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          Bio-Treat scoops another turnkey wastewater
                  treatment project in Dongguan City

    • Marks the Group’s fourth large-sale turnkey contract win in 2 months
• Project involves the construction of a wastewater treatment plant and a set of
                            drainage pipes in Western Dongguan

SINGAPORE - 24 April 2006 - Hot on the heels of its three large-scale turnkey
contract wins in the last two months, Bio-Treat Technology Limited (“Bio-Treat” or
“The Company”), a biotechnology waste and wastewater treatment specialist in the PRC,
today announced that it has secured yet another turnkey municipal wastewater treatment
project worth RMB95 million.

The project in Western Dongguan City, Guangdong Province (廣東省東莞市西部),
involves the construction of a new municipal wastewater treatment plant and a set of
drainage pipes using Bio-Treat’s proprietary BMS wastewater treatment system.

Construction is expected to commence in August 2006 with completion targets within 14

Bio-Treat’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Dennis Chan, commented, “We are extremely
pleased to have been awarded four large-scale turnkey wastewater treatment projects in
two months. This is a solid demonstration of the strong momentum we have achieved in
the municipal wastewater treatment sector in the PRC. Moving forward, we plan to
continue to grow our turnkey project portfolio with high quality projects.”
                                   Bio-Treat scoops another turnkey wastewater treatment project
                                                                              in Dongguan City
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This latest project builds on the momentum for turnkey projects set out by the Group in
the last two months. Last week, the Group had announced a turnkey wastewater treatment
project worth RMB110 million. In addition, in March 2006, the Group bagged two other
turnkey wastewater treatment projects worth a total of RMB199 million in Fu Ning City
(江蘇省阜寧市) and Xiang Shui City (江蘇省響水市), Jiangsu Province, the PRC.

The Western Dongguan City wastewater treatment plant will have a positive impact on the
Group’s earnings for FY2007 and FY2008. Revenue is recognized in different stages of
the project.

About Dongguan City, Guangdong Province (廣東省東莞市)
Located in the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong Province, and in the middle of the
Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong (廣州 – 深圳 – 香港) Economic Corridor, Dongguan
City has an area of 2,465 square kilometers and a river mouth coastal line of 61.9
kilometers. With a population of more than 6 million, Dongguan is ranked as one of the
top 30 cities with the strongest comprehensive economic strength in the PRC.

Counting the IT industry as a pillar for growth, the City houses an international processing,
manufacturing and export base. Between 2000 and 2004, the average GDP growth of
Dongguan stands at 18.7%. GDP per capita in 2004 was US$8,698.
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About Bio-Treat Technology Limited
Listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange in February 2004, Bio-Treat Technology
Limited is one of the PRC’s leading companies in the development and application of
biotechnology for the treatment of waste and wastewater.

Bio-Treat has successfully developed the BMS Biological Process Technology - a proprietary
application of biological processes to waste and wastewater treatment. Since its first trial in 1993,
the BMS Technology has been applied to over 500 wastewater treatment projects in the PRC -
from residential to commercial and industrial projects. The waste and wastewater treated by the
BMS Technology meet the effluent standards set out by the State and local Environmental
Protection Administration in the PRC.

In July 2005, Bio-Treat cemented its position in the large-scale municipal wastewater treatment
sector with the successful completion of the Kunshan City Wastewater Treatment Plant (昆山市污
水處理廠). Capable of treating 100,000 tons of wastewater per day, the Kunshan City Wastewater
                                  Bio-Treat scoops another turnkey wastewater treatment project
                                                                             in Dongguan City
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Treatment Plant not only represents the Group’s first large-scale municipal wastewater treatment
project, but also demonstrates the scalability of the BMS Technology and Bio-Treat’s execution

Leveraging on its BMS Technology, the Group has also successfully developed two waste
management products for commercial and residential use – the BMS Mobile Toilet and the BMS
Rubbish Processor. The BMS Mobile Toilet is designed for use at places where there is no
continuous water supply, such as tourist sites, parks and along highways, whilst the BMS Rubbish
Processor, available in various capacities to meet the needs of domestic and commercial users, is
designed for the treatment of organic waste material.

In October 2005, Bio-Treat won the Most Transparent Company Award
(Services/Utilities/Agriculture Category) by Securities Investors Association (Singapore)
Investors’ Choice Awards 2005.

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