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									 Popular Culture Regarding
Immigration and Immigrants

                 By: Micaela D.
                   Allison F.
                     Ryan I.
                  Meghan W.
                   Ruben L.
                     Jimy A.
We will be learning about:

 Madison Grant, The Passing of the Great Race

Japanese Representation in WWII Cinema

Maxine Hong Kingston and Christian Langworthy
            Madison Grant
     The Passing of the Great Race
• Madison Grant:
  – born in New York City
  – Was a well-known physician
    and American Civil War
  – As a child, he attended
    private schools.
  – As a child he traveled to
    Europe and the Middle East
    with his father.
          Madison Grant
   The Passing of the Great Race
• Madison Grant:
  – attended Yale University, and graduating early and
    with honors in 1887
  – received a law degree from Columbia Law School
  – Grant wrote two seminal works of American
    racialism: The Passing of the Great Race (1916)
    and The Conquest of a Continent.(1933)
            Madison Grant
     The Passing of the Great Race
• The Passing of the Great Race:
  – Was an influential book of scientific racism
  – The book promoted the idea of the Nordic race
  – Book had sold 1,600,000 copies in the United
  – Coming out of Grant's concerns with the changing
  – The book was published to immediate
    popular success
       Madison Grant
The Passing of the Great Race
• The passing of the Great Race:
  – The book was read by presidents, dictators,
    scientists, and common people alike, and even
    today—excoriated as it is—it has much to teach
  – The first section was based on race as well as
    Grant's own stances on political issues of the day.
  – The second section was based on history of the
    three European races: Nordic, Alpine, and
    Mediterranean, as well as their physical and
    mental characteristics.
       Madison Grant
The Passing of the Great Race

  Do you think this
type of book would
be published today?
          Madison Grant
   The Passing of the Great Race
• Nordic theory:
  – The Nordic theory elaborate work of racial
  – Highly influential among the government policy
  – Biological laws tell us that
    certain people will not
    mix or blend
          Madison Grant
   The Passing of the Great Race
• Nordic theory
  – Grant argued the Nordic race
    had been responsible for most
  of humanity's great achievements
  – Grant urged the Nordic theory
    as well as the complete restriction
    of non-Europeans, such as the Chinese and
  – Grant used the theory as justification for
    immigration policies of the 1920s
 Japanese Representation in WWII
• Aggressive patriotism was portraying in
  American music and cinema in Hollywood
  which included the Japanese, but were not
  taken seriously.
  – An example is “ We’re going to play
  the Yankee doodle in Tokyo.”
 Japanese Representation in WWII
• The propaganda during World War II was
  silent and powerful and were invented to
  make people think things that they would
  normally not think if not exposed to it

• Japanese propaganda in World
  War II was produced to hoax
  the Japanese to surrender
 Japanese Representation in WWII
• Poster announcing to buy war bonds or to
  join the armed forces were printed in nearly
  every magazine and newspaper.

• No central agency controlling
  propaganda during wartime
  or the occupation.
 Japanese Representation in WWII
• The national wartime
  music committee was
  created just for anti-Japanese
  propaganda in the United States

• The committee fed on the lack of knowledge
  of the American people regarding Japanese
  culture and how they were foreign enemy.
 Japanese Representation in WWII
• Most important form of anti-Japanese is

• To add humor to the cinema, they would often
  include making fun of accent of Japanese
  when they tried to speak English.
Japanese Representation in WWII
• Most of the time the Untied States War
  Department and Hollywood used each others
  as source of the footage to create
  the Anti- Japanese films.

• Japanese propaganda during World War II
  was design to maintain combat morale,
  prevent defection and induce the enemy to
  surrender or to change sides.
      Maxine Hong Kingston and
        Christian Langworthy
• Maxine Hong Kingston:
  – Her mother and father are from China.
  – born on October 27,1940 in Stockton California.
  – She earned a bachelor’s degree from University of
    California ,Berkeley.
  – She was an educator, working in
    California and Hawaii.
      Maxine Hong Kingston and
        Christian Langworthy
• Maxine Hong Kingston:
  – She wrote from the perspective of a young,
    Chinese-American girl living in San Francisco post
    World War 2.
  – Her first book was “The woman warrior: Memoirs
    of a Girlhood”
     • The book won the National book Critics Circle Award
       for nonfiction in 1976 .
  – She wrote two novels that are “Tripmaster
    Monkey, His Fake book”(1989) and “Hawaii One
     Maxine Hong Kingston and
       Christian Langworthy
• Maxine Hong Kingston:
  – She earned many honors including the National
    humanities medal in 1997 and John Dos Passos
    Prize for literature
  – She also won the Nobel Prize
  – In 1981, she won the American Book
  – She ties American way of life in
    with the Chinese way of life.
     Maxine Hong Kingston and
       Christian Langworthy
• Christian Langworthy:
  – Born in Vietnam in 1967
  – Came to the United States through the operation
    Babylift in 1975.
  – He was adopted by American parents.
  – He graduated from SUNY- Oswego
    in 1990
  – He received an MFA in poetry from
    Columbia University in 1997.
     Maxine Hong Kingston and
       Christian Langworthy
• Christian Langworthy:
  – He won an Academy of American Poets prize and
    a School of Art Fellowship at from Columbia
  – His work has appeared in numerous publication.
     • Including Poet Magazine, Soho Art
     • Magazine, Viet Nam Forum, and
       the Asian-American Experience, a
       CD-Rom anthology of poetry.
  – He is a associate poetry editor at
   Maxine Hong Kingston and
     Christian Langworthy
• Christian Langworthy
  – His first chapbook of poems was “The Geography
    of War”
     • This book won the 1993 American Chapbook Award.
  – He also writing a novel entitled “War Baby”
     • Which has been published forums as
       PBS American Experience , Salon.com,
       Manoa, Michigan Quarterly.
            Christian Langworthy work :
                                            Grasshopper hopping, hidden in the grass—
Grasshopper hopping from the brittle           you’re back to being camouflaged—a seed
   grass, leg-sprung—flung hip-high onto       unseen in blended-brown—where are you
   hot cement—                                 now?
   your sidewalk legs waltzing, flaunting a    Hop! Hop, so I can see your life of arcs
   hint                                        before the world mothballs its shadows
   of happenings. I see you now!—              after the day whittles down.
                                               Hopper, hop lightly—kick that habitat—
   how grasslike your wings fanning this       stop roosting the hours away! Touché,
   Sunday                                      little hoplite above that brawl of blades—
   afternoon while the day whittles down.      hop over your morass of weeds and frass—
   Hopper, climbing that blade of sun          unfold your wings—take flight! Leave us
   flying                                      behind
   into tomorrow, roosting until dusk          while the day whittles down.
   nestles in with the shadowed grass—
                                               Grasshopper, how you disappear in grass—
   jump now                                    leaping through life with insecurities—
   over the lull of this day—hitch a ride      always one hop away from foot traffic—
   on my shoes—walk a mile or two—             one hapless moment from oblivion.
   hobnob                                      Be not still in life! Watch how hastily
   with me while the day whittles down.        the day whittles down!
  Work by Maxine Hong Kingston
“ You must not tell anyone”, my mother
  said, "what I am about to tell you. In
  china your father had a sister who killed
  herself. She jumped into the family well.
  We say that your father has all brothers
  because it is as if she had never been
Taken from The Woman Warrior.
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