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					                                         Carrier Partner Information
Company Name:          SPARTA Insurance Company
Target Markets Representative:          Philip Cameron, Chief Marketing Officer


Phone:         (860) 760-4010

Company Overview: SPARTA is an acronym standing for Specialty Program and Risk Transfer
Alternatives. SPARTA provides a dedicated, long-term commitment to the specialty and alternative risk
program marketplace. The single source solution for unbundled program structures delivered by experts.
Programs are available on an admitted basis countrywide for commercial auto, general liability, property
and workers compensation. Non-admitted coverages are also available in approved jurisdictions.
SPARTA is rated A – (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company.

Program Parameters: Unbundled program structures as either Specialty Programs (sliding scale
commission to program administrator based on program profitability) or Captive Programs where the
agent, program administrator, insureds, franchise, or association share in the program results via a
captive reinsurer. Admitted and non-admitted commercial coverages are available.

Please describe your company’s program strategy: SPARTA seeks established programs with a
proven record of profitability and a willingness to align financial interests through either a sliding scale
commission or captive reinsurance mechanism.

Please describe your company’s program appetites (please include LOB’s and States): SPARTA
prefers commercial multi-line programs, but will consider mono-line opportunities. Available coverages
are commercial auto, general liability, property and workers compensation on a state, regional, or
countrywide basis. Targeted classes are frequency-driven Retail, Service, Wholesale, Light
Manufacturing, Habitation, Trade Contractors, and Transportation. SPARTA writes business in all 50

Programs your company will not consider: Not interested in inherently high-hazard or exotic
coverages. Ineligible risks include: medical professional, PEO’s, roofers, environmental, home builders,
general contractors, hazardous products, warranty, surety.

Minimum Annual Written Premium Considered: Minimum annual GWP = $5,000,000.
Average program GWP = $10,000,000 - $15,000,000.
Other Program Consideration/Submission Criteria: Prospective Program Questionnaire and
Program Administrator Due Diligence Questionnaire are requested. Expect on-site due diligence if
prospect passes initial review.

Program Administrator Parameters: Program Administrators are evaluated specifically for
each program based on program needs and compensated accordingly.

Technology Expectations of Program Administrators (rating, issuing, report capabilities etc.):
Program Administrators are expected to use SPARTA’s Insurity.NET system, accessed via the internet
for rating, issuance, and endorsements. Program data is accessible for the PA via a PA portal on
SPARTA’s website and customized downloads.

Risk Sharing: SPARTA seeks alignment of interests with program administrators with either a sliding
scale commission based on program profitability or via a captive reinsurance arrangement.

Claims: SPARTA is 100% unbundled on claims handling. A TPA acceptable to all parties needs to be
identified with an agreement negotiated.

Other: SPARTA’s differentiators include: program expertise and focus, breadth of product,
unencumbered balance sheet, state-of-the-art technology platform, no channel conflicts, responsive
decision making and a reputation for execution.

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