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									                                     Computer Training Centre

                Simply Accounting 2011 - Level 1 & 2

Introduction                                   Creating Service Items
What is Sage Simply Accounting Premium 2011?   Changing Inventory & Service Data
Starting Simply Accounting                     Inventory Module Linked Accounts
Selecting a Set of Data Files                  Inventory Reports
Looking at the Getting Started Window          Backing Up Simply Accounting Data Files
Looking at the Simply Accounting
Home Window                                    Accounts Payable
Moving Around                                  Creating Suppliers (Vendors)
Help System                                    Modifying Suppliers (Vendors)
The Learning Centre                            Setting Up the Shippers List
Understanding the Chart of Accounts            Payables Module Linked Accounts
Account Types                                  Accounts Payable Inventory Purchases
Creating Accounts                              Purchasing Inventory On Account
Modifying Accounts                             Non-Inventory Purchases
Finding and Modifying an Account               Purchases With Immediate Payment
Deleting Accounts                              Recurring Entries
Saving Changes                                 Purchase Orders
Company Information                            Filling a Purchase Order
Printing the Chart of Accounts                 Creating a Purchase Invoice from a Purchase
Understanding the Session Date                 Order
Inputting Dates                                Viewing, Adjusting & Voiding Posted Payables
Accounting / Non-Accounting Terminology        Invoices
General Module Linked Accounts                 Payables Payments
General Journal Transactions                   Paying Vendor Invoices
Recurring Transactions                         Making Prepayments
Creating and Storing Recurring Transactions    Reversing Payments
Recalling Stored Recurring Transactions        Payables Reports
Reversing General Journal Entries              Review Questions
The General Journal Report
Backing Up Simply Accounting Data Files        Accounts Receivable
Exiting Simply Accounting                      Accounts Receivable Customers
Review Questions                               Modifying Customer Information
                                               Receivables Module Linked Accounts
Inventory and Services                         Comments on Customer Forms
Creating Inventory Accounts                    Accounts Receivable Sales
Creating Inventory Items                       Recurring Transactions
Sales Quotes                                      Review Questions
Accounting for Over-the-Counter Sales
Viewing, Adjusting & Voiding Posted Receivables   Setting up Data Files and Customizing Settings
Transactions                                      Creating a New Company
Receivable Receipts                               Using the Setup Wizard
Receiving Payment on Invoices                     Setting up the General Ledger
Adjusting/Reversing Receivables Receipts          Reviewing Linked Accounts
Prepayments & Deposits                            Reviewing Tax Codes
Applying Deposits/Prepayments                     Entering Opening Balances
Sales Returns                                     Entering Suppliers and Purchases History
Receivables Reports                               Entering Customers and Sales History
Review Questions                                  Entering Inventory and Services History
                                                  Entering Employees and Payroll History
Payroll                                           Finish Entering Historical Data
Payroll Overview and Set Up                       Customizing Simply Accounting
Creating Employee Records                         Review Questions
Modifying Employee Records
Payroll Linked Accounts                           Banking and Credit Cards
Paying Employees                                  Making a Bank Deposit
Recurring Transactions                            Setting up the Bank Reconciliation
Payroll Advances                                  Setting up an Account for Reconciliation
Viewing, Adjusting & Voiding Posted Payroll       Reconciling an Account for the first Time
Transactions                                      Reconciling an Account
Entering Taxes Manually                           Printing the Bank Reconciliation Report
Vacation Pay in Canada                            Working with Credit/Debit Card Transactions
Payroll Reports                                   Entering Customer Sales on Credit Card
Review Questions                                  Reconciling the Credit Card Account
                                                  Creating and Setting up Credit Cards for Purchases
Reporting, Miscellaneous and Period End           Entering Supplier Purchases on Credit Card
Procedures                                        Reconciling the Credit Card Statement
Setting Up or Cheque Numbers                      Making Credit Card Payments
Creating Graphs                                   Handling Petty Cash
Creating and Printing Financial Reports           Review Questions
Using the Daily Business Manager                  Security, Budgets, Projects and Inventory
Processing Transactions in the Daily Business     Adding Passwords and Security
Manager                                           Accessing the System Administrator
                                                  Adding a User
Using Checklists                                  Changing or Deleting a User’s Password
Checking Data Integrity and Compacting the        Deleting a User
Database                                          Removing Security Options from the Data file
Printing in Batches                               Budgeting
Setting Up Batch Printing                         Activating the Budget Option
Printing in Batches                               Creating a Budget
Month End Procedures                              Reporting Against the Budget
Calendar Year End Procedures                      Updating the Budget
Fiscal Year-End Procedures                        Handling Project/Department Accounting
Setting Up or Changing the Sales Tax Rate         Setting up Projects/Departments
                                                  Allocating Expenses and Revenues
Reporting on Project/Department Performance        Setting up Foreign Customers
and Budgets                                        Tracking Import Duty Information
Managing Inventory                                 Making Purchases
Performing Inventory Counts                        Making Sales Using a Foreign Currency
Writing off Inventory                              Tracking Currency Fluctuations
Looking at Item Assembly                           Foreign Currency Reporting
Bill of Materials vs. Item Assembly                Backing Up Simply Accounting Data Files
Backing Up Simply Accounting Data Files            Review Questions
Review Questions
                                                   Reports, Records and Importing Data
Additional Payroll Features                        Charging Interest on Overdue Accounts
Checking the Tax Tables                            Preparing Customer Statements
Introducing Types of Income and Deductions         Setting up the Statements
Introducing Types of Deductions                    Printing or E-mailing a Customer Statement
Setting Payroll Remittance                         Handling NSF Cheques
Employee Benefits                                  Handling Bad Debts
Setting up Batch Printing of Paycheques            Writing Off a Bad Debt
Allocating Payroll Cheques to a                    Handling and Remitting WCB Premiums
Project/Department                                 Remitting WCB Premiums
Generating a Payroll Run                           Customizing Simply Accounting Journals
Remitting Payroll Deductions/Contributions         Viewing Account Numbers
Releasing Vacation Pay                             Printing Labels
Employee Departures                                Using E-mail in Simply Accounting
Generating a Record of Employment                  Accessing the Simply Accounting by Sage Web site
Generating T4 Slips                                Performing Management Reporting
Setting up Printer Options in Preparation for T4   Exporting Reports
Slips                                              Using the New Business Guide
Printing T4 slips                                  Finding Important Code Numbers
Review Questions                                   Using Simply Forms Designer
                                                   Deleting a Custom Report
Working with Foreign Currencies                    Time Slips
Dealing with Foreign Currency                      Creating Job Categories
Setting Up Foreign Currency                        Creating a Time Slip
Setting Up a Foreign Currency Bank Account         Time and Billing Report
Setting Up a Supplier                              Backing Up Simply Accounting Data Files
Setting up for Sales to Foreign Customers          Review Questions
Pricing Inventory and Services

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