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    It’s Healthy!                     •   Low calorie
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Mary Ellen Kelly, Nutrition, Exercise and Wellness (NEW) Coordinator
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               Kristen Goldian, RD/LD, Nutritionist
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                Robert Needlman, MD, Pediatrician
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                  Healthy Cooking
Seasonings add flavor to your food.
Some healthy seasonings are:                        Avoid extra:
                                                    • Oil
•   Herbs (basil, oregano, parsley)
                                                    • Butter
•   Zero-calorie butter spray
                                                    • Sauces
•   Nonfat salad dressings
•   Nonfat cooking spray
•   Broth
•   Lemon juice

          Some Methods of Cooking
How to Bake:                          • Avoid some frozen foods:
(You should bake a lot!)                Fish-sticks, French fries,
                                        and many other frozen
• Turn oven on to 350
                                        foods are fried in the
  or 450 degrees.
                                        factory. These foods are still
• Spray a baking dish (Pyrex®)          fried even if you bake them
  with nonfat cooking spray.            in the oven. They are still
  Put food on the dish and              unhealthy choices.
  put it in the oven.
• Skinless, boneless chicken          George Foreman Grill:

  is a good food to bake. Be          • Cuts down on fats when
  sure to cook the chicken              you cook any meat.
  until the inside is
  not pink.
• You can also add onions,
  carrots, potatoes or other
How to Broil:                  How to Oven Fry:
(Best for thin cuts of meat    1. Spray baking pan lightly
or fish)                          with non-fat cooking
1. Set oven rack 5 inches         spray or light spray-on
   from the broiler.              vegetable oil.
2. Pre-heat the broiler for    2. Put cut up vegetables on
   at least 5-7 minutes.          the tray, and spray lightly
3. Spray broiler tray or          on top.
   baking sheet with nonfat    3. Bake hot (450°F)
   cooking spray.                 until crispy.
4. Season the meat/fish.
                               How to Pan Fry:
5. Broil for about 5 minutes
   per side, or until done     • Put a pan on the stove.
   (don’t burn).                 Pour 1 teaspoon of olive
                                 oil, canola oil or peanut
                                 oil in the pan. Get it hot,
                                 not smoking.
                               • Put in your vegetables
                                 or meat.
                               • Stir it around.
                               • Pour a little water in if
                                 the food starts to dry out.
Grill Vegetables,
Not Meat!
Grilling meats at high
temperatures creates chemicals
called heterocyclic amines
(HCAs). These cause cancer.
This means that burgers,
chicken, hotdogs, etc., cooked
over charcoal or a hot gas grill
are really not good for us.

Grilled vegetables are much        3. Bring water to a boil.
safer! Try:                           Stop when the vegetables
• Slices of green, red,               are done (the vegetables
  yellow pepper                       should be firm, not mushy).
• Slices of zucchini               • Use leftover water for soup.
• Mushrooms (marinated             • Add seasonings like salt,
  in canola or olive oil) –                            ,
                                     pepper, Mrs. Dash® hot
  big portobello mushrooms           sauce, salsa.
  make good “burgers.”
• Slices of sweet potato           How to Microwave
• asparagus                        Vegetables:
                                   • Cook frozen vegetables in
How to Steam Vegetables:             a covered microwave-safe
                                     dish. Cook according to
1. Put water and vegetables
                                     instructions on package.
   in pot.
                                   • Steam fresh vegetables
2. It is good to put the
                                     in microwave. Place
   vegetables in a metal
                                     vegetables in covered
   strainer if you have one.
                                     microwave-safe bowl or
   You can put the strainer
                                     dish. Add some water.
   into the pot. The metal
                                     Cook on high for about
   strainer will keep the
                                     5 minutes or until tender.
   vegetables out of the water.
                     What to Cook
Hard boiled eggs:               Make your own
(A healthy choice!)             Egg-Beaters   ®

• Put eggs in a pot and cover   • Don’t buy in the box
  with water                      (Not cheap!)
• Bring to boil                 • Make your own:
• Turn off heat                   1. crack a dozen eggs into
• Wait 15-20 minutes                 a bowl
• Rinse eggs under cold water     2. take out yolks with
                                     a spoon (or your clean
• Peel, store in a plastic
                                     fingers), leave a couple
  storage container, like
                                     yolks for color if you
  Tupperware   ®

Whites: zero cholesterol,
                                  3. mix up
all protein, no fat, about
15 calories.                      4. put in Tupperware
                                     in fridge
Yolks (yellows): some
cholesterol, fat; about           5. use all week long for
55 calories.                         scrambled eggs, omelets,
Ideas for eating:
• Eat on run to school,
  little bit salt/pepper/
  Mrs. Dash.
• Toss out yolks, fill
  holes with salsa or
  spaghetti sauce.
• Cut up whites, make egg
  sandwich on whole wheat
Best Cereals                       Baked Squash
• Plain oatmeal                    • Butternut, acorn, or any
  (buy in a big box)                 other squash: cut in half,
   o   add frozen berries or         scoop out the seeds
       other fruit for sweetness   • Place face down in Pyrex
• Shredded wheat, large              baking dish, in 350°F oven
  or mini                          • Take out when soft and just
  o has only one ingredient:         eat it this way!
  o No added sugar, salt,          Baked Tomatoes
     or anything!                  • Cut roma tomatoes in half
                                   • Add salt, pepper, oregano
Easy Everything
                                   • Bake at 350°F until done
Vegetable Soup                       and let them cool before
• Cut up any vegetables              you eat them
  you have
• Onions, carrots, potatoes        Roasted Broccoli
  are good in soup
                                   • Broccoli cut up (peel the
• Add water, salt, pepper,           stems and use these)
  seasonings or chicken
                                   • Toss in bowl with 1 teaspoon
  broth to the pot
                                     olive oil, some garlic, a little
• Cook on stove until done           salt or other seasoning.
• You can pan fry onions,          • Put in Pyrex pan, bake at
  garlic in canola oil first.        450°F.
  This adds lots of flavor.
                                   • Take out when a bit crispy
                                   • Try this cooking method
                                     with Brussels sprouts, green
                                     beans (in season), and
                                     strips of rutabaga.
              Protein without Meat
Beans of All Kinds:                 Lentils:
• Black-eyed peas, black, red,      Fast, cheap, high protein, no
  garbanzo (chickpeas)              cholesterol, high fiber and
• All have zero cholesterol         vitamins; try different colors
                                    (lots at West Side Market).
• High in energy, protein,
  fiber, vitamins                   • Rinse
• A great and cheap way to          • Put in pan, cover with water,
  get calories                        boil till soft (10-15 minutes)
                                    • Sauté onions, garlic,
What to Do with Beans:                green peppers; add lentils,
                                      spices (curry, salt, pepper,
• Buy in plastic bags, not
                                      turmeric), cook as above
  cans (lighter, cheaper,
  lower sodium, no BPA –            • Add tomatoes cut up
  a cancer-causing agent in         • Eat with brown rice,
  lining of cans).                    or greens
• Rinse, cover with water,
  soak overnight.                   Tofu (soy protein):
• Boil till soft – about an hour.   Be brave! This is a no-
• Drain, put in Tupperware.         cholesterol, high-protein, easy,
  Eat all week, in everything:      fast, and pretty cheap food. Well
    Salads and soups                worth getting to know and love!
    Spaghetti sauce and chili       • Sauté (put a little oil in a
                                      pan on the stove. Add the
    With steamed greens
                                      tofu). Turn the tofu a few
    With brown rice                   times. Wait until the tofu
    Mashed up (use in a               is crispy. Add salt, pepper,
    hummus recipe)                    curry, or salsa
                                    • Cut into small cubes, add
                                      to spaghetti sauce or chili
Save Money: Eat Less!                Mix it Up:
• Use 9-inch plate. A smaller        A meal that has 3 different foods
  plate will help you eat less.      is more satisfying. Your child
• Fill half of the plate with veg-   won’t need as much of one food.
  etables. Fill one quarter of the   • A large portion of vegetables
  plate with starch (potatoes,           – with unlimited refills
  brown rice). Fill one quarter      • A small portion of starch
  of the plate with meats.               (potatoes, brown rice)
• Your serving of meat should        • A small portion of protein
  be the size of a deck of cards         (meat or vegetable)

Where’s the Meat?                    Cholesterol:
• Vegetarians have one half          You want to lower your bad
  as much heart disease,             cholesterol (LDL).
  high blood pressure, stroke,       • Avoid saturated fats.
  diabetes, and obesity as           • These foods have a lot of
  people who eat lots of meat.         saturated fat:
• Make yourself healthy: eat           o Beef, chicken, pork
  less meat! Even cutting              o Cheese, cream, butter,
  down will help.                         ice-cream
                                       o Coconut oil and palm oil
• Use a little meat to add
  taste, but make vegetables         • These foods have low
  the heart of your meal.              saturated fat: eggs, beans, nuts
• Try a meat free dinner a           • Go for good fats:
  couple of times a week.              o Good oils are: canola,

• You’ll also save money if              peanut, corn, and olive
  you use less meat!                   o Use these oils for:
                                         • Pan and oven frying
                                         • Salad dressings
  Start a meal with                  • Avoid all trans fats.
  water or soup – liquid               These are really bad for you.
  fills you up!                      • Partially hydrogenated veg-
                                       etable oil is a trans fat. Avoid
                                       all foods that have this.

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