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					           Montana WIC    program booklet for participants

Effective: October 2010
WIC provides good food and a whole lot more
WIC	is	a	nutrition	program	that	provides	nutrition	and	health	education,	breastfeeding	support,	healthy	food	and	referrals	to	other	services	
free	of	charge	to	Montana	families	who	qualify.	WIC	stands	for	the	Special	Supplemental	Nutrition	Program	for	Women,	Infants	and	
WIC offers families:                                          WIC nutrition staff meet with WIC participants to:
•	 Breastfeeding	promotion	and	support                        •	 Review	diet	and	health	behaviors
•	 Benefits	to	buy	healthy	food                               •	 Provide	individual	nutrition	advice
•	 Health	and	social	service	referrals                        •	 Support	families	making	changes	for	better	health
•	 Tips	for	eating	well	to	improve	health                     •	 Offer	a	selection	of	healthy	foods
Milk                                                                   Cheese
Pasteurized	and	Fortified                                              Domestic
Good Source of Calcium, Protein and Vitamin D                          Good Source of Protein and Calcium
Store Brand if available                                               Store Brand, Cache Valley, Crystal Farms, Kraft or State Brand only
Buy only the milk type and size specified on the benefit               Regular,	low-fat	or	reduced	fat,	16	or	8	ounce	block:
  •	 Skim,	1%,	2%	        •	 Whole                                       •	 Colby-Monterey	Jack	         •	 Cheddar
  •	 Organic	             •	 Sweet	Acidophilus	                          •	 Monterey	Jack	               •	 Colby
  •	 Lactose-free	        •	 Nonfat	Dry                                  •	 Mozzarella	                  •	 Swiss			
  •	 Evaporated	          •	 Meyenberg	Goat	Milk			                    Store Brand, Frigo/Cheese Head, Kraft & Precious only:
»	No	flavor	added                                                        •	 Cheese	sticks	-	plain	mozzarella	or	cheddar	only	
»	No	pints                                                               •	 16	ounce	packages	only
»	Two	½	gallons	may	be	substituted	for	1	gallon                        »	No	cheese	foods,	products,	spread,	cubed,	shredded,	sliced,	flavor		
»	Quarts	only	if	specified	on	the	benefit	or	when	larger	size	of	        added	(i.e.	Pepper	Jack),	imported,	service	deli,	imitation	cheese	
  Sweet	Acidophilus	or	Lactose-free	milk	is	unavailable.                 products	or	individually	wrapped	slices/strings	sold	as	singles
»	No	enhanced	milk                                                     »	No	organic

Soy Beverage                                                           Eggs
Good Source of Protein, Calcium and Vitamin D                          Good Source of Protein and Iron
               Pacific Natural Foods Ultra Soy Beverage                Large – One dozen white “AA” or “A”
                 •	 Aseptic	Quarts	(32	ounces)                           •	 Any	Brand
                 •	 Plain	and	Vanilla	only			                          »	No	enhanced,	specialty	or	brown	eggs
               8th Continent Soymilk Beverage                          »	No	free	range	or	cage	free	eggs
                 •	 ½	gallon	cartons,	ultra	pasteurized                »	No	organic
                 •	 Original	flavor	only		

     Some stores may not carry every WIC approved food because of cost or availability.

                                             Approved Milk / Cheese / Soy Beverage / Eggs
Whole Grain                                                                                        64 oz. plastic      12 to 11.5 oz. frozen   48 to 46 oz.
                                                                                                   bottles             concentrate             plastic bottles
                                                                                                   •	 Apple            •	 Apple                •	 Tomato
Good Source of Fiber                                                                               •	 Grape	–	purple   •	 Grape	–	purple       •	 Vegetable
                                                                                                   •	 Grape	–	white    •	 Orange
Whole	Grain	Bread                                Tortillas	–	Soft	                                 •	 Vegetable
One pound (16 ounce) loaf only                   One pound (16 ounce)                              64 oz. plastic      12 to 11.5 oz. frozen
                                                 package only                                      bottles             concentrate
                                                                                                   •	 Apple            •	 Apple
                 •	 Franz	40	Calorie	Per	                                                          •	 Grape	–	purple   •	 Orange
                    Slice	Whole	Wheat	                          Don Pancho                         •	 Grape	–	white
                 •	 Franz	100%                                  •	 White	Corn                      64 oz. plastic      12 to 11.5 oz. frozen   48 to 46 oz.
                    Whole	Wheat                                 •	 Whole	Wheat	                    bottles             concentrate             plastic bottles
                                                                                                   •	 Apple            •	 Apple                •	 Vegetable
                 •	 Sara	Lee	Classic                                                               •	 Grape	–	purple   •	 Grape	–	purple
                                                                Guerrero                           •	 Grape	–	white    •	 Orange
                    100%	Whole	Wheat                            •	 White	Corn                                          •	 Pineapple
                 •	 Wonder	100%	Soft	                           •	 Whole	Wheat	                    64 oz. plastic      12 to 11.5 oz. frozen
                                                                                                   bottles             concentrate
                    Whole	Wheat                                                                    •	 Apple            •	 Apple
                                                                LaBurrita                          •	 Grape	–	purple   •	 Grape	–	purple
Brown	Rice                                                      •	 Yellow	Corn                     •	 Grape	–	white    •	 Grape	–	white
                                                                                                   •	 Orange           •	 Orange
May be instant, quick or regular cooking                                                                               •	 Pineapple
Plain Brown Rice in boxes or bags                               Mission                            64 oz. plastic      12 to 11.5 oz. frozen   48 to 46 oz.
   •	 Any	Brand	–	16	to	14	ounce                                •	 Yellow	Corn	                    bottles             concentrate             plastic bottles
                                                                •	 Whole	Wheat                     •	 Apple            •	 Apple                •	 Tomato
»	 No	organic                                                                                      •	 Grape	–	white    •	 Orange               •	 Vegetable

100% Juice
                                                                                                   64 oz. plastic      12 to 11.5 oz. frozen
                                                                                                   bottles             concentrate
                                                                                                   •	 Apple            •	 Apple
Good Source of Vitamin C                                                                           •	 Grape	–	purple   •	 Orange
                                                                                                   •	 Grape	–	white
»	 100% juice only                      64 oz. plastic bottles                                     •	 Vegetable
»	 No	sugar	added                       »	 Children
»	 No	organic	or	DHA                    12 to 11.5 oz. frozen concentrate                          64 oz. plastic      12 to 11.5 oz. frozen   48 to 46 oz.
»	 No	juice	blends,	drinks	or	          »	 Women	or	Children                                       bottles             concentrate             plastic bottles
   cocktails                                                                                       •	 Apple            •	 Apple                •	 Apple
»	 No	refrigerated                      48 to 46 oz. plastic bottles
                                        »	 Women
                                                                                                   64 oz. plastic      12 to 11.5 oz. frozen   48 to 46 oz.
                    64 oz. plastic          12 to 11.5 oz. frozen   48 to 46 oz.                   bottles             concentrate             plastic bottles
                    bottles                 concentrate             plastic bottles                •	 Grape	–	purple   •	 Grape	–	purple       •	 Grape	–	purple
                    •	 Apple                •	 Apple                •	 Tomato                      •	 Grape	–	white    •	 Grape	–	white        •	 Grape	–	white
                    •	 Grape	–	purple       •	 Grape	–	purple       •	 Vegetable
                    •	 Grape	–	white        •	 Grape	–	white                                       64 oz. plastic      12 to 11.5 oz. frozen
                    •	 Tomato               •	 Orange                                              bottles             concentrate
                    •	 Vegetable                                                                   •	 Apple            •	 Apple
                                                                    48 to 46 oz.                   •	 Grape	–	purple   •	 Grape	–	purple
                    64 oz. plastic                                                                 •	 Grape	–	white    •	 Orange
                    bottles                                         plastic bottles
                                                                    •	 Tomato                      •	 Orange	
                    •	 Tomato                                                                      •	 Tomato
                    64 oz. plastic          12 to 11.5 oz. frozen                                  •	 Vegetable
                    bottles                 concentrate                                            64 oz. plastic                              48 to 46 oz. plastic
                    •	 Apple                •	 Apple                                               bottles                                     bottles
                    •	 Grape	–	purple       •	 Orange                                              •	 Vegetable                                •	 Vegetable
                    •	 Grape	–	white                                                                                                           »	No	Fusion

                                                                    Whole Grain / Approved Juice
Peanut Butter                                                           Beans, Peas, and Lentils
Good Source of Protein and Iron                                         Good Source of Protein, Iron and Fiber
Store brand, Adams, Peter Pan, Jif or Skippy only                       16 to 14 ounce packages/cans as listed on the benefit
18	to	16	ounce	jar                                                      Any	Brand:	dry	beans,	split	peas	or	lentils
Unflavored	-	creamy,	chunky	or	honey	roasted                            Any	Brand:	canned	beans	(legumes)		
Regular	or	Natural		                                                    »	No	soup	mixes,	flavorings	or	meat	added	(pork	&	beans,	refried)
»	No	jelly,	honey,	chocolate	or	marshmallow	creme	added                 »	No	cans	of	green	or	yellow	beans
»	No	reduced-fat	peanut	butter	spread                                   »	No	organic
»	No	organic

Canned Fish
Good Source of Protein                                                  Infant Formula
Any brand                                                               Only brand, type and size specified on benefit
                                                                        Your	WIC	benefit	lists	the	brand,	size	and	form	
Light Tuna	–	water	packed	only	-	solid	or	chunk
                                                                        (powder,	concentrate	or	ready-to-feed)	that	you	
6	to	5	ounce	cans
                                                                        may	buy.			
Pink Salmon	–	water	packed	only,	may	contain	bones	and	skin	
                                                                        »	No	substitutions	at	store
6	to	5	or	14.75	ounce	cans	
                                                                        »	No	organic
»	No	“diet”	pack,	white,	albacore,	“vacuum-sealed”	packs,	flavorings	
  added	and	no	red	salmon
»	No	organic

Baby Food                                                               Baby Food Meats
Vegetables & Fruits                                                     Good Source of Iron and Zinc
                                                                        Single Meat Varieties
Good Source of Vitamins                                                 Beech-Nut or Gerber only
                                                                        2.5	ounce	jars	only	
Single Vegetable Varieties
Beech-Nut or Gerber only                                                »	No	dinners
4	ounce	jars	only		                                                     »	No	DHA	added	
                                                                        »	No	organic
»	No	dinners	or	vegetable	mixes
»	No	DHA	added	
»	No	organic                                                            Infant Cereal
                                                                        Beech-Nut or Gerber only
Single Fruit Varieties                                                  Plain	varieties	only:	Barley,	Mixed	Grain,	MultiGrain,	Oatmeal,	Rice	or	
Beech-Nut or Gerber only                                                  Whole	Wheat
4	ounce	jars	only		                                                     8	and	16	ounce	containers	are	allowed
»	No	desserts	or	fruit	mixes                                            One	16	ounce	container	may	be	substituted	for	two	8	ounce	
»	No	DHA	added	                                                           containers			
»	No	organic                                                            »	No	formula,	flavoring,	fruit	or	DHA	added
                                                                        »	No	jars	or	packs
                                                                        »	No	organic

      Approved Peanut Butter / Canned Fish / Beans, Peas, & Lentils / Infant Formula / Baby Food / Infant Cereal
Breakfast Cereals                                     Whole grain cereals
                                                        are marked with a
                                                                                                                •	 Crispy	Rice
                                                                                                                •	 Frosted	Mini	Spooners*
                                                                                                                                          •	 Honey	and	Oat	Blenders	–	
                                                                                                                                             Almond,	Honey	Roasted
For	Women	and	Children
                                                                                                                •	 Corn	Flakes                •	 Oats	and	More	–	
Good Source of Iron, Fiber, B Vitamins and Other Nutrients
                                                                                                                •	 Corn	Squares                  Almond,	Honey	Roasted
Cold Cereal                                                                                                     •	 Crispy	Rice
                                                                                                                •	 Frosted	Mini	Wheat	
                                                                                                                                              •	 Rice	Squares
                                                                                                                                              •	 Toasted	Oats***	
Specified brands only                 	 *	 No	fruit	filled	or	flavored	frosting,	                                  Biscuits*                  •	 Wheat	Squares
Regular flavor unless specified       	 	 no	plain	Shredded	Wheat	Biscuits
12 oz. box or larger                  	 **	 No	fruit	added	(Raisin	Bran)                                        •	 Bran	Flakes**
»	 No	fruit	added                     	***		No	sugar-frosted,	honey-nut	or	fruit	added
                                                                                                                •	 Honey	Bunches	of	Oats	–	Almond,	Cinnamon,	
»	 No	organic                                                                                                      Honey	Roasted,	Vanilla

                    •	 Corn	Flakes                    •	 Oats	and	More	-	                                       •	 Corn	Flakes            •	 Rice	Pockets
                    •	 Corn	Squares                   	 Almond,	Honey	Roasted                                   •	 Corn	Pockets           •	 Toasted	Oats***	
                    •	 Crispy	Rice                    •	 Rice	Squares                                           •	 Frosted	Shredded	      •	 Wheat	Pockets
                    •	 Enriched	Bran	Flakes**         •	 Toasted	Oats***	                                          Wheat	Biscuits*
                    •	 Frosted	Mini	Wheat	                                                                      •	 Oats	and	More	–	Almond,	
                       Biscuits*                                                                                   Honey	Roasted

                    •	 Corn	Flakes                    •	 Oats	and	More	-	                                       •	 Corn	Flakes                 •	 Oats	and	More	–	Almond,	
                    •	 Corn	Squares                   	 Almond,	Honey	Roasted                                   •	 Corn	Squares                   Honey	Roasted
                    •	 Crispy	Rice                    •	 Rice	Squares                                           •	 Crispy	Rice                 •	 Rice	Squares
                    •	 Enriched	Bran	Flakes**         •	 Toasted	Oat	Rings***                                   •	 Enriched	Bran	Flakes**      •	 Toasted	Oat	Rings***	
                    •	 Frosted	Mini	Wheat	                                                                      •	 Frosted	Shredded	           •	 Wheat	Squares
                       Biscuits*                                                                                   Wheat	Biscuits*

                    •	 Cheerios	Original              •	 Total	Original
                    •	 Cheerios	Multi-Grain           •	 Wheat	Chex	
                    •	 Corn	Chex                      •	 Wheaties	Original**	            Hot Cereal                                      Ways to Buy 36 oz
                    •	 Rice	Chex
                                                                                         Instant Oatmeal -	Regular
                                                                                                                                         of Cereal
                    •	 Corn	Flakes                    •	 Frosted	Mini	Wheat	
                    •	 Corn	Squares                      Biscuits*                       Individual Packets Only
                    •	 Crispy	Rice                    •	 Rice	Squares                    12 to 11 ounce packages                            12 oz + 12 oz + 12 oz = 36 oz
                    •	 Crunchy	Honey	Oats,	           •	 Toasted	Oats***	                   •	 Albertsons,	Great	Value,	IGA,	
                       Almond                         •	 Wheat	Squares                         Kroger,	Our	Family,	Safeway	or	
                    •	 Enriched	Bran	Flakes**                                                  Western	Family			
                    •	 Corn	Flakes                     •	 Frosted	Shredded	Wheat	        »	 No flavored
                                                                                                                                            12 oz +    24 oz = 36 oz
                    •	 Corn	Squares                       Biscuits*                      »	 No	large/bulk	packages	allowed
                    •	 Crispy	Rice                     •	 Honey	Oats	and	Flakes          »	 No	organic
                    •	 Enriched	Bran	Flakes**          •	 Rice	Squares
                                                       •	 Tasteeos***	
                                                                                         Hot Wheat Cereal                                   18 oz + 18 oz = 36 oz
                    •	 Corn	Flakes                     •	 Rice	Krispies
                                                                                         28 to 36 Ounce Box		
                    •	 Frosted	Mini	Wheat	
                       Biscuits*                                                            •	 Cream	of		Wheat	Regular
                    	     -	Little	Bites                                                    •	 Cream	of		Wheat	Whole	Grain
                    	     -	Bite	Size                                                       •	 Great	Value	Quick	Farina
                                                                                                                                            20.4 oz + 15.6 oz   = 36 oz
                    	     -	Big	Bite                                                        •	 Malt-O-Meal	Original
                                                                                            •	 Western	Family
                    •	 Bite	Size	Frosted	Wheat        •	 Enriched	Bran	Flakes**
                    •	 Corn	Flakes                    •	 Toasted	Oats***	
                    •	 Crispy	Rice

                                                                        Approved Breakfast Cereal
Fruits & Vegetables
Fresh Fruits & Vegetables                                                            Frozen Vegetables
Allowed:                                                                             Allowed:
•	Any	variety	of	fresh	vegetables	and	fruits	except	white	potatoes*	                 •	Any	brand
  (Note:	sweet	potatoes	and	yams	are	allowed)                                        •	Any	plain	single	or	plain	mixed	vegetable	(without	white	potatoes*)
•	Bagged	salad	mixtures	(no	dressing,	croutons,	nuts	or	meat	added)	                 •	Any	package	type	(bag,	box)
•	Bagged	vegetables	(no	dressing	or	dip)                                             •	Any	size
•	Tubs	of	cut	fruit	or	vegetables	(no	dressing	or	dip)                               •	Organic	
•	Garlic,	sprouts                                                                    Do not choose containers that say:
•	Fresh	salsa	(no	added	sugar,	fat	or	oil)                                           •	Cheese	sauce	or	any	other	type	of	sauce
•	Organic                                                                            •	Seasoned,	flavored,	breaded
Not Allowed:                                                                         •	Packets	of	sauces	and/or	seasonings	included
•	White	potatoes	-	any	potatoes	other	than	sweet	potatoes	and	                       Not Allowed:
  orange	yams                                                                        •	White	potatoes*
•	Items	from	the	deli,	salad	bar,	party	trays,	fruit	baskets,	decorative	            •	French	fries,	hash	browns,	tater	tots,	other	shaped	potatoes
  vegetables	and	fruits,	dried	fruit                                                 •	Vegetables	with	sauces
•	Nuts,	including	peanuts,	fruit/nut	mixtures                                        •	Vegetables	mixed	with	pasta,	rice,	or	any	other	non-vegetable	
•	Bagged	salad	mixtures	or	vegetables	with	salad	dressing                              ingredient
•	Herbs	(like	basil,	cilantro,	parsley)                                              •	Frozen	Fruit
•	Spices	(like	vanilla	beans,	cinnamon	sticks)

 “White potatoes” are any potatoes other than sweet potatoes and orange yams.          No canned fruits or vegetables or frozen fruit may be purchased.

Tips to help you receive the maximum value for
your Fruit & Vegetable Benefit
	Consider	purchasing	fixed	price	items	(pre-bagged	items	with	a	pre-determined	price)
Buy	items	that	have	not	been	pre-cut	(sliced	melon	costs	more	than	a	whole	one	you	slice	
 and	peel	at	home)
Use	coupons	to	lower	the	price	of	items	and	shop	sales
Purchase	“in	season”	for	the	lowest	produce	prices
If	you	go	over	the	amount	of	the	benefit,	ask	the	cashier	for	help	in	picking	items	to	remove	
 from	the	transaction

chart for purchasing fruits and
vegetables                                                           ReMeMbeR
per                          pounds                                  Your	vegetable	and	fruit	purchase	
pound     1½        2      2½         3      3½     4                must	be	equal	to	or	less	than	the	
$0.69	   $1.04	   $1.38	   $1.73	   $2.07	 $2.42	 $2.76              value	of	your	Fruit	&	Vegetable	Benefit	
$0.99	   $1.49	   $1.98	   $2.48	   $2.97	 $3.47	 $3.96              (for	example,	$6.00,	$10.00	or	$15.00).	
$1.49	   $2.24	   $2.98	   $3.73	   $4.47	 $5.22	 $5.96              As	with	your	other	WIC	benefits,	no	
$1.69	   $2.54	   $3.38	   $4.23	   $5.07	 $5.92	                    cash	can	be	collected	and	no	change	
$1.99	   $2.99	   $3.98	   $4.98	   $5.97	    	                      can	be	given	in	a	WIC	purchase.	
$2.49	   $3.74	   $4.98	     	        	       	

                                                                Approved Fruits & Vegetables
How to use a WIC benefit                                                                                                                                                                               •	Rain	checks	or	credit	slips	for	an	out	of	stock	item	are	not	allowed.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       •	You	may	get	“free	ounces”,	“buy	1	get	1	free	offer”,	or	use	a	store	
      PO BOX 202951

                                     WIC ENCOURAGES BREASTFEEDING
                                                                                                                             000200001                              ACCT # 000000                        discount	card.
      HELENA, MT 59620-2951

                                                                                                                                                                                                     4)	The	Fruit	&	Vegetable	Benefit	may	be	redeemed	at	any	Montana	
     CLINIC ID                   WIC ID                                                         PARTICIPANT NAME                                                    FIRST DAY TO USE

        30201               251-00001                                               Jane Smith                                                                    4/10/2010
                                                                                                                              MONTANA RETAILER STAMP                       DATE USED

                                                                                                                                                                                                 2      WIC	authorized	store	or	Farm	Direct	booth/stand/stall.
       3         1
                       GALLON(S) WHOLE MILK
                       DOZEN WHITE EGGS
                                                                                                                                                                         LAST DAY TO USE

                                                                                                                                                                  5/10/2010                             •	You	may	not	go	over	the	dollar	value	of	the	Fruit	&	Vegetable	
                 1     12 - 11.5 OUNCE CAN FROZEN WIC JUICE
                                                                                                                                                              INITIALS          CORRECTION

                 1     16 - 14 OUNCE BAG DRY PEAS/BEANS/LENTILS

                                                                                                                                                                                                        •	Multiple	Fruit	&	Vegetable	Benefits	may	be	combined	during	a	
                                                                                                                                                                         AMOUNT OF SALE

                                                                                                                                REJECTED BY BANK IF
                                                                                                                               NOT CLEARLY STAMPED                                           7
                                                                                                        8                                                                                                 transaction.	
                                                                                                               SIGNATURE OF PARTICIPANT OR AUTHORIZED PROXY

                                                                                                                                                                                                     5)	Group	WIC	foods	together	according	to	what	is	listed	on	each	
                                                                                                                                                                                                        benefit.		Keep	WIC	foods	separate	from	other	foods	you	may	buy.
Follow the steps below:                                                                                                                                                                              6)	Tell	the	cashier	you	will	be	using	a	WIC	benefit	and	give	the	benefit	
1)	Select	a	Montana	WIC	authorized	retailer.                                                                                                                                                            to	the	retail	staff	before	the	order	is	processed.	

2)	Check	the	benefit	dates.                                                                                                                                                                          7)	After	totaling	your	items,	the	retail	staff	will	write	the	dollar	amount	
   •	Do	not	use	the	benefit	before	the	“First	Day	to	Use”	or	after	the	                                                                                                                                 of	your	WIC	foods	on	the	benefit.
     “Last	Day	to	Use”.                                                                                                                                                                              8)	The	retail	staff	will	hand	the	benefit	back	to	you	to	sign.		Please	
3)	Use	the	benefit	as	a	shopping	list.	                                                                                                                                                                 verify	that	the	amount	is	correct	and	sign.				
   •	Purchase	only	items	that	are	listed	on	the	benefit	in	the	sizes	&	                                                                                                                                 •	Never	sign	a	WIC	benefit	before	the	“Amount	of	Sale”	has	been	
     brands	listed	on	the	Food	List.                                                                                                                                                                      filled	in.
   •	If	the	store	is	out	of	an	item	you	need,	try	another	WIC	                                                                                                                                       9)	Show	the	retail	staff	the	ID	section	of	your	Program	Booklet	so	the	
     authorized	store.                                                                                                                                                                                  signature	can	be	checked.		No booklet = No Sale.

Shopping Tips & Reminders                                                                                                                                                                                 What to bring to the
	Always	shop	with	your	WIC	Program	Booklet.                                                                                                                                                              grocery store:
	Handle	your	WIC	benefits	carefully	–	like	they	are	cash.                                                                                                                                                   WIC	Program	Booklet
	Lost	or	stolen	WIC	benefits	cannot	be	replaced.		Report	a	                                                                                                                                                 	WIC	Benefits
   loss	to	your	WIC	clinic.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Coupons	or	store	card
	Shop	for	WIC	foods	at	Montana	authorized	retailers	that	
   display	the	“We	Accept	WIC”	door	decal	or	Farm	Direct	                                                                                                                                                    Canvas	shopping	bags
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Shopping	list
	Please	call	your	Local	WIC	Agency	to	make	any	changes	
   to	your	WIC	benefits	–	food	substitutions	may	not	be	
   made	at	the	store.

	WIC	foods	cannot	be	returned	to	the	store	for	cash	or	
   credit	or	exchanged	for	other	items.

                                                                                                          How to Use a WIC Benefit / Shopping Tips & Reminders
Farm Direct Program
Since	2002,	the	Montana	WIC	Program	has	been	operating	the	WIC	              redeemable	for	nutritious	fresh	fruits	and	vegetables,	introduces	
Farmers’	Market	Nutrition	Program	(FMNP)	in	select	locations.	WIC	           families	to	farmers’	markets	and	supports	nutrition	education	goals	
participants	are	offered	the	opportunity	to	purchase	locally	grown	          by	encouraging	the	selection	and	preparation	of	fresh	fruits	and	
fresh	fruits	and	vegetables	using	the	FMNP	Benefit.                          vegetables.

The	Farm	Direct	Program	authorizes	Farmers	to	accept	the	Farmers’	           At	a	Farmers	Market	or	roadside	stand,	only	eligible	fresh,	locally	
Market	Nutrition	Program	(FMNP)	Benefit	and	the	Fruit	&	Vegetable	           grown	fruits	and	vegetables	may	be	purchased	with	WIC	benefits.	
Benefit	(FVB)	at	farmers’	markets	and/or	roadside	stands.	Look	for	the	
“We	Accept	WIC”	sign	and	shop	with	an	authorized	Farmer.                     Remember	to	shop	with	an	authorized	Farmer	and	your	Program	
                                                                             Booklet.	Check	the	benefit	for	valid	dates	of	use	and	remember	to	
The	Farm	Direct	Program	supports	authorized	Farmers	by	                      sign	the	benefit	upon	redemption.
encouraging	the	production	of	locally	grown	fresh	fruits	and	
vegetables.	It	also	provides	WIC	participants	with	benefits	

Farm Direct Eligible Fresh Fruits & Fresh Vegetables
Approved foods are locally grown, fresh, unprepared fruits and vegetables.

Fresh Vegetables                                                             Fresh Fruits
•	Asparagus          •	Kale                   •	Rutabagas                    •	Apples            •	Chokecherries          •	Peaches
•	Beets              •	Kohlrabi               •	Snap	Beans                   •	Apricots          •	Currants               •	Pears
•	Broccoli           •	Leeks                  •	Spinach                      •	Blackberries      •	Gooseberries           •	Plums
•	Brussels	Sprouts   •	Lettuce                •	Squash	-	summer	&	           •	Blueberries       •	Grapes                 •	Raspberries
•	Cabbage            •	Mushrooms                winter	varieties             •	Cantaloupe        •	Huckleberries          •	Strawberries
•	Carrots            •	Mustard	Greens         •	Sweet	Potatoes               •	Casaba	Melons     •	Melons                 •	Watermelon
•	Cauliflower        •	Okra                   •	Swiss	Chard                  •	Cherries          •	Nectarines
•	Celery             •	Onions                 •	Tender	Greens	(lettuce)
•	Chinese	Cabbage    •	Parsnips               •	Tomatoes                     Items that may Not be purchased with WIC FMNP or WIC Fruit
•	Collard	Greens     •	Peas                   •	Turnips                      & Vegetable Benefit include any processed produce or non
•	Corn	              •	Peppers                •	Turnip	Greens                foods items, and:
•	Cucumbers          •	Pumpkin                •	Watercress                      •	Baked	goods       •	Fresh	Herbs     •	Nuts
•	Eggplant           •	Radishes/Horseradish   •	Zucchini                        •	Cheese            •	Honey           •	Plants
•	Garlic             •	Rhubarb                                                  •	Eggs              •	Juices          •	Potatoes

                                                             Farm Direct Program
Breastfeeding Tips
Each	mother	makes	perfect	breastmilk	to	fit	her	baby’s	growth	and	           breastmilk – Perfect for families
developmental	needs.		                                                        •	 Breastfeeding	babies	stay	healthier	–	moms	and	dads	don’t	have	to	
                                                                                 miss	work	as	much	for	a	sick	baby
breastmilk – Perfect for babies
                                                                              •	 Breastfeeding	saves	money	–	mom	can	eat	a	little	more	and	make	
 •	 Best	possible	nutrition
                                                                                 plenty	of	breastmilk
 •	 Easy	to	digest	–	immediately	ready	to	help	baby	grow
                                                                              •	 Breastfeeding	saves	time	–	always	ready	anywhere	you	go,	nothing	
 •	 Reduces	risk	of	SIDS,	ear	infections,	RSV	and	diarrhea                       to	carry	but	baby
 •	 Helps	prevent	chronic	disease	including	diabetes,	asthma,	heart	          •	 Breastfeeding	saves	the	environment	–	no	manufacturing	pollution	
    disease,	and	cancer                                                          or	waste
 •	 Promotes	brain	growth	and	a	smarter	baby	 	child	 	adult
                                                                             WIC	can	help	you	achieve	your	breastfeeding	goals.	WIC	can	help	
 •	 Always	clean	and	safe
                                                                             you	learn	about	breastfeeding,	provide	you	with	nutritious	foods,	and	
breastmilk – Perfect for moms                                                provide	a	breastpump.	We	are	here	to	help	you	provide	your	
                                                                             baby	with	the	perfect	food	you	make.
 •	 Always	ready	at	the	right	temperature
 •	 May	promote	weight	loss	after	pregnancy
 •	 Helps	prevents	chronic	disease	including	osteoporosis	and	cancer

                                                                       Ask	your	WIC	staff	about	services	in	your	area.

                                                                       The	Montana	Department	of	Public	Health	&	Human	Services	has	a	
                                                                       webpage	with	information	about	Child	Care	Assistance,	Supplemental	
                                                                       Nutrition	Assistance	Program	(SNAP),	Healthy	Montana	Kids	Plus	(HMK	Plus),	
                                                                       Medicaid,	Energy	Assistance	(LIEAP),		and	Temporary	Assistance	for	Needy	
                                                                       Families	(TANF).		Go	to:	

                                                                       To	stop	smoking	call	the	Montana	Tobacco	QUITLINE	–	1-800-QUIt-NoW

                                                                       Healthy Families
                                                                       •	Are	active	every	day
                                                                       •	Eat	a	variety	of	colorful	fruits	and	vegetables
                                                                       •	Cook	together,	eat	together,	and	make	mealtime	a	family	time
                                                                       •	Use	low	fat	milk	with	meals	and	snacks
                                                                       •	Drink	water	in	place	of	sweet	drinks
                                                                       •	Make	half	of	their	grains	whole
                                                                       •	Try	new	foods

                                                               Healthy Families
Your Rights & Responsibilities
For the Montana WIC Program                                                  •	I	may	lose	my	WIC	benefits	if	I	or	an	authorized	individual	make	
	                                                                              changes	on	my	WIC	benefit;	return	WIC	foods	for	cash	or	non-
I AgRee to:                                                                    WIC	foods;	sell,	trade,	or	give	away	WIC	foods;	buy	non-WIC	
•	Attend	and	be	on	time	for	all	appointments.	                                 foods;	use	an	unauthorized	retailer;	or	verbally	or	physically	
•	Let	WIC	staff	know	in	advance	if	I	cannot	keep	an	appointment.               abuse	WIC	or	retail	staff.		I	also	may	be	required	to	repay	
•	Provide	accurate	and	correct	information	to	WIC	staff.	
                                                                             •	Standards	for	eligibility	and	participation	in	the	WIC	Program	
•	Let	the	WIC	staff	know	if	my	address,	phone	number	or	income	                are	the	same	for	everyone,	regardless	of	race,	color,	national	
  changes,	if	I	am	going	to	move	away	or	if	I	no	longer	have	                  origin,	sex,	age,	or	disability.
  custody	of	the	child.
                                                                             •	I	have	60	days	to	appeal	any	decision	made	by	the	local	
•	Bring	my	Program	Booklet	to	all	appointments	and	to	the	store.               agency	regarding	my	eligibility	for	the	Program.	A	fair	hearing	
•	Handle	my	WIC	benefits	carefully	–	like	they	are	cash.		If	I	lose	           will	be	conducted	by	a	fair	and	impartial	official	according	
  my	benefits,	they	cannot	be	replaced.                                        to	246.18	and	applicable	portions	of	Title	2,	Chapter	4	
•	Report	benefits	that	are	lost,	stolen	or	destroyed	and	not	use	              Montana	Code	Annotated,	whose	decision	will	rest	solely	
  the	benefits	later	if	I	find	them.                                           on	the	evidence	presented	at	the	hearing	and	statutory	and	
                                                                               regulatory	provisions	governing	the	WIC	Program	in	Montana.
•	Follow	the	shopping	guidelines	for	using	WIC	benefits	as	
  specified	in	the	Program	Booklet.                                          I	have	been	advised	of	my	rights	and	responsibilities	under	the	
                                                                             Program.		I	certify	that	the	information	I	have	provided	for	my	
                                                                             eligibility	determination	is	correct,	to	the	best	of	my	knowledge.		

•	Treat	WIC	staff	and	retail	staff	with	respect	and	courtesy.                I	understand	that	intentionally	making	a	false	or	misleading	
•	Train	my	authorized	representatives	and	proxies	on	WIC	                    statement	or	intentionally	misrepresenting,	concealing,	or	
  procedures	and	policies.	I	am	accountable	for	their	actions.               withholding	facts	may	result	in	paying	the	State	agency,	in	
                                                                             cash,	the	value	of	food	benefits	improperly	issued	to	me	and	
I UNDeRStAND thAt:                                                           may	subject	me	to	civil	or	criminal	prosecution	under	State	and	
                                                                             Federal	law.
•	WIC	will	give	me	benefits	to	buy	certain	foods	from	WIC	
  authorized	retailers	each	month	and	it	is	important	that	the	              In	accordance	with	Federal	law	and	U.S.	Department	
  benefits	are	picked	up	on	time.		If	benefits	are	not	picked	up	            of	Agriculture	policy,	this	institution	is	prohibited	from	
  for	two	months	in	a	row,	I	may	be	removed	from	the	Program.                discriminating	on	the	basis	of	race,	color,	national	origin,	sex,	
•	The	local	WIC	program	will	make	nutrition	education	and	                   age,	or	disability.		To	file	a	complaint	of	discrimination,	write	
  referral	to	health	services	available	to	me	or	my	child.		I	am	            USDA,	Director,	Office	of	Adjudication	and	Compliance,	1400	
  encouraged	to	use	these	services.                                          Independence	Avenue	SW,	Washington,	D.C.	20250-9410	or	call	
                                                                             (866)632-9992	or	(202)260-1026	(voice)	or	(202)401-0216	(TTD).	
•	My	WIC	information	may	be	released	to	the	following	
                                                                             USDA	is	an	equal	opportunity	provider.	
  programs	to	determine	eligibility,	conduct	outreach,	enhance	
  health	education,	streamline	administrative	procedures	
                                                                             I understand my rights and responsibilities for participation
  or	access	and	evaluate	participant	health	care	needs	and	
                                                                             in the Montana WIC Program
  outcomes:	Montana	DPHHS	Immunization	&	Commodities	
  Supplemental	Food	Program.
•	I	may	be	dropped	from	WIC	if	I	receive	benefits	from	more	than	
  one	WIC	clinic	at	a	time.

                                                          Your Rights & Responsibilities
What to bring to your WIC Appointment
On	the	appointment	day,	be	sure	to	bring	the	papers	you	were	asked	to	provide.

   Proof of Identity (examples)                            Proof of Residency (examples)
    •	Photo	ID                                              •	Mortgage	statement
    •	Driver’s	license                                      •	Utility	bill	(power,	water,	cable)
    •	School	ID                                             •	Rent	receipt
    •	Birth	certificate                                     •	Note	from	landlord	
    •	MT	Medicaid	card/HMK	Plus                             •	Lease/Housing	Agreement
    •	Passport
    •	Tribal	ID                                            Proof of household Income for all people living in your
    •	Social	Security	Card                                 house (examples)
                                                            •	One	month	of	documented	income	(paystubs)
   Proof of Identity for Child (examples)                   •	Proof	of	adjunctive	eligibility	(SNAP,	HMK	Plus,	Medicaid,	
    •	Shot/immunization	records                               TANF,	FDPIR,	School	Lunch)
    •	Birth	certificate/record                              •	Recent	1040	tax	statement
    •	Foster	care/adoption	papers                           •	Additional	Income	Information	(Child	Support,	
    •	Healthy	Montana	Kids	Plus	card                          Unemployment,	etc.)
    •	Social	Security	Card
    •	Healthy	Montana	Kids	Card                            WIC Prescription Form (If needed)
Household ID #

Authorized Participant Signature

Authorized Representative/Proxy Signature

Authorized Representative/Proxy Signature

Participant Name                            State WIC ID #

Participant Name                            State WIC ID #

Participant Name                            State WIC ID #

Participant Name                            State WIC ID #
                                                                                                                                                                       FoRm NumbeR 40

                                                                     Montana WIC Program
                                                            DPHHS Family and Community Health Bureau
                                                                    Cogswell Building C305
                                                                         PO Box 202951
                                                                    Helena, MT 59620-2951


                                                                This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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