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Mission 101: Sell my iPad

He broke my heart by breaking my iPad. I was enjoying every bit of my vacation leave until my
boyfriend accidentally plunged the iPad on a bucket full of water. I was in the garden fixing the
plants when he came in and sat beside me on the bench. He was playing with my iPad that time
when he tried to tickle me. Surprised, I wiggled a lot and knocked him hard enough that he lost.
My iPad landed right into the bucket.

The iPad was drenched -in murky water because I used the bucket in cleaning my gardening
tools. I was freaking out when we got a hold of the device. It was wet and full of dirt.
Immediately after retrieving it, I wiped the dirt away and tried to dry out the water. After doing
this, I turned it on to check if it was still working. And so I committed an even bigger mistake.

I didn’t know that it was a big no-no to power on an iPad if it got wet. My iPad is now dead
because turning on a wet electronic device apparently causes short-circuit. I felt so worthless.

So I quickly consulted the internet to look for a way to solve this problem. I tried googling for
more solutions since my boyfriend was trying his best to fixthe iPad. Though he was considerate
enough to buying me a new one, I’m not sure if his allowance will stretch that fa . I don’t want
him to skimp and save up a lot so I researched on alternative options. And then I was directed
to a page called
When we were on the site, we read just about all the information we can get a hold of to make
sure that this site is real. Authentication sign – check. Online privacy seal – check. BBB – check.
We never thought that I could actually sell my iPad despite its heavily damaged condition.

I chose to sell my iPad since I don’t want my boyfriend to break the bank just to buy me one.
We are both students so I know that he might get into a pinch if I allow him to do it. After all, it
was also partly my fault.

Also, I wanted to sell my iPad to be able to ensure that I would no longer deal with problems
using my water damaged gadget. Now that my iPad is not working, having it fixed will just cost
me time and money. To sell my iPad is probably the best choice I have.

And I was right. Instead of
sending my iPad to Repair Labs, I was resolved to sell my iPad for cash and buy a new one.
So, we gave it a resounding yes to sell my iPad to It was a refurbishing and
recycling company who buys secondhand, old, or even broken iPads. Their site looks neat and
organized.I felt relieved to sell my iPad to a reputable company like this one.
Also, they guarantee fast and friendly service without charging for any shipping fee. When we
started to make a deal,.we were given a quote at $289. It’s actually a big amount for an iPad
that is clearly of no use. I opt to not have false hopes. To sell my iPad, I had to convince myself
that it is business. I will lose something but I will get something in return.

There, we had everything done and I was already at the finishing steps. My boyfriend and I
waited for the box to be delivered to us. After about three days, the box finally arrived on a
Thursday. We tried as much as we can to submit the package to any UPS store near our place
just a day after since they said that the faster we send the item, the quicker we receive the
payment. I was delighted that I chose to sell my iPad to
Even if we were not expecting the exact amount we were quoted for will be given to us, still, we
were hoping that we’ll receive a fair amoun.. I will use this money to offset the expense in
buying a new iPad.

In a week’s time, I was able to get the money through PayPal. My boyfriend added some money
and we were able to buy a new iPad the day after the payment. We swore to be more careful
when we have expensive gadgets around. Thanks to, I will sell my iPad again
if iPad 3 comes along.

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