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									YOUR C ITY

                    April 2001

                        YOUR VISION
                                                      The City of Waterloo is changing; its size and features, and
                                                      the people who live, work and play in our community, are
                                                      constantly evolving. As we move into the future, we must
                                                      decide what we want our community to become and take the
                                                      steps necessary to get ourselves there.

                                                      The City of Waterloo strongly believes that the community
                                                      must decide what we want for our future.          is a process
                                                      to identify the community’s Vision for the future - the shared
                                                      picture of what the community wants Waterloo to become.
                                                               is also about identifying the things the community
Most photographs in this document                     must do to achieve the Vision – laying out the road map for
are some of the 1200 submitted by                     getting us to where we want to be.
community members to the
photo contest, and the drawings are                           is about community members – children, business
the work of Kindergarten students at                  people, students, homemakers, seniors, and others - openly
Westvale Public School
                                                      sharing and discussing their ideas for our common future.
                                                      Since May 2000, through surveys and workshops, we heard
                                                      from 1700 community members…you told us what you like
                                                      and dislike about Waterloo today, and what you want for our
                                                      community’s future. Based on your 12,000 comments we
                                                      prepared the Community Values (on page 2).

                                                      Using the Values and other comments from the community, a
                                                      Vision for Waterloo in 2020 has been drafted (pages 3-16).
                                                      The Vision describes the picture of what community members
                                                      want Waterloo to look and feel like in the future and is divided
                                                      into the same “theme areas” as the Community Values (e.g.,
                Photo by City Staff                   Community, Economy). It is essential to recognize that each
                                                      theme area is fundamentally linked with the others. The
                Photo by City Staff                   Vision is not intended to be static; it will change over time as
                                                      our wants and needs change as a community. These
                                                      changes will result from ongoing discussions with the

                                                                is also about the City and the community, including
                                                      individuals, associations, interest groups, businesses and
                                                      other parties, working together to achieve the Vision. Each
                Photo by City Staff                   Vision section includes “Directions” – the main areas in which
                                                      we need to move forward to achieve the Vision. “Possible
                Photo by City Staff                   Initiatives”, strategies and actions for fulfilling the “Directions”,
                                                      will be developed and implemented over time. Examples are
                                                      included on page 17.

                                                      It is also important to recognize that there are challenges
                                                      within the Vision; for example, there is widespread community
                                                      appreciation of our strong economy, however, there are
                                                      concerns that we may be growing too fast. At our current rate
                                                      of growth, it is projected that Waterloo will have a population
                                                      of 130,000 in the year 2020. Our task, as a community, is to
                                                      resolve these challenges through further discussion,
                                                      understanding and problem-solving.
 Westvale Public School – Kindergarten Student 2000

                Photo by City Staff
                    W ATERLOO’S
                    V ALUES …

COMMUNITY …                                                  PLANNING…
   a safe, clean community with a vibrant Uptown               the community’s small-town feel, including
   friendly people                                              visible ties to our built heritage
   sense of identity and community spirit                      responsible, managed growth
   a variety of housing opportunities offered at a             proximity to the countryside as well as larger
    range of housing costs                                       urban centres
   accessible, high quality health care                        barrier-free design
   quality of the existing neighbourhoods
   strong social support networks                           TRANSPORTATION …
                                                                an on and off-road bikeway and pedestrian
NATURAL ENVIRONMENT …                                            system that is safe, interconnected and well-
   natural areas, trees, waterways and water                    planned
    bodies within and around the City                           a transit system that is barrier-free, accessible,
   a clean environment, including air, water and                affordable and provides a viable alternative to
    land                                                         the automobile
   an environmentally-conscious and responsible                ease of mobility within the City and efficient
    community                                                    connections to other areas
                                                                well organized and maintained network of
ECONOMY …                                                        roads, sidewalks and trails
   a diverse and strong economy, particularly the
    role of the universities, the high-tech and              UPTOWN...
    insurance sectors and small local businesses                a safe, clean and vibrant Uptown that offers a
   provision of shopping areas and entertainment                variety of uses at all times of the day
    facilities that fulfil the needs of the community           having people living close to and within the
   embracing tourist opportunities while balancing              Uptown
    the needs of the existing community                         variety of small independent shops and the
                                                                 range of goods and services available
PARKS AND RECREATION…                                           recent and ongoing redevelopment efforts
   City parks, particularly Waterloo Park
   the many recreation facilities, particularly the         UNIVERSITIES/COLLEGE…
    Waterloo Recreation Complex                                 the influence of the Universities and College
   accessible, affordable recreation programs                   on our social and cultural diversity
                                                                good relationships between the community,
CULTURE …                                                        students and the Universities and College
   diverse cultural opportunities, including
    theatre, arts and community festivals                    GOVERNMENT…
   library services which fulfil the needs of the              accessible, progressive, accountable and
    entire community                                             fiscally-responsible municipal government
   heritage resources, including the protection                meaningful public involvement in municipal
    and     enhancement        of    neighbourhoods,             decision-making
    buildings, and historical artifacts                         strong communication between the City and
                                                                 the community


                                          In the year 2020, the City of Waterloo has enhanced its
                                          friendly, small-town feel, welcoming and accommodating a
                                          diversity of people. Waterloo is… a caring community where
                                          people support each other; a green city with healthy
                                          greenspaces, land, water and clean air; an economic leader with
                                          a   strong,        diverse   economy;   a   community   of   vibrant
                                          neighbourhoods; a learning community with strong ties to its
                                          schools, universities and college; a fun city with abundant
                                          recreation, leisure, arts and cultural opportunities; and, a city
                                          that is accessible to all. Waterloo is a better place to live, work
                                          and play than it has ever been.

                                          A CARING COMMUNITY.. . .
                                          Waterloo is a safe and comfortable community that is proud of its
                                          diversity of people. Always mindful of those in need, we have a
                                          social service network that provides high-quality and accessible
                                          support. We are a spirited and involved community where people
                                          support each other through formal and informal partnerships,
                                          demonstrated by high levels of volunteerism and neighbourliness.
                                          Our City is a collaborative community where citizens play a
                                          meaningful and active role in public debate and policy-making
                                          and share responsibility for community activities.

                                          A GREEN CITY . . .
                                          With healthy greenspaces, land and water and clean air,
                                          Waterloo is known as a green city. Our community values the
                                          protection and enhancement of our natural resources. We are
                                          proud of our continuing efforts to reduce our impact on the
                                          natural environment and continue to consider the environment in
    I love Waterloo – Jenn Czarny         everything we do. We recognize that we are part of the natural
                                          environment and that our actions directly affect the quality of our
         Photo by City Staff

                                          AN ECONOMIC LEADER . . .
                                          Waterloo has a thriving and diverse economy. Our economic
                                          strength is evident in the well-maintained and attractive buildings
                                          and properties throughout the City. Unemployment and social
                                          assistance needs are at an all-time low. The universities and
                                          college provide a continuous supply of highly-skilled people to
                                          support our economy. Waterloo embraces tourism with a variety
                                          of events throughout the year.
   Imagine! Waterloo Float – City Staff

           Photo by City Staff
Waterloo has strong, diverse, beautiful and safe
neighbourhoods surrounding a vibrant Uptown – the
heart of our community. Uptown and other commercial
areas meet the shopping and service needs of our
community. Our neighbourhoods support a diversity of
people with a range of housing opportunities, including
an adequate supply of affordable housing. Our
neighbourhoods are distinct, barrier-free and well-
                                                                             City Skyline - Staff
designed with historical buildings in many areas. Local
schools and community centres are focal points for
neighbourhoods and host programs important to our
citizens. Neighbourhoods value their parks, playgrounds
and open spaces. Pedestrian walkways, bike paths and
bike lanes link all neighbourhoods.

Our community has strong relationships with the
universities and college and these institutions provide
opportunities for life-long learning. Our information-rich
library system and our elementary and secondary
schools are highly valued.                                    Waterloo Collegiate Institute – Heather Seegmiller

Waterloo is a fun community and we value our many
cultural and recreational facilities, parks, programs and
events. Community spirit is nurtured through a variety of
leisure    programs.        Programs,       neighbourhood
celebrations and festivals that attract visitors from
beyond our boundaries, enliven our community and
provide opportunities for children, youth, adults and

It is easy to access our community’s amenities and those
provided by other centres. Our transit system consists of          Wunderbar! – J. Frank Brookfield
different types of environmentally-friendly people-movers
that filter through neighbourhoods, including Uptown, and
is linked with adjacent municipalities, large and small.
Our streets are comfortable and safe for all road users,
and adjacent residents and businesses, balancing the
needs of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. People are
able to safely walk or cycle to many of their daily
destinations on streets or through our many kilometres of
connected trails and open spaces. Many streets are lined
with trees, significantly adding to the greenness of the
City. Waterloo’s major streets accommodate through
traffic reducing the impact of traffic in local
neighbourhoods. Public facilities, spaces and transit are    Oktoberfest Parade Onlookers – Joan McKinnon
                                                     THE WATERLOO “COMMUNITY” IN 2020…

                                                     Our community is built on a foundation of caring, belonging,
                                                     identity, pride and spirit, a commitment and focus towards a
                                                     common vision, and a belief in personal responsibility
                                                     towards the betterment of our community.

                                                     We work together as a community. There are numerous
                                                     and diverse opportunities and partnerships involving
                                                     volunteers, public and private enterprises, community
         Play in Waterloo – Rebecca Nieboer          groups, associations, religious organizations and others to
                                                     support and improve the quality of life in Waterloo.
          Play in Waterloo – Rebecca Nieboer
                                                     People are friendly, safe and secure. We are proud of the
                                                     diversity of our people and welcome new arrivals to our
                                                     community. Always mindful of those in need, our excellent
                                                     social services network and state-of-the-art health care
                                                     facilities provide high-quality, compassionate care, meeting
                                                     our community’s needs. Schools, including public and
                                                     private, primary, secondary and post-secondary schools,
                                                     offer programs for life-long learning, preparing people of all
                                                     ages to develop their skills to the fullest. Our primary and
                 Police – Ken North                  secondary schools are valued as neighbourhood focal
                                                     points. We care for each other – in our neighbourhoods
                                                     and across our community. We have the will and capacity
                                                     to resolve conflict in a caring and respectful way. Our
                                                     neighbourhoods support a diversity of people – young and
                                                     old, families – and adequate housing and services
                                                     accessible to all. Our institutions, public spaces and
                                                     buildings are open and inviting to our community and we
                                                     have many opportunities for enjoyment of our leisure time.

                                                       COMMUNITY DIRECTIONS
                                                          Ensure a safe community, with an emphasis on crime-
           Red Shirts – Dawn Trussel
                                                          Ensure public programs and facilities are accessible,
                                                           barrier-free and meet community needs
                                                          Foster formal and informal support networks
                                                          Promote volunteerism and active community participation
                                                          Provide a variety of housing opportunities, which includes
                                                           an adequate supply of affordable housing
                                                          Provide high-quality health care
                                                          Provide educational opportunities for all

Westvale Public School – Kindergarten Student 2000

WATERLOO’S          NATURAL        ENVIRONMENT            IN

With healthy greenspaces, land, watercourses and clean
air, Waterloo is a green city. We pride ourselves on the
cleanliness and greenness of our neighbourhoods, the
Uptown, shopping areas and open spaces.

Our native wildlife, streams, woodlands and natural
areas contribute to the character and quality of life in our
community. We value protecting these resources and
enhancing those that have been impacted from past                   Laurel Conservation Area – Carl Nagel
practices. Environmental features, functions and linkages
are maintained as land is developed. Pesticide use is
minimized, lessening its impact on our environment.

Waterloo is a green city. The many greenspaces
throughout the City balance recreational opportunities
and environmental protection. These areas are also part
of a healthy environment that contributes to natural
processes and provide native habitat for a diversity of
wildlife species. Streets are lined with native trees and
private properties are planted with a variety of native
plant species.

Our water resources are well protected and safe drinking
water is available to all. Our groundwater is clean and
properly managed to meet our needs and those of future
generations. People appreciate that the Grand River and
Laurel Creek add to the beauty of Waterloo and use
them for recreational activities.     These and other
watersheds in the City support healthy and diverse
aquatic ecosystems. Fish habitat is protected and our
riparian areas support abundant vegetation for
aesthetics, stream bank protection and shading.

Our air quality is excellent and we are leaders in                A path at Bechtel Park – Shirley Brubacher
reducing greenhouse gases and other atmospheric
pollutants. Personal vehicle use is declining as a result
of increased community-wide initiatives such as the
promotion of alternative transportation modes, innovative
work arrangements to reduce the need to commute and
improved equipment and vehicles.            The use of
alternative, lower-polluting fuels has increased and our
industries are cleaner than ever.

                                                               Westvale Public School – Kindergarten Student 2000

                                                   In partnership with our neighbours, we have strong, cost-
                                                   effective waste reduction and recycling programs that have
                                                   allowed us to divert waste from our landfills. Business,
                                                   industry and residents use resources and energy efficiently
                                                   through reducing, reusing and recycling wherever
                                                   possible, conserving landfill space and natural resources.

                                                   There is broad-based community understanding of, and
                                                   sensitivity to, the area’s natural systems and
                                                   environmental issues.         Environmental festivals are
                                                   common and help to further educate our community on the
                                                   state of our environment. Individuals and businesses have
                                                   a sense of environmental stewardship and there are many
                                                   ways to participate in environmental projects.          We
                                                   recognize that we coexist with the natural environment and
                                                   that our actions affect the quality of the environment.
Laurel Creek and Columbia Lake – Althea Tallotis

                                                    NATURAL ENVIRONMENT
                                                       Minimize air, water and soil pollution
                                                       Ensure that environmental considerations are part of
                                                        all City decisions respecting planning, growth,
                                                        development and operations
     Beauties of the City – Sandra Wright              Maintain, protect and enhance our water resources
                                                       Improve our air quality
                                                       Use resources and energy efficiently
                                                       Increase environmental awareness
                                                       Green the City

       Community Planting – City Staff

           Park Clean Up – City Staff


Waterloo is a community with a thriving and diverse
economy with strong high-tech and insurance
sectors, universities and small businesses. Part of
“Canada’s Technology Triangle” and home to two
universities and a college, we are recognized
throughout the world as an economic and
educational leader. Our universities and college                    Waterloo at Night – Jeremy Ladan
supply a highly-skilled workforce that supports
existing and new economies and businesses.

Our employment centres are successful and viable
as illustrated by the well-maintained and attractive
buildings and sites. Unemployment and the need
for social assistance are at all-time lows because of
our strong and recession-resistant economy.

Large and small businesses find their home in
                                                         Equitable Life – Beautiful place to work – John Roberts
Waterloo, including globally renowned enterprises.
Waterloo provides opportunities for start-up
companies while supporting the needs of
established ones.      Our business community,
including those working from home, is supported by
infrastructure   that   provides   fast,  efficient
connections throughout the world, using the latest
computer technology.

Our citizens enjoy unique and diverse shopping
and entertainment experiences and tourists are
attracted to Waterloo by our numerous cultural
events and festivals.

     Support economic diversification                           King Street Uptown – Eleanor Scully

     Encourage links between businesses and the
      universities and college
     Support tourism
     Provide the technological infrastructure to
      support connections within and from our
     Provide diverse and unique shopping and
      entertainment opportunities

                                                                        First Gulf Fest – City Staff


                                                            WATERLOO’S PARKS AND RECREATION IN

                                                            We value our play time and recognize the importance of
                                                            leisure and recreation as a significant part of our healthy
                                                            lifestyle, allowing us to interact and achieve balance in
                                                            our lives. Providing the places where we can meet,
                                                            socialize and play, our parks and recreational facilities
                                                            and programs are near and dear to us. Waterloo Park,
                                                            the “Jewel of the City”, is complemented by our wide
     Barbecue at Waterloo Park – Shirley Brubacher          range of parks and facilities, including the Waterloo
                                                            Memorial Recreation Complex, RIM Park and our
                                                            community trail system. The multi-purpose and multi-
                                                            seasonal parks and facilities are safe, well-maintained,
                                                            accessible and barrier-free to all people.

                                                            Our City hosts many cultural, sporting and other events.
                                                            Recreational programming is offered for a variety of
                                                            leisure activities geared to and responding to the needs
                                                            of all groups in the community. Our facilities and
                                                            programs are accessible and affordable to all citizens
                                                            including seniors and youth. Neighbourhood community
                                                            centres and local schools facilitate a variety of programs.

              Underwater – Scott Batten                     Neighbourhoods value their greenspaces, parks and
                                                            playgrounds, as evident in their high level of use and
                                                            upkeep.      Our community accepts and values our
                                                            pesticide-free parks that incorporate natural areas for
                                                            environmental enhancement and education. Bike paths,
                                                            trails and green spaces are linked together and connect
                                                            neighbourhoods and adjacent communities.

                                                             PARKS AND RECREATION
                                                                 Provide high-quality parks and facilities
Waterloo Park – The child inside all of us – Lisa Stockie        Provide      recreational   programs        meeting   and
                                                                  responding to the needs of the community
                                                                 Ensure parks and recreational programs are
                                                                  accessible and barrier-free to people and
                                                                 Promote healthy lifestyles through participation in
                                                                 Develop a greenspace and trails network
                                                                 Protect natural areas through parkland development
        Dominos in the Park 2 – Andy Bennet

WATERLOO’S           ARTS      AND       CULTURE    IN

We appreciate and support arts and cultural
opportunities and view them as an important part of
our play time.

Programs featuring music, theatre, reading and other
creative activities enliven our parks, community
spaces and facilities, including our libraries and                Clay and Glass Gallery – Bindya Suresh Lad
museums. These places are well-used and flourish
as people of all ages enjoy individual pursuits and
interaction with others.    Festivals include local
neighbourhood celebrations and city-wide events and
draw people to Waterloo.

Our diverse and shared history is honoured and our
differences are celebrated.            Our attractive
streetscapes reflect the value placed on built heritage
and our interest in visual art, including art in public

                                                          St. Jacobs trolley at Oktoberfest Parade – Michael Wetlaufer
     Provide opportunities for the enjoyment of arts
      and culture
     Celebrate and honour our heritage
     Strengthen cultural amenities and programs
     Provide quality library services

                                                                       Children at Open House – Hilde Acx

                                                              Westvale Public School – Kindergarten Student 2000

                                                  WATERLOO’S PLANNING IN 2020…

                                                  Waterloo has enhanced its inviting, small town-feel and
                                                  continues to be designed with an emphasis on being a
                                                  people-place, accessible and barrier-free for all. Growth is
                                                  planned and managed in a responsible and sustainable
                                                  manner. We meet the needs of our current citizens while
                                                  addressing the needs of future residents.

                                                  We maintain our links to the past through recognition and
                                                  protection of our built and natural heritage. Our parks,
                                                  natural areas and trails are distinct ribbons of green
                                                  throughout our neighbourhoods, providing convenient
                                                  access to schools, parks and other neighbourhood facilities
                                                  and activities. The rural countryside is only a few moments
                                                  away, accessible by a web of trails.

                                                  We take advantage of opportunities to accommodate part of
                                                  our growing population’s needs through infill development
                                                  and intensification of existing built-up areas, including the
  Solé Restaurant and Café Bar – City Staff       clean-up and redevelopment of former industrial sites. New
                                                  development is efficiently designed and attractive. The mix
                                                  of housing types throughout our neighbourhoods
                                                  accommodates a wide range of needs and desires. The
                                                  use of varied architectural designs, development of diverse
                                                  streetscapes and attention to community design give rise to
                                                  safe and comfortable neighbourhoods. In the Uptown, new
                                                  mixed-use buildings complement existing older buildings.

     Euclid St. Townhouses – City Staff            PLANNING DIRECTIONS
                                                      Manage growth to address urban sprawl and
                                                       community needs and wishes
                                                      Develop a well-planned park and trail system
                                                      Build in concert with our natural environment
                                                      Develop well-designed, accessible, barrier-free and
                                                       livable neighbourhoods

     West-Side Subdivision – City Staff

Place to walk, jog or simply dream – City Staff

Uptown Waterloo is the heart of our community; a
vibrant, people-place where people are drawn to live,
work, shop, socialize, dine, play, learn and be

Walking up King Street, one is struck by the amount of
life on the street. Some people are hurrying to get their
errands done; others stroll at a leisurely pace, stopping
occasionally to peer in shop windows or enjoy
refreshments at an outdoor cafe. From the number and          Silver Lake and Uptown at Dusk – Jeremy Ladan
diversity of people it is obvious that Uptown is safe and
comfortable. Uptown has grown to be our cultural and
entertainment heart, known for its festivals and special
events, and its vitality extends into the evening with
facilities and opportunities for all ages.

Uptown streets are lined with trees, flowerbeds and
hanging baskets; the greenness of the core is very
noticeable. People enjoy being in Uptown year-round,
gathering in our parks, parkettes and civic spaces.
Waterloo Park is open to, and embraced by, Uptown.

Newer buildings co-exist with and respect older                    9 to 5 and Overtime – the Cycle Path
buildings, reflecting our concern for protecting our
heritage. Buildings are human-scale, their size and
features comfortable. Collectively, the buildings and
spaces give one a sense of a small-town feel.

Small independent shops and mainstream retailers form
a strong commercial centre offering a wide range of
goods and services meeting the day-to-day needs of
residents. Uptown also contains a variety of social
support services as well as our main library. Many
people work in Uptown; it provides a range of
employment opportunities, including retail, service, office
                                                                 Classic Car Show in Uptown – City Staff
and government sectors.

                                                                     Uptown Streetscapes – City Staff
                                            Neighbourhoods in and around Uptown thrive with
                                            ongoing public and private improvements and
                                            investment.     They are stable and livable
                                            neighbourhoods, supported by the continued
                                            presence of core schools, and contain a mix of
                                            income levels and ages. Uptown provides housing
                                            for all income levels and lifestyles, including

                                            Uptown is easy to get to and around. Public transit
                                            continues to focus on bringing people to Uptown
                                            and numerous bicycle and pedestrian routes allow
       Uptown Gates – City Staff            easy, safe access to Uptown. Uptown is easily
                                            accessed by car and ample, free parking is
                                            available.  Buildings, streets and other public
                                            spaces are barrier-free.

                                            UPTOWN DIRECTIONS
                                               Support Uptown as the cultural focus
                                               Increase plantings and greenspace in Uptown
                                               Support Uptown as the commercial and
                                                administrative focus
     Hallman Eldercare – City Staff
                                               Ensure Uptown is an attractive place to live in
                                                or near
                                               Ensure Uptown is easy to access
                                               Promote street-life
                                               Maintain high standard of urban design and
                                                historical attributes

     Oktoberfest Parade – City Staff

Waterloo’s Beginnings – Thelma Beaubien

Waterloo is an easy place to get around and accessible
to all. People get where they want to go… comfortably,
safely and efficiently. Our transportation system is well-
maintained and friendly to the natural and social
environments.      We have increased our use of
alternative, cleaner fuels.

Our accessible, barrier-free and affordable transit
system consists of different types of environmentally-
friendly  people-movers       that   travel   through
neighbourhoods and connect to key destinations.                          Trail – City Staff

A well-connected street network serves local traffic and
arterial and major collector streets accommodate
through-traffic,   reducing   traffic   impacts       on
neighbourhoods. Our transportation system, including
transit and trails, provides efficient and affordable
connections to neighbouring centres and the Greater
Toronto Area.

In 2020 our streets are humanized and are comfortable
and safe for all road users and adjacent residents and
businesses. They are recognized as public spaces and
                                                                More bike paths – Mary Ann Gilhuly
greenspaces as well as access and transport providers.
Roadways balance the needs of pedestrians, cyclists
and motorists and are high quality public spaces that,
with plantings and street trees, are significant
contributors to the “greenness” of our community.

We have a network of on and off-road walking and
biking facilities that are safe, interconnected, well-
planned and well-used. More people than ever walk,
cycle or take transit to their daily destinations.
TRANSPORTATION DIRECTIONS                                           Buses in Uptown – City Staff
   Promote walking, cycling and public transit to reduce
    reliance on private automobiles
   Promote tree planting along our streets
   Ensure safety for all road users
   Ensure streets are designed and built for use as
    public spaces
   Ensure the transportation network accommodates
    community growth, while protecting neighbourhoods
   Use and promote alternative/ cleaner fuels
                                                             Father David Bauer Drive – Mary Ann Gilhuly

                                                        UNIVERSITIES & COLLEGE IN 2020…

                                                        The City of Waterloo and community members have
                                                        strong ties with the university and college community,
                                                        resulting in harmonious and prosperous relationships.
                                                        This is achieved through many partnerships and
                                                        liaisons with the faculty, students and administration of
                                                        the universities and college, City Council, staff, the
                                                        business community and residents.

                                                        Partnerships between the community and the
       Snowy day on Campus – Amanda Clancy              universities and college provide opportunities for life-
                                                        long learning and promote healthy growth in the
                                                        economy. These institutions provide a variety of
                                                        cultural and educational opportunities and services in
                                                        a fashion consistent with the small- town feel of
                                                        Waterloo. We recognize and appreciate the role of
                                                        the universities and college in nurturing, developing
                                                        and supporting a highly-skilled workforce.

                                                        Students are part of our community and their many
                                                        diverse contributions are recognized as positive
                                                        influences. Student housing needs are recognized
                                                        and supported by our community, and the universities,
                                                        college and their neighbours address student housing
     Late Night Studying at UW – Douglas Morton         issues on an ongoing basis.

                                                         UNIVERSITIES                 AND         COLLEGE
                                                             Build and enhance partnerships and relationships
                                                              with the universities and college
                                                             Facilitate opportunities for life-long learning in the
                                                             Address student housing needs and issues

 University of Waterloo Landscape – Bindya Suresh Lad

          University of Waterloo – Hilde Acx


The City of Waterloo has a long history as a
collaborative community and is a progressive
government. Citizens play a meaningful and active role
in public debate and policy-making. Leadership is
shared with community members through a supportive
environment, which includes the use of processes and
technological systems to share information and
resources. Citizens are encouraged to develop and
take on responsibility and ownership for community
activities.                                               City Hall with hanging baskets – Mary Ann Gilhuly

Citizens are informed and knowledgeable, and their
active involvement ensures that the City of Waterloo is
governed in an efficient, accountable, cost-effective
manner that provides superior service at the lowest
reasonable cost with no wasted tax dollars.

Citizens of the City work together to ensure our
community vision is achieved and our community values
are supported. The City has good relations with area

                                                                   Street Construction – Ken North
    Ensure collaborative, responsible decision-making
    Encourage community stewardship
    Learn from and with our community
    Ensure cost-effective government

                                                                       City Workshop – City Staff

                                                                                             DRAFT ONLY

Now that we have a Community Vision, the next step is to develop Initiatives for achieving the
“Directions” within each part of the Vision. The Initiatives will include possible strategies and actions that
the City and the community, including individuals, associations, interest groups, agencies and
businesses, can undertake to achieve the Vision. The City will be working with the community to identify
these strategies and actions, as well as developing ways of monitoring our actions to measure our
successes. As an example, the following are actions that could be undertaken to help achieve one of
the “Directions” within the Natural Environment area.

Direction: Use resources and energy efficiently

Possible Initiatives:

City of Waterloo
 Explore opportunities for reducing energy use in public and private facilities (including the capturing
    and re-use of waste energy)
 Encourage employees to car-pool, bike, walk or take transit to work

Private Businesses
 Purchase more fuel-efficient business vehicles
 Encourage employees to car-pool, bike, walk or take transit to work

 Car-pool, bike, walk or take transit to work and other destinations


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