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									Tenant Information                                Waterloo Regional Homes for Mental
Landlord and Tenant Board
200 King St W, Main Flr, Kitchener
                                                  618 King St W, Kitchener
phone: 1-888-332-3234                             phone: 519-742-3191
RENT- Renters Educating & Networking              Seniors Housing
Together                                          Housing for Seniors                                  Resources, and
Contact Community Information Centre of           A list of apartments, retirement homes and
Waterloo Region at 519-579-3800.                  nursing homes in Waterloo Region.                       Ideas in
                                                  Community Information Centre
Waterloo Region Community Legal
                                                  151 Frederick St, 3rd Floor, Kitchener
                                                  phone: 519-579-3800
                                                                                                       Waterloo Region
170 Victoria St S, Kitchener
phone: 519-743-0254                               Market Rate Housing: The following are
Service for individuals or groups with housing    businesses, therefore ask about any costs
related concerns and who are ineligible for       for their services.
Legal Aid certificate.
                                                  Transglobe Property Management
Subsidized Housing: For subsidized housing        phone: 519-579-7722
applications, contact one of the offices below:
                                                  The Property Rental Centre
Community Housing Access Centre                   phone: 519-579-9413
235 King St E, 6th Flr, Kitchener
phone: 519-575-4833                               This information and more is available
                                                  online in the Basic Needs Guide at
Community Housing Access Centre                   http://www.waterlooregion.org/
150 Main St, Cambridge,
                                                   SPCKW/CICWR is a nonprofit organization
Cambridge Kiwanis Village Non-Profit               performing social research and providing
Housing                                            information on human services and government
1195 King Street E, Cambridge                      programs available in Waterloo Region.
519-650-5437                                       Our mission is to cultivate community knowledge
                                                   to advance social justice in Waterloo Region.         Produced by:
Eby Village Nonprofit Housing                                                                            Social Planning Council of
50 Eby St S, Kitchener                             Our free and confidential Enquiry Service is open     Kitchener-Waterloo/
                                                   Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm for drop-in and phone          Community Information Centre of
phone: 519-570-2400                                enquiries.                                            Waterloo Region
Lincoln Road Nonprofit Housing                     We maintain information and pamphlets on social
                                                                                                         151 Frederick St, Suite 300
                                                   programs, recreation, health, employment, legal       Kitchener, ON N2H 2M2
155 Lincoln Rd, Waterloo
                                                   services, and much more.                              519-579-3800
phone: 519-747-2200
                                                                                                         From outside Waterloo Region call
Shamrock Cooperative Homes
446 Kingscourt Dr, Waterloo                        Ask us Anything!                                      www.waterlooregion.org
                                                                                                               Member Agency
                                                                                        January 2010
Ideas and Tips                                      websites with housing listings that you could     Kitchener-Waterloo
                                                    search at community internet access sites.        Lutherwood
Affordable housing can be hard to find in           We have computers in our office that are          The Housing Action Centre
Waterloo Region - without rent control              available to anyone. Call us at 519-579-3800      165 King St E, Kitchener
legislation, rents to new tenants may be set at     to find a site near you.                          phone: 519-743-2460
any rate. There are still rules regarding rent                                                        Provides housing search education,
increases for current tenants. Find out more        When vacancy rates are low people                 assistance as well as a housing registry.
from the Landlord and Tenant Board, 1-888-          sometimes advertise in places like bulletin
332-3234.                                           boards at grocery stores and other community      University of Waterloo
                                                    sites. Landlords can post information for free    Housing Administration
Applications for subsidized or geared-to-           and avoid the costs of classified ads and still   phone: 519-888-4567 ext 35725
income housing are available at the Housing         receive enough enquiries to fill vacancies.       Housing registry with off campus rooms
Access Sites. Each site has the same general                                                          available for rent by students or public.
application form that covers almost all of the      Finally, networking! Everyone you know
subsidized housing locations within Waterloo        should be aware that you are looking for          Waterloo Regional Homes for Mental
Region. Requesting a specific housing location      housing, and can help you to look. Think of all   Health
may make things move more slowly - the              the resources you already have that could         618 King St W, Kitchener
more options you consider the better.               help you in your search for safe, affordable      phone: 519-742-3191
                                                    housing. Your church, your parent and child       Individuals 16 years and over who have
Applications go into a centralized waiting list     group, your self-help group...any groups or       experienced mental health issues. Provides
and, while the waiting list may be lengthy, it is   associations you are involved with represent      assistance to secure acceptable, affordable
still worth the time to complete the form.          your connections to the community. All of         housing in Kitchener-Waterloo.
When you reach the front of the line,               these friends, family members, and co-
subsidized housing may still be an option for       workers need to let you know as soon as they      New Canadians
you. Be sure to maintain contact with the           spot a sign in a window, or hear of someone       Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre
Housing Access Site and inform them of any          putting in their notice, so you can follow up     102 King St W, Kitchener
phone number or address changes so they can         quickly.                                          phone: 519-745-2531
reach you.                                                                                            Provides housing search assistance for new
                                                    Resources                                         Canadians.
The Housing Access Site should also have a
listing of the housing that is not a part of the    Cambridge                                         K-W Reception Centre
co-ordinated system. These need to be               Canadian Mental Health Association                101 David St, Kitchener
applied to individually if you are interested in    Support Coordination Services                     phone: 519-743-2113
being on their waiting list.                        3-9 Wellington St, Cambridge                      Initial accommodation for Government
                                                    phone: 519-740-7782                               sponsored refugees.
What else can I do?                                 For individuals in Cambridge who have
                                                    experienced mental health issues: assists with    YMCA Cross Cultural and Community
There are ways to look for market-rent              securing affordable housing, has housing          Services
housing that may be affordable. Local               registry.                                         Immigrant Settlement and Adaptation
newspapers and community advertising papers                                                           Program
are available for use at locations like the         John Howard Society of Waterloo-                  800 King St W, Kitchener
libraries and SPCKW/CICWR.                          Wellington                                        phone: 519-579-9622
                                                    Cambridge Career Connections                      Services provided for refugees and
Some companies specialize in matching clients       Housing Help Centre                               immigrants.
with suitable rental properties, and while some     40 Water St. N, Cambridge
provide the service free to the renter, others      phone: 519-622-0815
may charge a finders fee. Always ask up front       For individuals 16-24 years. Provides a
about any costs to you. There are also internet     registry of affordable accommodation.

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