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									                              July 19, 2011

                      Tidewater NPMA Chapter Meeting

Max and Erma’s Restaurant – Airport Hilton Hotel location, Norfolk, VA

      Heading:

       a. Date: 19 July 2011
       b. Time: 5:30PM
       c. Place: Max and Erma’s Restaurant, Airport Hilton hotel
          location, Norfolk, Virginia
       d. Ten members attended. Following Officers were present.

            i.    Ron Lobo, President
           ii.    Marcel Canady, Vice President
          iii.    Clifford Morris, Treasurer
           iv.    Emmy Gamboa, Secretary

       e. Guest Speaker:    None

      Main Body:

       a. Chapter President, Ron Lobo, called the meeting to order at
          5:40 p.m. First time attendee Brian ROBINSON, Bering Sea
          Eccotech was welcomed.
       b. The previous minutes were read and approved with no
          corrective action.
       c. The treasurer’s report was presented and approved with no
          corrective action. Financial total as of July 05, 2011 is
          $2,611.83. Chapter President presented a check to the
          Treasurer in the amount of $366.60 originated from the
          National Office.

      Old Business

       a. The last chapter minutes reported that the new Tidewater
          Chapter shirts were distributed to all Chapter officers and
          the cost of the shirts was originally paid by Maersk Line
          Limited (MLL). Since that time, it was decided that it was
          in the best interest of all if the Chapter paid for its own
          shirts and thus Maersk was reimbursed for the shirts.
       b. A   Certified   Property  Professional   Specialist   (CPPS)
          Certificate was presented by our Chapter President to one
          of our Chapter members, Mr. Gilbert Glass of Raytheon.
          Congratulations Gilbert!
       c. A reminder of the submission of the NPMA awards.         For
          Outstanding Member, we can submit up to two nominees since
          we are a medium sized chapter. Due to NPMA HQ by 15 June
          2010. The due dates for the Chapter of the Year and Jack E
          Griffiths Person of the Year awards have passed.         The
          Lifetime Achievement Award nominations are due to the
          National Director NLT 1 June 2011.    THE CHAPTER NOMINATED
          MR. PAUL LEON.

d. Please ensure your email information is up to date. We are
   experiencing   a   10%   rejection   rate   on    our   email
e. The NPMA April 2011 Updates as presented by our National
   President,   Carl    Iannacone,    can   be    accessed    at
f. Deadline for foundation grant requests is May 25, 2011 for
   those who plan or wish to attend the next NES Conference
   but unable to due to funding shortfall.

g. News from the Headquarters:

     Members are encouraged to provide Vendor Leads and/or
      Sponsors for the 2011 NES.
     The NPMA certification program is undergoing changes as
      we move toward accreditation. You can keep track of who
      is on the Certificate Governing Board (CGB) by visiting
      the Certification tab of our WEB site.
     2011 NPMA Event Planning Guide is very helpful for us to
      plan chapter events. Think of an event that we could put
      on to increase our Chapter awareness and participation.
     The Delegates Notebook will be distributed soonest.
      Regional meetings are held from 8 to 11 am and the
      National is conducted from 1 to 5 pm. Both are held on
      Sunday July 24, 2011.
     The 2011 NPMA Educational Conference Series 2, Central,
      Galveston, TX held on May 5 – 6, 2011 was well attended
      and enjoyed by all.
     Next is NPMA Educational Conference Series 3, Eastern,
      Alexandria, VA, November 14-15, 2011. We should have a
      healthy turn out for this conference.

h. Corner News from            the    Eastern       Regional
   Vice President:

     Application for grants from NPMA foundation.   Do it on
      website. Applications must be received sixty days prior
      to first day of event.       Jim Carroll, Rich Wolfe or
      Brandon Kriner can assist applicants.
     NPMA 5K Fun Run/Walk. Will occur on 27 July during NES.
      There will be a $20 registration fee and a cool shirt
      will be provided.    All proceeds will go to the NPMA
     Notify if your chapter will be
      sending a basket and what items are in the basket.
      Deadline for notification is 15 July 2011. Our chapter
      will be donating a basket to the foundation (Coordinated
      as usual by our WEB Master Paul Leon) valued around
      $250.00. COMPLETED BY PAUL LEON!
            Please make sure your Chapter is represented at the ER
             Board meeting and the National Board of Delegates meeting
             at NES on July 24 at 8-11AM and 1-5PM respectively.

    i.   Introduction of Guest Speaker, Jim Dieter. Jim delivered
         exciting news about the coming ISO Standard for Asset
         Management. Jim told us of the building energy surrounding
         this effort and how the NPMA would play a leading part as
         America’s representative for this effort. If anyone knows
         how to manage assets just ask your Professional Property
         person and they’ll show you how to do it.

   New Business

    a. Congratulations to our new CPPS chapter members: Wendy
       Watson, John Legate, Glenda Wallace, Rebecca Barefoot,
       Pamela Chambers, Michael Conwell, Edward Davidson, Russell
       Ellison, Jay Foster, David Green, Denise Harper, Gabriele
       Hartman, Britani Martinez, Sharon Mitchell, Kevin Pigram,
       Rex Sigo, Douglas Thomas, Isaac Washington and Patrick
       Raggiani.   These new CPPS members comprise a total of 21%
       of our entire chapter membership. Good job!!
    b. Mr. Paul Leon, our Chapter National Delegate, was informed
       of the acceptance of his nomination for “Outstanding
       Chapter Member” of the year.
    c. Foundation gift basket for next NES was for $150 plus
       freight and shipping charges.     Amount changed to $250 as
       per March 2011 minutes and was recorded at the 19 July 2011
    d. Paul Leon has purchased the Foundation gift basket and
       mailed to NES 15 July 2011.
    e. At the September Chapter meeting, we need to appoint the
       Chapter’s Nominating Committee members and designate a
       chairperson. Voting for Chapter Delegates will occur during
       our November meeting.
    f. Property Challenge soliciting volunteers. (TIM GILLIAM
    g. Issues/Concerns for NES 2011:
        One National Chapter By-Law change.
        Conference Series and Change Recommendations.
        NPMA Enhanced Membership Option (Jan 2012)
        Delegates Handbook discussion
        Number of Tidewater Chapter attendees and planned social
          events? The Tidewater Chapter will have its NES Social at
          the NES on Tuesday the 26th of July 2011. Go to our
          chapter WEB page for specific details.

    h. News from the Headquarters:

            Hot topics and good discussions going on in the SIGs.

        Various NPMA upcoming Educational Offerings are being
         presented and some will be held in our local area. They
         are: “Understanding Unique Identification (UID) – The
         Clauses and Reporting Requirements for GFP”, “Developing
         Property Management Procedures”, “Export Control Issues
         for the Property Manager”, “Managing Risks in a Property
         Management World”.   All will be held at Info Tech, 100
         Constitution Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia, starting on
         Monday, 12 Sep 2011 to 16 Sep 2011.
        Conference Series 3, Eastern, Alexandria, Virginia, held
         on 14-15 Nov 2011. We should have a healthy turn out for
         this conference.

i. Corner News from               the    Eastern      Regional
   Vice President:

        Summer is here, and the NES is almost upon us!     One of
         the first activities of the NES will be our Eastern
         Region Board meeting, followed by the National Board of
         Delegates meeting.    Both will take place on Sunday, 24
         July 2011.   Paul Leon and Susan Avery from our Chapter
         will attend the meetings.
        One of the main issues for discussion at these meetings
         will be the proposed restructuring of our Conference
         Series events. The NPMA Conference and Seminar Planning
         Committee (CSPC), chaired by Wayne Norman and Steve
         Holland, have developed a new model for these events that
         will be up for a vote at the Regional and National
         meetings. This new structure is designed to maximize the
         attendance, financial success and educational impact of
         our signature events.
        NPMA 5K Fun Run/Walk will take place on 27 July during
         NES.    The time is at 6AM.        There will be a $20
         registration fee, and everyone gets a cool shirt.
         Proceeds will go to the NPMA foundation.

j.   No other issues were discussed.   Meeting was adjourned at
     approximately 700PM. Our next meeting is scheduled to take
     place on Saturday, 10 September 2011 (1:00PM), at the
     Rockefeller’s Restaurant inside the Marriott City Center
     Hotel in Newport News, Virginia.


     Emmy Gamboa, CPPM
Tidewater NPMA Chapter Secretary


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