How Introverts Can Win at Networking Events Part 1

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					I hate parties, don't you? Especially those thrown in Burbank, or the West Side, or worse yet: Hollywood. Why do we have to go then?
If you're under 25 years old, the answer is quite a bit different than for a 32 year old film director like myself. For those of us not
bopping around in search of club-fulfillment, the answer is simple: networking. It's the synergy that makes the film industry go 'round.
That's fine...if you like chatting up people you don't know, laughing at stupid jokes by self-absorbed morons, and screaming at the top
of your lungs because of Richter scale rated music. No thanks. I'm an introvert, and so are you. We hate nothing more than getting our
charisma and good looks trumped by the clique club suit. But, the successful are reported to attend these debaucheries of biceps,
alcohol, cleavage, and fathom deep façades, and we must attend in kind.
The problem: your provocative dress or exceptional posture won't get a second glance from the clump of chit-chatting partiers you
want to meet. The answer? Simple, slick, effective. Get them a refill. Yes, a drink refill. Procedures: first, don't bother with parties that
make you pay for drinks. There's nobody important at those parties anyway. Second, saddle up to some people you want to start a
conversation with, and immediately ask the loudest member of the group if they would like a refill on their drink. Have no shame
introvert, interrupt their conversation! Third, whisk yourself off to the bar before they ask you who you are. Mystery piques the
imagination, and they'll be thinking about you every second you're gone. Don't rush. Take your time and saunter back. Let them
acknowledge you. They'll interrupt themselves this time. Present your drink, and then introduce yourself and what you do. Of course,
they'll know they've been had, but they won't care. They'll even give you the time you need for your turbo-charged charisma and wit to
reach 2500 rpm. Get the business cards of everyone in the clump, but don't get drinks for everyone else. It will make the person with
the new drink feel more important than those around them, and they'll remember you for that feeling. Finish the conversation early. Just
get the business information and the verbal promise of a meeting and move to the next clump of people (preferably in the next room)
and repeat.
Why does this work? Because for the last 6000 years, every guru of every religion says the same thing: serving others will get you
everything you want. They're right. It's the opposite of what Hollywood says, "when you're served, you get it all." Hogwash. It's all a
deception to keep the introverts out of what is primarily an extrovert club. Don't be discouraged. Trump their nepotism with the service
heart suit. It's an age old paradigm that works...even in Hollywood networking.
Mark Edward Lewis is an award winning Hollywood director of commercials, films and television. He has also written music for films
and television for the last 18 years. Mark's mission is to move millions of people throughout the world into living the life they love.
Media is his main outlet for this. However, bringing the genders together in peace and powerful communication is his means. Mark is
also a regularly requested lecturer on the topic of relationships, dating, and treating chronic illnesses through a breakthrough
technology called quantum techniques
If you are interested in more articles, especially around powerful communication and partnership between the genders, Horray! This is
Mark's specialty. Go to his website and get your free "5 Steps to Having the Perfect Date" e-zine and start living the life you love now!

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