EC3 by liuqingyan


									                           EC3 Book 3 Day 1~ Day 6
No                    단어                                    정의
 1                It's very hot here.                      여기는 매우 덥다.
 2                   a lot of people                           많은 사람들
 3                      on holiday                              휴가 중에
 4                         boss                                  사장님
 5                     Austrailian                               호주의
 6                     on Monday                                월요일에
 7               Monday is the day.                       월요일이 그 날입니다.
 8             (a) person in the hotel                     호텔에 있는 한 사람
 9                  write a letter to                      ~에게 편지를 쓰다
10                This is a job for ~.                    ~에게 적합한 일이다.
11               It's Friday morning.                       금요일 아침이다.
12                     in an office                             사무실에
13               work for the police                      경찰서에서 근무하다
14              It has no name on it.                     이름이 쓰여 있지 않다.
15                   He's got a gun.                       총을 가지고 있다.
16                     very clever                             매우 영리한
17                    want to find                              찾고 싶다
18                        talk to                          ~에게 이야기하다
19                   start with 'M'                         M'으로 시작되다
20              want to have a swim                         수영을 하고 싶다
21               put ~ under the bed                       ~을 침대 밑에 놓다
22                        look at                               ~을 보다
23          What are you doing here?                      여기서 뭐 하는 겁니까?
24             work for a newspaper                        신문사에서 일하다
25                    know about                              ~에 대해 알다
26   write a story about it for her newspaper         그것에 관해 신문에 기사를 쓰다
27                be very angry with                      ~에게 몹시 화가 나다
28                    in her hands                                손에
29                   It was closed.                           닫혀 있었다.
30        make (her) nervous and afraid               (그녀를) 초조하고 두렵게 하다
31                   (a) film shoot                             영화 촬영
32                  on the first day                            첫째 날에
33            at the front of the hotel                         호텔 앞에
34                   (a) fingerprint                              지문
35                run into the room                       방으로 달려들어오다
36                  fall to the floor                       바닥에 떨어지다
37            help ~ up from the floor          ~가 바닥에서 일어서는 것을 돕다,~를 일으켜주다
38            ask him some questions                       몇가지 질문을 하다
39                   talk to about                      ~에게 ~에 대해 이야기하다
40                    be afraid for                           ~를 걱정하다
41           How can I go up quickly?                어떻게 하면 빨리 올라갈 수 있나요?
42                 one of (my) men                          (내) 부하 중 한 명
43             (a) very quick climber                   매우 빠르게 등반하는 사람
44                       take ~up                        ~를 …로 데리고 올라가다
45                 Know ~ very well                          ~을 매우 잘 알다
46                       stand on                               ~에 서다
47                  (a) strong wind                             거센바람
48                 kick (him) down                  (그를) 발로 차서~에서 떨어지게 하다
49                        catch                        잡다
50                   It's for you !                당신 전화에요!
51                  go with ~ to                  ~와 함께…로 가다
52               have adventures                    모험을 떠나다
53            play with your friends                친구들과 놀다
54                      work for                   ~를 위해 일하다
55           start to paint the fence       울타리에 페인트칠 하기 시작하다
56                     get water                     물을 떠오다
57             (a) very good painter         페인트칠을 매우 잘하는 사람
58                have some fruit                 과일이 조금 있다
59                        later                       나중에
60                come out again                     다시 나오다
61         one morning before school           학교 가기 전 어느 날 아침
62            wait for~ in the street           길가에서 ~를 기다리다
63                  (a) graveyard                      묘지
64                      sit with                    ~와 함께 앉다
65                      sit near                   ~가까이에 앉다
66             (a) beautiful new girl         새로(전학) 온 아름다운 소녀
67                        go in                       들어가다
68                    (a) barman           바텐더(카운터에서 주문을 받는 사람)
69                a lot of pictures                  많은 그림들
70               talk to ~ about …           ~에게 …에게 관해 이야기하다
71             come here every day                여기에 매일 오다
72          never give me any money              절대 돈을 내지 않다
73                      come in                       들어오다
74   (a) young man with dark brown hair       짙은 갈색 머리의 젊은 남자
75     It's my gift to the young woman.   그 젊은 여자에게 주는 나의 선물입니다.
76                say with a smile               미소 지으며 말하다
77                   (an) old coin                   오래된 동전
78           sell ~ for a little money            ~을 싼 값에 팔다
79            (an) old celluar phone                오래된 휴대폰
80             ask ~ for forgiveness             ~에게 용서를 구하다
                          EC4 Book 3 Day 1~ Day 6
No                      단어                           정의
 1   (a) cold man, without feeling      감정이 없는 냉정한 사람
2    come to (him) about the law        법률문제에 관해 (의논하기 위해) (그를) 찾아오다
 3   do not matter                      중요하지 않다
 4   people from his family             자신의 가족들
 5   can see no reason for              ~에 대한 이유를 알 수 없다
 6   be quite different from            ~와 매우 다르다
 7   on the Sunday walks                일요일마다 하는 산책에
 8   never say anything                 아무 말도 하지 않다
 9   on the other side of the street    길 건너편에
10   calmly walk on                     차분히 ~를 밟고 가다
11   more like a mindless machine       (오히려) 생각이 없는 기계에 더 가까운
12   run after                          ~를 뒤쫓다
13   (a) caring man                     자상한 남자
14   what is in                         ~의 안에 있는 것
15   likewise                           마찬가지로
16   get rid of                         ~을 없애다
17   very intelligent                   매우 똑똑한
18   own everything immediately         즉시 모든 것을 소유하다
19   in an ordinary way                 늘 하는 대로
20   put ~ back into his safe           ~을 금고에 다시 집어넣다
21   go out into the cold night         차가운 밤거리로 나가다
22   know something about               ~에 관해 무언가 알다
23   have power over                    ~에 대해 영향력을 행사하다
24   watch the door                     그 문을 감시하다
25   under the moonlight                달빛 아래
26   (a) patient man                    인내심이 있는 사람
27   hear some quick steps              빠르게 걷는 발소리를 듣다
28   walk quickly round the corner      빨게 모퉁이를 돌아 걷다
29   be dressed in very plain clothes   매우 평범한 차림이다
30   pick up the microphone             마이크를 집어들다
31   with a loving look                 사랑스런 눈길로
32   get out of bed                     일어나다
33   on each side of the fireplace      벽난로의 양쪽 끝에
34   do not like the subject            그 주제를 좋아하지 않다
35   worry more than anyone             다은 누구보다 더 걱정하다
36   refuse to talk about               ~에 관해 말하기를 거부하다
37   learn something about              ~에 관해 알게 되다
38   go pale                            창백해지다
39   go to ~ with                       ~와 함께 ~로 가다
40   as a result                        결과적으로
41   with a knife                       칼로
42   (a) small fountain                 작은 분수
43   walking in the heat                더위 속에서 걷는 것
44   watch ~ for a minute               ~를 잠시 동안 바라보다
45   Don't be stupid.                   어리석은 행동 하지 마세요.
46   have got to have two hands for     ~을 위해서는 두 손이 다 필요하다

47   can hear the cries of the child    아이의 울음소리가 들리다
48   in the same place                  같은 곳에
49   by the front door               대문 옆에
50   take some food                  음식을 몇 가지 챙기다
51   have a long, long drink         쭉 들이키다/마시다
52   feel better                     기분이 나아지다
53   feel stronger                   힘이 더 나는 듯 하다
54   not safe inside                 안은 안전하지 않은
55   not interested in               ~에 관심이 없는
56   not at home very often          자주 집에 없는
57   grow into                       ~로 자라다
58   at the age of six               6살에
59   in a minute                     잠시 후에
60   climb higher                    더 높이 오르다
61   go inside into                  ~ 안으로 들어가다
62   with pictures of people         초상화가 걸려 있는
63   on the walls                    벽에
64   (a) robin                       유럽 울새
65   haven't got a family            가족이 없다
66   (a) cross old woman             화가 난 할머니
67   ask more questions about        ~에 관해 질문을 더 하다
68   fly out of                      ~의 밖으로 날아 나오다
69   look well and happy             건강하고 행복해 보이다
70   write a letter to               ~에게 편지를 쓰다
71   love being outside              밖에 있는 것을 매우 좋아하다
72   in one of the kitchen gardens   채소밭 중 한 곳에
73   have blue eyes                  파란 눈을 가지고 있다
74   feel very happy                 매우 행복하다
75   at lunchtime                    점심 시간에
76   go back to                      ~로 돌아가다
77   stay in                         ~에 남아있다
78   the funniest birds              가장 우스운 새
79   laugh at                        ~를 보고 웃다
80   have no friends                 친구가 없다
                         Mega Book 3 Lesson 1~6
No        단어                                                     정의
 1       wonder         v. to think about sth because you want to know more about it
 2           like       p. similar in some way to sth else: similar to
 3      detective       n. sb who is paid to discover information about sb or sth: investigator
 4         outer        a. on the outside of sth
 5         space        n. the area beyond the Earth where the stars and planets are
 6         learn        v. to gain knowledge of sth
 7        maybe         ad. Perhaps
 8       lifetime       n. the period of time when sb is alive: lifespan
 9        unlock        v. to discover the most important facts about sth: reveal
10         travel       v. to go from one place to another
11       possibly       ad. By any possibility
12         alone        a. without any other people
13    astronomer        n. a scientist who studies the stars and planets
14         math         n. the process of calculating using numbers: calculations
15          right       a. most appropriate for a particular occasion or purpose
16      amazing         a. very surprising: astonishing
17        survive       v. to continue to live or exist: stay alive
18         germ         n. a very small living thing that can make you sick: microbe
19         tough        a. strong enough to deal successfully with difficult conditions
20      life form       n. any living thing
21         harsh        a. very difficult and unpleasant: extreme
22        boiling       a. hot enough to make steam: steaming
23       carborn        n. a chemical element that is found in all living things
24          exist       v. to be present in a particular place or situation
25    solar system      n. the sun and the planets that go around it
26        search        v. to try to find sth by looking carefully: look
27   extraterrestrial   a. relating to things that do not exist or happen on Earth
28      distance        n. the amount of space between two things
29         equal        v. to be the same in size, number, or amount as sth else: be the same (as)
30         speed        n. the rate at which sth moves: velocity
31       signal         n. a series of light waves or sound waves that carry an image, sound, or message
32       reach          v. to arrive somewhere: arrive on
33       extinct        a. not to exist anymore
34      mentally        ad. In a way that is connected with the mind
35       active         a. always doing things or ready to do things
36         stay         v. to remain in a particular situation or state
37        sharp         a. intelligent and quick to notice sth or react to sth: keen
38     berakdown        n. a division of sth into smaller parts
39         cell         n. the smallest part of a living structure that can operate as an independent unit
40       divide         v. to from into separate groups: split
41       cause          v. to make sth happen: bring about
42     ecentually       n. at the end of a period of time or a series of events: ultimately
43      suppose         v. to imagine what would happen if sth were true
44        diet          n. the type of food that sb eats each day
45       deadly         a. causing or likely to cause death: fatal
46     optimistic       a. expecting good things to happen or sth to be successful: positive
47        jolt          n. a sudden shock
48       regain         v. to get back sth you lost: recover
49      unless       c. cxcept if
50      enable       v. to make it possible for sb to do sth: allow
                     n. the knowledge that you get from life and from being in a lot of different
51    experience
52         once      c. from the moment that sth happens
53         store     v. to keep facts or information in your brain
54       thread      n. a long thin fiber used for sewing or for weaving: string
55         carry     v. to take or deliver a message to sb
56        active     a. always doing things or ready to do things: working
57       charge      n. the amount of selectrical force that sth has
58         flow      v. to pass continously throught sth: run
59      remind       v. to make sb rember sth that they must do
60     beneath       p. directly below sth
61       norma       a. usual, and not special: regular
62     platform      n. a structure for sb to stand on that is higher than the ground
63          rest     v. to spend a period of time relaxing after doing sth tiring: relax
64          link     v. to be related to or connected to each other in some way: relate
65      random       a. happening or chosen without any definite plan, aim or pattern: irregular
66        string     n. a group of similar or connected things: series
67        recall     v. to remember sth from the past
68         tend      v. to usually do a particular thing: be inclined
69        avoid      v. to choose not to do sth because it is inpleasant or dangerouse: evade
70   mind-boggling   a. strage or complicated, and difficult to imagine or believe
71        rapid      a. happening, moving, or acting quickly
72        numb       a. unable to feel anyting
73       subject     n. a person or anomal that is used in a scientific test
74       period      n. an amount of time during which sth happens: interval
75       disturb     v. to interrupt sb or sth
76        infant     n. a baby or a very young child
77     decrease      v. to become less in number, size or amount: diminish
78     nonsense      n. ideas or statements that are not sensible
79       handle      v. to deal with a situation or problem
80     stressful     a. involing or causing a lot of pressure or worry
                               Giga Book 3 Lesson 1~6
No         단어                                                       정의
 1        dive            v. to jump or move quickly in a particular direction
 2       tackle           v. to take hold of sb and push them to the ground
 3      headfirst         ad. With the head going first
 4      opponent          n. sb who is competing against you: competitor
5         huddle          n. a group that American football players form during a game to discuss their next play
 6       assistant        n. a person whose job is to help sb who is in charge of doing sth: helper
 7         injury         n. a wound or damage done to a part of your body
 8        bundle          n. a group of things that have been tied together
 9        stretch         v. to spread out or cover a large area: extend
10         signal         n. information sent from one thing or person to another
11         block          v. to stop sth from moving to or through sth else
12       paralyze         v. to make sb lose the ability to move their body or a part of it: disable
13      emergency         a. done during an unexpected situation in which immediate action is necessary
14          speed         v. to move quickly: rush
15         protect        v. to keep sth or sb safe from harm or damage: shield
16            act         v. to do sth immediately
17        swelling        n. a part of your body that has become bigger because of injury: puffiness
18        squeeze         v. to press sth firmly
19        damage          v. to harm sth physically
20       operation        n. the process of cutting into sb's body for medical reasons: surgery
21         chance         n. the possibility that sth will happen
22        amazing         a. very surprising: wonderful
23          wiggle        v. to twist part of your body with small quick movements: jiggle
24        hopeful         a. giving you reason to believe that sth good will happen: promising
25           sign         n. sth that suggests that a good or bad thing will happen: indication
26           warn         v. to tell sb that sth bad or dangerous may happen
27   physical therapist   n. sb whose job is to treat injuries using special physical exercises
28           over         a. finished or done
29          honor         v. to treat sb with special respect
30           lead         v. to show sb the way to a place by going there with them
31         victory        n. the success you achieve: triumph
32        respond         v. to react to sth by taking a partcular course of action
33            list        v. to say or write things one after another
34          order         n. the way in which a set of things is arranged: sequence
35          device        n. a machine or piece of equipment that does a particular thing: apparatus
36        implant         v. to put sth into sb's body by doing a medical operation: insert
37       electrical       a. relating to electricity
38         replace        v. to get rid of sth and to put a new thing in its place: substitute
39        properly        ad. In a way that is considered right or correct: correctly
40      completely        ad. Totally
41       consider         v. to think about sth carefully
42     community          n. a group of people who are similar in some way
43        identity        n. the qualities that make sb feel like they belong to a particular group
44        imagine         v. to form a picture of sth in your mind: picture
45         rumble         v. to make a continuous deep sound
46           clue         n. a piece of information that helps you explain sth: idea
47      flush     v. to make water go through a toilet
48     flood      v. to arrive somewhere in large numbers or amounts: rush
49    vibrate     v. to shake very quickly with small fast movements
50     spiral     n. a curved line that winds into a central point: coil
51    specific    a. relating to a particular type of thing
52      past      p. up to and beyond
53    disaster    n. an unexpected event that causes a lot of damage: catastrophe
54      blow      n. a hard hit from sb's hand or an object
55     insert     v. to put sth into sth else: implant
56     admit      v. to agree that sth is true: acknowledge
57    surgery     n. medical treatment in which a doctor cuts open sb's body: (an) opration
58    pretend     v. to behave as if sth is true when you know that it is not
59      work      v. to have a particular or effect or result you want: succeed
60     attach     v. to have a connection with or be part of sth: stick
61        or      c. in other words
62   vulnerable   a. week and easily hirt physically: unprotected
                  n. the soft part of the body of a person or animal that is between the skin and the
63     flesh
64     tighten    v. to become hard and narrow: narrow
65    consious    a. awake and able to see, hear, and think: aware
66       crew     n. a group of people with a particular skill who work together: team
67        rare    a. not happening or seen very offen
68      pump      v. to make liquid or gas move into or out of sth: supply
69        cure    n. a medicine or treatment that makes sb who is ill become healthy: remedy
70      infant    n. a very young baby
71    terrified   a. extermely frightened
72       recall   v. to remember information or an event from the past
73      choice    n. a decision to sth
74   brand-new    a. completely new
75         let    v. to allow sb to do sth: allow (to)
76    security    n. safety from attack, harm, or damage: defense
77       force    n. a group that works together to provide protection
78   incredidly   ad. Extremely
79     grateful   a. feeling that you want to thank sb: thankful
80        vein    n. a tube in your body that carries blood to your heart
                        Tera Book 3 Lesson 1~6
No      단어                                                 정의
 1       sound      n. the particular musical style of a person or band
 2        style     n. a typical way that sb writes music
 3   neighborhood   n. a particular area of a city or town: community
 4      upbeat      a. happy and confident that good things will happen: cheerful
 5         roll     v. to move from side to side
 6         key      n. sth you press on a musical instrument to make it produce sounds
7       limited     a. not allowed to go above a particular number, amount or level: restricted
 8       station    n. a company that broadcasts radio programs
 9        chart     n. a list showing information in a way that is easy to understand
10      surprise    n. an unusual or unexpected event
11     majority     n. most of the people in a group
12      handful     n. a very small number of people: few
13         local    a. in or related to the area that you live in
14    disc jockey   n. sb who introduces and plays music on the radio: DJ
15        on-air    a. broadcast during a radio or television program
16         hold     v. to organize sth
17          Ball    n. a formal social event at which there is dancing: dance
18    ceremony      n. a formal event with special traditions or actions
19     officially   ad. Publicly and formally
20        honk      v. to make a loud noise using a musical instrument: blare
21     advertise    v. to announce that sth will take place: promote
22        burst     v. to go somewhere quickly and suddenly: rush
23        crush     v. to press sb so hard that he/she is hurt
24        storm     v. to suddenly attack and enter a place using a lot of force
25    announce      v. to give information to people: publicize
26      onstage     ad. On the stage of a theatre
27      thrilled    a. very pleased and excited
28    prejudiced    a. having an unfair feeling of dislike for sb who is different from you in some way
29     consider     v. to have a particular opinion about sth: regard as
30    scandalous    a. completely immoral and shocking
31       illegal    a. not allowed by the law: prohibited
32       adults     n. sb who is no longer a child
33      criminal    n. sb who has done sth very wrong and is punished by the law
34        flock     v. to gather together in a large group: crowd
35       tough      n. a likely to behave in a vilolent way: rough
36       rerror     n. a strong feeling of fear: horror
37    soundtrack    n. the music that goes with a movie
38        blara     b. to make a loud and unpleasant nise: blast
39       refuse     v. to not do sth that sb has asked you to do
40        grab      v. to take hold of sth or sb in a rough or rude way: snatch
41         rise     n. an increase in number
                    n. a meeting of a court of law or offcial organization to find out the facts about
42     hearing
43      wild        a. showing strong uncontrolled emotions
44      fear        v. to feel afraid or worried that sth bad may happen: worry
45     protect      b. to keep sb safe from harm: safeguard
46        ban        v. to say offcially that people must not do sth: prohibit
47       sezie       v. to take sth using offcial power and force: confiscate
48         fill      v. to become full or sth: pack
49      uproar       n. a lot of niose or angry protest about sth: outrage
50    smash hit      n. a very successful new thing: huhe success
51       rush        v. to hurry to do sth
52    distubing      a. making yo feel extremely worried or upset: upsetting
53        sign       n. an event or fact that shows that sth is happening: indication
54      resent       v. to feel angry about sth because you think that it is not fair
55       silky       a. very soft and gentle
56       rush        v. to try to attack sb or sth suddenly: storm
57     wrestle       v. to fight by holding and pushing sb
58     council       n. an offcial group of people chosen to make decisions or provide advice
59      attack       n. a violent attempt to harm a person: assault
60        polt       n. a secret plan to do sth bad
61        fear       n. the feeling that you have when you are frightened: concern
62       form        v. to make sth exist
63     perform       v. to do sth to entertion people by acting in a play or singing
64       back        v. to support sb
65      studio       n. a place where musicians make records
66   point of view   n. a way of judging a situation based on a particular aspect: perspective
67         hit       v. to reach a particuar state
68     unlikely      a. not typical: unexpected
69       born        a. brought into life by brith
70       raise       v. to take care of children while they are growing up: bring up
71   point of view   n. a way of judging a situation based on a particular aspect: perspective
72      heyday       n. the time when sth was at its greatest or most popular: prime
73       outfit      n. a set of clothes worn together
74   choreograph     v. to plan the movements for dancers to perform: compose
75       chart       n. a list showing information in a way that is easy to understand
76     support       v. to provide money, food and shelter that sb needs to live: sustain
77      hardly       ad. Almost not
78       living      n. money that you earn to live on
79      reflect      v. to show a particular situation, idea, or feeling
80       taste       n. the ability to judge if sth is good or bad in things like art
                     Bridge Reading Lesson 9~11
No   단어              정의
 1   base            v. to use particular ideas or facts to develop a theory
 2   mission         n. a flight into space
 3   feature         n. an important part or aspect of sth
 4   leave behind    v. to not make sth with you when you go somewhere
 5   consequently    ad. As a result
 6   evaporate       v. to change into gas or steam
 7   observe         v. to watch sth carefully to discover sth
 8   permanently     ad. Always or for a very long time
 9   organism        n. a living thing
10   continent       n. one of the very large areas of land on Earth
11   appearance      n. the way that sb or sth looks
12   support         v. to provide the conditions in which sth can exist
13   instrument      n. a piece of equipment that measures sth
14   measure         v. to find the exact size, amount, or speed of sth
15   particular      a. relating to only one specific thing or type of thing
16   enolve          v. to gradually develop particular physical features
17   arboreal        a. living in trees
18   steady          a. firmly held in a particular position without moving
19   be perched      v. to sit on sth that is narrow or small, and usually high
20   snatch          v. to pull or take sth away quickly
21   vine            n. the long thin stem of a plant that grows along the ground or up a tree or wall
22   grip            v. to hold sth tightly
23   wrap            v. to put sth around sth else
24   armored         a. protected by a strong covering
25   horny           made of a hard strong substance like horn
26   get at          v. to manage to reach or touch sth
27   twig            n. a very small thin branch from a tree or bush
28   wean            v. to make a baby stop taking its mother's milk
29   grumpy          a. unhappy and dissatisfied for no obvious reason
30   bumpy           a. having a lot of rough or raised parts
31   talent          n. a natural ability for doing sth well
32   still           a not moving
33   expert          n. sb who has a particular skill
34   tasty           a. having a nice flavor
35   slap            v. to hit sb or sth quickly, making a loud noise
36   shoot           v. to move very suddenly and quickly
37   snap            v. to quickly move making a short sound
38   perform         v. to complete complicated action
39   trick           n. an effective and skillful way of doing sth
40   extraordinary   a. much better than usual
41   lightning       a. very quick
42   contracts       v. to become tighter
43   grab            v. to take hold of sth in a rough or rude way
44   tip             n. a pointed end of sth long or thin
45   seize           v. to suddenly hold sb by a part of their body
46   yank            v. to pull sth or sb suddenly with a lot of force
47   capture         v. to catch an animal
48   calm             v. to make you feel sth less
49   board            v. to get into a ship
50   set sail         v. to begin a journey across water
51   route            n. a way that ships travel regularly
52   ill-fated        a. likely to end in failure of death
53   piece together   v. to learn the truth about sth by considering all the information you have
54   survey           v. to examine an area of land to make a map of it
55   communicate      v. to express information to another person
56   crush            v. to press sth so hard that it breaks
57   cannibalize      v. to eat another human
58   relic            n. an object from the past that has been kept
59   stir             n. a situation in which a lot of people feel angry
60   indicate         v. to show that sth is true or exists
61   fatigue          n. a feeling of being extremely tired
62   destination      n. the place where sb or sth is going
63   tear             v. to pull sth so that it separates into pieces
64   sign up          v. to agree to do sth, or to join an organization
65   assistant        n. sb who helps another person in their work
66   raise            v. to collect money for a particular purpose
67   launch           v. to put a boat or ship into water
68   pioneer          v. to be the first person to do, invent or use sth
69   insist           v. to say very firmly that sth must be done
70   at the wheel     a driving
71   swab             v. to wash a floor with a mop
72   trample          v. to step heavily on sb or sth causing injury
73   enlist           v. to persuade sb to help you to do sth
74   heritage         n. the traditional beliefs or customs of a society
75   civilization     n. a society that has developed its own culture
76   record           v. to put sounds or images onto a cassette or video
77   organize         v. to put things into a sensible order or into a system
78   catalog          v. to make a list of all the things in a collection
79   restore          v. to repair sth old so that it is in its original
80   extensive        a. involving a lot of details and information
                      Bridge Listening Lesson 9~11
No               단어                                         정의
 1   treat               v. to use medicine to cure a patient or an illness
 2   vicious             a. extremely violent
 3   aggressive          a. behaving in an angry, threatening way
 4   failure             n. an act of not doing sth which should be done
                         v. to remove part of the sex organs of an animal so that it cannot produce
5    neuter
 6   pack                n. a group of wild animals that live and hunt together
 7   loyalty             n. the quality of remaining faithful to sb
 8   attribute           n. a quality or feature of sb
 9   affection           n. a feeling of liking and caring about sb or sth
10   deed                n. sth that sb does
11   stick by            v. to continue to support sb who is in a difficult situation
12   indicator           n. sth that shows you what condition sth is in
13   emphasize           v. to make sth more noticeable
14   trait               n. a particular quality in sb's character
15   fatal               a. causing sb to die
16   remove              v. to get rid of sth
17   surge               n. a sudden increase in sth
18   stir                v. to make sb have strong feeling or reaction
19   outrage             n. a strong feeling of anger and shock at sth
20   liable              a. legally responsible for causing damage or injury
21   restrain            v. to prevent sth from doing sth
22   rush                v. to take or send sb or sth somewhere in a hurry
23   accusation          n. a claim that sb has done sth illegal or wrong
24   tetify              v. to make a statement about sth that you saw
25   pose                v. to create a difficult or dangerous situation
26   correct             v. to show that sth is wrong, and make it right
27   convict             v. to prove in a court of law that sb is guilty of a crime
28   involuntary         a. happening or done without being intended
29   serve               v. to spend a particular period of time in prison
30   sentence            n. a punishment that a judge gives to sb who is guilty
31   advocate            n. sb who strongly and publicly supports sb or sth
32   irresponsible       a. done without thinking of the possible results of your actions
33   scare               v. to make sb feel frightened or worried
34   exhaustion          n. a feeling of being extremely tired
35   knead               v. to prepare dough by pressing it continuously
36   laboratory          n. a special room where a scientist does experiments
37   feed                v. to give food to an animal
38   moisture            n. a small amount of liquid in a substance
39   condense            v. to become thicker as a result of losing some water
40   consistency         n. the degree to which a substance is thick or firm
41   cooperative         a. done by people working together
42   communal            a. shared by a group of animals who live together
43   source              n. a thing, place, or activity that you get sth from
                         n. a sudden feeling of enthusiasm, or a new idea that helps you to do or
44   inspiration
                         create sth
45   curiosity           n. a strong feeling of wanting to find out about sth
46   buzz                n. a strong feeling of pleasure or excitement
47   confirm         v. to prove that sth is true
48   medicinal       a. capable of treating an illness
49   effective       a. working in the way that was intended
50   application     n. a particular use that sth has
51   properties      n. qualities or features of sth
52   recommend       v. to say that sth is good and worth using
53   soaked          a. extremely wet
54   resistant       a. not affected by sth
55   drowsy          a. feeling that you want to sleep
56   superstitious   a. irrational and not based on fact
57   remedy          n. a medicine for pain or minor illness
58   conventional    a. used for a long time and considered the usual type
59   swear by        v. to be believed that sth is effective
60   tolerance       n. the ability to suffer pain without being harmed
61   strive          v. to make a lot of effort to achieve sth
62   minister        n. a priest in some Christian churches
63   serve           v. to perform duties for an organization
64   visit with      v. to have a conversation with sb
65   employ          v. to use sth for a particular purpose
66   struggle        n. a long hard fight to get political rights
67   segregate       v. to separate groups of people because of race
68   protest         v. to disagree strongly with sth by taking action in public
69   historic        a. very important in history
70   offer           v. to let sb know that you are willing to do sth for them
71   rebellion       n. an attempt to remove a government by force
72   condemn         v. to say publicly that you think sth is bad or wrong
73   move            n. sth that you do to achieve an aim
74   defend          v. to be a lawyer for sb who has been charged with a crime
75   philosophy      n. a belief of attitude that sb uses for dealing with life in general
76   obtain          v. to get sth that you want
77   effort          n. an attempt to do sth that is difficult
78   prestigious     a. admired and respected by people
79   humility        n. the quality of not being too proud about yourself
80   inappropriate   a. not suitable in a particular situation
                      Par Reading Lesson 9~11
No         단어                                            정의
 1   combine        v. to put things together
 2   creation       n. the act of making sth new or original
 3   cost           n. the amount of money that is needed to do sth
 4   functional     a. designed to be good at doing a particular job
 5   store          v. to save information in electronic form
 6   function       n. the job that sth is designed to do
 7   usability      n. the state of being able to be used easily
 8   signal         n. a sound or action that gives information to sb or tells them to do sth
 9   horizontal     a. straight and parrel to the ground
10   emphasize      v. to give particular importance or attention to sth
11   impact         n. an effect
                    a. designed to be easy and comfortable to use and to produce the most benefits
12   ergonomic
                    to the user
13   text message   n. a written message sent or received on a mobile
14   correspond     v. to be the same as sth else
15   strain         n. physical effort or pressure
16   injury         n. physical damage
17   workstation    n. a desk for one person to work at
18   arrangement    n. a way of organizing things
19   adjustable     a. able to be changed in position or size
20   parallel       a. being the same distance apart along everywhere
21   support        n. sth that holds the weight of an object
22   miss           v. to fail to be present for sth
23   investment     n. the use of money to get a profit
24   profitable     a. making a profit
25   organized      v. planning activities carefully and effectively
26   aspect         n. a particular part or quality of sth
27   combination    n sth that puts several things together
28   achieve        v. to successfully complete sth
29   balance        v. to make two things have the same strength or importance
30   guidelines     n. official instructions about how to do sth
31   decorate       v. to make sth look more attractive by putting nice things on it
32   point          v. to show a particular direction or place
33   nightmare      n a very frightening and unpleasant dream
34   negative       a harmful or bad
35   stimulating    a. making you feel interested
36   represent      v. to be a sign or symbol of sth
37   create         v. to cause a problem to exist
38   appliance      n. a piece of equipment that you have in your home
39   typical        a. like most people or things of the same type
40   portable       a easy to carry or move
41   signal         v. to show that sth is happening
42   the elite      n. the most powerful, rich or talented people
43   restrict       v. to physically limit the movement of sth or sb
44   determine      v. to control what sth will be
45   complicated    a. difficult to do, deal with or understand
46   top-down       a. controlled by the people with the highest status in an organization
47   demand         n. the amount of a product or service that people want
48   consumer        n. sb who buys and uses goods and services
49   available       a. able to be obtained, taken, or used
50   trend           n. a gradual change that produces a particular result
51   dominant        a. more important powerful, of successful than the other things of the same type
52   notice          v. to become conscious of sth by seeing them
53   suburban        n. an area or town near a large city
54   military        n. country's armed forces
                     n. a permanent picture that is drawn on a part of your body by putting ink into
55   tatto
                     your skin with a needle
56   athlete         n. sb who competes in sports competitions
57   adopt           v. to decide to start suing a particular idea or plan
58   generation      n. all people of about the same age
59   promote         v. to support or encourae sth
60   boring          a. not at all interesting
61   cognition       n. the process of knowing and understanding sth
62   process         v. to put information through a system to deal with it
63   study           v. to watch and examine sb or sth carefully
                     n. the part of a person that make them behave in a particular way in social
64   personality
65   selfish         a. thinking only about yourself
66   impulsive       a. doing things without thinking about what will happen
67   make sense      v. to be easy to understand
68   occur           v. to happen
69   consistent      a. continuing or developing steadily in the same way
70   surge           n. a sudden increase in sth
71   keep track of   v. to have all the information that you need about sth
                     n. the period of your life when you change from being a child to being a young
72   adolescence
73   dramatic        a. sudden and surprising
74   independent     a. not depending on other people for help
75   explore         v. to examine of discuss sth carefully
76   engage in       v. to take part in a particular activity
77   lack            v. to not have enough of sth that you need or want
78   incomplete      a. not completely developed
79   risky           a. involving the possibility of danger or harm
80   unfamiliar      a. not known to you
                          Par Listening Lesson 9~11
No          단어                                                 정의
 1   secretion          n. the process by which a liquid is produced by a living thing
 2   anxiety            n. a worried feeling you have because you think sth bad might happen
 3   high               n. a feeling of great happiness or excitement
 4   aerobic            a. using oxygen
 5   benefit            v. to help sth or give them an advantage
 6   fit                a. healthy and strong
7    on a regular basis ad. At regular times
 8   retain             v. to remember ideas or information
 9   reaction           n. the way that you behave as a result of sth that happens
10   perform            v. to complete an action or activity
11   maintain           v. to make sth stay the same
12   convincing         a. making sb believe that sth is true
13   concentrate        v. to give all your attention to the thing you are doing
14   alertness          n. an ability to think in a clear and intelligent way
15   outlook            n. general attitude to life and the world
16   depression         n. a feeling of being extremely unhappy
17   speculate          v. to consider or discuss what might happen
18   conduct            v. to do sth in order to get information or prove facts
19   function           n. sth that a part of your body does
20   involve            v. to include or affect sb or sth
                        n. a complicated and confusing arrangement of streets that it is difficult to find
21   maze
                        your way through
22   decline            n. a gradual decrease in the amount or quality of sth
23   cognition          n. the process by which you recognize and understand things
24   sedentary          a. sitting a lot and not exercising
25   delay              v. to do sth later than is planned or exepected
26   perception         n. the way that you notice things with your senses
     be associated
27                      v. to be connected with sth in some way
28   portable           a. able to be carried or moved easily
29   prevent            v. to stop sth that is harmful or bad from happening
30   figure             v. to believe that sth is true, although you do not know for certain
31   accidentally       ad. By mistake rather than deliberate intention
32   shot               n. a chance or attempt to do or get sth
33   lethal injection   a. a method of executing sb by using a needle to put a drug into their body
34   electrocution      n. a method of executing sb by using electricity
35   decapitation       n. cutting off sb's head
36   minor              n. sb who is below the age at which they are legally an adult
37   rule               v. to make an official decision about a legal matter
38   execute            v. to kill sb as a punishment for a crime
39   cruel              a. making sb suffer or feel unhappy
40   controversy        n. public discussion and disagreement about sth
41   recognize          v. to accept the authority or status of sb or sth
42   uncover            v. to find out about sth that has been hidden
43   eliminate          v. to get rid of sth that is not wanted or needed
44   task               n. sth that you have to do
45   face           v. to accept that a bad situation exists and deal with it
46   reveal         v. to let sth become known
47   sentence       v. to officially state what sb's punishment will be
48   appeal         v. to formally ask a court of law to change its decision
49   reverse        v. to change a court decision to the opposite decision
50   impose         v. to force people to accept a new law or new system
51   accountable    a. responsible for the effects of your actions
52   spurt          n a sudden increase in sth
53   steady         a. slowly and gradually continuing to change or happen
54   transmit       v. to pass ifnormation or beliefs to other people
                    v. to form a particular judgment about a situation after carefully considering the
55   reason
56   control        v. to remain calm even if you feel angry or upset
57   rely on        v. to trust sb or sth to do sth for you
58   intense        a. involving a lot of effort, energy, or attention
59   radiate        v. to produce energy such as heat or light
60   run out        v. to become used up so that there is no more left
61   expand         v. to become larger in size and fill more space
62   core           n. the central part of a planet
63   extinguish     v. to make a light stop shining
64   positively     ad. With the same electrical charge as a proton
65   collied with   v. to crash into each other
66   density        n. the relationship between sth's mass and its size
67   phase          n. one of the stages of a process of development
68   fuse with      v. to become joined to form one thing
69   formation      n. the process during which sth is created
70   launch         v. to send a satellite or other object into space
71   orbit          n. the path that is taken by an object moving around a larger object in space.
72   large-scale    a. happening over a large area
73   track          v. to follow the course of a moving object using special equipment
74   withness       v. to see sth happen
75   beneficial     a. having a good effect or influence on sb or sth
76   composition    n. the way that sth is formed from separate parts
77   intensify      v. to make sth increase in strength or size
78   snap           v. to move into a particular position suddenly, with a sharp noise
79   spike          n. a sudden increase in the amount of eletricity
80   chain          n. a long series of events that are related to each other
                      Birdie Reading Lesson 9~11
No        단어                                                 정의
 1   desperate        a done because you can think no other way
 2   vulnerable       a easily harmed or hurt physically
 3   runaway          a increeasing more quickly than expected
 4   substantial      a large in amount or degree
 5   domesticated     a trained to live with or work for humans
 6   conservative     a usually less than the actual amount
 7   negligible       a very unimportant
 8   alternative      a. able to be used instead of sth
 9   unanimous        a. agreeing completely about sth
10   empirical        a. based on scientific experiments
11   confident        a. certain that sth will be successful
12   reasonable       a. fair and sensible
13   favorable        a. giving sb or sth an advantage
14   irreversible     a. imporssible to bring back a previous condition
15   unavoidable      a. imporssible to stop from happening
16   comprehensive    a. including many aspects of sth
17   extensive        a. involving a lot of details
18   unprecedented    a. never having happened or existed before
19   extinct          a. no longer existing
20   short -sighted   a. not considering the possible effects in the future
21   unsuitable       a. not having the right qualities for a particular situation
22   vegetation       a. plants in general
23   toxic            a. poisonous and harmful
24   genuine          a. real
25   intellectual     a. relating to the ability to understand things
26   crisis           a. very bad situation that might get worse
27   massive          a. very large in amount or degree
28   impoverished     a. very poor
29   mean             a.average
30   artificial       a.made by people and used instead of sth natural
31   inefficient      a.not working in the best possible way
32   invariably       ad. Almost always
33   fundamentally    ad. In a very basic way
34   inevitably       ad. In a way that cannot be avoided
35   significantly    ad. In a way that is easily noticeable
36   acceptably       ad. In a way that sth can be allowed
37   roughly          ad. not exactly
38   frequently       ad. Very often
39   practically      ad.almost
40   projection       n an estimate of future amount
41   conversion       n the process of changing from one from to a different one
42   strategy         n. a method for achieving sth
43   flaw             n. a mistake in a set of ideas
44   plots            n. a piece of land used for a particular purpose
45   proportion       n. a quantity of sth that is a part of the whole
46   description      n. a statement about what sth is like
47   halt             n. a temporary or permanent stop in a process
48   consrnsue        n. agreenent among all the pelple involed
49   acquisition      n. the process of getting new knowledge or skills
50   simplification   n. the process of making sth less complicated
51   accuracy         n. the quality of being correct
52   complexity       n. the state of being complicated and detailed
53   pesticides       n.a chemical substance used to kill insects
54   expanse          n.a large, open area of land, water, or sky
55   fertility        n.the abitity of the soil to produce good crops
56   content          n.the amount of a substance that sth contains
57   regardless of    p. without being affected by anything else
58   fascinate        v. to attract you very strongly
59   intervene        v. to become involved ina situation to try to change it
60   reverse          v. to change the usual order of parts of sth
61   sustain          v. to continue or maintain sth for a period of time
62   approach         v. to deal with a situation in a particular way
63   conduct          v. to do sth in an organized way
64   eliminate        v. to get rid of sth that is not wanted or needed
65   distribute       v. to give sth to each person
66   abandon          v. to leave a place because iit is difficult or dangerous to stay there
67   release          v. to let a substance flow out
68   relieve          v. to make a bad situation less serious
69   reinforce        v. to make a situation stronger
70   ensure           v. to make certain that sth will happen
71   focus on         v. to pay particular attention to sth
72   invalidate       v. to prove that an argument or opinion is wrong
73   stablilize       v. to reach a state where there are no longer any major changes
74   appreciate       v. to recognize the good or special qualities of sth
75   hinder           v. to stop sth from making progress
76   interrup         v. to stop sty from being continuous
77   exhaust          v. to use all of sth
78   exploit          v. to use sth fully and effectively to gain an advantage or profit
79   shrink  become smaller in size
80   evaporate change into gas or steam
                         Birdie Listening Lesson 9~11
No          단어                                                  정의
 1   scores of           a. large numbers of people or things
 2   airwaves            n. radio or television programs
 3   consult             v. to go to sb for information or advice
 4   portray             v. to describe sth in a particular way
 5   authentically       ad. In a way that is based on facts
 6   jargon              n. words or expressions that are used by a particular group of people
 7   force               n. a group of people doing military or police work
 8   autopsy             n. an examination of a dead body to discover the cause of death
 9   stab                v. to push a knife into sb or sth
10   forensic            a. relating to the scientific methods used for finding out about a crime
11   landmark            n. one of the most important events that influences sb or sth
12   investigate         v. to try to findout the truth about sth
13   extensive           a. very large in amount or degree
14   rear                v. to look after sth until it is fully grown
15   decay               n. the natural chemical change that causes the slow destruction of sth
16   raid                v. to make a surprise visit to search for sth illegal
17   hideout             n. a place where sb can hide from the police
18   nab                 v. to catch sb doing sth illegal or wrong
19   assign              v. to make sb responsible for a particular thing
20   process             v. to deal with sth in the usual way
                         n. a lawyer who works for a state or country government in the US and whose job
21   district attorney
                         is to bring people accused of crimes to trial
22   in charge of        a. having control over sth and responsible for them
                         n. a police officer whose job is to try to discover information about a crime and
23   detective
                         catch criminals
24   homicide            n. the crime of killing sb
25   conduct             v. to do sth in an organized way
26   witness             n. sb who sees a crime or accident happen
27   lead                n. a piece of information that may help sb to find out the truth about a crime
28   suspect             n. sb who the police believe may have committed a crime
29   emerge              v. to appear, or to become recognized
30   interrogate         v. to ask sb a lot of questions to get information
31   verify              v. to check or to prove that sth is true or correct
32   confession          n. a statement in which you admit that you have committed a crime
33   latent              a. existing but not obvious
34   compelling          a. able to persuade sb that sth is true
35   conviction          n. a decision by a court of law that sb is guilty of a crime
36   motive              n. the reason that you do sth
37   beneficiaries       n. sb who gets money or other things from sb who has died
38   con                 v. to persuade sb to do sth by deceiving them
39   procsecution        n. the lawyers who try to prove in court that sb accused of a crime is guilty
40   testimony           n. a formal statement about sth that you saw or know
41   issue               v. to announce sth, or to give sth to people officially
42   settlement          n. money or property that you legally give to sb
43   inmate              n. sb who is kept in a prison
44   cooped up           a. having to stay for a period of time in a place
45   deceased      a. dead
46   wear down     v. to gradualy make sb physically weaker
47   restless      a. not able to keep still because you are nervous, bored, or impatient
48   disrupt       v. to interrupt sth by creating a problem
49   sonic         a. relating to sound or sound waves
50   therapy       n. a form of treatment for an illness or medical condition
51   combat        v. to try to stop sth bad from happening or getting worse
52   consciously   ad. In a deliberate way
53   immediate     a. next to a place or person
54   adjust        v. to change sth slightly in order to make it better
55   demographic   n. a group of people
56   unblassed     a. able to make a fair judgment
57   participant   n. sb who takes part in sth
58   proximity     n. how near sth is to another thing in distance
59   in unison     ad. In agreement
60   phenomenon    n. an event or situation that can be seen to happen or exist
61   synchronize   v. to happen or move at the same time or speed
62   resonate      v. to produce or be filled with a deep clear sound that continues for a long time
63   instance      n. an example of sth happening
64   impulse       n. an electrical signal passed from a nerve to a muscle
65   frequency     n. the rate at which a sound wave
66   tranquil      a. calm, still, and quiet
67   transpire     v. to happen
68   erode         v. to gradually reduce the value or level of sth
69   mellow        a. with a soft, smooth, and pleasant sound
70   lull          v. to make sb relaxed enough to sleep
71   composition   v. sth such as a piece of music
72   incorporate   v. to add or include sth as a prt of sth else
73   evoke         v. to bring a particular emotions or idea into your mind
74   babble        v. to make the gentle pleasant sound of water as it move along in a river
75   soothe        v. to make sb more calm and relaxed
76   irritate      v. to make sb feel annoyed or impatient
77   receptive     a. willing to listen or to consider suggestions
78   pacify        v. to make sb feel calmer or happier
79   practice      n. a way of doing sth
80   vigilant      a. giving careful attention to what is happening
                     Eagle Reading Lesson 9~11
No          단어                                              정의
 1   turnout         n. the number of voters in an election
 2   apathy          n. a feeling of having no interest in anything
 3   urge            v. to strongly suggest that sb do sth
 4   synthesize      v. to produce sth by combining different things
 5   legtimate       a. allowed by the law
 6   hold back       v. to stop sb from being as successful as they should
 7   lease           v. to let sb use your property in return for regular payments
 8   secure          v. to obtain sth
 9   engender        v. to cause a feeling to exist
10   resentment      n. an angry unhappy feeling
11   animosity       n. a strong feeling of disliking sb
12   assault         v. to attack sb violently
13   round up        v. to bring people together in one place
14   connotation     n. an additional idea that a word suggests
15   euphemistic     a. using polite words to avoid upsetting people
16   censor          v. to remove part of a book for particular reasons
17   obscenity       n. a sexually offensive word or action
18   epithet         n. an offensive name for sb
19   seemingly       ad. In a way that appears to have a particular quality
20   avid            a. very enthusiastic about sth you do regularly
21   appropriate     a. suitable for a particular situation
22   perspective     n. a way of thinking about sth
23   scale           v. to climb to the top of a high steep object
24   bias            n. a tendency to prefer sb or sth to another
25   terrain         n. a particular type of land
26   expunge         v. to remove sth completely
27   controversial   a. causing a lot of disagreement
     spheres of
28                   n. the area where sb has power to change things
29   disregard       v. to not consider sth important
30   devoid          a. lacking sth
31    momentum       n. the ability to keep increasing or developing
32   segregation     n. the policy of keeping people from different races separate
33   enforce         v. to make sure that sth happens or is done
34    intervene      v. to become involved in a situation to try to change it
35   extemporizes    v. to speak without prepartion
36   enact           v. to make a proposal into a law
37   provision       n. a condition in an agreement or law
38   overrate        v. to consider sb to be better than they really are
39   spur            v. to cause sth to happen
40   exploitation    n. the use of sth in a way that is weong to get an advantage
41   insurrection    n. an attempt by a large group of people to make control of sth by force
42   prominent       a. inportant and well known
43   profusely       ad. In an abundant manner
44   acclaim         n. public praise for sb or sth
45   recurrent       a. happening repatedly
46   desolation      n. a felling of great sadness and loneliness
47   emergence       n. the process of appearing
48   reminiscent     a. reminding you of sth in yours past
49   probe           v. to try to find out the truth about sth
50   conservative    a. not willing to accept much change
51   remarkable      a. unusual or surprising
52   litigation      n. use of the legal system to settle a disagreement
53   pracitice       n. the busoness of a doctor
54   symptom         n. a sigh that sb has an doctor
55   discernible     a. able to be seen
56   perpetual       a continuing all the time without changing
57   unspeakable     a. extremely unpleasant
58   flee            v. to escape from a dangerous situation quikly
59   scarce          a. not enough
60   quota           n. an official limit on the number of sth you are allowed to have
61   devoid          a. lacking sth
62   repress         v. to prevent yourself from expressing or thinking about sth
63   retrieve        v. to get sth back
64   call            n. a foemal request that sth should happen
65   imelight        n. the attention sb gets from newspapers and television
66   patent          v. to obtain the legal right to make or sell a new invention
67   unseemly        a. not appropriate in a particular situation
68                   n. sth that sb created and that no one else is legally allowed to copy
69   incentive       n. sth that encourahes you to work harder
70   rarity          n. sth that does not happen often
71   purport         v. to claim to do sth
72   threat          n. a situation that could caise harm
73   letha           a. causing death, or able to cause death
74   incarcerate     v. to put sb in prison
75   fanatic         n. sb who has string religious or political beliefs
76    life support   n. measures intended to keep sb alive when they are ver ill
     invasion og     n. an occasion when sb finds out or uses information about your private life
     privacy         illegally
78   delinquent      a. unpaid on time
79   pilfer          v. to stral sth
80   fraudulent      a. made with the intention of tricking sb
                    Eagle Listening Lesson 9~11
No         단어                                              정의
 1   venture        v. to risk going somewhere when it could be dangerous
 2   teem           v. to be full of peopl or animals
 3   freakish       a. not normal or natural
 4   transparent    a. clear or thin enough to see through
 5   swallow        v. to make food or drink go to your stomach
 6   baffling       a. difficult to understand
 7   encounter      v. to experience or deal with sth
 8   crushing       a. very severe
 9   withstand      v. to be strong enough not to be harmed by sth
10   emergency      a. used in an unexpected and dangerous situation
11   sustain        v. to provide enough food or water to stay alive
                    n. the tools, machines, or other things that you need for a particular job or
12   equipment
13   crammed        a. completely filled with things
14   fatal          a. with very serious negative effects
15   aquatic        a. growing or living in or near water
16   emit           v. to send out gas, heat, ligtht, or sound
17   opaque         a. too thick or too dark to see through
18   advance        n. progress in science or technology
19   trap           v. to keep sth such as gas in a particular place
20   component      n. one of several parts that make up a whole
21   fraction       n. a small part or amount of sth
22   investigate    v. to try to find out the facts about sth to learn the truth about it
23   untapped       a. available but not being used yet
24   proponent      n. sb who supports sth
25   scarce         a. not easy to find or obtain
26   disperse       v. to make things spread in different directions over a wide area
27   sediment       n. solid substances that settle at the bottom of a liquid
28   concentrated   a. made stronger by having water removed
29   contaminate    v. to spoil a place by adding a dangerous or poisonous substance to it
30   utilize        v. to use sth
31   barrack        a group of buildings in which soldiers live
32   invest         to give money to a business to get a profit back
33   armor          a strong metal layer that protects military vehicles
34   permit         to allow sb to do sth
35   invisible      cannot be seen
36   prevent        to stop sth from happening
37   penetrate      to pass through sth
38   access         the opportunity to have or use sth
39   unfortunate    experiencing bad luck
40   victim         sb who has been attacked or murdered
41   frequent       happening often
42   attack         the act of using weapons against an enemy
43   humanoid       like a human in appearance
44   finance        the money that a person has available
45   mundane        ordinary and not exciting
46   futuristic     dealing with events in the future
47   realistic      able to accept things as they really are
     artificial      the use of computer technology to make computers do things in the way that
     intelligence    people can
49   evolve          to develop by gradually changing
50   civilization    a society that is well organized and developed
51   intelligence    the ability to understand things
52   quality         sth that is typical of an object
53   comfortable     feeling physically relaxed
54   presence        the existence of sth in a particular place
55   entertaining    enjoyable
56   companionship   a friendly relationship with sb whom you see often
57   evolution       the gradual development of an object
58   numberous       existing in large numbers
59   unrest          a social situation in which people protect
60   bring about     to make sth happen
61   limited         not allowed to go above a particular number
62   illogical       not sensible or reasonable
63   motivate        to make sb feel determined to do sth
64   acceptable      good enough for a particular situation
65   affect          to do sth that produces an effect
66   reinforce       to make sth stronger
67   imitate         to copy sb's action or behavior
68   potential       the possibility to develop sth in the future
69   mobile          easy to move and use in different places
70   function        the job that sth is designed to do
71   combat          organized fighting in a war
72   passive         accepting what happens without trying to react to things
73   mimic           to behave in exactly the same way as sth
74   deactivate      to prevent sth from being able to work
75   personnel       the people who are members of a military force
76   advocate        sb who publicly supports sth
77   assist          to help sb to do sth
78   infirm          weak because of old age or illness
79   living proof    a good example of how true sth is
80   excel           to do sth extremely well
                        Albatross Reading Lesson 9~11
No         단어                                                  정의
 1   itinerant           traveling around frequently to get work
 2   mockery             the remarks or behavior intended to make sb seem stupid
 3   spree               a short period you spend doing only one activity
 4   reprehensible       very bad and deserving to be criticized
 5   assailant           sb who violently attacks another person
 6   withdrawn           very quiet and preferring not talk to other people
 7   bereaved            having a close friend or relative who has recently died
 8   culpability         responsibility for sth bad or illegal
 9   scapegoat           sb who is blamed for sth that is not their fault
10   berserk             violent and uncontrolled because of anger
11   embattled           experiencing a lot of problems or difficulties
12   reel                to feel very shocked or confused
13   glamorize           to make sth seem more attractive than it really is
14   prop up             to support sth by putting sth else under it
15   tipsy               slightly drunk
16   avert your eyes     to turn your eyes away from sth that you do not want to see
17   malignant           spreading or developing in a dangerous way
18   excruciating        causing extreme physical pain
19   somber              dark in color
20   sinister            threatening to do harm or sth evil
21   enclaves            an area of a city where a particular group of people live
22   seedy               connected with illegal or immoral activities
23   embellishment       a decoration added to sth
24   rites of passage    a ceremony or event that marks a stage of becoming an adult
25   refute              to say that a statement is not true or accurate
26   exacerbate          to make a problem become worse
27   adverse             nagative, unpleasant, or harmful
28   eligible            considered to be suitable
29   commision           to choose sb to have a particular position
30   complications       sth that makes a medical condition more dangerous or difficult to treat
31   meager              smaller or less than you want or need
32   obscurity           the state of not being well known
33   frail               physically weak and not very healthy
34   trim                to make sth look neater by cutting it
35   wrack               to cause sth great suffering or pain
36   maritime            relating to the sea or ships
37   constituent         sb who votes in a particular area
38   niche               a small hole or space
39   immortalize         to make sb famous for a very long time
40   tackle              to try to deal with a difficult problem
41   prohibit            to officially forbid sth by making it illegal
42   coping skill        ways of dealing with difficult situations
43   abolish             to officiallu end a law or system
44   urge                a strong wish or need to do sth
45   self-esteem         the feeling that you deserve to be treated well
46   fitness             the state of being physically healthy and strong
47   devastate           to make sb feel very shocked and upset
48   interfere         to prevent sth from developing in the correct way
49   rationalization   an attempt to justify behavior that does not seem reasonable for appropriate
50   contradict        to say that the opposite of sth is true
51   persist           to continue to do sth in a determined way
52   upstanding        honest and deserving respect
53   empirical         based on practical experience
54   demotion          the act of giving sb a lower rank
55   full-fledged      completely developed or established
56   fraught           full of problems
57   exaggerate        to describe sth in a way that makes it seem more impressive than it really is
58   unscrupulous      behaving in an unfair or dishonest way
59   duplicate         to make an exact copy of sth
                       a change in the genes of a plant or animal that makes it different from others of
60   abnormality
                       its type
61   spitting image    sb who looks exactly like another person
62   procreation       the production of children or baby animals
63   marooned          left or caught in a place and unable to leave
64   tract             a large area of land
65   pariah            a person or country that others dislike an avoid
66   dilute            to make sth less strong or effective
67   prospect          the possibility that sth good will happen
68   emphathy          the ability to understand how sb feels
69   periphery         the outer part of an area
70   menace            sth that is dangerous and likely to cause harm
71   entice            to persuade sb to do sth by offering them an advantage or reward
72   obscene           offensive in a sexual way
73   explicit          showing or describing sex or violence with a lot of detail
74   churn out         to produce sth in large quantities quickly and often carelessly
75   artificial        made by people and used instead of sth natural
76   arousal           a feeling of being sexually excited
77   proliferation     a sudden increase in number or amount
78   sleazy            dirty and unpleasant
79   denizen           sb or sth that lives in a particular place
80   culprit           the cause of sth bad happening
                        Albatross Listening Lesson 9~11
No           단어                                                  정의
 1   contemporary         a. modern, or relating to the present time
 2   virtual              a. appearing on computers or the Internet
 3   practical            a. intended to be useful or suitable
 4   delete               v. to remove information stored in a computer
 5   access               v. to get to and enter a place
 6   provoke              v. to cause an angry reaction
 7   enrage               v. to make sb extremely angry
 8   perpetrate           v. to do sth that is harmful or illegal
 9   stark                a. extreme and obvious
10   commentator          n. sb whose job is to write about a particular subject
11   overall              a. considering sth as a whole
12   decline              n. a reduction in the amount of sth
13   pastime              n. sth that you do for fun in your free time
14   venue                n. the place where an activity or event happens
15   informal             a. relaxed and friendly
16   enhance              v. to improve sth or to make it more valuable
17   interpersonal        a. involving relationships between people
18   validation           n. to make agreement officially and legally acceptable
19   authority figure     n. sb who is or seems strong and powerful
20   approach             n. a particular way of dealing with sth
21   relatively           ad. In comparison with sth similar
22   prying               a. interested in sb's personal life
23   previous             a. existing before the time that is being mentioned
24   ofense               v. to accidentally hear other people's conversation
25   circulate            n. sth insulting that makes you shocked and angry
26   orally               v. to become known about or used by people more and more
27   magnify              v. to make sth appear bigger than it really is
28   mortify              v. to cause sb to feel extremely embarrassed
29   preserve             v. to keepan ideal or situation from being lost
30   startling            a. surprising or very unusual
31   boundaries           n. the limits of an activity or experience
32   foster               v. to help sth to develop over a period of time
33   reckless             a. not thinking about the possible bad effects of your actions
34   facilitate           v. to make it possible or easier for sth to happen
35   alias                n. a false name
36   authority            n. sb considered an expert in a particular subject
37   inevitable           a. certain to happen and impossible to avoid
38   spotty               a. good only in some parts, but not in others
39   mislead              v. to make sb believe st that is incorrect
40   debate               n. a discussion in which people state different opinions about a subject
41   interaction          n. the activity of talking to other people
42   fulfilling           a making you feel satisfied
43   substitute           n. sth that is used instead of sth else
44   scholarly            a. connected with the formal study of a subject
45   hone                 v. to improve a skill that is already well developed
46   argumentation        n. the way you organize your ideas and use language to support your views
47   trend                n. a gradual change or development that produces a particular result
48   instill         v. to teach sb a way of thinking or behaving over a long period of time
49   stress          v. to emphasize sth such as an idea, fact, or detail
50   accountable     a. responsible for the efects of your actions
51   viable          a. able to be done
52   foolproof       a. certain to be successful
53   institute       v. to introduce or start a system or process
54   in profile      ad. From the side
55   exceptionally   ad. Extremely or outstandingly
56   protrude        v. to be further forward than the rest of sth
57   manipulate      v. to skilfully handle, control, or use sth
58   ornament        n. a small attractive object used for decoration
59   capacity        n. the ability to do sth
60   mechaincs       n. the way in which sth works or is done
61   suitable        a. right for a particular purpose
62   high-pitched    a very high
63   squeal          v. to make a long high sound
64   grunt           b. to make a long low sound
65   subtle          a. delicate and complicated
66   subsist         v. to stay alive
67   supplement      v. to add sth extra to improve sth
68   available       a. able to be obtained
69   migration       n. the movement of animals to another place
70   steadily        ad. Slowly and gradually
71   adept           a. skiful at doing sth
72   hypothesize     v. to suggest a possible explanation that has not yet been proved to be true
73   conflict        n. angry disagreement between groups
74   relative        a. considered in comparison with other similar things
75   debatable       a. not certain because of different opinions
76   thrust          v. to push sth somewhere roughly
77   agile           a. albe to move quickly and easily
78   evade           v. to escape from sth
79   counterattack   n. an attack against sb who has attacked you
80   fossilized      a. preserved in rock or as rock

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