1 Line Items SMU edu Annual Budget Form by liuqingyan


									                                                              Annual Budget Form

Name of Organization                                       LEAD - JBS                           Appropriated Account            11-38-03
Name and Title of Person
Preparing Budget                                  Preston Huth - Finance Chair                  E-Mail               phuth@smu.edu

Please follow the listed guidelines as you complete you budget request:

Step 1          Determine which line items you need funding for in the line items tab (please add additional lines if needed)

Step 2          Give a brief explanation of funds you are requesting under each line item and dollar amount requested

Step 3          Organizations that need to break down the line items based on programming/conferences/ events please use the additional tabs provided
                (i.e 2-Line items, 3-Line items, 4-Line items)

Line Items:
                410 Transportation - Airfare, van rental, gas, car rental, chartered buses
                420 Communication - Flyers, copies, posters, advertisement, publications, office supplies, decorations, name tags
                430 Conference - Hotel, conference registration, dues, fees, tournament fees
                440 Programming - Room rental, set-up fees, A/V tech, speaker honorariums, photography, catering, entertainment,
                     physical plant charges, SMU PD, McFarlin fees
                500 Miscellaneous - Salaries, capital items (i.e. computers, printers, tents, vans, etc.), uniforms, equipment

                ** Budgets submitted past the March 1st deadline will be penalized using the following breakdown
                                                              1st Day 10%
                                                              2nd Day 15%
                                                3rd Day your budget will not be accepted
                                        Annual Budget Form
                                Program/Conference/Events Breakdown
                                      JBS High School Conference

Line Items                        Description of Expenditure
410- Transportation                                                            $
                                                                       Total   $
                                   Description of Expenditure
420 - Communication   Name Tags: 2 boxes at $66.40/box                         $
                      General Office Supplies: (note cards, highlighters,
                      pens etc.) for working with the committee                $
                      Postage - send info to schools
                      Copies                                                   $
                      Promotion - Color posters for SMU recruitment (50
                      posters at $1)                                           $
                      Printing - sponsors, agendas, thank you notes,
                      applications                                             $
                                                                       Total   $

430 - Conference                Description of Expenditure
                      Decorations                                              $
                                                                       Total   $
440 - Programming                  Description of Expenditure
                                  Programming at $5 each)
                      Facilitator Portfolios (50 Supplies: (copies,            $
                      facilitator manuals, writing supplies - $6 per person    $
                      Keynote Speaker                                          $
                                                                      Total    $

500 - Miscellaneous              Description of Expenditure
                      Long Distance                                            $
                                                                       Total   $








                                                            Annual Budget Form

Name of Organization                                     LEAD - JBS                                   Appropriated Account #            11-38-03

                                                                                                                                    Committee Use
                                                         Line Item                                                  Requested       Budgeted

                                                   410 - Transportation                                  $                  -       $    -
                                           420 - Communication/Administrative                            $               547.90     $ 102.00
                                                     430 - Conferences                                   $                75.00     $  16.00
                                                    440 - Programming                                    $             2,050.00     $ 382.00
                                                   500 - Miscellaneous                                   $                 7.50     $    -
                                                                                                  Total: $             2,680.40     $ 500.00

*Email this file to studentsenate@smu.edu by Monday, March 1st at 5:00pm.

*Questions? Please contact the Finance Committee chair at jespinosa@smu.edu, or call 214.768.4817.

The ___________LEAD - JBS_________________ (organization) has applied for Students' Association funds for the cumulative school year.
In requesting these funds, the above named organization, the undersigned, and their predecessors and successors in interest
(hereafter referred to as "we") agree to abide by all restrictions and requirements placed on them by SA and the Finance Committee.
Should the organization receive funding, we realize that we will be held responsible for spending our allocation in accordance with its
budget and the Annual Budget Guidelines, as well as the Finance Committee Standards. We understand that failure to follow these
restrictions, requirements, or regulations promulgated by SA or the Finance Committee, the organization may lose its funding and
assured liability for any and all of its expenditures, regardless of whether SA has paid. In signing this, we further assert that our
organization holds no outside bank account and retains all of the organization's funds with the SA Comptroller's office.

                           President Colt Nielson                                                    E-Mail   cnielson@smu.edu
                           Treasurer Preston Huth                                                    E-Mail   phuth@smu.edu

* Please make sure you have saved this file as "ORGANIZATIONNAME.xls" where you have inserted your organization's
name in the file name where appropriate.

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