud of your efforts and hard
Patricia Shacklette                                   work. I thank you for making a difference.
     Chairperson of the Executive Board               See what we can accomplish when we work
Jacqulyn Price                                        together. We make things happen! UTU
      Chairperson of the Board of Trustees            President Paul Thompson sent a letter of
Charlie Belden                                        thanks when the official victory was
     National Legislative Director
                                                      announced. (See President’s letter on page 2)
        Auxiliary Board of Trustees
                                                      The results of our efforts were even sweeter
Jacqulyn Price                                        when on March 10th Judge Patrick Murphy
    Chairperson of the Board of Trustees              ruled that the UTU has no obligation to
Kathleen Cole                                         bargain with the Carriers regarding crew size
    Secretary of the Board of Trustees                on trains. He also stated that since Congress
Kathy McIntyre                                        is not a party to the agreement, the Federal
    Alternate Member the Board of Trustees            Employees Liability Act cannot be made a
Mary MacLellan, Canadian Member
                                                      part of the negotiations. A great victory for
    was unable to attend because of health issues.
                                                      railroad workers and their families!
The Board of Trustees met for many days
working hard to audit the financial books of
                                                      In Sisterly Love,
the past year and balancing the financial
                                                              Carol S. Menges
records. I am very proud of our fellow Board                          International President
Sisters as they take their responsibilities very
seriously even when the hours grew long.

Thank you. Thank you for your hard work, your               Absentee ballot or arrange for some form of
persistence, and perseverance in keeping the NMB            transportation. Below is the Election Office information
from eliminating the craft of Conductor and                 for each state, phone number, and web page. Please
jeopardizing the solvency of RR Retirement (at least        feel free to share it.
for now). We hope each one of you understands how
important your efforts played in this success.              Yours in Sisterly Love,
                                                            Charlie Belden
Once again, we need to start on voter registration. Let     National Legislative Director
us try something. Have each member of your family           Auxiliary of the UTU
and/or friends, pick five people to ensure they are         Phone: (540) 972-4627
registered to vote, are informed, and if they are not       Fax:     (540) 972-4627
able to get to the polls, make sure they either vote        Email:

 Contribute to UTU PAC - The best way to help elect representatives that understand the concerns of UTU
              Election Office Information

Alabama                         Kansas                      Mississippi                     Oregon
Phone: 334-242-7210             Phone: 785-296-4561         Phone: 601-359-6353             Phone: 503-986-1518           
Arkansas                        Idaho                       Montana                         Pennsylvania
Phone: 501-682-3419             Phone: 208-334-2300         Phone: 406-444-4732             Phone: 717-787-5280 us       888-884-8683          
Alaska                          Illinois                           Rhode Island
Phone: 907-465-4611             Phone: 217-782-4141         North Carolina                  Phone: 401-222-2340         312-814-6440                Phone: 919-733-7173   
ov/elections/homepage.h            South Carolina
tml                             /                           North Dakota                    Phone: 803-734-9060
Arizona                         Indiana                     Phone: 701-328-4146   
Phone: 602-542-8683             Phone: 317-232-3939             South Dakota                       Nebraska                        Phone: 605-773-3537
California                      Kentucky                    Phone: 402-471-3229   
Phone: 916-657-2166             Phone: 502-573-7100            Tennessee                  New Hampshire                   Phone: 615-741-7956
Colorado                        Louisiana                   Phone: 603-271-3242   
Phone: 303-894-2200             Phone: 225-342-4970         Texas            New Jersey                      Phone: 512-463-5650
Connecticut                     Massachusetts               Phone: 609-292-3760             800-252-8683
Phone: 860-509-6100             Phone: 617-727-2828           ions/electionshome.html         Utah
District of Columbia            Maryland                    New Mexico                      Phone: 801-538-1041
Phone: 202-727-2525             Phone: 410-269-2840         Phone: 505-827-3600             800-995-8683           
Delaware                        us/                         Nevada                          Virginia
Phone: 800-273-9500             Maine                       Phone: 775-684-5705             Phone: 804-786-6551        Phone: 207-624-7650       
Florida                        New York                        Vermont
Phone: 850-245-6200             Michigan                    Phone: 518-474-6220             Phone: 802-828-2363             Phone: 517-373-2540         www.elections.state.ny.u
Georgia                       s                               Washington
Phone: 404-656-2871             Minnesota                   Ohio                            Phone: 360-902-4180             Phone: 651-251-1440,        Phone: 614-466-2585   
Hawaii                          877-600-8683                   Wisconsin
Phone: 808-453-8683         Oklahoma                        Phone: 608-266-8005         h/sos                       Phone: 405-521-2391   
s                               Missouri                   West Virginia
Iowa                            Phone: 573-751-2301         ons/index.html                  Phone: 304-558-6000
Phone: 515-281-5865             800-669-9683                                                                                       Wyoming
                                                                                            Phone: 307-777-7640
                                  DEPARTED SISTERS

Lodge          Name                Date of           Lodge          Name               Date of
                                   Death                                               Death

014     Ruth E. Cerveny           01-07-06          398      Harriet Fisher          09-09-05
014     Charlotte C. Reinheimer   01-30-06          398      Dorothy R. Snyder       01-13-06
028     Emma V. Kubiak            01-21-06          419      Lillian S. Wagner       01-27-06
028     Viola A. Scofield         11-23-05          430      Letitia Fisher          No Date
077     Sara J. Conrad            01-22-06          431      Eva M. Stevenson        01-15-06
108     Mae Rose Labiche          12-22-05          442      Mary B. Hanson          01-16-06
120     Lillian E. Loguisto       12-14-05          456      Jessamine Shutts        12-23-05
120     Ruth H. Tisdall           12-16-05          457      Dorothy E. Hendrick     01-17-05
156     Madeline Biggs            11-21-05          509      Iva M. Leonard          12-10-05
176     Goldie Mace               02-26-06          565      Lucy A. Saam            01-21-06
176     Dessie G. Phillips        01-23-06          565      Helen M. Schmidt        01-28-06
176     Loretta V. Siebel         03-06-06          580      Louise H. Spurlin       01-08-06
197     Nellie Dragland           11-24-05          580      Cleta M. Williamson     02-01-06
197     Deana L. Millar           01-30-06          609      Bernice L. Bowles       12-28-05
197     Janet Neely               12-25-05          610      Kim Kulb                12-31-05
200     Leola M. Dennis           11-04-05          610      Sabrah E. Richard       01-13-06
200     Genevieve Loucks          12-04-06          619      Grace Brown             12-26-05
219     Dorothy E. Brenneman      02-28-06          619      Myrtle M. Ridley        02-08-06
219     Constance H. Walker       02-03-06          626      Fay D. Johnson          No Date
258     Ethel Riley               12-22-05          694      Fern E. Pfanenstiel     03-01-06
259     Mary F. Morgan            10-04-05          725      Marie L. Rawlings       02-16-06
259     Lauretta S. Tracy         11-22-05          725      Ruby H. Smart           03-01-06
264     Dorothy S. Maness         12-18-05          732      Lillian England         01-21-06
264     Ruby O’Neill              01-06-06          738      Bonnie J. Feickert      01-25-06
265     D. Marie Maniss           02-02-06          752      Patricia L. Carr        02-17-06
289     Swannora Saal             No Date           752      Dorothy L. Sprague      01-08-06
289     Ruth J. Walsh             01-11-06          770      N. Dorothy Moseley      01-09-06
314     Genevieve Culkin          12-18-05          774      Clyde D. Clark          12-00-05
314     Ruth Lee                  12-24-05          779      Ella L. Truelove        12-22-05
314     Aileen Poje               11-30-05          793      Ruby P. Clark           03-03-06
353     Doris Miller              10-16-05          793      Ruth L. Miller          10-15-04
376     Florance M. Folk          12-05-05          803      Shirley Eason           02-07-06
376     Eleanor M. Miller         01-29-06          818      Lonie O. Zimmerman      No Date
377     Pauline M. Richardson     01-23-06          846      Mary R. Russell         12-06-05
383     Geraldine B. Mong         01-23-06          863      Martha P. Banks         12-10-05
383     Lillian P. Morrison       12-14-05          897      Dorothy J. Mancinelli   11-29-05
383     Jessie L. Shears          02-03-06          897      Ruth E. McLaughlin      01-12-06
391     Lois Lila Cooper          06-30-05          897      Ruth A. Rich            09-16-05
391     Margaret Hankins          12-02-05          914      Ruth J. Stadelman       12-17-05
391     Lois M. Rogers            11-23-05          958      Edna L. Long            11-20-05

               Information concerning our Departed Members is received from Lodge Officers
               and Minnesota Life Insurance Company. Grand Lodge publishes this information
               so Lodge records can be updated.
Lodge 431 Honors Volunteers                             Lodge #752 Ottumwa, IA

Lodge #431 members will be recognized                   Through the years “Ottumwas” has shown
for their numerous hours of Community                   their community that they care and support
Service during National Volunteers Week,                local efforts. Recently the Lodge members
April-23 – 29.                                          donated to Hospice and to The Area on
                                                        Aging for Wapello County.
Members will be honored April 19, 2006 at
the Railroad Roundup Luncheon. Railroad                 Keep up the great work! Grand Lodge is
spouses, relatives, and friends will join               proud of your continuous service to the
together to celebrate the 96th Anniversary.             community.

                                                        Lodge #953 Teddy Bear Collection

                                                        Crossroads Lodge #953 of Victoria, Texas
                                                        had their annual Christmas Party with 92
                                                        people in attendance. Members collected 30
                                                        teddy bears that were donated to children’s
                                                        homes and nursing homes. But they did not
                                                        stop there. They also collected 135 lbs. of
                                                        canned goods that were donated to the local
                                                        food bank.
(front row from left to right) Sisters Jane Hutchins,
Mary Tekavec, Josephine Medonich, Louise Turley.
(back row from left to right) Sister Pam Difatta,
Brothers Harold Johnson, Robert (Bobby) Vannest,
Sisters Helen Wilson, Linda McComas, Sarah Jane
Adams, Peggy Staley, and Lou Markus.

       Special Volunteer Award

                                                        During the year Lodge #953 collects food
                                                        and toiletries for various charities; donates
                                                        to the Auxiliary of the UTU Scholarship
                                                        Fund; and supports PAC.
                                                        Grand Lodge can clearly see that your
                                                        lodge makes things happen

Nancy Drummond (801) Wyoming                            Congratulations on Book Signing
Auxiliary State Legislative Director has
been chosen as the Sheridan County                      Vice President of District #6, Sister Patricia
Chamber of Commerce Volunteer of the                    Shacklette’s husband Norbert Shacklette
Year.                                                   had a book signing on February 17, 2006.
                                                        “My Brother, the IC Railroad and Southern
We at Grand Lodge are very proud of you                 Illinois 1936-1942” by Edward J Miller
and fortunate to have you as our member                 with Norbert Shacklette, is available now
and working so hard in our behalf.                      by contacting Sister Patricia Shacklette.
     AUXILIARY of the UTU                      Donations will gladly be accepted from
  SCHOLARSHIP FUND BOARD                       lodges or individuals. Make checks payable
                                               to: “Auxiliary of the UTU Scholarship
NOMINATIONS forms for the Board                Fund”. Mail to: Carol S. Menges
were sent to all Lodge Secretaries in the                  Treas. Scholarship Fund Board
December 2005 Newsletter.                                       3617 Schott Road
On Friday, January 20, 2006, President                     Jefferson City, MO 65101-9026
Patricia Shacklette drew the nominations                         (573)635-6415
with Lodge #28 Officers “Victory” St.
Louis, MO. as witnesses. The nominees             WELCOME NEW MEMBERS
were there placed on the ballot in the order        “2005 Lodge Challenge”
                                                28             Sondra Knott
BALLOTS were sent to all Lodge                 711             Jeannette Barker
Secretaries in the February Newsletter for     771             Becky Davis
Lodge vote and returned by March 1, 2006.      771             Elissa Helmer
On Friday, March 17, 2006, the ballots         771             Nicole Mielcusny
were checked for authenticity and counted      771             Ashley Nogacek
by President Patricia Shacklette with          771             Diane Nogacek
officers of Lodge No. 28 as witnesses. The     771             Holly Nogacek
outcome showed that the following sisters      771             Shirley Nogg
were re-elected to the Board:                  771             Patty Petkosek
              Jo Fink                                    Glad you have joined us.
   Lodge No. 5 Cleveland, Ohio
             Carol Menges                      UTU – PAC
   Lodge No. 933 Jefferson City, Missouri
                                               The Auxiliary supports U T U – Political
                                               Action Committee because jobs, pensions,
Congratulations - We know they will            and futures of UTU railroad, bus, and
continue to carry on our strong commitment     airline workers and their families are
of aiding in the education of Auxiliary        directly affected by the actions of state and
member’s family the next three years.          national lawmakers.
Memorial Donation - Jacqulyn Price gave        Our thanks, appreciation, and gratitude go
a donation to our Auxiliary Scholarship        out to the following for their generous
Fund for lodge Sister, Nellie Moynahan’s       support:
brother. What a wonderful way to show that
you care.                                              Lodge No. 170            $ 50.00
                                                       Lodge No. 456              39.00
 CORRECTION – February Donations                       Lodge No. 619              20.00
Please accept our apology – the Scholarship    Please make donation check payable to:
information should have read as follows:
                                               United Transportation Union – PAC
       Lodge No. 793          $ 200.00
       Lodge No. 500            20.00                   2006 – 2007 Directory
                                               The new Directory has been mailed. All
Thank You for your continuous support of       officers should have received their copy. If you
this project is helping future generations     have not received a copy of the Directory or if
with their education. We greatly appreciate    any information in the Directory needs to be
all your donations for our worthy project.     corrected. Please contact Grand Lodge.
U. S. Railroad Retirement Board
The 2006 Informational Conferences to be        May 12        Denver, Colorado
held at the dates and locations listed below.                 Radisson Hotel
Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. with the                     Denver Stapleton Plaza
programs beginning promptly at 8:30 a.m.                      3333 Quebec Street
and ending at 12:30 p.m.
                                                May 19        Ashland, Nebraska
April 6        Baldwin, New York                              Eugene Mahoney State Park
               Coral House                                    28500 West Park Highway
               70 Milburn Avenue
                                                June 2        Albuquerque, New Mexico
April 7        E. Hanover, New Jersey                         Hawthorne Inn and Suites
               Ramada Conference Center                       Albuquerque Airport
               130 Route 10 West                              1511 Gibson Blvd. SE

April 7        Williamsburg, Virginia           June 9        Spokane, Washington
               Williamsburg Hospitality                       Airport Ramada
                      House                                   8909 Airport Drive
               415 Richmond Road
                                                June 16       Portland, Oregon
April 7        St. Louis, Missouri                            Hilton Gardens
               Holiday Inn S. County Ctr.                     12048 NE Airport Way
               6921 S. Lindbergh Blvd.
                                                June 23       Duluth, Minnesota
April 21       Eagan, Minnesota                               Radisson Hotel
               Best Western Dakota Ridge                      505 W Superior Sreet
               3450 Washington Drive
               I-35 E & Yankee Doodle Rd        September 15 Ft. Worth, Texas
                                                             Holiday Inn South
April 21       Nashville, Tennessee                          100 East Alta Mesa Blvd.
               Ameri Suites /Airport
               721 Royal Parkway                October 6     Huntington, West Virginia
                                                              Ramada Inn Limited
April 28       Salt Lake City, Utah                           3094 16 Street
               Holiday Inn
               1659 W. North Temple             November 17 Metairie, Louisiana
                                                            Plumbers & Steam Fitters
May 5          Little Rock, Arkansas                                Union Hall
               Holiday Inn Airport                          Service Road West
               3201 Bankhead Drive                          (Severn & I-10 Service Rd)

May 5          Kansas City, Missouri            December 8    Tampa, Florida
               Clarion Hotel Sports Complex                   Crowne Plaza Sable Park
               9103 East 39th Street                          10221 Princess Palm Ave.

May 12         Smyrna, Georgia
               Holiday Inn Express              Please share this information with your
               Vinings /Smyrna                  members so that they have an opportunity
               1200 Winchester Drive            to get their retirement questions answered.
Auxiliary of the
United Transportation Union
14600 Detroit Ave 2nd Floor
Cleveland OH 44107-4250

Carol Menges  
International President       Phone: (216) 521-1161
Joan Montgomery utuauxiliaryints&
International Sec/Treas. Phone: (216) 521-2522


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