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									HOME PAGE:
 At Arrowhead Family Care, our primary focus is on personalization and prevention. We strive
to be more than a “concierge practice”. The executive physical we offer our patients is the
cornerstone of our family practice. From that, we are able to make a wellness plan tailored for
each individual patient. We are always available to care for our patients when they are sick,
offering same day/next day appointments, but we prefer to keep you well. Our Glendale office
is conveniently located behind Arrowhead Hospital.

Arrowhead Family Care is a physician-owned family medicine practice established in the spring
of 1998. Drs. Nisal Samarasekera and Ned Stolzberg worked together at the Phoenix Baptist
Family Medicine Residency program and at Primary Care Consultants before starting their own
private practice in the Arrowhead area. Both physicians are board certified in family medicine
and practice a full range of family care working with patients from age two to seniors. They are
affiliated with Arrowhead Hospital and Banner Thunderbird Hospital.
We partnered with MDVIP in the spring of 2008 to provide enhanced preventive and
personalized care to our patients. We believe this is the way medicine should be practiced.
Personalized care focusing on prevention and early detection means better care for our
patients. Our doctors were selected to be part of this network because of the high level of care
they provide. Our staff was trained by MDVIP to help deliver the type of care we would want
for our own families.
Arrowhead Family Care is conveniently located behind Arrowhead Hospital. Our address is 6320
W. Union Hills Drive, Suite A210, Glendale, Arizona, 85308. Our phone is (623) 362-8866 and
our fax is (623) 362-8867.
         Office hours: 7:00am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday
After hours: By appointment per doctor

                    W. Sack Dr.

                          Arrowhead    Current
                           Hospital                           e
                                        office     Arrowhead
           N. 67th Ave.

                                                                            N. 59th Ave.
                                                 N. 64th Dr.


                          Union Hills Dr.

Dr. Ned Stolzberg – Co- founder of Arrowhead Family Care. Dr. Stolzberg is an MDVIP-affiliated
physician, board certified in Family Medicine. He was Chief of Staff at Arrowhead Community
Hospital from 2004-2008, and “Top Doc” in Phoenix Magazine in 2008. He is currently a
Medical Director for Hospice of the Valley and on the Board of Trustees of Arrowhead Hospital.
Dr. Stolzberg attended medical school at the University of Massachusetts and did his residency
at Phoenix Baptist Hospital. When not working, Dr. Stolzberg enjoys running, amateur radio,
and spending time with his family.
Dr. Nisal Samarasekera – Co- founder of Arrowhead Family Care. Dr. Samarasekera is an
MDVIP-affiliated physician, board certified in Family Medicine. He is currently a Medical
Director Hospice of the Valley. Dr. Sam went to medical school at the University of Colorado
and did his residency at Phoenix Baptist Hospital. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling,
photography and community education.
Robin Allen – Office Manager. Robin has been with AFC since 2000. When not at work, she
enjoys hiking, playing piano, and cooking.
Lisa Stolzberg – Finance Manager. Lisa has been with AFC since 1998 and performs the billing
and accounting functions. When not at the office, she likes to spend time with family and
friends, read, run, and volunteer.
Dawn – Medical Assistant. Dawn has been with the practice since 2005.
Louise – Medical Assistant. She works with us on a part time basis.
Helen – Referral Coordinator/Front Office. Helen has been with AFC since 2003.
Connie – Medical Records/Front Office. Connie started working with us in 2004.
Delores – Sonora Quest Phlebotomist. Delores has been on loan to our office since 2008.


As MDVIP-affiliated physicians, we have limited our practice size to no more than 600 patients
per doctor and we are able to provide our patients with an enhanced level of service. For an
annual fee our patients receive:
Same day or next day appointments
Weekend visits for urgent matters
Unhurried office visits-30 minutes standard
24-hour direct access to physician via cell phone
Coordination of care with your hospitalists and specialists
A complete annual physical exam including risk assessments and laboratory testing
Your own healthcare website
A personal wellness plan
A mini CD containing your health records
We have also developed some additional tools to assist patients in achieving healthier lifestyles:
“walk with the doc” hikes
Lecture series on education topics such as stress management and healthy eating
Discounted weight loss programs provided by Core Life in Balance
Free mini-massages offered by Licensed Massage Therapist Renee Hanson from the Core Life in
Access to counseling services offered by Laura Gonzales, LPC
Patient newsletters
Patients have access to some of the most recent medical developments through our affiliation
with Advanced Research Associates

Community involvement:

All of our patient education lectures are open to the public and are advertised in local
newspapers. We hosted a Health Fair here in our building in October 2009 that was well
attended by our patients, their friends and family and the surrounding area. We were also able
to raise money by doing raffles at our health fair for Susan G. Komen Fund. Our doctors also do
patient education talks at various senior adult living facilities in our area.

Medical resources:
We are an MDVIP-affiliated practice which means our doctors have networked with other
physicians nationally who have chosen to refocus their attention on personalized health care.
We work with Core Life in Balance in helping our patients with nutrition and exercise. Renee
Hanson is a Licensed Massage Therapist at the Core. www.1corelife.com
We also work with Advanced Research and invite our patients to participate in final stages of
clinical research. Please call (623) 376-0191 for more information.
Laura Gonzales is a licensed professional counselor and she can be reached at (602) 717-7213

Patient benefits:

Our patients are provided with unhurried office visits, same or next day appointments, 24-hour
direct access to their physician, weekend appointments for urgent matters and an annual
physical from which a wellness plan is made. For our practice, dependent children under the
age of 26 are included with a parent membership.
Our MDVIP physical includes:
Extensive laboratory testing
Visual acuity screening, pulmonary function testing, audiogram
Risk assessment analysis that includes family history, patient history and lifestyle analysis
Screenings related to exercise, nutrition, sleep and mental status
Development of wellness plan
All of this information is placed on a mini CD for each patient to carry with them.

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