Selling my water damaged iPad

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Selling my water damaged iPad

Worse than bad hair days! It was totally unnerving when my iPad got wet when my friends and
I went out to for a swim. At that time, I was busy taking photos of myself in my swimsuit
alongside the pool. I had my iPhone on my right hand and my iPad on my lap. Nobody was
swimming that time so I was pretty sure that nothing will splash on my iPad.

One of my friends approached me and asked if he could play with my iPad for a while and I said
yes.. I was too occupied with striking a pose and flashing all the smiles, I failed to notice that he
put the iPad by my side. I heard him say thanks but I was just too busy to hear the rest of what
he had to say.

When I was about to change my angle for the camera, I bumped into my iPad and it fell right
into the pool! I was shocked. I dove into the water and saved my gadget from drowning. A split
second action wouldn’t have made any difference. Seeing water dripping from my I pad, I felt
devastated, angry and hopeless. Unfortunately, Apple’s warranty does not cover water
damage. It’s all up to me to figure out how to revive my iPad – if there is any way.
I tried drying it, tipping it up and let the water drip and drain. I even put it inside a rice bag for
over five days but nothing really worked out. I went online to look for possible ways to get
some value over my dead iPad. And then I found

When I read all about the posts and reviews about this site, I figured that it is better to sell my
iPad online than to have it sold to repair shops that buy broken models. Also, I decided to sell
my iPad for a lot of reasons. One, it’s dead already and I shouldn’t cry over spilled milk. Two, I
cannot afford to buy a new one since I only got money for this month’s bills. Three, I just want
to sell my iPad so I can have money to buy a refurbished unit.

Determined to sell my iPad, I provided all the information about the condition of the unit and
then got myself a quote. I didn’t keep my hopes high on the amount I am likely to get. I mean, it
took a dip in the pool. Anything is better than having a dead. Who would have thought that I
could even sell if for a couple hundred bucks? It has “useless” flashing on its wet screen already.

Every cloud has a silver lining. Even desperate times can lead to better days. So there I was
completing that last steps of the transaction. To be able to sell my iPad to this company, I had
to wait for their box to be delivered. I actually got the box and shipping for free. I carefully
packed my iPad so it would not suffer further damage.

I sent them the box that same day so I will be able to get the money faster. I chose PayPal since
it is less time-consuming. I waited about two days until they notified me that they have
received the package. They started doing a thorough check on the condition of my unit and
informed me of their findings. . Luckily, it only took me less than 5 days to sell my iPad.

One Thursday morning, they called me to say that I can receive the payment immediately
through my PayPal account. I checked on my account and the money was there. I was really
contented with the service because I never even thought I can sell my iPad this easily. It was
such a no-brainer that it did not feel desperate at all to sell my iPad. After a month’s worth of
skimping plus the money I got from, I got myself a new iPad from the Apple
store. I also had to empty my meager savings to raise enough money. My experience in
deciding to sell my iPad was fairly easy but certainly I would not want to be doing it again
because of not paying enough attention. Frolics, gadgets and water certainly do not mix. I am
planning to sell my iPad again not because of another accident but because I am planning on an
upgrade for the iPad 3 rumored to be released this October.

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