; How to configure web server IIS in windows xp
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How to configure web server IIS in windows xp


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									How to configure web server IIS in windows xp?
When we install windows, by default IIS web server is not installed. To Install IIS we server we
need to following following steps:

Step 1
Go to Control Panel and click on "Add and remove Programs", a dialog box appears, where you
have to select "Add/Remove Windows Components"

After clicking "Add/Remove Windows Components", a dialog box titled "Windows
Components Wizard" appears.
Here you have to select Internet Information Services (IIS) component and press next. On
pressing next the installation process will take place.
After installation process is finished, click on Finish Button.

Now click close the "Add and remove Programs" dialog box by clicking close button
Step 2
Now go to Control Panel and double click "Administrative Tools".
Step 3
In the "Administrative Tools" double click "Internet Information Services"

Step 4
On double clicking "Internet Information Services", "Internet Information Services" control
panel will appear. Expand "Virtual-Sunil(local computer)" by clicking present + present in front
of it. Expand "Web Sites" by clicking + present in front of it. Right click on "Default Web Site",
Click New"" > Click "Virtual Directory"
Step 5
On clicking "Virtual Directory", "Virtual Directory Creation Wizard" appears, click Next Button.

Step 6
In the second Dialog box of "Virtual Directory Creation Wizard" give alias to your virtual
directory, Here I have given "demo". Now click Next button.
Step 7
In this dialog box, click browse button.

Step 8
Here click + present in front of "Local Disk (C:) which will expand c: tree. Click "Make New
Folder" button and give the name "demo" to newly created folder. and click ok button.
Step 9
Now you will see "C:\demo" in the "Directory" text box. Click Next Button.

Step 10
Here select "Read" and "Execute (such as ISAP applications or CGI)".

This is the minimum permission required to let other browse you

Run scripts (Such as ASP) =
allows you to execute scripts like ASP, PHP..

Execute (such as ISAPI applications or CGI) =
This option allows you to run CGI based web pages.

Write =
This option allows the user to write, thus should not be

Browse =
This option allows the user to browse the site in case /
default index page is missing, which you may not like, this
should not be selected.
Step 11
This is the last step, and requires you to click "Finish" button.
IIS Web Server is now configured on your system.

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