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USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008   Square Dance - The NATIONAL FOLK DANCE

             The Newsletter of the Worlds Largest Square Dance Organization


               WE CAN GROW
   USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008                                                                           Page 2

 Inside this issue:                                                    Dancers Insurance Program
11th Grand Canyon SQ DN Festival         25-26                         ARE YOU DANCING UNINSURED?
                                                    Accidental medical insurance for dancers and Liability insurance for your Club.
16th Canadian National                     20
                                                             For additional information contact the USDA NATIONAL
19th Annual Indiana State Dance           7-8                             INSURANCE COORDINATOR
Are You Dancing Uninsured                  9                                          Pat Inglis
Convention Schedule                      29-30                                        P.O. Box 22
Dancer Online Shopping Mall              21-22                                  Tucker, GA 30085-0022
                                                                         (404) 298-6148 or Fax: (404) 298-6149
Dancers Travel Web Site                    14                        
Discount Prescription Card               2 & 24
Editor’s Notes                              3        USDA PUBLICATIONS AND                    and organization use is permitted and
Long Term Care Program                     5-6                                                encouraged.
                                                     EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS
Our Extraordinary Dancers                   23                                                For more information contact:
Presidents Message                          3
                                                     USDA has produced quality club lead- Len & Connie Houle
                                                     ership and educational materials for     32 First Ave
Tri-State Area Square Dancers              27        use by dancers and leaders to promote Westfield, MA 01085
US Handicapable Convention               12-13       and perpetuate the dance activity.       (413) 519-0261 or E-mail:
USDA Assists Handicapable Dancers          12        Individuals may order up to a maxi-
USDA USA Traveler                          28        mum of 10 copies of each Tri-fold In-
                                                     formation Sheet and up to a maximum
USDA Publications                          10
                                                     of 2 copies of each Pamphlet or Book-
USDA Programs                               2        let at no charge. Additional copies of
USDA Dancers Tote Bag                       4        Pamphlets are $.50 each and Booklets
USDA Encourages Youth Dancers              28        are $1.00 each. Please make check
Word Search                                 11       payable to USDA. You can also order
                                                     or print copies from the web at
                                            USDA materials are
                                                     not copyrighted and duplication for club

          National Square Dance                                                                  LONG TERM CARE
              Conventions®                                                                         INSURANCE
   •    58th NSDC 2009                15-18                                                  USDA’s long term health care insur-
        Long Beach, CA                                                                       ance program not only gives square
   •    59th NSDC 2010                19                                                     dancers a discount, it also helps
                                                                                             promote square dancing.
        Louisville, KY                                                                          LONG TERM CARE CHAIR
   •    60th NSDC 2011                19                                                                   Bill Flick
        Detroit, MI                                                                                    400 Pete’s Way
   •    61th NSDC 2012                                                                              Boothwyn, PA 19061
        ????                                                                                           (610) 385-2306

          SHOP AT THE DANCERS                                                         FREE Pharmacy Discount Card
                                                                                  CLIP AND USE THIS CARD AND SAVE
                AND SUPPORT DANCING
                  WHILE YOU SHOP

                         CHECK IT OUT

       From the USDA Web page at or
           directly at

           Additional information on Page 21& 22
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008                                                            Page 3

EDITORS NOTES:                                              PRESIDENTS MESSAGE:

As new officers are elected, please remember to no-
tify us to change the recipient of the free issue that is
                                                            Our second term of USDA President has come to
mailed to affiliate presidents and USDA delegates. If
                                                            an end and we welcome a new president. We thank
you would like to continue receiving the magazine,
                                                            everyone for their wonderful support of USDA the
please complete the subscription form on page 31 to
                                                            past two years, and hope you continue your support
remain on the mailing list.
                                                            of USDA and square dancing in the future.
USDA NEWS is an inexpensive way to advertise
                                                            USDA has many wonderful programs for everyone
your state event nationwide. We accept ads and fly-
                                                            to take part in and we hope all square dancers visit
ers in camera-ready format if mailed and in MS Word
                                                            the USDA Website and see what is available.
or Adobe format. Advertising rates are:
Half Page $15.00, Full Page (one side) $25.00 and
                                                            Hope to see you in a square.
Two Page flyer $35.00. Make your check payable to
USDA. If sending ad electronically Via Email, please
                                                            Si and Marilyn Kittle
send copy of ad with check. Deadline dates are
                                                            USDA President
March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1.

It is the age-old editor’s struggle – what to put in
when you have exhausted your supply of articles and

Share what is going on in your club, federation & or-
ganization with others. Send your articles to us via
Email at and pictures are al-
ways welcome.

What would you like to see in USDA NEWS that we
are not covering? Send suggestions to us for consid-

See You in Square!

                                                                             4th Of JULY
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008                                 Page 4

                                          USDA Ways & Means
                                      Be one of the first of have one of the

                                          NEW USDA Dancers Tote Bags

             The Bag is

    Blue with Red letters

                                                 Just $10.00 each

                                To order please complete the below form.

                                            Please print your information
Name: ______________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

City: ___________________________ State: ________ Zip: __________________

Phone #: ________________________ Email: ______________________________

Please send me

_____ USDA Dancers Tote bags at $10.00 each $ ___________

             Shipping $2.25 each                     $ ___________

I have enclosed my check or money order for          $____________

Make Check or Money order payable to USDA
Mail Completed form and Check or Money order to: USDA Ways & Means
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008                                                             Page 5

                               Making Long-term Care Insurance Affordable
                                       New plans; new choices         By Laura W. Rossman

If you’ve looked at long-term care insurance in the       two separate policies with a three year benefit pe-
past but didn’t buy, it is time to take another look.     riod for each plan, a couple can purchase a single
There are new plans, benefits and ways to struc-          plan with six years of benefits that they share. So,
ture coverage that might be just right for your           for example, one may use just two years of bene-
budget.                                                   fits, leaving four years of benefit for the other.
                                                          While these plans are slightly more expensive
People are now buying it at a younger age – the           (usually about 10%), they provide greater flexibility
average age of a buyer is now 58 compared to 70           by letting the couple share the pool of benefits.
years old just ten years ago. At a younger age the
premiums are lower and there is a greater chance          Insuring part of the risk. You don’t have to cover
that you will be healthier and eligible for the insur-    the full cost of care. Instead, you might decide that
ance coverage.                                            you will let insurance pick up part of the cost of
                                                          care and you will use your own financial resources
Long-term care insurance covers the cost of your          to pay for the remaining cost of care. For example,
care when you can’t care for yourself. While we           you could purchase coverage that would pay $100
tend to think of that happening in our later years, it    per day. If your care cost $150 per day, you would
can happen at any time as a result of an accident         pay the remaining $50. Some people find this an
or medical condition. The costs of long-term              affordable way to mitigate the risk of long-term care
care—which is custodial care – is not generally           costs eroding their total life savings.
covered by health insurance. So unless you have
long-term care insurance or are impoverished and          Tax benefits. Some states provide tax incentives
eligible for Medicaid, you will be paying for long-       to encourage individuals to purchase long-term
term care costs out of your own savings. To put           care insurance. Why? Without long-term care in-
those costs in perspective, the average cost of a         surance coverage or personal financial resources,
year in a nursing home is $75,190, according to the       you will enter the Medicaid program, a program to
MetLife Market Survey of Nursing Home and Home            provide health care for the poor funded jointly by
Care Costs.                                               the state and federal government. So, many states
                                                          have tax credits or deductions available to encour-
More Ways to Buy. Here are some things you                age the purchase long-term care insurance. For
should know about today’s long-term care insur-           example, in 2006 almost half of the states offered
ance plans and some tips for finding ways to fit this     some level of deduction or credit for those purchas-
cost into your budget if you think it’s right for you.    ing long-term care insurance.

It is not just for nursing home care. Mistakenly,         Business owner benefits. If you are self-employed
people often think that long-term care insurance is       or own your own business, long-term care insur-
just for nursing home care. Not today. Almost all         ance premiums may be able to be paid for by the
policies cover care provided in assisted living facili-   business. Some small business owners find a ten-
ties, nursing home and at home. And home is               pay policy preferable, where the policy is paid in full
where people say they would most like to receive          over ten years.
care. And if you need round the clock care at
home, you will find it more costly than a stay in a       Partnership policies. One of the newest benefits in
nursing home.                                             the long-term care industry comes from the govern-
                                                          ment. So called “partnership policies” encourage
Sharing a policy. Couples can now take advantage          consumers to purchase long-term care insurance in
of “share care” plans. How does this plan work?           exchange for partial protection of their
Rather than buying two separate policies, the cou-        assets if they use up all of their long-term care in-
ple purchases a single plan with a pool of benefits       surance benefits. Here is generally how they work.
that they share. For example, rather than purchase                                        Continued on Page 6
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008                                                        Page 6

If you purchase a plan approved by the state (it        from the truth," explains Jesse Slome, the Execu-
usually requires certain benefits, like a minimum       tive Director of the Association for Long-term Care
daily benefit or a certain number of years of cover-    Insurance. "There are discounts available today to
age) the state will provide dollar for dollar protec-   those in good health, for non-smokers, married
                                                        couples or even domestic partners," Slome notes.
tion of that amount of assets and allow you to qual-    "You can cut costs paying annually versus monthly,
ify for Medicaid benefits. For example, if you pur-     roughly nine percent, and by another eight percent
chase $200,000 worth of coverage, you would be          simply by being accepted for coverage before your
able to keep $200,000 of your assets and still enter    next birthday."
the Medicaid program to receive additional care.
Without the plan, you would be required to spend        USDA members can get free Long-term care
down almost all of your assets, usually just allowing   quotes and information. Long-term Care Quote
you to keep $2000, before you become eligible for       shops more than 10 highly-rated companies for you
                                                        to find the best policy and most affordable rate for
Medicaid. Partnership plans have been available         you. It is easy and convenient and a great way to
in California, Connecticut, Indiana and New York.       learn more about long-term care insurance. Call 1-
Now about twenty additional states say they will be     800-587-3279 or online at Use USDA
making plans available over the next few years. A       code 518.
word of caution though – you might not want to wait
for one of these plans if your state is not close to    Laura W. Rossman is Chief Marketing officer for
approving plans. Remember, long-term care insur-        Longevity Alliance. You can find out more about
ance is based on your age at the time you apply –       long-term care insurance at Long-term Care Quote
                                                        ( ).
so waiting may mean higher premiums.

Discounts. Always ask about discounts. Many             Send for your quote today. When applying
companies provide significant discounts for a cou-      use USDA Code 518. Go to the USDA web
ple applying together. And some groups and pro-         site or call 800-587-3279 and create peace
fessional associations have discounted rates avail-     of mind right now! For further information
able if you are a member. Your employer may also
have a group plan available. But always shop and        call the toll free number or contact:
compare group plans against individual policies to
make sure you are getting the best plan for the         LONG TERM CARE CHAIR
best price. Long-term care insurance rates are          Bill Flick
based on age and health, so the younger you are         400 Pete’s Way
and the healthier you are, the lower your premi-        Boothwyn, PA 19061
ums.                                                    (610) 385-2306
"Consumers mistakenly believe long-term care in-        E-mail:
surance protection is costly and nothing is farther

                                                                                             Complete this
                                                                                              simple form,
                                                                                            cut out, place in
                                                                                          envelope and mail
                                                                                          to address below.
                                                                                          For faster Service,
                                                                                              call toll-Free
                                                                                          or fax your request
                                                                                           USDA Code 518

LONG-TERM CARE QUOTE, 1580 N FIESTA BLVD, STE 103, GILBERT, AZ 85233-9835            USDA Code 518.
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008                                  Page 7

                             19th Annual
                  Indiana Square Dance Convention
                                       Horizon Convention Center
                                               Muncie, IN
                         Friday, Saturday, Sunday, October 17, 18, 19, 2008

                                                 Featured Callers for the
                                                    "President's Ball"
                                                 Friday, October 17, 2008
                                                  8:00 PM to 11:00 PM

                                      Ken Burke                     Tom Davis

                              There's a hall for any level dancer

                   Mainstream | Plus | A | Rounds | Lines | Contra

              Friday and Saturday Evening - Square Dance Attire
              Saturday Daytime and Sunday Optional (No Shorts)
    ** All Callers and Cuers, Line and Contra Dance
                 Leaders are Welcome **

    For more information:
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008                                                                     Page 8

                             19th Annual
                  Indiana Square Dance Convention
Attention Campers

Join us at the Indiana Square Dance Convention
Horizon Convention Center, Muncie, Indiana
October 17, 18, 19, 2008

Get your square dance camping friends together and join us for a fun weekend.

2008 Indiana Square Dance Convention Camping Information
Camping for the state convention will be provided at the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) site, east of Muncie,
                                  Indiana about 5 miles from the convention center.

Camping rates are $15.00 per night. RV camping is on gravel sites with good electric hook-ups. There is only one water
hydrant in the campground, so you will need to fill your freshwater tanks before parking your RV. No sewer connections
         are available; however a dump station is nearby. The restrooms are clean and nice with hot showers.

               If you plan to camp please contact: Mike & Nancy Holzhausen, camping chairpersons.
     Phone: 317-894-7765 or email: Please contact for reservations by September 15.

                           Indiana State Convention Housing (Hotel-Motel) Information

Convention Housing has reserved rooms at the Signature Inn Muncie (765-284-4200) and at Lee's Inn & Suites Muncie
(765-282-7557). The room rate is $57.50 at Lee's Inn and $69.99 at the Signature Inn. Both hotels have a complimen-
 tary breakfast buffet. There will be a free shuttle running every half hour to the convention center. Please contact the
hotel of your choice to make your own arrangements. Please let them know that you are with the Indiana Square Dance

    Hotels/Motels in the Muncie-Anderson, Indiana Area (Anderson is approx. 30 min. from Muncie)

                 America's Best Value, Muncie, IN 765-288-1911, 888-315-2378 (reservations)

                                                 Comfort Inn, Anderson, IN 765-643-3000
                                                 Comfort Inn, Anderson, IN 765-641-9980
                                                 Days Inn, Muncie, IN 765-288-2311
                                                 Days Inn, Anderson, IN 765-649-0451
                                                 Fairfield Inn, Anderson, IN 765-644-4422
                                                 Fairfield Inn, Muncie, IN 765-282-6666
                                                 Hampton Inn, Anderson, IN 765-622-0070
                                                 Lee's Inn, Anderson, IN 765-649-2500
                                                 Super 8, Muncie, IN 765-286-4333
                                                 Super 8, Muncie, IN 765-987-8205
                                                 Quality Inn, 765-641-9980
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008                                                                    Page 9

                               ARE YOU DANCING UNINSURED
Every square dance organization                                                     What is covered: Accidental bod-
needs General Liability and Acci-                ACCIDENT AND MEDICAL               ily injury sustained by an insured
dent Medical Expense coverage                         INSURANCE                     person while participating in danc-
while conducting and sponsoring                                                     ing activities sponsored and su-
dance activities. As closely as              Limits of coverage: $10,000            pervised by a recognized club or
safety rules are followed, acci-             Usual and Customary Accident           organization.
dents can and will happen. This              Medical Expense, including Dental
insurance program, especially de-            $10,000, Accidental Death Benefit      Period of coverage: The insur-
signed for USDA dance groups,                $10,000, Accidental Dismember-         ance year is January 1 through
provides Accident Medical insur-             ment Benefit (loss of both hands,      December 31. Coverage becomes
ance, which helps protect club               both feet, sight of both eyes, or      effective for individual clubs under
members from financial loss due              any combination thereof), $5,000       the policy on the day the applica-
to a covered accidental bodily in-           Accidental Dismemberment Bene-         tion and premium for insurance is
jury, and Liability insurance, which         fit (loss of one hand, one foot,       received by the USDA National
protects the club and its members            sight of one eye).                     Insurance Coordinator. There is
and association officials from fi-                                                  no pro-rate provision. This is nec-
nancial loss due to unforeseen               Note: Coverage is excess to any        essary due to the large adminis-
incidents which may develop into             other valid and collectible medical    trative expense of maintaining dif-
litigation against members and               insurance covering the same acci-      ferent policy dates.
dance organizations.                         dent. Coverage provided for cov-
                                             ered medical expenses incurred
      LIABILITY INSURANCE                    within 52 weeks of the accident up
                                             to $10,000 for all eligible expenses
Limits of protection: $1,000,000             as stated in the Policy.                        Square Dancers
                                                                                           Insurance Program
combined single limit of liability for                                                        is endorsed by
bodily injury and property damage            Who is covered: Club members
                                                                                          United Square Dancers
per occurrence (subject to a $100            will be insured while participating
                                                                                                of America
property damage deductible per               in any regularly scheduled and
claim) while participating in sched-         sponsored dancing activity world-
uled and sponsored dancing ac-               wide, including group travel (10 or              Serviced by
tivities. $100,000 limit for damage          more club members) in a vehicle           USDA National Insurance
to premises rented to you.                   commercially licensed for trans-                 Coordinator
                                             portation of passengers and oper-                 Pat Inglis
Who is covered: The club and its             ated by a person holding a valid                 PO Box 22
members while participating in               operators license for such vehicle,        Tucker, GA 30085-0022
club or organization sponsored               while being transported to or from          Phone (404) 298-6148
and supervised dancing activities.           a covered dancing activity.                   Fax: (404) 298-6149
Liability coverage applies in the                                                                Email:
United States, its territories or pos-                                       
sessions, and Canada.

                               ACCIDENTS CAN AND DO OCCUR
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008                                                        Page 10

USDA has produced quality club leadership and educational materials for use by dancers and
leaders to promote and perpetuate the dance activity. Individuals may order up to a maximum of 10
copies of each Tri-fold Information Sheet and up to a maximum of 2 copies of each Pamphlet or
Booklet at no charge. Additional copies of Pamphlets are $.50 each and Booklets are $1.00 each.
Please make check payable to USDA. You can also order or print copies from the web at USDA materials are not copyrighted and duplication for club and organization use is
permitted and encouraged.

              TRI-FOLD INFORMATION SHEETS (single sheets, printed both sides, tri-fold)

   NO.            SUBJECT                                    NO.       SUBJECT
___ IS-001        Recruiting New Dancers              ___ IS-058    Club Caller Responsibilities
___ IS-002        Retaining Dancers                   ___ IS-059    Installation of Officers
___ IS-010        Club Incorporation                  ___ IS-060    Club President Calendar
___ IS-018        Square Dance Attire                 ___ IS-061    Vice President Calendar
___ IS-020        Square Dance Organizations          ___ IS-063    Club Secretary Calendar
 ___IS-021        USDA Handicapable Program           ___ IS-064    Club Treasurer Calendar
 ___IS-023        Class Graduation                    ___ IS-065    Parli Pro, How to Conduct a meeting
 ___IS-025        Club Newsletters                    ___ IS-066    Dancers Code of Ethics & Conduct
 ___IS-028        Club Specials                       ___ IS-072    What Is USDA?
___ IS-040        Club Checklist                      ___ IS-073    USDA Officers & Committees
___ IS-045        Master of Ceremonies                ___ Y03       USDA Youth Program
___ IS-047        Square Dance Floats                 ___ Y04       USDA Youth Scholarship Application
___ IS-050        Club President Responsibilities     ___ Y05      Youth Competition Dancing Information
___ IS-051        Vice President Responsibilities     ___ Insurance USDA Dancer Insurance Info
___ IS-052        Past President Responsibilities     ___ Scrip Card, Free Discount Prescription Plan
___ IS-053        Secretary Responsibilities                       (includes Prescription Discount Cards)
___ IS-054        Club Treasurer Responsibilities     ___ Long Term Care Insurance Program
___ IS-055        Social Director Responsibilities    ___ Traveler, USA Traveler Program
___ IS-056        Club Delegate Responsibilities      ___ Youth Lesson Training CD
___ IS-057        Club Member Responsibilities        ___ USDA Dancers Online Shopping Mall

                PAMPHLETS & BOOKLETS (Pamphlets 5 1/2 X 8 1/2; Booklets 8 1/2 X 11)
___ P-010         Club Incorporation                   ___ B-018     Square Dance Attire
___ P-023         Class Graduation                     ___ B-028     Club Specials
___ P-025         Club Newsletters                     ___ B-071     Games, Gimmicks, Skits
___ P-047         Henzel Plan for Sq/Dn Recruitment    ___ B-074     Take the First Step
___ P-070         Club Erosion                         ___ B-075     Recruiting & Keeping New Dancers
                                                       ___ B-Y02     Take the Youthful Step

    MAIL TO: Len & Connie Houle
             USDA Education/Publications
             32 First Ave
             Westfield, MA 01085
             (413) 519-0261
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008                 Page 11

                                                 Word Search
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008                                                            Page 12

United Square Dancers of America (USDA) is a national square dance organization of dancers working to
help the dancers in the Square Dance activity. The Handicapable Dancers are one of the groups that USDA
assists by helping them attend the National Square Dance Convention®.

United Square Dancers of America encourages and supports Handicapable Dancers by conducting a Na-
tional Convention Registration Fee Reimbursement program. USDA has set aside $1,000.00 to be used to
reimburse all or part of the registration fees for all Handicapable Dancers who attend the 57th National Square
Dance Convention® in Wichita, KS. In addition, USDA is supporting the United States Handicapable Asso-
ciation Convention, which will be held later this year, by providing a $750.00 grant to that convention.

United Square Dancers of America does encourage these special dancers to reach their potential through
dance and enjoyment of music. USDA commends and supports the dedicated leaders, callers, parents and
assistants that teach, support and encourage the Handicapable Dancers.

For additional information Contact:

Lyle and Jean Beck, 12566 Rugby Ct., Dubuque, IA 52002, (563) 556-1253

      USH 20th Year Anniversary Convention
In July, 2008 the US Handicapable Square Dance Convention will return to Mobile, Alabama where it started
20 years ago. The first USH Convention was held in Mobile in 1988. The July, 2008 USH Convention will be
held at the Riverview Plaza Hotel in Mobile.

In 1987 the Square Dealers Handicapable Square Dance Club was invited to do a Handicapable dance exhi-
bition during the opening of Azalea Trail Square Dance Festival in Mobile, AL. We were aware of another
Handicapable Square Dance Club in Pensacola, FL. Since we also had a hospitality room during the Festival
at the Mobile Civic Center, we invited the Pensacola club to come over Saturday night, which they did. They
were sitting in the balcony during our exhibition performance. Afterwards they came down to socialize and
dance with us in our room. Then much to our surprise another Handicapable Club came down also to join us.
The second club was from Gulfport, MS. We were totally unaware they existed at the time. All three clubs had
a wonderful evening dancing and just being together.

Later that night my wife, Kitty Emery, said we needed to create some kind of event to allow these dancers to
get together on a regular basis, and to see if any other like clubs would join us. This was the beginning of the
US Handicapable Square Dance Association. In July of 1988 we held the first USH Convention, which was
held in Chickasaw, Al, a suburb of Mobile. The Alabama Square and Round Dance Association quickly do-
nated $500 to help put on this first convention, and that was followed by a $1000 donation from United
Square Dancers of America. We had dancers from Alabama, Texas, Florida and Ohio at the first USH Con-
vention, about 200 in all.

If you are interested in finding out more about Handicapable dancing or how to start up and work with a
Handicapable group in your area contact Dean Emery at 251-633-8212 or email
for more information.
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008   Page 13
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008                                          Page 14

   ARTS Travel
   The Dancer’s Online
     Travel Web Site

                                                 Turn your Vacations & Dance
                                                    Travel into Donations

                                                  Book your personal and business and
                                                  dance travel on our new travel website,
                                                 Every time you do, Alliance of Rounds
                                                 Traditional and Square Dance (ARTS)
                                                 will receive a portion of the travel com-
                                                 You get the same low rates offered by
                                                 other travel websites while helping to
                                                 raise funds for ARTS

                                                 It's simple!

                                                 Book your travel to the 58th NSDC in
Book Golf Tee Times, Get Event Tick-             Long Beach, CA and support dancing at
ets Send flowers, Site Seeing Activities         the same time.

     Logon to                    
                                                      58th National Square Dance Convention®
                                                              June 24, 25, 26 & 27, 2009
                                                                   Long Beach, CA
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008   Page 15
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008   Page 16
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008                                                                Page 17

                                 58TH NATIONAL SQUARE DANCE CONVENTION®
                             Long Beach, California June 24, 25, 26, 27, 2009
                                                 California Dreamin’

                                                 National Press Release

          Host City: Long Beach, California                                       RV & Camping
You’ll find virtually everything in the beautiful city of     Camping at the 58th NSDC will be on-site in the
Long Beach, California’s 5th largest city and South-          Arena parking lot. There will be approximately 350
ern California’s newest coastal destination. The his-         spaces. Access will be on Tuesday, June 23rd. The
toric Queen Mary, which takes you back to the days            only exception will be for those campers participat-
of the great trans-Atlantic liners, offers a variety of       ing in the Route 66 event. "Crusin’ 66" participants
historical tours and exhibitions plus three restau-           will be given priority parking at the Convention Cen-
rants and shopping. Long Beach has one of the                 ter. Showers and restroom facilities will be provided
finest aquariums in the world: Aquarium of the Pa-            inside the Arena.
cific. With more than 12,500 inhabitants of the Pa-                                   Route 66
cific Ocean housed here, there are habitat galleries          Begin your California adventure by cruising Route
ranging from the cold Arctic to the warm South Pa-             66 to the 58th National Square Dance Convention®.
cific, with many “hands-on” exhibits.                          Join fellow square dancers or travel solo along the
                                                               way to see and experience the Main Street of Amer-
Long Beach is close to everything in Southern Cali-            ica. The trip begins in Chicago, Illinois and will end
fornia. It’s a short trip north to Hollywood, Universal        at the Pacific Ocean in beautiful Long Beach. You
Studios, and Beverly Hills. It’s not far south to San          may begin your Route 66 adventure anywhere
Diego and the famous San Diego Zoo and Wild Ani-               along the way. See historic sites, eat at roadside
mal Park, not to mention Sea World. Don’t want to              cafes, and stay in motor courts or campgrounds and
go that far? The Catalina Express boat can take                square dance along the way. You will receive a
you the 26 miles across the sea to Catalina Island.            Route 66 lanyard to display pins purchased at inter-
                                                               esting sites. Everyone will gather in Victorville, CA
The Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Cen-                 on Sunday, June 21st at the Route 66 museum to
ter is right downtown. It is a state-of-theater facility       share Route 66 experiences, have a BBQ, receive
that is the envy of many cities on the West Coast.             special t-shirts and raffle prizes, and then caravan
There are three Exhibit Halls with a total square              into the streets of Long Beach on Monday, June
footage of 224,000. The Arena seats 13,500 people              22nd. What could be more fun?
in 46,000 square feet. The Terrace Theater seats
2,969 people.      Long Beach sets the standard for                Wednesday Night Show – Jann Browne &
“walk-ability.” Attractions, shopping and entertain-                               Amanda Shaw
ment are just steps away from the Convention Cen-              Kicking off the Convention on Wednesday evening,
ter. Right across the street from the Convention              there will be two performances, one at 6:00pm &
Center is Shoreline Village and The Pike at Rain-             one at 8:30pm. You will be mesmerized by Amanda
bow Harbor. Each has a unique blend of shops,                 Shaw and the Cute Guys. Amanda, a classically
restaurants and entertainment, including harbor               trained violinist, is a teenage fiddle-playing sensa-
tours and dinner cruises. Included in Shoreline Vil-          tion who brings a youth-oriented, modern sensibility
lage is Restaurant Row, which features dozens of              to traditional Cajun music with her sassy vocals and
restaurants.                                                  enchanting smile. Then, adding a little country to
                                                              the mix, Jann Browne and Band will perform for you.
The city's East Village Arts District includes one-of-a       Jann was selected as “Entertainer of the Year” two
kind art galleries and shops. In addition, just three         years in a row. Jann was a nominee by the Acad-
miles from downtown is Belmont Shore and 2nd                  emy of Country Music as “female vocalist” of the
Street, the quintessential beachfront community.              year. She has performed everywhere from “Farm
Easy to reach by the Long Beach Transit's Passport            Aid” with Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson to the
Shuttles, here you will discover trendy shops and             “Grand Ole Opry” with everyone from Dolly Parton
terrific restaurants. You can even experience the             to Vince Gill. This “Little Bit Cajun” and “Little Bit
romance of Italy and weave your way around our                Country” mix of performances is sure to please just
very own canals in an authentic gondola.                      about everyone!
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008                                                                Page 18
                                58 NATIONAL SQUARE DANCE CONVENTION®
                            Long Beach, California June 24, 25, 26, 27, 2009
                                                 California Dreamin’

                                                 National Press Release

                 Convention Tours                             *Los Angeles Fashion & Jewelry Districts
The Social & Special Events Committee has sched-              Bargain hunters, this tour is for you! Your bus will
uled a wonderful list of tours that is sure to offer          drop you off at the L.A. Fashion District or the
something for everyone. When you register for the             nearby Jewelry District. The Fashion District, hub of
58th NSDC, you will get the list and a complete de-           the apparel industry on the West Coast, spans 90
scription. The tours are:                                     blocks and houses wholesale, retail, textiles, no-
                                                              tions, and flowers. In the Jewelry District, more than
*Anaheim – Disneyland - Explore the Magic King-               5000 jewelers offer discount prices on watches, pre-
dom® where life is a fairy tale and dreams really do          cious gems, and all types of fine jewelry. The area
come true. Then, travel across the plaza to Califor-          also houses over 80 restaurants and snack shops,
nia Adventure, where you can immerse yourself in a            plenty of choices for your lunch on-your-own.
festival of shows and attractions celebrating Califor-
nia's storied past and exciting future.                       *Los Angeles – Bus trip to The Getty Center - It’s
                                                              hard to say what’s more spectacular – the architec-
*Buena Park – Knott’s Berry Farm - What was                   ture, the collection of European art, the American
once an actual berry farm is now 160 acres of world           and European photographs, the gardens, or the
class rides, unique family shows and one-of-a-kind            panoramic views of Los Angeles.
attractions. Ride the West’s Best Wooden Rol-                 Spend the day exploring this beautiful facility and
lercoaster, stroll over to Camp Snoopy, brave the             decide for yourself! More than just a museum, the
Boomerang, enjoy Mrs. Knott’s famous fried                    Getty not only houses the galleries, but also has stilt
chicken, and more. You will have a full day to enjoy          puppets, musicians, an espresso bar, café, outdoor
all of the rides, activities, and shows.                      patios and courtyards, and – of course – a gift shop
                                                              and bookstore.
*Catalina Island Shuttle - Hop on a shuttle boat
and discover the beauty of Santa Catalina Island,             *Temecula Wine Tour - They say wine tastes bet-
just 22 miles off the coast. Stroll the quaint shops of       ter when consumed in the region where it’s made!
Avalon, dive into the crystal clear waters filled with        Enjoy a day of tasting superior wines and shopping
colorful fish, hit a world-class golf course, parasail        for gifts at four premier wineries in the Temecula
above the deep blue bay, or just relax on the beach.          Valley, one of Southern California’s best-kept se-
Shuttle boats depart from and return to the Long              crets! Your trip will include a gourmet box lunch.
Beach pier adjacent to the Queen Mary.
                                                              *Dolphin & Whale Watching - This 2½ hour cruise
*Hollywood – Bus trip and studio tour - See the               takes you out to watch dolphins frolic in their natural
landmarks of movie, television, and radio lore! This          environment, and maybe even spy some migrating
fabulous trip begins with a tour of Paramount Stu-            whales! Keep an eye out for beautiful scenery and
dios, the only working studio still located in Holly-         other amazing sea life as you cruise from the Long
wood. After lunch on-your-own at the Farmer’s Mar-            Beach Harbor out into the deep blue water of the
ket, you’ll visit the famous Graumann’s Chinese               Pacific Ocean. Tours will be escorted from the Con-
Theater and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.                       vention Center to the pier about three blocks away.

*Long Beach Harbor Cruise - Take a 45 minute                  Post-Convention Mexican Riviera Cruise - Come
narrated sightseeing tour of beautiful Long Beach             sail away after the Convention down to the beautiful
Harbor and surrounding areas. See the world-                  Mexican Riviera. Join fellow square dancers and
famous Queen Mary, watch sea lions frolic in their            dance to featured callers Randy Dougherty and Dee
natural habitat, witness cranes load cargo ships              Dee Dougherty.
from around the world, and much more.
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008                                                                                                Page 19

                                                       59 National Square Dance Convention®
                                                         To be held in Louisville, Kentucky
                                                             June 23, 24, 25 & 26, 2010
                                                        This form and registration rate is void after March 28, 2009.

Register now for the 59th National Square Dance Convention®. Come back to “Louisville Again in 2010”. Come taste the
“Unbridled Spirit” of Kentucky and Southern Indiana in 2010. Registering early not only helps defray early registration costs – it
also gives you FREE admittance into the Saturday evening dance at our Pre-Convention March 28, 2009.
Please complete the form below and send it along with your check payable to:

 59th National Square Dance Convention®                                                                          Registration # __________________
96 Floyd Street
Carrollton, KY 41008              Please Print Clearly                                  Thank you for your support!

Amount Paid (US Currency Only) @ $40.00 each x ______________ $_________________ Check # ___________________
Credit Card Master Card Visa Number _______ _______ _____________________ _______ Expiration _______/_________
Security Code ________________ Name on Card _______________________________________________________________
Signature __________________________________________________________________________________________________

One Last Name Only ________________________________________________________________________________________
First Name His ______________________________________________ Hers __________________________________________
Children _______________________ _______________________________________________ ____________________________
Address _______________________________________________ Telephone (_________) _______________________________
City _________________________________________ State ______________________________ Zip _______________________
Country ____________________________________________ Email __________________________________________________
If you are a Caller / Cuer / Prompter / Leader please check all that apply:
□ Main Stream □ Plus □ Advance □ Challenge □ Cuer □ Contra □ Clogging □ Lines □ Country Western

Proper square dance attire required at all National Square Dance Convention® activities.                                      Revised 7/04/06-5

For internal use only: Date Rcvd ______________ Check # ________________ By: _______________
                                          60th National Square Dance Convention®
                                               To be held in Detroit, Michigan
                                                   June 22, 23, 24, 25, 2011
                                  This form and registration rate is void after March 20, 2010
              Register now for the 60th National Square Dance Convention® “Great Lakes. Great Dancing” Come to Michigan in 2011.
Regisration early not only helps defray early preparation cost is also gives you free admittance into the Saturday evening dance at our Pre Convention
March 20, 2010.     Please complete the form below and send it along with your check payable to:
          60th National Square Dance Convention®                                              Registration # ________________
          P.O. Box 274                                                                               (internal use only)

          Potterville, MI 48876                             Please Print Clearly                                    Thank you for your support!!

AMOUT PAID (U.S. CURRENCY ONLY) @ $40.00 each X_______ $ ________________ Check # ________________
Credit Card… Master Card [ ]          Visa [ ] Number _________________________ Expiration date: ______________
Name on Card: __________________________ Signature: _______________________________________________
One Last Name Only ___________________________
First Name:         His: ______________________________ Hers: ___________________________________________
                    Children: _______________________ _________________________ _________________________
Address: _______________________________________ Telephone: (______)_______________________________
City: ___________________________________________ State: __________________ Zip: ____________________
Country: ______________________________________                     Email: __________________________________________

If you are a caller/cuer/etc, please circle whichever applies: MS Plus Advanced Challenge Cuer Contra Clogging
For internal use only: ____________________ ________________ _______________                                                 Revised: August 31, 2007
                              Date Rcvd               Check #                 By
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008                                                          Page 20

                                                              16th NATIONAL
                                                          SQUARE & ROUND DANCE
                                                              London, Ontario Canada
                                                               JULY 17, 18, 19, 2008
The Square and Round Dancers of South
Western Ontario are the proud hosts of the
16th Canadian National Square and Round
Dance Festival.
This exciting event will be held in the Lon-
don Convention Centre, in the heart of
downtown London, Ontario
Square Dancing - Basic to C3, Round
Dancing Ph II to VI, Clogging, Contras,
Lines, Wheel Chair Dancing, Seminars,
Sewing Room, and more.

 With a population of over 335,000 people, London is a thriving, commercial and industrial centre. Because
 of the many parks and pathways, the city has become known as “The Forest City”. The area offers many
 attractions for the young and ‘young at heart’ - Museums, Art Galleries, and plenty of local History. Enjoy
 touring London in a Double-Decker Bus, or visit Storybook Gardens where Slippery the Seal made his great
 escape a number of years ago. You may also wish to try your luck at the Western Fair Raceway and Slots.
 Visit us in 2008 and enjoy great Dancing, Touring, Friendship and Fun.
                                            Make A Date For 2008
 Not only is there a lot to see and do in London, but nearby there is St. Thomas, Port Stanley - situated on
 Lake Erie, Sparta, and many, many other interesting places. Enjoy driving through the Mennonite areas of
 Aylmer and St. Jacobs, and browse through their country markets. Visit Grand Bend, the home of the

                                                                     Festival 2008
                                                                     c/o Lee Cox
                                                                     12 Anne Marie Crescent,
                                                                     Kincardine, ON N2Z 2M9
                                                                     Have a question ? Need Information?
                                                                     Phone: 519-396-7228,
                                                                     Toll Free: 866-206-6696

                   Arts    -   Museum        -   Technology

“Canadian Square and Round Dance Convention” sanctioned by:
The Canadian Square and Round Dance Society.
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008                                                                                                        Page 21

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                             The Dancers Online Shopping Mall

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How to shop
The mall map is in the center of the page. The sidebars on the left and right of the screen list some Featured category
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  Who benefits
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The shopping mall is provided by United Square Dancers of America (USDA) and its partner Fundlink LLC to members
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Fundlink Speed of Shopping Guarantee
Fundlink guarantees the shopper will shop the Fundlink mall as fast as or faster than the shopper can shop independent
of the Fundlink mall. And the mall is intuitive and easy to use when a shopper arrives at the mall, they get it. With over
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The shopping mall works like any other online shopping vehicle except now United Square Dancers of America benefits
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nate USDA or one of it’s Affiliate organizations. This is for tracking purpose to show who is using the shopping mall. Once
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when shopping online for United Square Dancers of America to earn contributions that support your dance activity.

                                            Thanks for shopping at the
                                         USDA Dancers online shopping mall
                                       For additional information on the Program contact:
                                                   Jim & Edythe Weber
                                                   USDA Shopping Mall
                                                   1316 Middlebrook Dr
                                                   Liberty, MO 64068
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008                                                            Page 23

                         OUR EXTRAORDINARY DANCERS
This is a heart-warming story about our square dancing family, people who love people. It is also a story
about caring, appreciation, and support for one of our own. There are many memories about people helping
people and dancers helping dancers, but we think once in a while we need to be reminded about the giving
nature of our "sport's" participants.

                                    Blackhawk Ben, aka Jerry Copeland
 A lot of you remember "Blackhawk Ben" from the 53rd National held in Denver in 2004. He was the one with
the authentic mountain man costumes, made by his wife of 30 years Karen before to heaven. Enclosed is a
picture of him in his foxy headdress. He is otherwise known as Jerry Copeland, square dance Caller and
square dance Hall of Fame honoree from Colorado's Northeast Council. Jerry and Karen were editors for
their Council's Bulletin, and in 2006 became Vice Presidents of the Colorado State Square Dance Associa-
tion, an office they hold today. We could go on and on about the volunteer aspects of their lives, but as we all
joke sometimes---"It's PAYBACK TIME!" And it definitely has begun.

A little history first: Jerry, a Marine Corps veteran, had hip pain sufficient enough to go in for medical treat-
ment in early 2008. In the following four months it resulted in his being in a wheelchair, unable to continue his
work in construction. After this long delay, a biopsy in March revealed a tumor which had eaten away about a
third of his pelvis. In early April surgeons did a 9+ hour operation, and removed a malignant 10 pound mass.
They attached a "saddle" to the remaining bone and a rod in his leg bone to act as a built-in prosthesis. Un-
fortunately later that week he was moved incorrectly (excruciatingly painful!), and had to undergo another sur-
gery to repair the internal damage. He then was in a body brace and was under orders to have 6 weeks of
bed rest (until May 13). It is expected that he will have limited use of his leg.

And so the generosity of square dancers started shining through. It started with a phone call. After discuss-
ing it with his wife, Linda, Sam Margheim, an NEC member and one of Jerry's best friends, had called to re-
port the upcoming operation which would possibly result in a leg amputation. He asked if there wasn't some
way we could use existing funds or immediately get a loan to pay the Copelands' house rent, to put Jerry at
ease about a threatened eviction in April. So the wheels were in motion.

A private loan was secured, and a "Donation Fund" was set up through the State Association; within two
weeks the loan was paid back with donations sent from all over the state---simply by word of mouth (and e-
mail)! Donations are still coming in, as are benefit dances being held. The State Association agreed that the
Donation Fund will be on-going for future needs of our dancing friends, but for now donations will go to the
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008                                          Page 24

  United Square Dancers of America has           Every month many folks are using the
  developed a program with Creative              PHARMACARE card to save substan-
  Benefit Design, Inc. and                       tially on their drug expense. YOU CAN
  PHARMACARE to provide DISCOUNT                 SAVE TOO! Just cut out the card at
  PRESCRIPTION BENEFITS. This plan               the bottom of this article for your use or
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  45,000 pharmacies nationwide, by vir-
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  Osco, Walgreen, Eckerd, Wal-Mart, K-
  Mart, Albertsons, Publix, CVS and Tar-
  get. In addition, if you use an inde-
  pendent drug store, they are probably
  familiar with PharmaCare, or they can
  set it up with a simple call to the num-       Begin using this pharmacy discount
  ber listed on the card!                        card and enjoy your savings!

                                                 See and clip card on page 2.

                                                     PRESCRIPTION CARD CHAIRMAN
                                                               Bill Flick
                                                                400 Pete’s Way
                                                              Boothwyn, PA 19061
                                                                (610) 358-2306
  United Square Dancers of America will
  receive $.25 for each prescription that
  is filled. The funds generated for USDA
  are applied to a variety of educational
  and other USDA programs that support
  the dancers.
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008   Page 25
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008   Page 26
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008                                                            Page 27

                       Tri-State Area Square Dancers
                  Adopt-A-Highway trash pickup gathering
        Helping the Environment & Enjoying Friendship & Fellowship
                                                                                               By Paulette Lynn

When our 20-something daughter came home and announced that she wanted her father to join her in square
dance classes last fall, I was amazed that he agreed. In almost forty years of marriage, I had not persuaded
him to try dancing of any sort. So, I tagged along to give them both support. As you dancers would already
know, we had a wonderful time and met some lovely people.

So in the next week or so, when Lyle and Jean Beck announced that the Tri-State Area square dancers
would be meeting at their house the next weekend for the twice-yearly, Adopt-A-Highway trash pickup, I was
eager to go and get to know all those nice people better. Jean offered that the first to arrive gets the honor of
raising the American flag. Alas, I was probably chopping the last of the apples for my potluck fruit salad when
that event occurred. But I did arrive at their home in time for a snack before Lyle reviewed the safety rules,
read the thank-you note received for the last trash pickup event, and outfitted us all with orange vests, huge
bags, and a nail-ended stick to save our low backs from all the bending over. This latter piece of equipment
was soon abandoned by me after it became evident that my low back was at far less risk than my foot, which
I nearly ran through with the nail. We broke up into teams of two or three and headed out to the highway.
Lyle followed in his truck to pick up our full bags. It was a crisp but sunny fall day—and a joy to be outside. I
was actually disappointed when we had finished both sides of our strip of the highway within an hour.

We headed back to Becks’ home for socializing and a potluck lunch. What a well-spent Saturday morning—
helping the environment, getting to know a terrific group of people better—and, great food too!!

                                                      Adopt-A-Highway trash pickup crew 05/03/2008
Left, Earl Rhodes raising the American flag
Right, Front row: Jean Beck, Richard Pfab, Sandy Pfab
Second row: Norine Hankemeier, Doreen O’Brien, Del Banowetz, Peggy Banowetz, Caller Dave Sutter, Lila
Worsham, Arlene Turnis, Ruth Griffin
Third row: Sue Weigert, Roby Lynn, Paulette Lynn, Jim Lynn, Julie Kruser, Earl Rhodes, Kay Gaul, John
Gette, John Gaul, Steve Turnis, Ron Farni, Ed Weigert
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008                                                             Page 28

United Square Dancers of America (USDA) is a nationwide square and round dance organization that was
founded by volunteer dancers and is still staffed by volunteers. The purpose of USDA is to provide assis-
tance and programs that will benefit the dancer in the square dance activity. The Youth Committee of USDA
concentrates on encouraging, assisting and promoting the youth dancers in the activity.

Each year USDA awards a $1,000.00 scholarship to a senior in high school or a freshman in college who
displays leadership abilities in the square dance activity. After considering several very well qualified candi-
dates, a winner has been selected. This year’s winner was announced to the square dance world at
USDA’s Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday, June 25th in Wichita.

Several items of educational materials are available on the USDA Web Site to help dancers
engage the youth in square dancing. Pamphlets are available to show how to organize and run a youth club,
help keep the interest of the youth in the activity and explain the programs that are available for the youth
dancers. In addition applications are available for the youth to apply for the Founders Memorial Youth Schol-
arship for next year.

We know youth are the future of square dancing, and by getting them involved and excited, the dancing future
looks great.

For further information about youth dancing contact:

Youth chairmen, Alitia & John Becker, 7547 Westlake Rd., Sterlington, LA 71280 or call (318) 665-9085

                          USDA USA TRAVELER PROGRAM
The USDA USA Traveler Program continues to be well received by Square Dancers throughout the United
States. To date 70 individuals have received badges for dancing and visiting within 50 States. Ribbons to a
National Convention are awarded upon completion of having danced in 48 and 50 States. Each of the fifty
States has been visited at least twice since the program was started.
Joining Bill & Bobbie Shepard of Tennessee and Tom & Miriam James of Florida in having danced in all fifty
States are Floyd and Judy Engelhardt from Minnesota and Mike & Mary Strub from Wisconsin. Both the Eng-
elhardts and the Strubs are attending the Wichita National Convention on ribbons earned through the Trav-
eler Program. The Strubs will be attending the Long Beach National Convention with ribbons earned through
the program.
The purpose of the USDA USA Traveler Program is to promote visitation between dancers in all 50 States,
and to encourage visitation of Square Dancers to regular Club Dances, Festivals, or National Square Dance
A Badge and Red Bar is awarded to participants after having visited 12 states. Additionally different colored
Bars are awarded after visiting 24 ( White), 36 (Blue), 48 (Silver) and 50 (Gold) states.
Forms to apply for the USDA USA Traveler Badge can be requested from the Program Chairman or may be
downloaded via the Internet at and clicking on the Traveler Banner.
For additional information on the Program contact:
USDA USA Traveler Program Chairman, Joy & Joe Vaccari, 227 Hughes St. NE, Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32548
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008                                                  Page 29

                                      CONVENTION SCHEDULE
Send the USDA News Editor your State/Association Convention Date(s) and they will be listed.
Brief highlights of State/Association Conventions (past or future) are also printed at no charge.
JULY 2008                                             AUGUST 2008 (continued)
8-10      National Square Dance Campers
          Camporee, 262 Sprague St,                   13-16   9th USA West Square Dance Convention
          Coldwater, MI                                       Pendleton, Oregon
          Info:                       Info: www.
11-13     Alaska State Square & Round Dance                   Email:
          Festival, Kenai Peninsula Fairgrounds
          Ninilchik, AK                               15-16   47th Michigan Square & Round
          Info:                       Dance Convention
                                                              Valley Plaza Resort, Midland, MI
17-19     16th Canadian National Square & Round               Info:
          Dance Convention                          
          London Convention Center
          London, Ontario, CA                         15-16   North Carolina 19th State Convention
          Info: or                         Hilton Convention Center,
          Email:                North Raleigh, NC
                                                              Info: 919-589-1104 /
24-26     US Handicapable Square Dance Conven-      
          tion, Riverview Plaza Hotel in Mobile, AL
          251-633-8212 or email                       22-24   Brokenstraw Weekend
                             Indian Creek Resort
                                                              Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH
25-27     25th Illinois Square & Round Dance                  Info: 330-427-6358
          Convention, Lincoln Christian College,    
          Lincoln, IL
          217-645-3302 or email       30&     53rd Nothead Jamboree
                                                      Sept. 1 West Yellowstone, MT
                                                              Info: 406-670-2310
AUGUST 2008                                                   Or
7-9        Tennessee State square & Round Dance
           Convention, Chattanooga Convention Ctr
           Chattanooga, TN                            SEPTEMBER 2008
           Info: www.               12-13   Birmingham Blast
           Email:                         DSDA Friendship Hall, 1024 Old Walker
                                                              Chapel Rd, Fultondale, AL
8-10       15th Pennsylvania Square & Round                   Info:
           Dance Federation Convention,
           Omni William Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA    18-20   Georgia State Square & Round Dance
           Info: www.                    Convention
           Email:                Info:

8-10       Wisconsin Square & Round Dance             19-20   Nebraska State Convention
           Convention, Waterford High School                  Adams County Fair Grounds
           Waterford, WI                                      Hastings, NE
           Info:                      Info:
USDA NEWS Volume XIX, Issue 3 July - Sept 2008                                                           Page 30

                          CONVENTION SCHEDULE, Continued
OCTOBER 2008                                               24-25    Hot Foot Stomp
10-11      33rd Annual Big Country Hoedown                          Kilauer military Camp (KMC)
           Friendship Hall, 1001 N 2nd St                           Volcano National Park, Hawaii
           Montrose, CO                                             Info: 808-968-6091 or Email:

10-11      46th Mid-South Square and Round Dance           28-31    38th National Singles Dance-A Rama
           Festival “Night Train to Memphis” at                     Millennium Maxwell House Hotel
           St. Paul United Methodist Church 2949                    Nashville, TN
           Davies Plantation Rd at Hwy 64 Memphis,                  Info:
           TN. Mike Sikorsky (caller) Bev Casteel                   Email:
           (cuer) Kathy McCrary (lines) Info:
                                                           DECEMBER 2008
  or 901-581-7805
                                                           28-31    22nd Annual Holiday Round Dance Ball
                                                                    Ocean dunes Resort & Villa’s
17-19      49th Missouri State Festival
                                                                    Myrtle Beach, SC
           Jefferson City, MO
           MissouriFestival/index.htm                      FEBRUARY 2009
                                                           20-21    11th Annual Grand Canyon Square
17-19      19th Annual Indiana Square Dance                         Dance Festival, Cortez High School,
           Convention, Horizon Convention Center                    Phoenix, AZ
           Muncie, IN                                               Info: 480-802-2745 or

                          UNITED SQUARE DANCERS OF AMERICA
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                                ARTS ADD-A-BUCK PROGRAM

UNITED SQUARE DANCERS OF AMERICA encourage its Affiliates and their member clubs to voluntarily
collect tax-deductible contributions for this charitable FOUNDATION through the “ADD-A-BUCK” program by
increasing its dance fees at their regular and special dances and festivals or conventions to be contributed to
For an information packet on the “ADD-A-BUCK” program go to


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                                 1-866-445-ARTS (2787).
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USDA NEWS is available to all others at a yearly subscription rate of only $6.00. The subscription rate does not pay for
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MAIL COMPLETED FORM TO : Jim & Edythe Weber, 1316 Middlebrook Dr, Liberty, MO 64068-1941
                                        2007 - 2008 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
           ELECTED POSITIONS                       APPOINTED POSITIONS
                                                                                     PRESCRIPTION CARD &
     PRESIDENT                               INFORMATION OFFICER                     LONG TERM CARE PROGRAMS
      Si & Marilyn Kittle                     Lyle & Jean Beck                       SHOWCASE OF IDEAS
      320 Maynard Drive                       12566 Rugby Court                       Bill Flick
      Sun Prairie, WI 53590                   Dubuque, IA 52002-1064                  400 Pete’s Way
      (608) 837-6958                          (563) 556-1253                          Boothwyn, PA 19061              (610) 358-2306
      Dick & Shirley White                   SHOPPING MALL
      40 Lakewood Dr                          Jim & Edythe Weber                     YOUTH ADVISORS
      Jaffery, NH 03452                       1316 Middlebrook Drive                  John & Alitia Becker
      (603) 532-7327                          Liberty, MO 64068-1941                  7547 Westlake Rd         (816) 781-3598                          Sterlington, LA 71280
                                                           (318) 665-9085
     VICE PRESIDENT CENTRAL REGION                                          
      Bill & Bobbie Shepard                  EDUCATION & PUBLICATIONS
      113 Blythe Cir                          Len & Connie Houle                     FACILITIES/SOUND
      Columbia, TN 38401                      32 First Ave                            Pat & Ave’ Herndon
      (615) 400-0979                          Westfield, MA 01085                     PO Box 273         (413) 519-0261                          Poway, CA 92074
                                        (858) 486-1691
     VICE PRESIDENT PLAINS REGION                                           
      Mike & Mary Strub                      PARLIAMENTARIAN
      29015 Johnson Lake Rd                   Jim Maczko & Patty Wilcox
      Danbury, WI 54803                       P.O. Box 712918                        WAYS & MEANS – Len & Connie Houle
      (715) 866-8827                          San Diego, CA 92171-2918               AFTER PARTY – Central VP          (619) 295-2635                         DRESS & JACKET – Edythe Weber
      Jim & Kay Rogers                       INSURANCE
      67373 Apiary Rd                          Pat Inglis
                                                                                     Web Site:
      Rainier, OR 97048                        P.O. Box 22
      (503) 556-0202                           Tucker, GA 30085-0022          (404) 298-6148 Fax: (404) 298-6149
                                                                                             THE LARGEST
     SECRETARY                                                                              SQUARE DANCE
      Ray & Monica Landry                    BADGES / USA TRAVELER
      1059 W Main St                          Joe & Joy Vaccari
      New Iberia, LA 70560                    227 Hughes Street NE                           IN THE WORLD
      (337) 579-9573                          Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32548                 (850) 243-9484
      Jim & Edythe Weber
      1316 Middlebrook Drive                 HISTORIAN / ARCHIVES
      Liberty, MO 64068-1941                  Al & Portia Bruning
      (816) 781-3598                          904 St Mary’s                 Sioux City, IA 51106
                                              (608) 276-1862
     PAST PRESIDENT                 
      Charlie & Kitty Holley
      6132 Bell Road Manor                   HANDICAPABLE DANCERS
      Montgomery, AL 36117-4361               Al & Portia Bruning
      (334) 271-0646                          904 St Mary’s            Sioux City, IA 51106
                                              (608) 276-1862

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C/O Jim & Edythe Weber                                                                                           U.S. POSTAGE
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