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Hi-Tech Architecture


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									  Hi-Tech Architecture

Hi Tech Industries: Automotive, Aircraft & Aerospace
                    Hi-Tech Architecture
Otto Frei; Montreal Expo,1967: Moishe Saifde; Habitat, Montreal. Expo, 1967:
                       N. Foster Ipswich Office Bldg.
           Hi-Tech Architecture
R. Rogers & R. Piano; Pompidou Centre, Paris, 1971-77
         Hi-Tech Architecture
Richard Rogers; Lloyd’s Building, London, 1978-1986
                  Hi-Tech Architecture
Norman Foster: Hong Kong & Shanghi Bank,1985; Standstead Airport, 1989;
                      Renault Car Plant, France,
                Hi-Tech Architecture
Michael Hopkins: Schlumberger Research Centre, Cambridge Eng, 1985
                 Lord’s Cricket Grounds, London
Nicholas Grimshaw: Financial Times Printing Works, London, 1988
                    Western Morning News Bldg., Plymouth, Eng. 1993
                    Waterloo International Terminal, London, 1993
            Hi-Tech Architecture
Nicholas Grimshaw: Waterloo International Terminal, London, 1993
         Jean Nouvel; Institut de Monde Arab, Paris, 1987
        Hi-Tech Architecture
I.M. Pei: Entrance to Louvre Galleries, Paris, 1984

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