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									                                           Carrier Partner Information
Company Name:
Company Name: QBE Program Business
Target Markets Representatives: Rob Byler, Doug Bennett, Rick Cullen, Doug Goode
E-mail:   doug.bennett@us.qbe.com; Rick.Cullen@us.qbe.com; doug.goode@us.qbe.com

Website: www.qbeusa.com
Phone: 212.422.1212

Company Overview:
QBE Insurance Group Limited is one of the top 25 insurers and reinsurers worldwide. Headquartered in Sydney,
Australia, QBE operates out of 47 countries around the globe, with a presence in every key insurance market. The
Americas Division, headquartered in New York, conducts business through various property and casualty insurance
subsidiaries in eight countries. QBE’s Americas Division produced $5,165 billion in 2010 and an 89.7 combined
operating ratio.

QBE Program Business Unit is an integral part of QBE the Americas.

QBE Program Business:

QBE Programs is dedicated to distinct niche programs customized to meet the insurance needs of specific
industries or business segments. It includes the underwriting programs of QBE and the former Praetorian Financial
Group and North Pointe Insurance Company. QBE Program Business partners with 59 managing agents and writes
in all 50 states. It recorded gross written premium of more than $1.50 billion for 2010.

Partnership is core to our operating principles. Our underwriters are among the most knowledgeable and
experienced in the market and are dedicated to understanding and responding to our partners’ dynamic needs. Our
diversified product offerings and 50-state capability translates to “speed-to-market” for our partners. As part of QBE
Insurance Group, we provide our clients a more efficient operating structure and opportunities for future growth.

Our ratings recognize the sound capital position of our insurance companies. Our surplus strength is more than $10
billion with a strong commitment from our global parent, QBE.
      - Standard and Poor’s rates QBE as “A+”
      - A.M. Best rates QBE member companies as:
              o QBE Insurance Companies: “A” X (Excellent)
              o Praetorian Insurance Company: “A” X (Excellent)
              o QBE Specialty Insurance Company: “A” X(Excellent)
              o North Pointe Insurance Company: “A-” VI (Excellent)
              o Stonington Insurance Company: “A” X (Excellent)
              o Lantana Insurance Ltd: “A” X (Excellent)

QBE Programs is organized by underwriting expertise. We believe specialization is essential and enhances our
Commercial Auto
Our portfolio includes business auto, local to intermediate trucking and specialized commercial auto where we
perceive there to be rate adequacy.

Accident & Health
Our portfolio includes employer stop loss, blanket accident medical, limited benefit medical, ancillary benefits
(dental, vision, etc.) and ancillary medical products, HMO excess, provider excess, student accident/medical and
travel accident. We have the ability to provide access to Bermuda domiciled captives.

General Liability
We currently have a wide range of specialized regional and national programs in a Package or in stand alone
primary GL; diverse industry groups (commercial contractors, commercial agriculture, rental equipment dealers,
habitational, public entity). We prefer short-to-medium tail risks and light to medium hazard exposures.

Our portfolio includes specialized packages offering property and mono-line property and homeowners coverages.
The property business is a well-balanced mix of catastrophe and non-catastrophe risks for diverse groups.

Professional Liability
Our preferred business is claims-made coverages for small to mid-size commercial risks focused on Miscellaneous
E&O classes.

Workers’ Compensation
Our portfolio includes primary workers’ compensation (guaranteed cost pricing). We offer in-house underwriting for
larger accounts and automated system for smaller employers. We have developed an in-house policy
administration system and in-house claims capabilities for all selected WC classes.

Program Parameters:
Parameters typically include program managers who are receptive to risk share and have significant underwriting
and operational experience, the ability to utilize management information systems and produce and market
business profitably.

Please describe your company’s program strategy:
Our program strategy is to grow the existing book of business and selectively add new programs that meet or
exceed our ROE hurdles. We will only add to our existing portfolio if the opportunity is within our appetite and
increases our bottom line profitability.

Please describe your company’s program appetites (please include LOB’s and States):
All Lines, All States, Admitted and Non-Admitted.

Programs your company will not consider:
Pure start-ups; medical malpractice; D&O; ocean marine; surety. We are not looking for new personal lines
programs in general.

Minimum Annual Written Premium Considered:
We prefer roll over books of business beginning at a approximately $10,000,000 in premium.

Technology Expectations of Program Administrators (rating, issuing, report capabilities etc.): We prefer
program administrators to utilize their own system. QBE will have access to a new underwriting administration
system with a target launch date in 2012. If other systems are utilized, the facility must be able to rate, quote, issue,
report, invoice, and reconcile all data by interfacing with QBE on a monthly basis.

Risk Sharing: Program administrators should be open to participating in a segregated cell or “sliding scale”
arrangement to assume risk in the programs they manage.

Claims: QBE Programs can offer options of third party claim administration or in house claim management

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