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									                                                                                 August 2004

         Looking back with Tony Reed…
                                              As NDS celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, I’d like to
                                    take a moment to share some of the interesting, and for many people
                                    little known, history of this company. Dale Thompson founded NDS in
                                    his basement in 1979. Rasmussen Equipment in Salt Lake City was the
                                    very first client of NDS, and we are proud to say they are still a valued
                                    customer. Phillips Machinery (which is now part of G.W. Van Keppel)
                                    in Tulsa came next as our first Hyster dealer. Soon after installing the
                                    system, Hyster endorsed NDS and still do to this day. Power
                                    Equipment in Denver was our third customer on NDS and also became
                                    our first customer to install QuipWare.

                                    I joined the company in 1983 as the fifth employee. My first big sale
                                    was Chadwick-BaRoss in Portland, Maine, who is still with us today.
                                    As a straight commission salesman on the verge of having to find a
                                    “real” job, I was glad they signed when they did! Things changed
                                    rapidly after that, and I joined the company full time as the VP of

By 1989, the company had grown to over 100 clients and approximately 25 employees. I purchased the
company from Dale that year, as he decided to move on. Sadly, Dale passed away almost seven years ago
at the young age of 57. He was a dear friend, and we still miss him.

We had excellent growth for the next several years as the NDS system became the standard for equipment
dealers. By the mid 1990’s we realized that we needed to make use of some of the newer technology that
was available. We spent a few years looking at generic wholesale distribution software that we might
acquire and customize, but nothing came close to meeting our needs. We decided to write our own software
in cooperation with a company in France, and QuipWare was born.

We currently have eight dealers running live on QuipWare and several more in the installation process.
Some other system suppliers have recently touted their “new systems.” In reality, these new systems are
just a fancy front end on old software. This approach is cheaper, and we considered it, but in the end we
decided to do things right the first time around. There is nothing close to QuipWare in terms of
functionality and technology in the industry. While our legacy software will be around for several more
years, QuipWare will be the product of the future for the entire industry.

As NDS celebrates its 25th anniversary we would like to say how much we appreciate the loyalty of our
customers, many of which have been with us from the beginning, as well as the longevity of our
employees. We have over fifteen employees that have been with us for over 10 years and several for over
20 years. The loyalty of our customers and our employees is the main reason for the success we have
enjoyed over the years and the continuing success of our NDS family. Thank you!

                                                                       Officers of the Company: left to right- Rick Liley, Debbie Ogborn,
                                                                       Mark Navarro, Tony Reed

                                                                     Accounting Department: left to right – Simone Pickford, A/R
                                                                     &A/P; Mark Navarro, Controller; Mary Walls, Asst
                                                                     Controller; Kirsten Lasinski, a.m receptionist; Stephanie
                                                                     Klekotka , p.m receptionist

                                                                          Client Support Team: left to right – Bill Laprade, Stacey Wilson,
                                                                          Dave Reinebold, Shelly O’Neal, Daisy Pigford, Lon Vogt, Susan
                                                                          Schexnayder (Manager)
                    Sales Team: left to right – Bruce Nelson, Matt Zettel

                 Technical Support Team: left to right – Ron Schwingel, Merryl
                 Learned, Mark Hallberg (Manager), Todd Divel, Keith Beaver

Specialist: left to right – Harry Sorling, Price Files; Shelly
O’Neal, Consultant/Trainer; Sean Maxfield, Shipping
Not Pictured: Ken Chalcraft; Parts & Inventory Control
Consultant (Managed by Susan Schexnayder)
                                                                  Programming Team: left to right – Gary Lockwood, Sue
                                                                  Morgan, Mike Tappin (Managed by Susan Schexnayder)

 QuipWare Team: Top row left to right – Sebastien Brun, Larry Smith, Rieland Rigg, Chris Ogilvie, Shelly
 Trujillo, Beth Bennett, Phillipe Gizard, Janet Luedke.
 Bottom row – Tom Hurst, Keith Jackson (Manager), Shawn Gustafson, Mike Wensel
 Not pictured: Thomas Vilfroy, Ed Benso, Don Mandeville

NDS Training Schedule                                                If you would like more information on any of
                                                                     these classes, please contact Daisy Pigford at
September                                                            303-755-4411 or send an email to
9 – 10 2 -day Unit Sales/Purchase Order/ Eqpt                        dpigford@ndsltd.com . (Class schedules are
File/ Reporting Class                                                subject to change so please contact us before
                                                                     making arrangements.)
25 – 26 2 -day Parts & Service Class
27 – 28 2 -day Rental Class

1-4      4 -day Special Class (Financial
Statements, Basic Crystal Reports, Unix, Menu
Security Maintenance)

Consultants are also available to come onsite for
$125 per hour plus expenses.
Just a little note about Support                     the day. If it only loads to the Batch Queue, then
                                                     wait and let it run overnight.
A Support Plus contract makes your money go
farther by offering you a reduced rate for onsite    Dear Wizard ,
services. With Support Plus, you will receive        We are finding our Accrued A/P account is
forty hours of onsite support to be used within      always out of balance with the receivers that
twelve months. You may use your Support Plus         were released. What causes this?
hours for onsite application training or technical   Signed,
services. Additionally, having a support plus        Wondering in the West
contract entitles you to discounts on our in-house
training as well.                                    Dear Wondering ,
                                                     It is the dollar amount difference between the
The cost for Support Plus is $4000. This             Unit Cost values on the Receiver when the
provides for $5000 worth of onsite training at a     Receipting and Release accounting happens that
cost savings of $1000. Keep in mind that you         can cause a variance to occur. Both the
may purchase more than one contract, which is        Receipting and the Release programs use the
helpful if you have several branches or know that    Unit cost. They are usually the same, unless a
you will need more than 40 hours of training         user changes the Unit price, which generally
during the course of a year.                         happens during the Release process. If you are
                                                     then using the system to calculate a Variance
On site visits by Ken Chalcraft may be used on       dollar amount, be sure that Variance amount in
your Support Plus contract, but the hours will be    the Accounting Distribution File is also set to
applied at 1.2 hours per hour. For example, you      affect the Accrued A/P Account. For example,
may use the 40 hours for general application         this would function as:
training or utilize the consulting services of Ken
Chalcraft on site for 33.33 hours or any mix of      Receipting would debit the Unit cost ($12.00) to
the hours.                                           Inventory and credit the same to Accrued
If you have questions about this or would like to    Accounts Payable.
purchase a Support Plus contract please contact      When the Unit price is changed to $14.00 at
Daisy Pigford at 303-755-4411 or send an email       Release to A/P, then the system would debit
to dpigford@ndsltd.com                               14.00 to Accrued A/P and $14.00 would be
                                                     credited to the Accounts Payable account.
Dear Wizard….                                        The Variance of $2.00 then needs to be credited
                                                     to Accrued Accounts Payable and also debited to
Dear Wizard,                                         an expense account – maybe Cost of Sales or the
When we recently ran and posted our                  Inventory account.
Depreciation during the day, we found one
Equipment record did not get updated. The
Fixed Asset file was ok, as was the Equipment’s      And, better yet, you can always manually enter
History. Why did this error happen?                  any price variances with a Miscellaneous record
Signed,                                              during the Release process and not allow the
Mixed-up in the Mid-West                             automatic variance calculation to happen.
                                                     Because the variances can occur for so many
Dear Mixed-up,                                       different reasons, it is difficult to set the
 The problem was in running and posting during       accounting to happen automatically and be
the day with users on the system. Never, ever        accurate for what actually happened.
run any program from the Batch Queue that is
posting dollar amounts to your files during the      If you have questions for the Wizard please send
day with users on the system. If the program has     them to dpigford@ndsltd.com and we will add
a “Run now” option, then it is safe to use during    them to our next issue.
                                      Annual CUG Meetings

Our annual CUG meeting was held this last April 25th through the 28th in Denver Colorado. This year’s
event drew over 66 people from across North America representing about 41 dealers. Both the Legacy
NDS and the new QuipWare customers were in attendance. On Monday morning NDS listened to their
Legacy customers explain some of the issues they are currently experiencing and by the end of the meeting,
NDS has committed to 23 work orders to be implemented within the next 12 months.

These meetings are extremely informative and it is a tremendous forum for all of us to get to know each
other and meet with NDS on issues and enhancements on a professional and personal level. One of the
greatest advantages of these meetings is the information exchange amongst other dealers like you. We all
have similar issues and most of us have already resolved them in one form or another. Your C.U.G Team
and NDS sponsored the Sunday and Monday evening events with dinner, cocktails and some entertainment.
Although they were not conducted in a classroom environment, they always prove to be another place for
informative idea exchange. During the course of the two and half day conference, we had several Break
Out sessions devoted to NDS enhancements and current situations. There were other topics discussed, both
planned and improvised, relating to other areas within our dealerships, such as communications and the
importance of back up and recovery with off site storage.

We also had most of the new QuipWare clients attend the entire conference culminating with a Round
Table discussion with all the questions coming from the audience. We had two QuipWare dealer
presentations; one on how they’re currently using the features of QuipWare and another gave a presentation
about their conversion from Legacy NDS to QuipWare. All future meetings will now include both the
Legacy NDS and QuipWare clients. The beginning of each meeting will be conducted together, but we
then break each group out into separate sessions.

We are now in the process of planning next years meeting and we are asking all of you for your
suggestions. These meetings are conducted solely by us and for us! We need to know what it will take to
encourage all of you to attend next year’s conference. There is a tremendous advantage for all of you to
attend and work with NDS to continue to enhance the product that our businesses depend on everyday. Our
next meeting is scheduled for April 24th through the 27th, 2005 in Denver Colorado.

For more information on how to join the Consolidated Users Group – “CUG” please contact Teresa
Cameron, t.cameron@aircentersofflorida.com or John Rose, john@kellytractor.com or your current NDS

Contributed by Teresa Cameron, C.U.G 2005 Chair & John Rose, C.U.G 2005 Co-Chair

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