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									Facilities and Services

Stores Relocation Checklist

Date request received: __________________

Has the following paper work been received?

         Furniture Moving Request Form

Arrange appoint with Contact Person for Risk Assessment:

Place: __________________Date & Time: __________________ Initials _____________________

Carry out Risk Assessment: Completed By: ________________________Date:_______________

Review Risk Assessment: Reviewed by: _____________________ Date: ___________________

Identify special requirements for job: _______________________________________________

Determine who will carry out job:          Stores staff   Removalist

Schedule date & Time for job: Date: ___________Time: _____________to _________

Advise Contact Person of the details in relation to the job:

         Stores contact person assigned for job: _________________________

         Advised of special requirements (cabinets to be emptied, equipment to be dismantled).

Record details when job completed: Date ______Man-hours required to complete job: ________

Any Comments: ____________________________________ Initials: _____________________

Packing boxes:

Total No Returned: _________ No. Damaged: __________Date: _________ Initials ___________

Total No Received: ________ No of boxes to be charged to cost centre: _________

Cost Centre and Account charged for boxes: ________________________________

Reference where charging made: _________________Date: _________Initials:____________

Have all issues with this job been completed: Checked by: ____________ Date: __________

File in the Completed Jobs File.

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