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					                                 WAKO GB & N.I.
                      Work Association of Kickboxing Orgs GB
                      66 Chaddesden Lane, Derby DE21 6LP
                               Tel:- 01332 663 086
                              Fax:- 01332 280 286
                             Mobile:- 07973 507716
                          Web:- WAKO GB & N.I.


                                  Founded 1972

                                WAKO GB & N.I.
                       WORLD ASSOC KICKBOXING ORGS
                           Information, aims, format,
                          benefits, criteria and history

          WAKO GB & N.I. . Re-Founded in 1982 by Tom Hibbert MBE FSMA
               CHAIRMAN OF English Karate Governing Body 1999-2002
           Vice President of British Ju-Jitsu Association Governing Body .1981
President of WAKO GB & N.I. and World Director WAKO (World Assoc. Kickboxing Orgs)

  WAKO GB & N.I. is open to any martial artist of any style which practises kicking and
                    punching and who adheres to the WAKO rules
World Association Kickboxing Organisations. 110 countries in 5 continents
Awarded by GAISF FOR OLYMPIC COMMITTEE in April 2006 as the only recognised World Governing
Body for Kickboxing

                                      WELCOME TO WAKO GB & N.I. .


WAKO GB & N.I. . started in 1979 and was passed to Tom Hibbert in 1982. WAKO is the OLYMPIC
recognised World Governing Body for Kickboxing. WAKO GB & N.I. . is also active on the International
scene with members and associated members in over 110 Countries. WAKO GB & N.I. is controlled by an
Executive Committee with a President, a Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and members.


As well as the Amateur Executive Committee the Rule for contests is that no prize money or financial
inducement may be awarded without approval. Professional instructors and proprietors are welcome in the
WAKO GB & N.I. ., but if elected to executive committee may not receive pecuniary advantage by reason of
controlling interest.


    1. To promote the sport and practice of kickboxing and recognised coaching.
    2. To promote codes of safety in sport and practice of same
    3. To promote the moral, mental, physical and social well being of members
    4. To obtain, collect, receive and administer money and funds for these purposes
    5. To co-operate with other bodies having similar aims.
    6. The association shall be Non-Profitmaking. i.e. it shall be controlled by an amateur committee with
       no controlling interest.
    7. The associations competitions shall be Amateur i.e. no prize money will be awarded by the
    8. Members of WAKO GB & N.I. shall be amateur i.e. shall not receive any prize money from the

Professional Instructors:

These are welcome in the association, subject to the rules of the constitution


We have the best accident and indemnity cover for kickboxing, instructors, members and clubs. Public
liability,£5M, Indemnity £2M. Personal accident, Legal cover.

Student Gradings:

Authorised instructors may grade their own students up to two grades below examiner e.g. 1 Dan can grade
to 2 Student/Kyu grade. Student grades require minimum three months between grades. Assistance with
gradings and courses can be arranged

              WAKO GB & N.I. is open to any person, or who adheres to the WAKO rules.

Dan/Degree Gradings or Master or Sifu:

These are awarded by appointed instructors of the Association Dans from other reputable associations will
                                                                     st                     nd
be honoured subject to approval. The formula is: Minimum 3 years to 1 Dan. Then 2 more to 2 Dan, then
                                      th                    th          th
3 more to 3rd Dan, 4 more years to 4 Dan, 5 more years to 5 Dan etc, 5 Dan and above by approval of
the executive committee only. Note these are the minimum years and exceptional. WAKO GB & N.I. & N.I.
Dan grade Certificates are available to approved Dans.

Cadets /Children

Dans under the age of 16 years are Cadets. The “C” or “Cadet” must prefix the 1 Dan grade on any
                  th                                 st
publication. On 16 birthday they must take a Senior 1 Dan grading.
Under 16’s : Coaches must ensure safety techniques. Light Contact only, Safety equipment must be worn.


Dan Gradings, Refereeing , Judging, Coaching, Health & Safety and courses in all WAKO GB & N.I.styles
are available on request at the Head Quarters (see address and telephone numbers given on front cover)


Regional organisers are ready to help with competitions and courses. Each region has a championship and
selection courses and competitions in the main kickboxing sports. The winners and best go through to the
national squads. All regions have good instructors ready to help you. We also have mobile Instructors
available to help with gradings and courses. These are all subject to your acceptance. There is no financial
compulsion or coercion in WAKO GB & N.I. & N.I.. Apart from necessary requirements.


WAKO GB & N.I.. provides and arranges courses and arranges University Degrees, National Coaching
Diplomas, Sports, First Aid and Refereeing Certificates. Instructors are encouraged and advised to seek
continual advancement.


WAKO GB & N.I. is affiliated to the best international body to give your members the best opportunity to take
part at the highest level.


Many styles co-exist within the WAKO GB & N.I. Some follow the traditional styles and curricula; some
combine to form new ways. All this is quite valid as long as the teaching, training and curriculum can be
approved, and so long as the Dan or Master degree achieved can hold up with the best in any style. WAKO
GB & N.I. & N.I. styles have many origins including Boxing, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Taekowondo,
Malaysian, Thai, Indian, Western, Modern Freestyles, Kickboxing and Self – defence.

 Instructors must be of contractual age (18 years Minimum ) and must hold an approved Dan or equivalent.
They must have Public Liability and Indemnity insurance. New entrants must provide photocopies of Dan
Grades and/or Certificates and if these are from unknown sources then we may need to assess the

For the sake of good service and for your own protection in case of defence in litigation Instructors should
have:- :
     Up-to-date First Aid Certificate ( Darryl Bagley 01246 200272).
     Coaching Qualification (Peter Allen 10617971077)
     C.R.B. clearance for teaching children (Tom 01332 663 086)
     Same Sex person present with children in clubs and competitions.
    Policies are available for these. See Web Sites
Newsletters/ Diary

These go out with every posting. Events are also published in various kickboxing magazines
And are on our web site: WAKO GB & N.I.         Give H.Q.your updates.


We advertise nationally and recruits are directed to our nearest clubs. Make sure our computer listings are
up to date.


A copy of the Constitution is available on the website
The Annual General Meeting is open to any member.
Annual Audited and Certified Accounts are available at A.G.M.
Nominations are receivable every year for the Executive Committee members at AGM, Other committees are
appointed to cover special needs and purposes. Make your wishes known to the Committees. A copy of the
last A.G.M minutes is available from H.Q.


You are entering into a voluntary arrangement with fellow members in a democratic organisation. The
Committees Officers and Organisers are here to help you at your request. We have no “chief “ and the
                                          th   th
newest recruit has as good a vote as a 7 or 8 Dan at the AGM. We have no dictators or over priced
compulsory courses or grading. Anyone breaking these codes should be brought to the attention and notice
of one of associations’ officers or Head Quarters.

                                 For further Information Please Contact:

                                     TOM HIBBERT M.B.E. F.S.M.A.
                                            01332 663 086
                                 66 Chaddesden Lane, Derby, DE21 6LP
                                           WAKO GB & N.I.

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