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									                                               City Of Seven Hills
                                                     Community Newsletter
                                                                           January—March 2010

Mayor David Bentkowski says tough decisions will be made to balance budget to stall the
need for any property tax increase . . . Rising costs and tough economy create challenges
                                           costs, but this year, there is       these costs keep going up. Fi-       Despite the tough economy, we
                                           going to be more of an empha-        nancially, we are in a lot better    are still moving forward with
                                           sis on changing things and de-       shape than most communities          great projects. This year, we are
                                           termining what we can live with-     around but I am here to tell you     repaving East Pleasant Valley
                                           out. Keep in mind, most of our       that everything is on the table      Road and doing massive water-
                                           budget is salaries. Our police       as far as planning for the fu-       line projects on Cherry and Twi-
                                           department costs over $2 mil-        ture. I don’t want to raise taxes    light. Also, in the next couple of
                                           lion a year. The fire department     and as a city, we haven’t raised     years we are full-speed ahead
                                           is nearly $1,000,000. The ser-       them in a long time. We are          on repaving Rockside Road,
                                           vice department is over              going to make prudent business       Hillside Road, Broadview Road,
                                           $1,000,000. Just like for your       decisions. For example, it costs     and our streetscape project.
                                           personal home budget, you can        us $50,000 a year to keep the
                                                                                                                     These are all projects where we
                                           imagine how costs are going up.      Calvin Rec. Center open. Per-
                                                                                                                     have secured grants and fund-
                                           Think your gas bill is high?         haps it is time to close that and
 Mayor David Bentkowski and the City                                                                                 ing from some agency - and we
                                           Imagine heating the Rec. Center      force everyone to use our main
Council will be spending most of January                                                                             only have to pay a small share.
 creating a balanced budget for 2010
                                           and City Hall. Think your fuel       Rec. Center. Residents are use
                                                                                                                     Keep in mind, paving on Pleas-
                                           costs went up? Imagine gassing       to calling City Hall and having a
                                                                                                                     ant Valley or Broadview costs
Dear Resident,                             a fleet of snowplows, police         variety of secretaries at their
                                                                                                                     millions, so even our paltry 10%
                                           cars, and ambulances.                disposal. Perhaps in some
Over the last couple of years,                                                                                       share still will cost us hundreds
                                                                                cases it will make sense to
we have wisely limited our                 Every year, insurance costs go                                            of thousands on these projects.
                                                                                have some automated phone
spending to make sure things               up. In this crazy world, even                                             We can’t say “no” to someone
                                                                                systems that put you in touch
didn’t get out of hand with this           after we shopped around for                                               giving us 90% of the funding
                                                                                with the person you want. We
terrible economy. As a city, we            months, we were considered                                                which is why somehow, we have
                                                                                are literally going to review
have not laid off any people and           lucky our premiums only went                                              to come up with the rest. When
                                                                                every operation and see if we
your services have remained                up 8%. Isn’t that crazy? Just                                             you see us doing projects like
                                                                                can do it cheaper. Perhaps it
top notch.                                 that increase could cost the city                                         this or the new street signs, you
                                                                                will save us money if we pick up
                                           an additional $75,000 a year.                                             have to remember that we are
Last year, mostly due to reve-                                                  our own trash instead of Waste
                                                                                                                     spending someone else’s
nue shortfalls because of the              Several years ago, our trash         Management. The list of pro-
                                                                                                                     money while improving our city.
economy, the city dipped into              contract went up nearly              posed ideas I have come up
                                                                                                                     Some people have trouble
its reserves around $700,000.              $300,000 A YEAR because of           with and will be reviewing with
                                                                                                                     grasping that on one side I am
Keep in mind, we have about                fuel costs/insurance costs, etc.     City Council is long. All you have
                                                                                                                     telling you money is tight, yet
$4 million in the bank, but the            Thank goodness everyone is           to know is that any changes we
                                                                                                                     you see us doing all this work.
point is, we don’t want to keep            recycling so much with our blue      make will be made to help us
                                                                                                                     We have been incredibly suc-
relying on it.                             carts or it would have been          avoid having to come to you for
                                                                                                                     cessful moving the city forward
                                           even worse. Where do people          more money.
So, for 2010, my pledge to you                                                                                       while being very frugal with your
                                           think we are going to keep find-
is that we are going to go                                                      Times are tough, people are          money. Other cities are amazed
                                           ing money to cover this?
through every single item in the                                                hurting, and I ask for your sup-     by our efforts and residents
budget and see how we can do               I tell you all of this because you   port as I do what I do best -        should be proud that even in
things cheaper. We always go               have to understand we don’t          make those tough decisions           this economy, we are making
through the budget and watch               have new money coming in - yet       that will protect your money.        Seven Hills better.
                                SERVICE DEPARTMENT
                                                                       SNOW PLOWING
                As begun last winter and with the success we enjoyed both monetarily and environmentally, we will continue
                with our Salt Sensibility program. Therefore, main roads, intersections, hills, curves and school zones will con-
                tinue to be salted and plowed throughout snow events. Secondary streets will be plowed as often as possible,
                but will not be salted except for 200 feet at each intersection. As always, we will never jeopardize our resi-
dent’s safety but will be cognizant of continued cost control and environmental effects of the salt.

                WATER MAIN BREAKS                                                     CHRISTMAS TREE RECYCLING
Should you notice bubbling or streaming water along                            Please place your clean tree at curbside for pick up on
the roadway or curb area, please call the Cleveland                            your regular trash day. Trees must be free of all decora-
Water Department at 216-664-3060 to report the                                 tions including tinsel, lights and tree bags. The city will
break. As a result if you experience brown water,                              begin the tree recycling program throughout January be-
run your cold water in the lowest level of your home                           ginning the week of January 4, 2010.
until it runs clear. Do not run your hot water until
the water is clear. Please do not get angry with the
city - we are not allowed to “touch” or fix CWD lines.                              E-mail:

                                                         STREET LIGHT OUTAGES
The Illuminating Company has several ways to report a street light outage. You may call their automated outage report-
ing line at 1-888-544-4877 or access their website at They will need the closest address, the
pole number located on a small metal plate, and what the problem is; damaged pole, broken fixture, light flickering or
out. Most repairs take several days at a minimum. If you cannot resolve the issue per an above method, contact Diane
in the Service Department at 216-525-6225 and she will handle it for you.

                                                            DOCUMENT SHRED DAY
We will have our next document shred day on Tuesday, April 20th from 2PMto 6PM behind City Hall. Paper to include: accounting ledger
paper, adding machine tape, booklets, brochures, copy machine paper, colored paper, computer paper, envelopes, manila folders, greeting
cards, all types of white paper. Small paper clips and staples do not have to be removed. Materials NOT to be shredded: newspapers,
phone books, magazines, binders, books, plastic folders, waxed paper, napkins, Styrofoam of any kind. will be doing the
shredding. You can visit them at

  STREET PATCHING: The city is constantly patching streets if needed as soon as weather allows. We live in Ohio - you know how this works
               every year - the plows rip up the patches and we go fill the holes as soon as possible. Welcome to winter!

                                       HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WATE & COMPUTER ROUNDUP

                       2010 DATES: Monday, May 3, 8AM-6PM & Monday, September 20, 8AM-6PM—behind City Hall

HOUSEHOLD MATERIAL ACCEPTED: Oil or solvent-based paint, sealers, primers, or coatings (aerosols or liquids) - varnishes, polyurethane,
shellacs, paint thinner, mineral spirits, turpentine, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, caustic household cleaners, automotive fluids, motor
oil, car batteries, adhesives, roof tan, driveway sealer, kerosene, gasoline, lighter fluid, mercury, fluorescent bulbs.
HOUSEHOLD MATERIALS NOT ACCEPTED: Latex paint, explosives, gun powder, ammunition, flares, medical waste, pharmaceuticals, sharps,
radioactive waste.
DISPOSAL OF LATEX PAINT: The Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District does not accept latex paint at the HHW Roundups. Latex paint is com-
prised mostly of water and is not a hazardous material. To dispose of latex paint, solidify with sawdust or cat litter and place in your curbside
trash. Remove the lid so trash crews know that it is solidified.
For more information visit
Mayor Pays for this Full-Page Ad to Clarify Story About His Book
Dear Resident,                                                     interviews and hopefully sooner or later people will realize that
Since the day I became mayor, I have had a group of peo-           I am the victim and that it is absurd that the police, local me-
ple attempting to sabotage, misrepresent and condemn               dia, and others allow this type of assault to happen to some-
virtually everything I have tried to do in Seven Hills. When       one just because they hold office. The good news out of all of
you consider that I have simply tried to be a public servant,      this is that I have been working with state leaders on tougher
help my community, and I make $14,000 a year as mayor,             “cyber-stalking and menacing laws” and there will come a day
it really is perverse the level of assaults I have had to en-      when nameless cowards on the internet are flushed out for
dure. You cannot even comprehend what has been done to             criminal prosecution.
me and you likely know only a fraction of it.                      In conclusion, yes, my new book, “The Power of the Proclama-
Many of you will recall how one of these assailants took a         tion” does talk about parts of my body. It’s just words, folks,
harmless picture of me in a Superman suit, digitally ma-           life will go on. I do it in a funny manner to counteract assaults I
nipulated it, and flooded the internet with pictures that          have endured for years. The book is only available to adults
were a gross invasion of my privacy. The portrayals about          that purchase it and the dialogue about my body is just a few
my “body” were so intrusive and pronounced that they led           sentences out of a 75,000 word book. In my book I purposely
to all kinds of off-color comments. I have been labeled a          did not explain what my assailants have done to me. Why
freak, a farm animal, and much worse that can’t be re-             would I give them the sick satisfaction that their actions have
peated on these pages. They took my image and put me on            harmed me? I am only addressing it now as a result of the
offensive and pornographic websites. They printed off              “shock” reporting done by local media trying to portray my
those pictures of me on those websites - the bogus images          book as dirty when it is not.
they created - and mailed them to seniors. Good citizens           What is really sad about all of this is that the book is a glowing
filed police reports to help me yet the police failed in catch-    tribute to Seven Hills and I am receiving positive coverage
ing the culprits.                                                  across the country. I have literally done wonderful interviews in
For years, these people have continued to make very dirty          Philadelphia, Nashville, New York, and many other places
commentary about my body all over the internet and con-            where I have been able to discuss how wonderful Seven Hills
tinually use the phony images. For four years, I have tried        is and put our city on the map for something positive other
everything I could think of to make this stop. I have sued . .     than our most infamous resident that is always in the news. Of
. gone to the police . . . tried to create awareness with Con-     course, it is so typical of Cleveland’s disgusting media to be so
gressional leaders about the dangers of nameless and               tabloid and be the only place trying to trash my efforts. I stand
faceless bloggers, etc. This has greatly impacted my liveli-       behind my book 110%. Everyone that reads it tells me how
hood and my life. It has caused stress and strain and finan-       much they enjoyed it and how great a tribute it is to Seven
cial loss for me in ways you can’t even imagine and no one         Hills. If you haven’t read it, then perhaps you should reserve
has helped me - it still continues to this day.                    making judgment based on local sleaze journalism. Also, I con-
                                                                   tinue to ask you to ponder who keeps assaulting me and who
So, after four years of letting these people control the dia-
                                                                   is responsible for the continued attacks on my reputation. For
logue and continually harm me with this subject matter, I
                                                                   those of you that have been around city politics, perhaps you
made a conscientious decision to address the subject mat-
                                                                   can formulate who I think is responsible. I have made serving
ter in my new book. You may not understand my reasons
                                                                   Seven Hills my life and I have made this community better. All I
for doing this, but quite frankly, it is not your call to make
                                                                   have ever asked of any of you is to realize there are bad peo-
because you are not the person that has been assaulted - I
                                                                   ple always besmirching my name because they have visions of
am. Don’t judge me if you don’t know what has been done
                                                                   holding my office. Don’t let negative attacks ruin our efforts.
to me. My idea was simple: the whole reason these people
keep trying to harm me with this subject matter is because         Every time you see a story about me on television or in the
they thought it was dirty and they bet that as an elected          paper . . . or you read some nasty blog about me . . . just re-
official, I could never talk about it - therefore, I could never   member that someone with an agenda for me made that call
defend myself and they could continue to harass me. So,            to a newspaper or anonymously made that posting. They don’t
after letting them win for four years and trying every other       care about Seven Hills, they just care about trying to harm me.
option, I finally decided enough was enough and I decided          I would think most would want to rally behind the person that
to talk about the subject matter directly in my book taking        has actually spent his life helping Seven Hills instead of those
the “sting” away from them. Now that I talked about it in          warped people. I have two years left as mayor and I hope you
my book, I marginalized it and have made it immaterial. I          will join me in keeping our city progressing in the wonderful
successfully took the harm out of their efforts and now if         way it has the last six years. And yes, I encourage you to buy
they continue to talk about my body . . . who cares . . . I        my book at Happy New
have talked candidly about what they have done to me in            Year, Mayor David Bentkowski
                  PROJECTS IN DESIGN PHASE                                                    ENGINEERING ACTIVITIES

◊   EPA Mandated Phases II and III Sanitary Improvement Project               ◊   GIS mapping project of City infrastructure
    (Portions of Broadview Rd and Skyview Dr)
                                                                              ◊   Street tree inventory
◊   Cleveland Water Department—Replacement of waterlines on
    Starlight Dr and Cherry Ln                                                ◊   Service Department sewer upgrades

◊   Cuyahoga County Engineer—E. Pleasant Valley Road resurfacing

◊   Spray Park                                                                              UPCOMING DESIGN PROJECTS
◊   2010 Blanket Service Contract for sewer and roadway repairs
                                                                              ◊   Broadview Road—Paving

                                                                              ◊   Hemlock Creek Watershed Sanitary Sewer Project
                 **RAIN BARREL REMINDER**

Rain Barrel owners, please remember to winterize your barrels by                                          DRAINAGE
emptying them, disconnecting them and using your winter plug in the
                                                                              With the fall season ending, please keep your ditches,
There are more Rain Barrels available for purchase.                           swales, culverts, and inlet grates free of debris such that
                                                                              water may properly drain. This property maintenance will
If you have any questions, please contact the Engineering Office at
                                                                              minimize standing water and flooding.

                                              Stream Friendly Snow Removal
We are often aware of rainwater and runoff in the summer months. The puddles and mud make it hard to overlook. But stormwater
pollution carries on into the winter months as well. In northeast Ohio, snow and ice removal is a fact of life, but the methods we use
can have an effect on the health of our streams. Remember, when the ground is frozen, it acts as an impervious surface, and pollu-
tion is more likely to run into a nearby stream or storm drain. Below are some simple ideas for keeping your sidewalk and driveway
save and keeping stormwater runoff cleaner.
Manual snow removal: Even if you are going to salt, remove as much snow as possible first. Break out the shovel, snowblower, and
garden hoe. Chemical deicers work best on a thin layer of snow or ice. If you are using a snowblower, be careful with the gas as you
fill up the tank. The garden hoe can be used to scrape ice, but shouldn’t be used to chip at the surface—it can chip the concrete.
Try adding traction: Instead of getting down to bare surface, consider if there is enough traction in the snow. Small amounts of sand
can be used to increase traction, but too much sand will cause problems in the stormwater system. Sand should not be used in ar-
eas that drain directly into the stormwater system.
More isn’t better: Do you need access to every door of your house, or can you just de-ice the one you use everyday? Does the entire
patio need to be bare, or do you just need a path across it to the driveway? The recommended application rate for rock salt is about
a cup per square yard. Adding more won’t speed up the melting. Calcium chloride works at one cup per three square yards. Com-
bine deicers with scraping, especially in the late afternoon when things are at their warmest.
Skip the fertilizer treatment: In the past, people have been advised to use fertilizers or other urea-containing products to de-ice with
the theory that it would end up fertilizing the lawn as well. Unfortunately the ground is frozen and the grass is not taking up nutri-
ents, so most of that fertilizer runs off in the melt water. Overuse of fertilizer can also burn vegetation, especially conifers and ever-
green broadleaf plants such as azalea and rhododendron the next time you remove snow.
Be wary of glycol: Many “pet-safe” products contain ethylene glycol or propylene glycol. Both are toxic to aquatic organisms, and
ethylene glycol is also toxic to mammals. They both decrease the amount of oxygen in streams, and break down into other poten-
tially unsafe chemicals.
For more conservation tips, contact the Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District at 216-524-6580 or
                      Dear Friends in our Neighboring Seven Hills Community

    I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to everyone that has given support to me, my
family, as well as my entire staff of employees at Dick Bigelow Chevrolet over what has been a very emo-
tional and trying past 6 months in the Chevrolet automobile business. We have received hundreds of letters of
support from not only businesses and past customers, but also from schools, organizations, politicians and pri-
vate individuals such as yourself. Everyone has been very gracious to us and we really appreciate the support.
    We have always strived to be a pillar in our community, not only by selling quality Chevrolets and pre-
owned vehicles, but also by offering certified technical services whenever the need arrives. We have been in-
volved in numerous community functions for many years now including the Seven Hills Festival. It is our
belief that there is no better tool than community involvement and service to our customers to show our appre-
ciation for keeping us in business for 99 years running.
    Now, let me talk about what we are looking forward to in the coming year. As of this writing, we are await-
ing the recently enacted arbitration process with General Motors to take place. Sometime in January we will
receive written notice from Chevrolet as to why we were chosen as one of the Dealers to wind-down, a deci-
sion that has never fully been explained to us despite numerous appeals to GM for an explanation. We will
then begin the arduous process of arbitration to regain our Dealer Franchise status. Unfortunately, this process
may take an additional 180 days. During this time I would like to express to our customers and community
that we are still here offering exceptional service along with factory warranty service on any Chevrolet regard-
less of where it was purchased. We do not have many new Chevrolets to purchase at this time, but we do have
a great selection of pre-owned vehicles. We have been increasing our pre-owned inventory from about 125
units to about 175 high quality pre-owned cars and trucks. We still offer a high selection of GM vehicles but
we have expanded our non-GM line to include a wide range of makes and models. Come in and take a look, I
think you will be surprised by the quality selection of vehicles we have to offer.
    Another change that has taken place is that we have expanded our relationship with Enterprise Rental. En-
terprise is now servicing a larger general area than they have in the past, with a larger counter area and fleet of
vehicles. They are here at our location for all of your rental needs.
    Regardless of how the arbitration process turns out, we will still continue to provide service, parts and pre-
owned vehicle sales for many years to come. Perhaps General Motors and Chevrolet will look at us and say
“99 years and still running, they must be doing something right.” Hopefully then, we’ll be here to walk you
around that new Chevrolet once again.
    Thank you all again for all of your support it has meant much more to me than you may ever realize. Stop
in sometime and say hi, I’m usually the one running the snow blower or riding the tractor cutting grass. This
has been my home and my community for many years and I plan to stay here for many more.

                                                  Richard H Bigelow
             HISTORICAL SOCIETY                                    RECREATION CENTER
Here we are again at the beginning of another year. Last
year was great! SHHS is thankful for the support of many
good people. Mr. Pignatiello and the City of Seven Hills
made it possible to become incorporated. Also, the City of
Seven Hills made locked storage available to us and we are
able to secure items given to the Society. We would like to
send a big thank you to Chris Matthews, Donna Camarati
and Diane Schneider and to all who work at City Hall.
You could again find us at the Senior Fair in May and Home
Days in July. Home Days Committee allowed us to share
the Information Booth. This year we also participated in
Seven Hills’ Fall Fest. Lisa Nemeth at Northcoast Promo-
tions made two tables available to us. Our display was
women’s history quilts. Carol Wooten and Judy Bigge from
Common Threads Quilting Guild joined SHHS at the Fest,
bringing not just projects but knowledge, expertise and help-
ing hands. We displayed a quilt from every decade from
1880’s to present and many different types of quilts.
In March, Mr. Wesley Gaab from the Independence Histori-
cal Society joined us to talk about how donations are re-
corded and stored. He suggested touring the Historical So-
ciety in Hudson. So off we went on our first fieldtrip. Both
his presentation and ideas and the trip to Hudson were
In October, Ruth Bakonyi reviewed the importance of family
histories. She demonstrated methods of creating a person
memoir and brought examples. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ellen-
best shared their experience in tracking genealogy of their
families. They also brought information and methods of col-
lecting and storing personal history. Mr. Chester Goellner
shared what it was like growing up in Seven Hills and other
                                                                 THOMAS W. CORDRICK, DDS
life stories.                                                                  6285 PEARL RD #29
SHHS meets at City Hall the third Tuesday of each month at                  PARMA HEIGHTS, OHIO 44131
7PM. We are already in the process of planning 2010 pro-
grams and events. As always you are all welcome to come                          440-842-5070
and join us, and bring your ideas. It’s a great way to chase
away those mid-winter blues. For more information call              COSMETIC, RESTORATIVE & IMPLANT DENTISTRY
Kathy Patterson at 216-236-6037 or e-mail                   OFFICE HOURS BY APPOINTMENT
or Joyce Roth at 216-901-9000,

                                                                Richard A. Pignatiello
                                                                ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW
                                                                   4141 Rockside Road, Suite 230
                                                                      Seven Hills, Ohio 44131
                            BUILDING DEPARTMENT
                                       CONTRACTORS MUST BE REGISTERED
C.O. 1123.01—”Contractor” means any firm, individual, copartnership, corporation, association or any other organization, or any
combination thereof, who by himself or itself or by or through others constructs, alters, repairs, adds to, subtracts from, reconstructs
or remodels any building, structure or appurtenance thereto, or who or which undertakes, offers to undertake, purports to have the
capacity to undertake or submits a bid to do so and whose work requires a permit by these Codified Ordinances.
“Contractor” - includes subcontractors and also specialty contractors whose operations as such are the performance of construction
work requiring special skill and whose principal contracting business involves the use of specialized building trades or crafts, and
whose work requires a permit by these Codified Ordinances. Any property owner in the City requesting more than one building permit
within a three year period for the construction of a new dwelling shall be considered a contractor. (Ord. 79-2000)
(a) No person, firm, copartnership, corporation, association or any other organization, or any combination thereof, shall engage in
    the business, perform any work which requires a permit or otherwise act in the capacity of a contractor within the City without
    first being duly registered by the City to perform such work.
(b) All contractors are herby required to submit to the Building Department a list of every subcontractor working for them in the City
    and notify the City of any changes. (Ord. 79-2000)

IMPORTANT CITY NUMBERS                                                                                  WII Bowling
CITY HALL                            FRONT OFFICE                         216-524-4421
                                                                                                      Coming Soon
RECREATION CENTER                    FRONT DESK                           216-524-6262
                                                                                                The City of Seven Hills Community
MAYOR’S OFFICE/SENIOR SERVICES       CHRIS MATTHEWS                       216-525-6230
                                                                                                 Recreation Center is in the proc-
COMMUNITY RELATIONS                  LISA M. DRAGANIC                     216-525-6227
                                                                                                  ess of organizing a Senior Wii
BUILDING DEPARTMENT                  MARK MORO—COMMISSIONER               216-524-4427                   Bowling League!
                                     CLERK—JAYNE ANASTASAKIS              216-525-6221
                                                                                                 Wii Bowling is being used all over
                                     CLERK—TRICIA JAKUBOWSKI              216-525-6222
                                                                                                   the world as entertainment as
ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT               MARK PAPKE—ENGINEER                  216-525-6277              well as exercise. Coming very
                                     SECRETARY—DENISE MURTZ               216-525-6226             soon, you and your friends can
FINANCE DEPARTMENT                   PHIL BRETT– DIRECTOR                 216-525-6242            join the Wii Bowling CRAZE that
                                     JOE HOTCHKISS                        216-525-6248
                                                                                                takes the 10lb ball right out of the
                                     HELEN PEKALA                         216-525-6249


                                     SECRETARY—TERI MATSON                216-525-6237

SERVICE DEPARTMENT                   BILL BISHILANY—DIRECTOR              216-525-6224

                                     SECRETARY—DIANE SCHNEIDER            216-525-6225

COUNCIL CLERK                        CAROL SEKERAK                        216-525-6235

POLICE NON-EMERGENCY                                                      216-524-3911

FIRE NON-EMERGENCY                                                        216-524-3321           Leagues are being formed NOW.
CITY HALL FAX                                                             216-524-0523           Call Chris Matthews at 216-525-
                                                                                                       6230 for more details.
    Mayor David Bentkowski’s Office
Honorable Mayor David Bentkowski                                                         Mayor Bentkowski is at
Chris Matthews—Mayor’s Assistant                                                         City Hall various times
                                                                                         throughout the week.
Business Hours: 8:30 AM—4:30PM—Monday—Friday
                                                                                         Much of his time is spent
Direct Line: 216-525-6230                                                                out in the city or at meet-                                                                 ings outside of City Hall.
                                                                                         Any messages or informa-
                                                                                         tion can be left with his
                   Special Thanks to Mrs. Barbara Bentkowski
                                                                                         Executive Assistant Chris
                                                                                         Matthews for immediate
Did you ever look around the city and wonder who does all the decorat-
ing? Whether it is the Rec Center, street signs, flowers in front of build-
ings . . . pretty much everywhere you look, it was decorated by the                      Contact the Mayor:
mayor’s mother, Barbara. She does it for free and personally buys or
makes a lot of the decorations. “Mrs. B” just loves to keep Seven Hills                  216-901-0269 (Home)
beautiful and you can learn how she makes a lot of her items by watching                 216-789-7525 (Cell)
her every Weds. on the mayor’s cable show, Around Town, on Cox 45.                       e-mail:

                                  CITY COORDINATOR
Lisa M. Draganic                    UPCOMING CITY EVENTS:
Business Hours: 7:30 AM—1:00PM      HOME DAYS MEETING: THURSDAY, MARCH 11, 2010 - 6 P.M.
                                    CITY HALL CLOSED:
Direct Line: 216-525-6227
                                    PRESIDENT’S DAY—MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2010

                                     Its never too early to start thinking about Home Days! This year Home Days
                                    will be held on July 23, 24, 25. Ask anyone around: Seven Hills Home Days is
           April 22-24
                                    now one of the PREMIER Community Festivals in Cuyahoga County. The goal
                                      is to keep getting even BIGGER and BETTER. There is no way this can hap-
            May 27-29                   pen without the generous time and efforts given by the volunteers of the
    June 10-12 (City wide sale)                   Seven Hills Home Days Committee. WE NEED YOU.
            July 15-17              The 2010 Home Days Committee will begin meeting soon
          August 19-21              to plan for this year’s festivities. . If you would like to par-
                                     ticipate in the committee or book your booth please call
        September 23-25                            Lisa Draganic @ 216-525-6227
          October 21-23
                                     SENIOR CITIZEN COORDINATOR

THANK YOU to ALL residents, Businesses, Schools, Churches and Organizations! You have once again exceeded my expecta-
tions and came through for the Salvation Army. Along with the hugely successful collections from the Seven Hills Fall Fest and
VFW Christmas Party Silent Auction, you have donated your time and efforts to fill a record breaking 340 hours of bone chilling
bell ringing this season! This year we teamed up with Broadview Heights Human Services to fill volunteer time at K-Mart as
well as Walgreens to raise over $7000 in donations. As you may or may not know, because we filled the hours with volunteers
from the community, the collections will be made available for our friends and neighbors in need locally.
Please help support your local businesses that support our effort and The Salvation Army; Walgreens and K-Mart. The staff
and management were extremely helpful and even allowed us to ring INSIDE the store to avoid the cold weather.
In addition, the Yuletide Hunger Program helped support a record number of participants from all four surrounding communi-
ties. Food, paper products, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene items were collected from the schools, businesses and
residents and distributed to needy families in this 27th year of the program. Many of the participants were also helped by the
Adopt-A-Family program which helps make the children’s Christmas a little brighter in these tough economic times. Seven Hills
business Longbow Research went above and beyond while adopting seven children and donated over $1000 in gift cards to
give back to the community.
It’s never too early to plan ahead for next years campaign! Sign up your family, church or school group, business, organization
or yourself to fill a full day or several hours of bell ringing, adopt a family or start a food collection. There is an ongoing food-
bank at city hall which is in need of restocking. Please consider dropping off your canned goods or picking up a few extra
items the next time you go grocery shopping. If you are in need of assistance or would like to volunteer or learn more about
any of these programs please feel free to call me at 216-525-6230.

                                                                                  SENIOR ADVISORY BOARD SCHEDULE

                                                                         The Senior Advisory Board has been meeting for several
                                                                         months and has made some great strides. Any Senior Advo-
Cars have changed. So have traffic rules, driving conditions, and        cate is welcome to attend the meetings, resident or not. Be-
the roads you travel every day. Some drivers age 50-plus have            low are the scheduled dates for 2010. Meetings are held in
never looked back since they got their first license, but even the       the Community Room in Seven Hills City Hall at 10:00 A.M. on
most experienced benefit from brushing up on their driving skills.       the 4th Tuesday of each month. Below is the list of meeting
You can expect to learn current rules of the road, defensive driving
techniques, and how to operate your vehicle more safely in today’s       Jan 26, Feb 23, March 23, April 27, May 25, June 22, July
increasingly challenging driving environment. You’ll learn adjust-       NO MEETING, Aug 24, Sept 28, Oct 26, Nov 23, Dec —NO
ments to accommodate common age-related changes in vision,               MEETING
hearing, and reaction time. You will learn the following: How to mini-
mize the effects of dangerous blind spots—how to maintain the                              AARP Tax Assistance
proper following distance behind another car—the safest ways to
change lanes and make turns at busy intersections—proper use of          The AARP will once again be providing tax assistance at
safety belts, air bags, anti-lock brakes, and new technologies used      Seven Hills City Hall. Assistance will be provided starting
in cars—ways to monitor your own and others’ driving skills and          on Feb1, 2010 and extending until April 15, 2010.
capabilities—the effects of medications on driving—the importance
of eliminating distractions, such as eating, smoking, and cell phone     Representatives will be available Mon., Tues., Thurs., and
use.                                                                     Fri. from 8:00A.M.-3:00P.M. by appointment ONLY. Ap-
                                                                         pointments can be made in person at any of the three
The classroom course costs only $12 for AARP members and $14
                                                                         Parma Libraries. Phone appointments will not be taken.
for non-members and you may be eligible to receive an insurance
discount upon completing the course, so consult your agent for           After Feb 1, appointments can be made in person at Seven
details.                                                                 Hills City Hall with the AARP aides.

Please call Chris Matthews to register for the AARP Driver Safety        Seven Hills City Hall cannot make appointments as the
Program by Monday, February 1, 2010 at 216-525-6230.                     schedule is maintained by AARP.
                          SEVEN HILLS CITY COUNCIL
                                 A MESSAGE FROM SEVEN HILLS CITY COUNCIL
The last few years have been good for economic development in Seven Hills. Our commercial corridor along Broadview Road
has never been more active. New structures have been built from the Aldi’s Center, to Panera’s, the Auburn Professional
Building, and the Taleris Credit Union. At the north end of town, new townhouses and high end single family homes have been
But even with all the positive news, 2010 will still hold many challenges for Seven Hills. We have looked for creative ways to
cut costs. This past year Council held a department-by-department, line-by-line, budget review, the first ever such project in
our city’s history. This allowed us to trim the budget for 2009.
All cities must provide the basic services that would be impossible to provide for ourselves individually. We choose to live in
Seven Hills because of the services, the quality of life and the sense of community it brings to our lives.
The cost of everything continues to climb. Employee compensation and healthcare increases place further pressure on the
budget. We also face more demands on the service side from unfunded state and federal mandates and stricter compliance
Current economic pressures are forcing all cities to examine alternatives to spread some of their costs. To save money, most
municipalities are involved in one or more formal service-sharing arrangements with a neighboring community.
Regionalism may be a popular theory to save money that goes through periods of heightened interest when budgets are tight.
But there is a better alternative. Local control enhances local choice, allows cities to provide better services, and assures lo-
cal residents more voice in their own self-government.
Competition is good even among communities. Citizens can choose to live in the city that best fits their preferences. Competi-
tion forces cities to provide public service at the most efficient level.
Instead of regionalizing, arrangements between cities can accomplish common goals or provide a service while achieving effi-
cient and effective service delivery. For example Seven Hills shares its 9-1-1 dispatching, our fire department has mutual aid
agreements, etc. By these arrangements, we can achieve economies of scale and provide a greater level of resources while
retaining local control and local democratic voice.
We may face challenges but we also hold the key to solving these issues—economic development, energy efficiency, a moti-
vated workforce, and even cost sharing, where reasonable, that does not reduce local response and control over local issues.
As President Truman said “A pessimist makes difficulties from his opportunities, but an optimist makes opportunities from his
From all of your Council Representatives, we would like to wish you and your family a very happy and healthy holiday season
and a joyous 2010.

The Parma Hospital Health Care Foundation was established in 1987 in order to support Parma Hospital in meeting medical, health and
well being bare through philanthropy and community involvement. The Foundation understands that caring for community health is a holis-
tic process that neither begins nor ends with the Hospital. For this reason it works to extend the philosophy of comprehensive health care
within and beyond the hospital, fulfilling unmet needs and supporting innovation.
The Foundation raised nearly $2.5 million to build Seasons of Life Residential which has gently cared for thousands of people and their
families. The Foundation also raised $300,00 to help establish the Tri-C Nursing School at Parma Hospital. This service has helped several
Parma Hospital employees realize their dream of becoming registered nurses who care for people in this community.
The Foundation also provides community grants to support the mission focus areas of: Quality and Dignity of life services, Medical Care and
Health Services for the Underserved, the Education of current and future health care workers and students and Cancer Research.
One of the ways the Foundation raises funds is through special events like the Renaissance Ball, known for its dramatic themes and aes-
thetic motifs, is scheduled for March 6, 2010. Guests will be treated to an exciting and active engagement while they support the Founda-
tion’s mission. For more information about Casino Royale: an Elegant, Monte Carlo evening, contact the Foundation at 440-743-4279.
                       FIRE DEPARTMENT
                    The members of the Seven Hills Fire Department would like to take a moment and wish all
                    residents a very happy and most importantly a healthy and safe 2010. The topic for this issue
                    will be regarding safety in your home. Whether you are a single person or family, young or old,
                    you spend the majority of your time in your castle which is commonly referred to as your home.
                    From time to time, we all become complacent with regard to keeping our home safe and
                    sound. The following items are suggestions you may find beneficial.
                     Your home heating system should be checked yearly by a heating and cooling contractor that
                     you are comfortable dealing with. Furnace filters need to be checked for efficiency and if your
                     system is capable of using a high tech filter, install one. A new filter works wonders in helping
                     to ease the high build up of dust that often occurs during the winter months. Clean up your
                     basement if you have trash or other combustibles near your heating system. If you burn wood
in your fireplace, make sure the wood is seasoned and have your chimney cleaned by a certified chimney sweep.
Several chimney fires occur each year and burn for some time prior to detection causing massive fires and damage
within the walls. Make sure the flue is open prior to starting the fire; this common error can cause smoke damage
inside your home. Do not use flammable liquids to start or accelerate a fire. Doing so may cause the fire to erupt
uncontrollably, severely burning you and possibly causing a house fire. Once the fire is out NEVER discard hot
ashes inside or near the home outside of the dwelling. Within the last two months, careless fires occurred in the
wooded areas behind homes causing damage. This careless mistake could cause the woods to ignite and burn
down your or your neighbor’s home. Take the extra few seconds to dispose of the hot ash properly.
If you power should unexpectedly go out, never use a range or an oven as a supplemental heating device. This not
only is a safety hazard, but it can be a source of potentially toxic fumes. If you use an electric heater, be sure not
to overload the circuit. Many of our homes were built during a time period of less electrical use, thus amperage for
the specific lines in your home may not be able to accommodate the new use for electronic gadgets. If your fuse or
breaker constantly blows or trips, your electrical line is being overused and can cause a massive fire. If you are
using an extension cord, be sure to have the necessary rating to carry an amp load. A good rule of thumb is to use
an extension cord the same size or larger than the appliance electrical cord. You should avoid using electrical
space heaters in bathrooms or other areas where they may come in contact with water.
Finally, make sure you have a properly functioning carbon monoxide (CO) detector and smoke detectors on every
level of your home. Take the time once every month to test the units so the detectors can effectively alert you if
the need should arise. Many of the detectors and alarms are designed to sound before symptoms appear. This
was required so that people would have time to react while they were still clear-headed. Remember CO is a color-
less, odorless gas and your fire department has a special meter to detect any abnormal problems and we are all
cross trained in their use. Remember to practice a home escape plan and involve any family members that live
with you.
If you have young children or are watching children during the day or night, be sure to keep toys that are small and
can fit in the mouth of the youngsters under strict supervision. You would be surprised how a small item could
compromise the airway of a young person. Keep all cosmetics or home cleaning chemicals away from the toddlers
as they most often like to explore and have a curiosity level that is unbelievable.
As always, the members of the Seven Hills Fire Department are proud to serve you the resident. We aim to treat
each person as a special customer and should you need to call on us for our services, please feel free to do so.
Once again, wishing you and your family and friends the very best for 2010.
                          A Message from Law Director Richard A. Pignatiello
               The Seven Hills Recreation Center Roof and the Legal Proceedings to Recover the Taxpayers Money

During the fall 2009 election cycle, much was written about the lawsuit or purported lack of lawsuit regarding the repairs of the Seven Hills
Recreation Center. Generally, it is not a good idea to discuss the details of pending legal actions in a manner that makes these details pub-
lic, and in fact you’ll find that I have said very little that has been published in the City Council meeting minutes regarding this topic for that
very reason. However, because of the sheer volume of information reported as facts over these past few months, I wanted to share with you
the status of the City’s pursuit for financial recovery to the extent that I am allowed to do so by law.
Seven Hills residents voted to build a community recreation center. Seven Hills entered into an agreement with Brandstetter Carroll who
would plan and design the Seven Hills Recreation Center. Once the design was completed, the contract to build the center went out for
competitive bid. The bid to build the recreation center was awarded to R. P. Carbone, a general contractor. Construction was completed,
and the Recreation Center opened in 2003.
Moisture-related problems were experienced and in 2007, the City retained Construction Resources, Inc (“CRI”) to investigate and analyze
the Center and make recommendations. CRI did a study and issued a report concluding that the roof and some related construction details
were irreparably damaged and needed to be replaced. The City also retained Wheaton & Sprague (an engineering firm) to review CRI’s
analysis. Wheaton & Sprague confirmed the problems and irreparable damage and agreed that the City should replace the roof and decking
as well as other related repair and replacement work.
In the fall of 2007, the City bid out the contract to repair the roof. Wilhelm Roofing was the low bidder and was awarded the contract to
repair and replace the roof. Repairs were completed in the spring of 2008, but some incidental repairs were continuing through 2008.
If only this situation could be resolved as easily and as quickly as an episode of Law & Order. By the early summer of 2008, the repairs were
being completed and the repair contracts were coming to a close. Then, prior to the City filing any proceedings, in September of 2008, the
general contractor Carbone (who built the recreation center and hired the subcontractors) filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11
of the Bankruptcy Code. It would not have mattered if the City had filed legal proceedings earlier as they would not have concluded before
Carbone’s bankruptcy filing and any proceedings would have automatically been put on hold (stayed) if filed before the bankruptcy filing.
The City timely filed a claim in the bankruptcy proceedings and requested that the Court allow it to pursue its claim outside of bankruptcy
proceedings so that it could pursue both Carbone and the architect in one legal proceeding. Just recently, the City received word from the
Bankruptcy Court that we have won the right to proceed with our claims.
Carbone’s construction contract included a mandatory arbitration clause. In addition, it also requires mediation before an arbitration can
proceed. With the help of a mediator, the parties attempt to agree to a resolution. If unsuccessful, the next step is arbitration which may be
conducted by a retired judge. These clauses are industry standard in large construction projects nationwide.
Is it a lawsuit? Mediation? Arbitration? What is important to remember that no matter what technical legal
language is used to describe the City’s efforts to recover your tax dollars, they are all legal proceedings being
used to attempt to recover you tax dollars.
We are in the process of negotiating “one big arbitration” with all parties involved in this matter. In addition
to the architect and the general contractor, there may be two or three sub-contractors with potential liability.
If all goes as planned we hope to resolve this matter in the Spring 2010.

My family and I wish for each of you a happy, healthy New Year.
Respectfully submitted,
Richard A. Pignatiello
Law Director

                                                   NEW CITY HALL HOURS
 Effective February 1, 2010 all City offices will be open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday with the exception of
                                      Service Department will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
                        POLICE DEPARTMENT

Throughout the winter season, it may become very difficult for students who walk to and from school to navigate
through high accumulation of snow. If you are a homeowner within close proximity to one of our neighborhood schools,
you are asked to help mitigate this hazard by doing your best to have your sidewalks cleared.
Some children will resort to walking in one of Seven Hills very busy streets because the sidewalks aren't cleared. This is
very dangerous. For this reason we are asking all residents to do what they can to ensure the safety of our children.
Please also be aware that C.O. 521.06 requires you to remove snow and ice from your tree lawn and C.O. 311.01 pro-
hibits you from placing snow or ice onto a street or alley or obstructing or covering a fire hydrant. However, it is legal to
operate powered snow removal equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The entire ordinance can be viewed at

                                         REMINDER TO ALL RESIDENTS
Keep all vehicles that are parked in your driveway locked and remove all valuables (for example: purses, wallets,
GPS units, etc.) each night. From time to time, we do experience thefts from unlocked vehicles and many of these
thefts can be prevented by simply locking your vehicles each night.

                                                                           PARKING HOURS REGULATED
                                                                               ORDINANCE: 351.11 (a)

                                                                 No person, operator or owner shall park or permit a
                                                                 vehicle to remain on the roadway portion of any street
                                                                 or highway in the City between the hours of 3:00 a.m.
                                                                 and 6:00 a.m., except emergency vehicles, vehicles
                                                                 being used by physicians on emergency calls and vehi-
                                                                 cles being used in connection with street improvement
                                                                 or the stringing, laying, repair or maintenance of utility
                                                                 facilities in or above the street area, provided that per-
                                                                 mission for such parking shall have first been procured
                                                                 from the Chief of Police.
          MONDAY—JANUARY 25TH—CITY HALL COMMUNITY ROOMS—(2 sessions) 10-11A.M. AND 7-8P.M.
Are you a Veteran, Son or Daughter of a Veteran or the surviving spouse of a Veteran? Then please join us for “Discovering Your War-
           time Veterans Benefits,” hosted by The City of Seven Hills and The American Association for Wartime Veterans.
This important and educational seminar is focused on the potential benefits frequently overlooked by Veterans and/or their surviving
         spouses. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity. Veterans, spouses and families of Veterans are all welcome.
   There are many misunderstandings with this benefit. Some common misunderstood statements include: “To get this benefit…
the vet must have suffered an injury, been wounded or died during service? WRONG
the vet must have been in battle? WRONG
the vet must have served during the whole war? WRONG
The vet or spouse must be out of money? WRONG
The vet must be living in a nursing home or assisted living? WRONG
The vet can’t be getting a military pension? WRONG
The vet is receiving a partial VA disability and cannot qualify? WRONG
Come join us and learn about these valuable benefits that may assist with the increasing cost of health
care. Refreshments provided by Home Helpers. Please call Chris Matthews at 216-525-6230 to reserve
your spot at this valuable seminar. Children of Vets are especially encouraged to come and learn about
how they might be able to help their parents stay in their homes.
                                                SEVEN HILLS
                                            HORSESHOE CLUB

                                      The Seven Hills Horseshoe Club, es-
                                      tablished in 1971, ended another
                                      successful season with its annual
                                      awards banquet at Pipers Three Res-
                                      taurant. Over 30 members from three
                                      divisions completed the ‘09 season
                                      with awards presented to the follow-
                                      ing winners:
                                      Denny Szczepaniak: 1st half winner –
                                      A league. Wally Blackburn: 2nd half
                                      winner—A league. Jim Lenzotti: 1st
                                      and 2nd half winner –B league. Den-
                                      nis Dejak: 1st half winner—C league.
                                      Chuck Gick: 2nd half winner—C
                                      league and inter-league doubles tour-
                                      nament winner Paul Varga: inter-
                                      league singles tournament winner,
                                      Tom Tucker: inter-league single tour-
                                      nament runner-up, Roy Walkowiak:
                                      inter-league doubles tournament win-
                                      ner and Bo Craddock: most improved.
                                      League play for the 2010 season be-
                                      gins the week of April 26. For more
                                      information or to join, contact Denny
                                      Szczepaniak at 440-845-3112 or
                                      Club President John Dougherty at


Seven Hills City Hall is filling an
immediate opening for a Floater
position. This position requires
basic computer skills, good cus-
tomer service presence as well
as flexibility in scheduling. The
Floater covers City Hall staff for
vacations and sick days in each
department as well as special
projects and events. Most days
will be scheduled in advance
although there will be last min-
ute call-ins as well. If you are
someone who would like to
work, but does not have to have
regular weekly hours, please
contact Chris Matthews for an
interview at 216-525-6230
                    DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR “DO NOT KNOCK” YET?
                   If you haven't already signed up through, please use
                   the registration form below and return to City Hall. Do Not Knock stickers are
                  available at City Hall after you have turned in your registration form. If you have
                  signed up on-line or by mail and would like a sticker, please visit City Hall front
desk during regular business hours Monday-Friday, 8:00A.M.-4:30P.M. (Stickers will NOT be mailed unless you are
                                                a homebound resident.)
                                                       What is Regular HEAP?

The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) is a federally funded program administered by the Ohio Department of Development,
Office of Community Service (OCS). It is designed to help eligible low-income Ohioans meet the high costs of home heating. If you are
eligible for assistance, the amount of your one-time HEAP benefit will depend on federal funding levels, how many people live with you,
total household income and the primary fuel you use to heat your home. In most cases, the one-time benefit will be a credit applied to
your energy bill by your utility company (or fuel vendor).

                                                       Eligibility Requirements:

 You may apply for HEAP from September 1, 2009, through March 31, 2010. Once your application has been processed, you
will receive a notification letter informing you whether or not you are eligible for billing assistance. The total household income
                                                      guidelines listed below:

            Size of Household                  Total Household Income Twelve Months
                     1                                    up to $18,952.50
                     2                                       $25,497.50
                     3                                       $32,042.50
                     4                                       $38,587.50
                     5                                       $45,132.50
                     6                                       $51,677.50
                     7                                       $58,222.50
                     8                                       $64,767.50

A household applying for HEAP must report total gross household income for the past 12 months for all members, except wage or sal-
ary income earned by dependent minors under 18 years old. Both homeowners and renters are eligible for assistance.

If you and/or your family qualifies for the Home Energy Assistance Program and would like to fill out an application, you can obtain one
from City Hall’s front office or online at where you can see a link to print out your own

Senior Coordinator Chris Matthews and his staff would be happy to assist you in filling out your application. Please call for appointment
at 216-525-6230. What you will need to apply: proof of citizenship (Birth Certificate), signed application, proof of income, copies of
utility bills.

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