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					                                  November 26, 2008
     Let us remember that, as much has been given us, much will be expected from us, and that
       true homage comes from the heart as well as from the lips, and shows itself in deeds.
                                      Theodore Roosevelt

                                        Mrs. Becker’s Bits
8th Grade Literature:
        8th Lit/Math: Number the Stars: We’ll work on extended responses in literature using the novel
Number the Stars. Also, we’ll do some reading in Scope magazine.
        8th Lit/Algebra: Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl: This class will also write extended responses
but will use the diary of Anne Frank. Students will also watch an Anne Frank film.
        **Both classes: Remember to read your AR books! Field trip to the Holocaust Museum on Tues-
day, December 2nd. Bus leaves at 8:40 A.M. We will eat lunch at a fast food restaurant.
8th Grade Language Arts:
        DOL quiz (Week 14) will be on Thursday. Spelling Unit 16 skills pages 102-107 due Friday;
Spelling test Friday (words & definitions). We’ll continue composing a class persuasive essay. Students
will also edit, revise, and publish the essay.
7PA Literature:
        A comprehension and vocabulary quiz on chapters 8 and 9 is scheduled for Wednesday. Work
on your Journals. Please continue your AR reading.
7th Grade Vocabulary:
       Students will review some prefixes and complete activities with vocabulary from their novel.
Scholar Bowl: Practice Meet with Aviston on Thursday, December 4th at Aviston. We will take a bus
to Aviston; parents, grandparents, and friends are welcome.

                      The Band Played On– Mrs. Henrichs
          We are now focused on the Christmas programs. Parents please
   encourage good practice at home. It is very important that each band
   member is able to play his/her own part independently at home. Dec.
   9 - Christmas Concert. Students should be in their seats with instru-
   ments at 6:30p.m.. The bulldog band went home last Wednesday with
   all the spring Contest dates. Please mark your calendars NOW!
                       Shapin’ Up with Shubert -PE & Health

   7th grade has completed their 2nd quarter health unit. Next will be the 6th
   grade and their unit is chapter 2, The Skeletal/Muscular system. We will be
 meeting in the band room. The PE classes have completed the sit-n-reach test
and we are close to finishing the vertical jump test. Remember you will be seeing
all of the test results before Christmas to see what needs improvement for next
                               Happy Thanksgiving!
                           Mr. Gabler’s History Classes
6th Grade Social Studies: We will finish discussing chapter 7. The test will be on
Wednesday. We will combine chapters 6 and 7 for the test.

7th Grade Social Studies: We will continue our work on the Constitution. The Consti-
tution test is very important. We will take it on Wednesday. The students have been
given a lot of class time to study, but please make sure they are studying at home as
well. The students have a study guide with an amendment quiz that will be very help-
ful for the test.
8th Grade Social Studies: We will visit the Holocaust Museum on Wednesday. The
rest of the week will be studying America entering the war.

                                   Mrs. Varel’s Variety
6 LA: A sentence pattern #5A & B quiz will be on Tuesday. We will do sentence pattern #6– appositive
behind a noun– on Wednesday. On Thursday there will be a sentence pattern #1-6 and parts of speech

6 Spelling: Unit 16 spelling definitions are due Tuesday. The Unit 16 book pages are due Friday; the
test is also then.

6 Literature: A chapter 19-24 vocabulary quiz will be Thursday. We will finish the book this week, but
the test will not be due until the following week. Keep working on the journal! Remember to read for AR!

7M Literature: A chapter 8-9 vocabulary and comprehension quiz will be on Wednesday. Keep work-
ing on the journal! Remember to read for AR!

6 Art: We will continue a complementary color project, and begin a warm/cool color project. The color
test will be on Friday.
Reading: Continue “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” chapters 1-6 quiz Friday
                                                                                                   Mrs. Z’s
Health: Due to play practice, science will overlap health this week
Science finishing up our inventions research, present on Thursday
Social Studies: 13 colonies, William Penn                                                          Spelling
Math: Finish chapter 5 with mixed #, and compare and order. Test on Thursday

7th LA: DOL week 12, sentence pattern 12, finish up adjectives. Spelling unit 14 test and vocabulary on Friday
Along with Dol test.
English/Z: Study guide given on Monday for parts of speech test. Test will be on Wednesday, Dec. 3rd.

Spelling/Z: The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe (on website). Worksheet due by Tuesday. Spelling and vocab-
            ulary are on this test. There are only 10 words, so be sure to know them. TEST ON THURSDAY

                           Mrs. McSparin’s Minutes
Enrichment students—Here’s what we’ll be doing the week after Thanksgiving:

8th grade - No class (Field Trip)
7th grade - Continuation of Culture Unit, using Internet resources to find information on food and entertainment
6th/5th grade - Architecture Unit, creating a “Home of My Own”
4th grade - Nutrition Unit Day 3, looking at labels and doing a taste test
3rd grade - “At the Movies” Activities, using thinking skills and creative skills

All Classes - Work on your 2nd-quarter project (creative math story problems), which is due before Christmas break

Advanced Reading students—A folder is going home to help with organizational and communication skills. It in-
cludes a few notes for your parents regarding our December reading class plans.

                                            Rakers’ Rabble
  8 Grade Science
  We will continue working through our chapter on “Earth’s Landmasses” next week.

  7th Grade Science
  We will continue working through our chapter on “Sponges, Cnidarians, Worms, and
  Mollusks” next week.

  6th Grade Science
  We started our chapter on the Moon this week. We will continue it next week and take a
  vocabulary QUIZ at the end of the week.

  8th Geography
  We will continue to work on Clinton County Geography and understanding maps.

  Quote of the Week: ”Maybe you can’t play (or test) over your head. Maybe
                it’s just potential you never knew you had.” - Fran Tarkenton
                 Math 6M                                      Math 6T                                Math 7PA

This Week:                                  This Week:                                This Week:
        Chapter Test                                Chapter Test                              Chapter Test
Next Week:                                  Next Week:                                Next Week:
        Estimating Products                         Integers & Absolute Value                 Line/Angle Relationship
        Multiplying Fractions                       Comparing and Ordering Integers           Triangles and Angles
        Multiplying Mixed Numerals                  Coordinate Plane                          Special Right Triangles
        Mid-Chapter                                 Mid-Chapter                               Quadrilaterals
        Dividing Fractions                          Adding Integers                           Congruent Polygons

                  Math 7M                                 Math 8M                                     Algebra

This Week:                                 This Week:                                 This Week:
        Chapter Test                               Chapter Test                               Add/Subt. Algebraic Fractions
Next Week:                                 Next Week:                                         Chapter 6 Quiz
        Frequency Tables                           Line/Angle Relationship            Next Week:
        Making Predictions                         Triangles and Angles                       Least Common Denominator
        Line Plots                                 Special Right Triangles                    Add/Subt. Fractions
        Measures of Central Tendency               Quadrilaterals                             Mixed Expressions
        Mid-Chapter Quiz                           Congruent Polygons                         Polynomial Long Division
                                                                                              Chapter 6 Review

Grade                  Name            #
 6M              Parker Albers         16
                                                                      **CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS**
  6T               Ben Lampe           12        **The Bulldogs captured the conference Championship by defeating
                                                 St. Rose last Friday. The Bulldogs finished the conference schedule
 7M                Matt Albers         21        with a 6-0 record. Congratulations!!

                                                 **The Conference Tournament will be in Bartelso on TUESDAY,
 7PA           Hayley Heimann          16        THURSDAY, and FRIDAY!! (not Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) The
                                                 Bulldogs will play Thursday (the 4th) at 5:30 against the winner of the
   8       Stephanie Wuebbles 20                 St. Rose/All Saints game.

                                                 **We will practice at either Central High School or Mater Dei High
                                                 School on Wednesday (maybe Tuesday also) next week. I will keep
                                                 the boys posted.

                                                 **There is Open Gym on Friday (the 28th) from 8 am to 9:30 am. We
                                                 are also practicing after school on Monday (the 1st).

                                                 **Grant Shootout on Saturday, December 6th. We play Wolf Branch at
                                                 11:45 am. The bus will leave at 10:30 am.

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