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					                                        MASTERS IN PHYSIOLOGY

General Information
                                               Experimental Science
                                               Technical Education
Academic Area:                                 Health Sciences
                                               Social Science and Law
Organised by:                             Department Of Physiology
Participating Universities:               University of Valencia
Length of course:                         1 academic year. Possibility of part-time.

ECTS credits:                             60
                                          In accordance with official rates pending publication.
                                          Indicative tuition fees: 24,54 €/credit

Taught at:                                Facultad de Medicina y Odontología. Facultad de Farmacia.
                                          Fundación Cañada Blanch. C/ Jorge Juan 4, 2ª. 46004 Valencia.
Modes of Study:                           On campus

Languages:                                Spanish
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Constitutes the taught phase
of a Doctoral Programme:
Name of Doctoral
Programme:                                Physiology

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Doctoral Programme:             

Programme Description
The Masters in Physiology forms part of the postgraduate programme in Physiology at the University of Valencia,
awarded a Mención de Calidad (hallmark of high quality), and stemming from the Doctoral Programme in Physiology,
which has also held the Mención de Calidad since 2004-2005. The programme is a response to the large number of
students interested in pursuing their doctoral thesis in such an important and relevant field of science.

The field of physiology is extremely wide, and its totality is inaccessible for research purposes. The Masters
concentrates therefore on the most innovative aspects of cardiovascular physiology, and oxidative stress and its

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applications in biomedicine. In any of these fields it is necessary to understand and make correct use of increasingly
sophisticated methodologies, and part of the course will therefore be dedicated to training the students in the
methodological aspects of research, such as treatment of experimental data, statistical inference, the use of basic
techniques in physiological research, and the use of new digital technology to analyse signals and images obtained in
laboratory experiments.

Research into physiology has an impact in many areas of knowledge, as it is one of the most fundamental sciences in
the health field. In fact there are numerous scientific journals indexed in the database, and many Nobel Prizes in the
health field have been for work in physiology.

The main objective of this Masters is therefore to train professionals in the field of physiology, capable of planning
and directing work groups, developing projects with original and innovative ideas, as well as training competitive
professionals prepared for incorporation in public or private research positions.

This objective, based on a module of introduction to physiology research, will be applied to the specific study fields to
be developed: cardiovascular physiology, and oxidative stress and its applications in biomedicine.

Specific Admission Requirements
Graduates in medicine and surgery, pharmacy, veterinary science, physics, physical activity and sports science,
biochemistry and food technology, and other related areas.

Selection Criteria
Academic record: 50 %
Grants and work experience with the Department: 30%
Publications and congress participation: 10%
Other complementary experience: 10%

Study Programme in ECTS credits

         CODE                                           COURSE NAME                                        CREDITS

          2041                                           PHYSIOLOGY                                          60

 CORE MODULES                                                                                                60
         40328              Research Methodology                                                    15
         40329              Cardiovascular Physiology                                               15
         40330              Oxidative Stress and its Applications in Biomedicine                    15
         40331              Masters final project                                                   15

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